Programmable keyboard does not not in the iOS 7 / 3.9 AIR


I've been transitioning my app to the latest beta version of 3.9 AIR for iOS 7, and I'm running a wild question. No text field trigger more the virtual keyboard. The cursor blinks, and if I select different textfields, the cursor moves there. But the software keyboard does not appear. Come to think of it, it's possible that I already had this behavior 3.8, which I had not been in for a long time for debugging reasons, so I never pulled in 3.8.

Here's the condensed code regarding. First the text field is created, then it is enabled. But even with several fields of text on the screen, the keyboard does not look between them.


Label.enabled = true;
label.autoCapitalize = AutoCapitalize.SENTENCE;
label.softKeyboardType = SoftKeyboardType.DEFAULT;


label.setFocus ();
label.needsSoftKeyboard = true;
label.requestSoftKeyboard ();

Y at - it something I am doing wrong that I'm missing maybe it's suddenly incompatible?

Thank you



It is really unfortunate that you see this. I tried a sample application using softkeyboard and stageText but could not able to reproduce the problem. I have attached the sample app for your reference, could you please try once and update if I missed something.

Device: iPhone 5 (v7.0)

Kind regards


Tags: Adobe AIR

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    Another possibility is the incompatibility with the constant guard of Comcast program, which is not compatible with Win 8.  I had the same problem (1-0 on the main keyboard keys don't work), but once I uninstalled the constant guard, everything worked again. (Of course, I had to reinstall Norton.)  Thanks to a person of a forum package for the suggestion!

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    public MyScreen extends MainScreen {
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        public MyScreen() {         super(MainScreen.NO_VERTICAL_SCROLL);         vfm = new VerticalFieldManager(Manager.USE_ALL_HEIGHT | Manager.USE_ALL_WIDTH){              protected void paint(Graphics graphics) {                   //paint methods              }         };    }
         protected boolean touchEvent(TouchEvent event) {         if(!event.isValid()) {        return false;   }         if(//Check touch conditon) {               //Do something               return true;         } else {               return super.touchEvent(event);         }     }}

    You can correct code above?

    This method of paint does not work after showing the keyboard.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for your reply. Guy.

    I found my bug. This problem is related new instance in my code.

    If the keyboard does not at the present time, it seems that the screen height is decreased by the height of the virtual keyboard. It must be calculated in your code.

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