Programming of FPGA for motor control using downloadable IP cores for free for PWM and interfacing Quadrature encoder


I have a cRIO-9014 with a NI9505 DC brushed servo drive module and I would like to program the FPGA to PWM and encoder, quadrature, interfacing using the functions of intellectual property intellectual property mentioned in "CompactRIO Motor Control Basics Tutorial":

DX of encoder quadrature method (FPGA, using SCTL) .vi

Pulse Width Modulation (FPGA, using SCTL) .vi

I did a search at but I could not find them.

Where can I find free downloadable IP cores for the blocks of PWM and encoder to include them in my interface FPGA program?

Thanking you in advance,


Found by myself (google search!) to:

Tags: NI Hardware

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