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I tried to calibrate with Calibrize software and ended up changing monitor generic Pnp icm file system. Is there a way to retrieve it or download it somewhere without reinstalling Windows 10? Thank you.


Here you are

Read the Readme.txt for more details

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  • New user meticulous Thinkpad T440S, coming from a Samsung NP 700

    Old NP 700 series. Beautiful samsung keyboard and touchpad:

    1. What is precdedence in power options: power of bios options (max perf / etc) vs vs lenovo power management vs intel power windows profiles?

    1. lenovo battery vs windows manager battery, no difference through studies, anyone
    has links to?

    2 AHCI mode check that out in my samsung Wizard software, but there is no option for it in the bios updated. I remember adding an on my old computer Windows registry hack, and maybe the Software Wizard reads a false positive. How will I know it's on? Can I enable it?

    3. What is the default resolution and icon size people use most in detail, but not too small of a screen to get eye strain? I find myself on the 1600 resolution, but I'd be lying, even on the IPS, that videos pretty grainy. Also how will I know if I have IPS (and still more AUG or LG)? I also have a resolution of 1920, this slab IPS ONLY? I'm just surprised how grainy looks like the resolution 1600 large icons.

    4. how the people they control clicks and control t tabs, I find myself with the command of right (right) and the left index finger to hit the 't,' Ctrl left click to open a link in a new tab appears difficult ladies compared to my Samsung. That is to say if I'm to bed and do not want to use two hands to open a new tab.

    5. turn on highlight of my PDF in my PDF MUCH drive to school. How can I drag the mouse much smoother to highlight. So a click + drag? This seems to be one of the movements a harder to do on the touchpad, smoothly, in one fell swoop.

    6. shortcuts tack in my bar tasks I want to do a right-click, IE shortcuts textpad or explore.
    easiest way to do this? I often find myself clicking the icon and opening a program when I try to click on two fingers. How can I avoid this and do a right click on the shortcut to the taskbar for lancer.xls/.doc recent/pin?

    7. all good tutorial in the most effective way to use the provision of thinkpad?

    8. I heard a slight 'waterfall' empty sound randomly, when I turn on the sound using my trackpad. Initially, I thought it was the fan after unpacking, but it's the speaker! It occurs during the bios too. I guess that this is related to the material, how do I fix this? Or is - this driver associated with

    9. the refurb I bought has a year warranty, but when entering the series it shows "extended warranty" for more than three years. Is my warranty 4 years or 1?

    10. I'm not a fan of proprietary software on my computer. I uninstalled the Lenovo power management. I'm not sure what app helps all f8 keys from work (that is to say the keyboard backlight of work on space, but what about wifi on). More about Lenovo update application would allow this?

    10. where is the function key in the contextual menu access? where is the stop scroll, at all? Again, I would not the good app installed for these

    11. I am aware that each keyboard is different and intuitive to himself. But one thing that I hate the lenovo's top page down in bottom right. This is the schematic the only Ko I know where PG up and down arne't right. It's me strian my wrist/elbow my woman in bed to pull down low. A way to remedy this situation?

    12 is the welded CPU in? I can be upgraded in the future to an i7? I guess, right me if I'm wrong, welded in Council means that no upgrade is possible.
    Enjoy the friends for help.

    1 IIRC Lenovo > Windows > BIOS. I am not sure about that.
    1a. If you are running Windows 7, use ThinkVantage Power Manager. If this is not the case, the regular windows you will do fine.

    2 T440s is AHCI.

    3. you're probably better off using native resolution with the DPI scaling, unless you have software that don't play well with scaling of IPR.

    (4. my personal solution for this is to connect certain keys in your browser: i.e.) F1 = new tab, F2 = Previous Tab, next tab = F3, F4 = close the tab.

    5. Configuring entire clickpad on this generation is poor. Try the tap and drag without actually clicking on the touchpad.

    6 see #5. Try to hit the bottom right area; It can be marked as right-click.

    7. don't know what you mean by that.

    8. I have not heard of this before. It disappears if you cut the speakers? May need to call the warranty for this one.

    9 call and ask.

    10. you are looking for the driver for power management, as well as the package Hotkeys integrations of access keys. Power Manager itself is unrelated to shortcut keys.
    10. These are funny key combinations now. Menu shortcut is SHIFT + F10 and Scroll Lock is Fn + S, I think.

    11. you can remap the keys with AutoHotkey. Unfortunately, I can not think of spare keys suitable on keyboard layout 6 rows.

    12. Yes, the CPU is soldered. In principle, you can unsolder the CPU and resolder a new, but it's a lot of work and risk. You could buy a card mother i7 and swap motherboards.

  • How to export the list of devices in the Profile Manager?


    is there a way to export the list of devices in the Profile Manager on a mini mac running OS Server 5.3?

    Thank you

    How to export data from device in the Profile Manager

    How to export a list of devices and their info?

  • Remove device management profile?


    My friend has an iphone 6 and it hes a company certificate (Swisscom). 1 minute after activation almost all applications disappear, and you can only make calls and take pictures.

    Is there a way to remove this kind of profiles?

    Nope. It is the purpose of the profile.
    DEP he made sure that the iDevices purchased by the company is recorded in the DEP always apply the strategy of the company via a profile (using an MDM server) when you set up.

    The only way to change the restrictions is to ask administrators to the Swisscom MDM server - they can modify and manage anything remotely. I'm not familiar with Mobileiron (MDM server provider) - perhaps that he may try you on with his credentials of the company? But the chances of him being able to manage the device in this way are very thin.

    My condolences to the Swisscom employees if this madness is standard. There is certainly no need to cripple a phone in this way, unless you work for an agency of 3 letters or something.

  • Some keys stop working after the update of the Sierra (only for a specific profile)

    After update to Sierra my keyboard worked well for a while.  But at random, U I O P J K L keys stopped working.

    The bug only shows 1 profile. If I create another profile new profile keyboard works very well.

    Anyone know what that sometimes caused that and with the fix is?

    Hello ExcelsiorPath,

    After reviewing your post, it seems that several keys do not work on a single profile. This looks like an option that may have been changed.  I recommend you to read this article, it may be able to help solve the problem.

    If the other keys do not work

    You may have accidentally set an option that changes your keyboard works.

    • Choose the Apple menu > System Preferences, click Accessibility, and then click keyboard. Make sure that slow keys is turned off. If slow keys is enabled, you will need to keep a key longer than usually before it is recognized.

    • Choose the Apple menu > System Preferences, click Accessibility, and then click mouse and Trackpad. Make sure that the mouse keys is turned off. If the mouse keys is enabled, pressing the keys in the numeric keypad moves the pointer instead of entering the numbers.

    • Choose the Apple menu > System Preferences, click keyboard, and then click input methods. Select "Show the menu in the menu bar." Open the menu entry, then make sure that the correct keyboard layout is selected.

      To display the keyboard layout, click keyboard, and then choose "See the viewers for emoji keyboard symbols in the menu bar."

    macOS Sierra: If your keyboard does not work

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. Good day.

  • How can I delete my profile picture?

    How can I delete my profile picture?

    From where? You have no profile picture here, are you referring to another place?

  • I've just backed up with an external hard drive for the first time, but my profile with my folders for photos, documents, and movies are not there


    So, I finally got an external hard drive. I formatted for Mac (the device has been verified as being correct), and then he started to do a backup, which stated that a full backup would take 95GB. However, it only supported 19GB.  When I have my 'open' backup drive, I saw that only 'Macintosh HD' received support upward, not my user profile with all my folders containing documents, photos, movies, etc...

    I'm quite confused, because I thought that it would save.  I plan on Snow Leopard update to El Capitan, but if something is wrong or I don't like, I'm afraid that I won't be able to restore all my personal files - but only the applications that are on my Macintosh HD.

    Should I delete everything in my backup disk and try again?

    This is an image of what's inside my external hard drive:

    You have not indicated how you have saved, if you've used Time Machine then you do things the hard way and you'll find very difficult TM. Please use the Time Machine interface to locate your saved data. You can benefit from the research on:

    Use Time Machine to back up or restore your Mac - Apple, Support the section you want to find is the restoration section.

  • MacOS Sierra mobile profiles

    Hi all

    I just upgraded my MacBook to Sierra. I used before mobile profiles. Now I don't get any sync on my Mac server more.

    What I found:

    That means usually only it not there isn´t is possible to store centralized user directories more? It looks like, but this means generally that is missing an important feature of the server.

    Historically there are / were four types of user account.

    1. Only one local user account (stored locally not linked to a directory server)
    2. Login to network Home Directory (stored only on the server, connected to a directory server)
    3. Connection of portable home directory (both stored locally on a server and automatically synchronized, linked to a directory server)
    4. Mobile home connection directory (stored only locally synchronized, linked to a directory server)

    As far as I can see only option 3 above now is no longer supported, the other three options are possible so option 2 would be to store it all centrally.

    Note: Unfortunately, there are several major bugs in OS affecting the telephone network. These bugs have been known for several years and all indications are that they are still not set in the Sierra 5.2. It is still possible to use this configuration, but you can meet these bugs. Some of the worst aspects affect only using Apple Mail, Contacts and calendar. Other programs are much less affected by these problems.

    PS. While Apple is no longer supply their own synchronization of directory under option 3, it is theoretically possible to create your own, for example by running a regular process of rsync between 'local' directory and a location on a server.

  • iPhone 6s recorded with someoneelse's media profile

    Hi all

    I tried to find an answer to my questions, but could not find anything with the same details. Here is my case:

    I bought an iPhone 6 a couple of days from an online retailer who buys and sells iPhones used companies in bulk. The iPhone itself is very good, it is not locked or anything either, but when I try to add it to my profile support, he refuses to do. Apparently one who used it had linked to their profile. The dealer cannot help me because they have no details on simple users of the devices they buy. I tried to check with services such as checkmend and others, if this phone has been reported stolen, but it seems obvious. (Checkmend not sure but how trustworthy is if).

    Of course I have the relevant documents to the history that precedes the proof and the dealer seems correct to, it is properly registered in Germany, their eBay account has a couple of hundreds of positive reviews and Google also gives me everything "bad stories" to their subject.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to Apple in charge of save this device to my support profile?

    Thanks for the help!



    GET your money is not your problem open a case with Ebay.

    See you soon


  • Photos of profile missing in Game Center.

    9.3.5 on my iPad and all running for my friends profile pictures have restored initials. How to bring back the pictures?

    I tried signing in and out of Game Center, toggle buttons in different configurations, do a reset on the iPad using the different configurations, also reset while the two signed in and while it is disconnected. I'm running out of options, I know what I can try?

    the photos are missing also in hayday where important power they quickly identify the players. Please help me to recover my profile pictures in Game Center.

    You can probably, at least not immediately. With iOS10 Game Center is still supported, but on these devices running iOS 10 the Game Center app is gone, as is the ability to see the list of his friend. That may be where the photos have disappeared.

    The ability to add friends is now at each game developer and since none of my games were updated, I don't know how they manage, but with no general "here is your friends' interface, which seems to be where the photos went to. (I can't yet see or manage all my friends now the only option in the settings to remove everyone, you do not want to do because, currently, there is no way to add them.

    Now "wait and see" seems to be the best option. See what shakes with individual game developers

  • Profile of MDM installation fails outside our local network

    I'm trying to register an iPad outside LAN of our Organization. It is connected to the ATT cellular network and is able to see our management profiles very well. He sees our certificates and shows different warnings, I go ahead and press "install". Then I type "confidence". A key is generated. The certificate is registered. In step "install profile", it fails with a message "failed installation of profile" non-descript.

    I check the logs on our MDM server and can see the communication from the iPad.

    Of the server for devicemgrd.log newspaper reported the incoming requests.

    But something that happens after that. And there is no log file indicating what is happening.

    Before I go into the rabbit hole and trace TCP packets on our firewall, is there something simpler to check?

    For example, is there something about our self-signed certificates? Or something else?

    Thanks in advance.

    Have you contacted the supplier MDM?  What's your error logs on the server side? Generally, we have problems to install the profile if the speed of the connection is bad or damaged.


  • Display profile


    I have an iMac 27 "3.4 Ghz Intel Core i7 (November 2011), OSX 10.11.6

    Since I have the pain my eyes (working too in front of the screen, even with low light and black background), I change the profile of the screen (System preferences/display/color).

    I create (calibration button) a new profile with less blue (which is the main problem for the eyes).

    It works but randomly (every x minutes) select System rear original profile.

    I have to select once again my profile regularly.

    I deleted the profile iMac (original profile), but it changes again to a profile much more blue in any case.

    Any idea of balance this problem? (I want to keep my profile)

    Thank you


    Haveyou tried...

    / Users/username/Library/saved request State/

    To find out if it's the scale of the system or a specific user, try this...

    Open system preferences > users and groups, unlock it, click the "smaller", make a new admin account, log on & into the new account.

    It works in the new account?

  • Return to profile beta

    Hi, please help me with on the thing about beta ios10?

    Hello, Jaruel!

    All you have to do is to remove the beta profile of your device. This it prevent to receive future updates beta and only allow it to receive official releases. Do not roll the back of the camera or anything like that.

  • Remove the Beta profile after their release.

    I installed the beta profile once the GM of iOS 10 is out because I'm impatient so I was wondering if we can just go and delete the profile now? Just want to be sure and do not really want to opt for future beta wanted to just grab iOS 10 initially.

    You can delete or leave. It does not commit you to the next public beta.

  • How to backup profiles

    Hello, I have an iphone5s gave me my school to use. they gave each one a phone to use, but the rules were not change it or break it or I have to pay a fee. but the problem is that they blocked almost everything I want to use with a profile of mdm. Settings > general > device management.

    He says I can delete the profile, but if I didn't then I have to pay a fee. is there a way to back up my phone, delete the profile and then later restore mode previous back on? Help, please.

    You really want us to help you break the rules of your school?

    Not me.

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    Hello.. I [Satellite A300 1 G 5 | = Yes & PRODUCT_ID = 1055589] which came with windows Vista SP1 32-bit initially

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  • Update Windows 10 could not be installed

    Windows 10 could not be installed and displays the error code: 80240031. Download is 100% and the error message shows. Please someone solve this problem. Thank you

  • BlackBerry Q5 Q5-Outlook - have to put the password several times

    One of my coworkers has the Q5. He changed his password on his computer which was in turn change on his phone. Since then, every half hour it gets disconnected from his email and should put its new password. This is beyond frustrating. It does not re