Profile Manager for Firefox not opening not (V20.0.1)

I try to open the Profile Manager to create a 'developers' profile Initially, I was following the instructions of this blog using the command run.

The problem is that it is just open a new Firefox window and nothing else. I then to obtain more updated documentation, here: & As = AAQ

And unfortunately, the same results. Here are the commands I tried:

Firefox Pei
Firefox Pei
Firefox - profilemanager
Firefox - ProfileManager

"C:\Program Files (x 86) \Mozilla" PEI
"C:\Program Files (x 86) \Mozilla" PEI
"C:\Program Files (x 86) \Mozilla"-profilemanager
"C:\Program Files (x 86) \Mozilla"-ProfileManager

They all return the same result, which is just open a new Firefox window.


This occurs when Firefox is completely closed and that you always see a firefox.exe process or a plugin-container process in the Task Manager.

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    Firefox Pei does not start the Profile Manager. Firefox version: 50.0

    Have you tried; Type of topic: profiles in the address bar.

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    I have Firefox 31.0, the last of them
    I can't open [Profile Manager]
    When I do these paths
    "firefox - ProfileManager".
    Firefox.exe Pei
    ' C:\Program Files (x 86) \Mozilla '-no-remote Pei '
    Now the problem when I write one of the paths, he opens Firefox [browser]
    I need to open the Profile Manager and make new user and use them both at the same time

    Thank you...

    Otherwise, a new browser window opens just instead.

    So if entered correctly the - no - remote control switch with Pei should open the ProfileManager in order to run a second instance with a different profile. Basically, you can run multiple instances on the same profile.

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    I'd love to Firefox to have an option were you can choose to not load the pop up pages or web pages in modal form.

    Please let us know how NoScript works for you.

  • Why virtual tech is different for firefox-not that Firefox creates problems

    I'm working on my Mozilla Fire Fox plugin and I'm working on the virtual technique McAfee which is very good. But I wonder why it is different if you are using Fire Fox as your browser? Are there known problems when you download one for FF. I saw a negative comment on the internet I didn't understand so I don't know if they were referring to Virtual Tech or not. When you do not download the FF, you need to remove it? I want to leave it in case I have to switch to IE is why I ask this question. Thanks for anyone who can answer my questions.


    You will have to perhaps contact McAfee virtual technical support help with software compatibility.

  • getElementById parent works for Firefox not for IE

    I am trying to access an element in my animation animate Edge (which is a menu bar) of the parent document.  Element has an onClick event, which is triggered according to the #bookmark in the URL of the parent web page.  My code works perfectly in Firefox, but does not work in Internet Explorer (10).  IE cannot see all of the items within the 'Stage' div so that Firefox can.

    This is JavaScript code on my parent page: -.

    < script language = "javascript" >

    Thispage var = window.location.pathname;

    FullUrl = document var. URL;

    XXX var = fullurl.substring (fullurl.indexOf('#'));

    var pageString = xxx.replace ("#", "");

    pageString = pageString.replace ("", "");

    If (pageString == 'corporate') {}

    Window.OnLoad = function() {}

    IFRAME var = document.getElementById ('U10511_animation');

    var innerDoc = (iframe.contentDocument)? iframe.contentDocument: iframe.contentWindow.document;

    var corporateRectangle = innerDoc.getElementById ('Stage_Corporate_Rectangle'); ();



    < /script >

    The code above to select the business tab in the menu once looked in Firefox, but not IE when URL contains the suffix #corporate.

    When I insert an "alert" to the variable "corporateRectangle" in Firefox it returns [HTMLObj] and in IE, it returns "null".

    Any ideas anyone?  Thank you.

    The question is that the menu animation has a preloader.  Firefox ignores the preloader as IE treats the preloader as onLoad being full.  That is why the attempt to access the item ID is zero because it has not yet been loaded.

    I decided to approach the problem from a different point of view and read my bookmark of in animation.  This has proved to be a very simple solution once I realized that I had to put the code in the first frame of the animation NOT creationComplete or compositionReady.

    It was the code: -.

    Bookmark var = parent.window.location.hash;
    Bookmark = bookmark.replace ("#", "");
    If (bookmark == 'corporate') {}
    SYM. Play ('Corp');

    Yes, as simple as that.

  • I need a script IDM (internet download manager) for Firefox Version 6

    I installed Firefox 6, very perfect, but when I download a file, the script he used to Firefox 5 is not compatible. What could a person get? Thank you very much

    What version of IDM you have installed?

    New! Internet Download Manager v6.07. Fixed compatibility with different browsers, including... Mozilla Firefox 6...

  • Firefox open multiple windows (up to 30) despite aid subsequently for 'Firefox guard open many tabs or windows', and there is no malware. How can I fix?

    My computer is a Dell Inspiron 620 running Windows 7 Professional. 64 bit. I have ZoneAlarm Security Suite, what makes every day analysis antivirus and Webroot SpySweeper, who makes a daily analysis of spyware. Found no virus or spyware threat (fair cookies I could remove myself). I continue to turn various deep analyses, including Malwarebytes, TDSS Killer and BitDefender Removal Tool TDL4 TDSS, and no malware appears. I deleted cookies, cache, etc and restarted.

    I made a new shortcut on the desktop, which has contributed to a couple of times open Firefox, and then the problem came back.

    I downloaded and ran Revo Uninstaller in setting advanced, then reinstalled Firefox. Has contributed a few times, then the problem came back.

    I checked the help link on Firefox. None of the programs are defined to use Firefox. I deleted mimeTypes.rdf according to the instructions, then restarted Firefox. Same problem remains.

    I completely deleted the history, but after one or two times open Firefox, the problem returns. I restarted my computer after the above.

    Troubleshooting extensions and themes

    Clear the Cache and Cookies

    Restore the default home page

    Check and tell if its working.

  • Firefox profile Manager automatically saves the current settings, addons, bookmarks on a profile?

    Or what I need to manually record?

    The profile that you select in the Profile Manager when Firefox starts is the profile that will keep your personal data. All profiles are independent, so if you switch to another profile, then, you will have access to the data stored in another profile.

  • The Profile Manager shows that my new profile. How do my default profile?

    I made a new profile to use exclusively with an alternate version of Firefox. My regular version has accidentally opened this new profile, so I tried to use the Profile Manager to set it as default. However, the Profile Manager is only show my new profile. / AppData/Roaming/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles shows that I have always my fault and my new profile. Put Pei 'default' in the line just target opens the Profile Manager. How to get back to my default profile or if it will appear in the Profile Manager?

    When a profile is not displayed in the Profile Manager, then you can register for this profile using Profile Manager to create a new profile.
    You can click on the button "Choose a folder" to make Firefox recognizes and uses an already existing profile.

    It is best to create a shortcut on the desktop that selects a specific profile (PEI "profile_name") to avoid opening a profile with a bad version of Firefox.

    Be sure to select the profile in the browser by default in the Profile Manager, for that is used when you click on a link in an external program.

    You can use the - No.-remote command line switch to open another instance of Firefox with its own profile and run multiple instances of Firefox at the same time.

  • How can I transfer the profile/bookmarks between firefox 2-facilities


    First of all, what has caused the problem:
    A few days ago the partition C of the HD-Drive with Win7 OS and firefox installation crashed due to problems with the poles (according to the error messages). I tried to solve the problem with chkdsk, win-repair and standard controls, but did not work. Win7 starts before don't appear the indirect balls or sometimes until the mouse coursor on a black screen appears but stays there. Other partitions - data - work well as before. I recognized that I can get access to the operating system partition by clicking on command prompt in the repair-win7 environment. All files and folders are still there.

    I installed another HD of the same type (first as a simple reader) and also installed the same operating system and the firefox browser to search for advice. After that, I put the old HD as a slave in the PC. All partitions seems ok. but one with OS Dionysius access. The diskmanagement under control of system shows no problem with any partition. All partitions are correctly identified and have a drive letter properly. Only access to the first partition contains the operating system and firefox is always denied.

    I booted the system with the command prompt without booting win7 (not the Win7-command prompt in a window) and I copied the profile completely of the old installation of firefox on the old HD C: on the new HD with the creation of all records by hand and xcopy all files in all folders (E:\Users\ (username) \AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxx.default (xxx for the characters/name firefox createt)) to a subfolder on the new C:. Then I chose this profile using the Profile Manager for ff. The name of the profile-folder (and subfolders) were exactly picked up the old facility with all the files of the old installation on the old HD.


    So I ask for advice, how can I get the old profile/bookmarks to the new system. Or perhaps - if anyone knows - how I could run the old ffox at least once more to save the bookmarks by using the bookmark backup. (I made a backup but it was too long ago, a lot of new bookmarks have been added in the last time).

    I would be very grateful for any advice or information problem.

    With greetings

    System: office-PC computer (Intel 6600 Dual-Core, 2 GB Ram, 2 x Seagate Barracuda 320 GB), Win7 64 bit, firefox v37.0.1

    Export and import in the same menu you did a return to the top.

    Bookmarks > show all bookmarks > Import/Export

  • Firefox does not open and not get Profile Manager.

    I'm running Windows 7 Professional. So about two weeks ago, I had suddenly couldn't open Firefox and since then have tried to solve it myself does not. the process of Firefox opens in the Task Manager, however, the browser window does not appear. Trying to open Firefox again, another process opens and the same thing happens. Process just keep opening and that's it. I tried the Profile Manager, but it opens only once and I couldn't so he can reopen. Every once in a while Firefox actually opens when I run it, but when I close it to see if it works once again it does not work. Firefox opens in safe mode with network consecutively without any problem. While he was in safe mode, I ran a full scan of the system with Nortan Antivirus and allowed thirty or threats, but after restart of Firefox will not always open, treated only. I tried to remove the x 86 erased my local path and Mozilla appdata roaming Mozilla, then re installed with 34.0.5. I tried to open Firefox in safe mode, but it will not open at all, only the process again.

    It is possible that your security (firewall, antivirus) software blocks or limit Firefox or the process of plugin-container without you inform, possibly after the detection of changes (update) for the Firefox program.

    Delete all rules for Firefox and the plugin-container in the permissions list in the firewall and allow your firewall to ask permission to get access full and unrestricted, again to install for Firefox and the plugin-container and the update process.


    Make a check of malware with several malware scanning of programs on the Windows computer.
    Please scan with all programs, because each program detects a different malicious program.
    All of these programs have free versions.

    Make sure that you update each program to get the latest version of their databases before scanning.

    Alternatively, you can write a check for an infection rootkit TDSSKiller.

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  • the call firefox.exe - ProfileManager does NOT open the Profile Manager does NOT create a new profile, KILLS the old session tabs, but all pinned!

    FF 7.0.1 on Win7 pro 64

    A behavior more bug / odd:
    calling "firefox.exe - ProfileManager".
    -do NOT open the Profile Manager,
    -does NOT create a new profile,
    -seems to do NOTHING (no change around records profile etc.).
    -KILLS tabs former session.
    -KILLS old session and leaves nothing to restore,
    -KILL all my pinned tabs!

    OK, I should downgrade to FF4.0.1, or same 3.6.x?
    These releases are much more reliable than 6 + 7 running!

    Try using this:

    Firefox.exe Pei

  • Firefox does not open, the Profile Manager does not, are not not in the Task Manager

    Firefox worked fine on two days back. Our norton expired so I downloaded Kaspersky Anti-virus I don't know if that has a relationship with firefox does not.

    I click the icon, nothing happens. The task is not mentioned in the Task Manager.

    I try to start it in safe mode, nothing happens. I try to open the Profile Manager, nothing happens! What can I do to fix this?

    Can you run Firefox if you temporarily disable Kapersky?

    You can download and reinstall Firefox if the above does not work

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