Profile of Vista power settings do not stick

I have a system with Vista Ultimate installed.  It has been working well since Vista came out, and in recent months, she has developed a strange problem.

I have set up for the monitor in white after a period and then sleep after an hour.  I also configured NOT to require a password when returning from his sleep.  All this seems to work well.  After a few days, he starts to ask for the password again when it comes out of sleep.  When I check, the default values of food all were loaded again.

I can set it up again and it seems to work, but in a few days, he's back to default values.

I changed the power profile that I used to see something in the profile of power has been altered, but the same thing is happening now, after about a week with the new power profile.

No matter that other view this and more importantly, have a fix?

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Assistance of any kind of program Tweak - or a tool for the protection of the register? Maybe a conflict in GPEdit
(Group Policy). Suspect programs antivirus/antispyware and firewall software (Comodo
"and ZoneAlarm cause some strange problems).

You can use the trial version of RegRun to monitor registry changes to see what
lead or when it happens. WinPatrol can also catch the changes.

RegRun - gold or Platinum - 30 day free trial

WinPatrol - Free Version

I hope this helps.

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    They don't seem to have VAP more.

    Can someone tell me what is the driver I need to install for this problem?

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    > All works well except idle protected function, which seem to have disappeared of power options.
    What exactly is the function of inactive variation? Display backlight control?

    Toshiba not stand in my knowledge of Windows on the Satellite A660 8.1 and therefore you would not find drivers Windows 8.1 for this series.

    If you want to install the utilities and tools Toshiba Windows 8.1, you will need to seek such software in your own hand. But I'm not quite sure if software published for other portable Toshiba would be compatible with the A660 m model.

    However, the fact is that there is no such thing as the package of added value to win 8.1.
    This was the case with Vista or Win 7, but it is not available for Windows 8.1.
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    I suggest you to follow these steps and check if that helps:

    Method 1:
    Try to perform the clean boot and check if it helps:

    NOTE: When you are finished troubleshooting, make sure that you reset the computer in start mode normal such as suggested in step 7 of the above article.

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    Hi Christi,

    Windows can store the brightness level of DC correctly in the brightness of the AC setting. When this happens, you can see that the screen is set to the brightness level set for the battery after you start in Windows 7. To resolve this problem, you will need to adjust the brightness of AC in power options plan. To do this follow the steps below:

    1. click on Start, click on Control Panel

    2. open hardware and audio

    3. Select the Power Options

    4 Select Change Plan settings

    5. under AC section adjust the Plan brightness to the desired level.


  • UAC settings do not stick

    I work in there and a lot of our PC Windows 7 Prof SP1 32-bit are suddenly unable to have their user account control settings changed (they block to "never notify") and therefore, are not prompted for an administrator password when installing new software.  When I try to change this setting, sign in using my personal account admin, I can't change, but when restarted, the changes have not stuck. If the user tries to change, when you click on the control settings of user account 'change' the screen flashes and does nothing.

    If I run a command line (my account has high as administrator rights)

    NET user administrator / Active: Yes


    NET user administrator *.


    Restart the computer as the local administrator of the user, it says "user account is currently disabled and cannot be used to connect."

    I ran the "fixit_kb978591.diagcab" and it has not detected any problem.

    Thank YOU for any advice, go ahead!

    Hi Cate,

    The question you posted seems to be complicated to answer to this community. I suggest you post in the TechNet community.

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    How do you set a default program? Specifically the browser and e-mail program?

    Start > default programs > Set Your Default programs > click the program that you want to be default...
    If it sayd "this program has all its flaws", you're done with this one.
    If not, click on the last option > check mark on each item in the list > save


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    I use Win7 SP1.


    1 did you change on your computer before this problem?

    2. What is the brand and model of your mouse and your computer?

    3. this problem occurs only with a particular application?

    You can read the article and check.

    The problems with the mouse button or scroll the parameters

  • Canon iP4900 auto power settings.

    Hello, the ip4900 use some settings of default timeout for the base on a quarter of auto time (15, 30 minutes). I was wondering if it is possible to change these settings to custome, like 2 or 5 minutes.

    Thank you

    Hello chillath.

    Unfortunately, the auto power settings is not editable at the time that the options that are already available.  I apologize for the inconvenience.

    It has not responded to your question or problem? Find more help at the Contact Us.

  • Satellite A200 + Vista Ultimate - power management does not work

    No matter what I apply to the power management settings of the screen never goes and the PC never sleep or standby extended. Screen saver does not either - except once - yesterday, for the first time since I bought the PC in August. Has not yet done.

    I assumed that this is a bug in Vista. "Tech Guy" PC World (ha ha) cannot repair. Is it at the level of the BIOS or something else? Of course, there is an incompatibility between the OS and the hardware. Video chipset? If you choose a balanced power management, the screen slightly off if you take out the power cord, but that's all that happens. Power management is all set to default.

    It's exhausting, because whenever I want to leave the PC for a while, I have to put it to sleep manually.
    Anyone got any ideas?

    Thank you


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    Hello Peter

    First of all are the guys responsible for tech updates? They must offer that you support for the hardware you have and clarify also all problems, if you use a preinstalled recovery media.

    Upgrade is your decision, and it is possible that it may have some negative influence on the functionality of the OS. All this is quite complex. As you know Vista has own power management options. Toshiba install PVAT (ValueAddedPackage) and after doing this there are some additional settings.

    The question is: How did you get the OS upgrade? Did you do a clean install? Have you installed all the stuff from the download page of Toshiba including VAP?

    With other words: all the basic settings on energy consumption are defined in the BIOS. AFAIK in Vista is the management of clean energy implemented and Toshiba installed just a plugin. If these rudimentary BIOS settings are not changed, I guess everything works fine. Change the settings of the BIOS with an update, I can imagine that different settings will not work correctly.

    Hmm, that's really not easy to say what you can do. Maybe check for the last update of the BIOS and after doing that it is trying to put the clean install of Vista Ultimate. And, of course, you must install all the stuff from Toshiba following the document of instructions for installations.

  • Windows 8 balanced food not reflecting options is not in the advanced power settings.

    When you set options diet in Windows 8 and he say not to go to sleep, etc. it will refresh all the power settings. Windows Mobile, 8 of my wife and now a Windows 8 office customer have both had the same problem where they'll be sleeping anyway. The resolution is to go to advanced power settings and expand your options until you find the settings are incorrect. So I wanted to just report that there is a bug with the Options of food not properly updated settings as they did in Windows 7.

    Hi JonGeorg,

    What happens when you create a new power plan? You can try to create a new power plan and check the results.

    This problem occurs because the settings that appear on the system settings page are from the registry for the preferred power plan settings.

    Changes that you make to the active power management do not affect the global on the system settings page settings, unless you are currently using the preferred power plan. Changes that you make on the system settings page apply to all power plans. These plans to be able to understand the active mode and custom plans that you created.

    Note By default, the preferred power plan is the plan balanced in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

    Refer to this article for more information.

    When you configure power options for the active power plan in Windows Vista or in Windows 7, the changes do not appear in the Power Options item in Control Panel

    Hope this information helps.

  • DefaultPSP change by PowerCLI/Host profile does not stick...

    5.0u2 ESXi

    $vH = get-Cluster 'Test ' | Get-VMHost 'Test1 '.

    $vHcli = get-EsxCli - VMHost $vH


    $ ($true, "VMW_PSP_RR", "VMW_SATP_DEFAULT_AA")

    $ ($true, "VMW_PSP_RR", "VMW_SATP_ALUA")


    Shows that the DefaultPSP is changed correctly.

    However, after a reboot of the host, reset! If I SSH as ROOT and change the parameter it takes and rest!

    On a side note, the host NMP profile settings have the same behavior applies, it does not stick after reboot.

    Anyone know why this problem occurs, or how to fix so I can perform PSP checks and rehabilitation through PowerCLI instead of going to each host as Root to set adequate configs?


    Well, I found the default Round Robin ESXi 5.0U1 PSP, and it solved my problem. with the following...

    $vHs = get-VMHost

    {ForEach ($vH to $vHs)

    #Getting ESX CLI for each host

    $vHcli = get-EsxCli - VMHost $vH

    #Does it have the correct PSP for IBM SVC

    $SVC = $ () | Where {$_.} Name - eq "VMW_SATP_SVC" - and $_. DefaultPSP - don't 'VMW_PSP_RR"} | Select @{N = 'Cluster'; E={$}},@{N="vmhost '; E = {$VH. Name}}, DefaultPSP, Name

    If ($SVC. Name - eq "VMW_SATP_SVC" - and $SVC. DefaultPSP - don't 'VMW_PSP_RR') {}

    #Create a low-level object that points to the ATAS namespace:

    $LowLevel = $vHcli.TypeManager.CreateDynamicManagedObject ($

    #Create a hashtable containing parameter values. Note that here we do not specify a value for the boot parameter:

    $Params = @{'DefaultPSP' = "VMW_PSP_RR"; ATAS = "VMW_SATP_SVC"}

    #Invoke set operation on the $LowLevel object:

    $LowLevel.InvokeOperation ("set", $Params)


    #Does it have the correct PSP to default values

    $DAA = $ () | Where {$_.} Name - eq "VMW_SATP_DEFAULT_AA" - and $_. DefaultPSP - don't 'VMW_PSP_RR"} | Select @{N = 'Cluster'; E={$}},@{N="vmhost '; E = {$VH. Name}}, DefaultPSP, Name

    If ($DAA. Name - eq 'VMW_SATP_DEFAULT_AA' - and $DAA. DefaultPSP - don't 'VMW_PSP_RR') {}

    #Create a low-level object that points to the ATAS namespace:

    $LowLevel = $vHcli.TypeManager.CreateDynamicManagedObject ($

    #Create a hashtable containing parameter values. Note that here we do not specify a value for the boot parameter:

    $Params = @{'DefaultPSP' = "VMW_PSP_RR"; ATAS = "VMW_SATP_DEFAULT_AA"}

    #Invoke set operation on the $LowLevel object:

    $LowLevel.InvokeOperation ("set", $Params)



  • Tecra A3 does not work after changing the power settings

    I changed my power settings in my tecra a3 laptop and now it does not start correctly. wants to start but just keeps going back to press F2 or F12 it please help.

    where did you changed them? In the BIOS or in the Toshiba HW setup?

    I suggest you go into bios after turning on your machine. You have to hit just F2 Ant then in the search for bios for setting "all default setting" or something with "bios setup defaults" to reset your bios settings.

    After that, your computer should start up again.

    Welcome them

  • 10 TECRA, toshiba power saver does not work on vista

    I can change the options of the program of toshiba power saver 3.2.0 as cooling method (performance, max, optimized, cooling performance optimized battery) in the parameters Panel / battery /... or directly in the BIOS but
    -values in the bios and in the control panel settings are not interconnected
    -regardless of the value (in the bios and in windows settings), there is no noticeable change in the method of cooling with the fan speed
    -There is a warning message in the battery Control Panel, who said: the changes are not allowed with toshiba power saver program.

    You are logged as administrator? Maybe your user account is limited.

    Also update the BIOS with the latest version. You can download it from the Web from Toshiba website.

  • Sleeps, even if configured for power management settings do not

    HI -.

    New installation of Win 8.

    Before that the drivers have been installed, I could leave my laptop on it overnight, and he stayed.

    Then I installed the power management driver, that produced a framework for "put the computer to sleep. I then put this on "Never" for the section of 'sector '. Whenever I leave the machine on the night... I wake up to it off, not only one headlight on all over her.

    Is there a thing if I want to leave this thing on?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    I think that I understand the question. I pass the advanced power settings, scroll down and expand your sleep, then hibernate after. Choose one of the numbers and reduce the number as if you would go to 0, which actually appear as 'never '.

  • Satellite A100: Toshiba Power Manager does not work

    Hello everyone!
    I just installed Vista on my laptop (originally I had Win xp on it)
    First I installed video drivers from
    Then I installed the bios update and additional package toshiba.
    But the toshiba Power Manager does not work!
    Vista uses only its tools to manage the battery.
    Can you help me?

    Thank you!

    Why do you offer the Power Saver doesn t work properly?
    You are getting error messages or what?

    The Toshiba for Vista energy saver is not the same as for Win XP.
    You can find some additional options in Vista power options!

    There, you can choose between 3 different power option.
    Choose one and click on the link below changes the power options

    The new window should appear and you can click on change advanced power settings link.
    In a new window, you can see the Toshiba Power Saver Settings.

    Good bye

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