Project due to bad lack ejected the drive

I just changed a project when, for no reason at all, the hard drive, that I was working on disconnected itself. I left the PCF, reconnected the hard drive and reopened FCP. The project now looks like a clip without content, and I don't know what happened or what to do. I was literally putting on the finishing touches.

Is WWhat version this? Projects should not be mixed with clips.

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  • Reactivation process for System 7 due to a failure of the drive!

    I had my hard drive replaced, which held activation/approval system 7 on it security. I'm now trying to reactivate the system 7 with the same KEY # and I said it is already active and in use... And - I'm supposed to pay again for the system 7.

    Istheir an avaialable representing man/MS to guide me through this conumdrum? / / /

    activation by telephone (call of the operator)

    Click the Start button

    in the search box, type

    SLUI 4

    and press the Enter key

    Follow the instructions, but when asked what service you need the ansafone phone, don't answer - it should oblige the operator to answer, who can deal with you

  • Why have to force eject the external drive to LR?

    I have the ambient light on an external drive. After I close the program, I often have to force eject the drive to disconnect from my computer. Here's the alert I receive. Any ideas?  Thank you very much.

    Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 10.48.11 PM.png

    This link can help:

  • Satellite P10-304: bad sectors on the disk - how to fix?

    My drive HARD drive bad sectors developed and replacement needs, does anyone know how to do this?

    My model is a P10-304.

    In addition, Windows will not start upward in my old HDD because of bad sectors and the drive is protected by Norton and back, does anyone know how to bypass or disable round trip


    I found these tips how to disable the Norto Go Back tool.
    You can uninstall it from your computer, disable GoBack to your laptop press 'space' GoBack screen button and select the option "disable" GoBack.

    Follow these steps:
    1. reboot your computer.
    2. when the Norton GoBack splash screen appears, press the SPACEBAR.
    3. in the Norton GoBack boot menu, click on disable.
    A message informs you that disable Norton GoBack erases history and you will not be able to run the hard drive or hard disk restore advanced restore until Norton GoBack is turned back on.
    4. click on Yes.
    5. click on continue.
    Your computer restarts automatically, and Norton GoBack is off
    After restarting the laptop, I recommend once again using the following key: CTRL + ALT + G.
    Immediately press on and hold the keys Ctrl + Alt + G after restarting the laptop you. A message you giving the possibility to force the removal of GoBack master boot record. Press F to force the removal of GoBack master boot record.

    If failure of keys Ctrl + Alt + G in the first time then try this again for three or four times until you get the prompt to remove the master boot record of GoBack.
    Finally, restart the computer.

    To fix bad sectors on the HARD drive, you could boot from the XP CD to use the console of "repair".
    And then use the CHKDSK /p command to repair the bad sectors.

    Good luck

  • Bad sectors on the hard drive; help to isolate or repair

    Hello, recently I discovered that my windows get to slump that closely mimics a gel at a random time. After a lot of research on this topic, I did several diagnostic tests on my laptop and finally reduced to my hard drive.
    The problem is evident for the following reasons:
    • When I tried to run chkdsk/r/f, which is always translated by he stuck to "step 4: check the data in the file" around 70%.
    • When the slowdown occurs, the resource monitor from Task Manager for the disk activity showed 1 KB/s (not sure if this is suspicious)
    • Tried various hard drive diagnostic tools. WinDLG gets blocked for a certain sector, but has never even if I waited for 6 h +. SeaTools for DOS has reported that the hard drive failed the tests. Dell diagnostic tool also pointed out the hard drive, is not the test of confidence in some sectors. Toshiba Diagnostics tool did not work as I could not highlight the readers so he could test.
    Formally, this means that I have bad sectors on the hard drive and I want to know if there are solutions to 'fix' or isolate him rather than replace the hard drive. The hard drive is only a year old and I would like to get as much time as I can with the drive without having to spend on a new.
    In addition, I also came to this post here which seems to reflect the same situation:
    However, there are a few parts where I am confused and does not really apply to my situation (for example, meanwhile his stage 5, for me its stage 4). Thanks in advance for any help.

    CHKDSK does not indicate a failing hard drive, it indicates problems with the filesystem (NTFS.sys) hard disk.  I like to repeat because that may indicate more out of trouble (if you get several times CHKDSK repair things, then something else is the cause).

    That's what I'm looking for:
    "Windows has made corrections to the file system."
    Know me mistakes.

    DO NOT use the drivers from the resource CD.  They are overwhelmed when you get them.  Go to the Dell support site and download the latest versions here.

    Unfortunately, unless your highly qualified with a soldering iron on small electric parts, then there is no replacement of the part.  Also unfortunately, there is no test for a motherboard problem, so we have to everything else on the rule.

    If it passes all the tests, it indicates that it passed all tests.  All these tests are software - they can not physically 'see' a hardware problem, but can deduct that it based on the results of the tests.

    I suggest you a few additional tests before start thinking that it's the mobo.  They are Prime95 test and tests stress CPU at this link:

    I also suggest another facility 'clean' - just to be sure.  Here's what I propose for a clean install:
    For testing purposes, it is best to install Windows "clean".
    It is, basically, install the way that Microsoft intended (with the drivers from Windows Update).
    This procedure is for Windows 7, Vista is similar (but has 2 service packs)

    You will need your installation/recovery DVD (s) before you start.  Once you wipe the hard drive, there is no going back!

    1 back up all your data.
    It will wipe everything off of your hard drive, so what you want to keep should be backed up elsewhere.

    [b] [u] NOTES: [/ b] [/ u] If this is due to an infection, remember to analyze the data with current antivirus to another system to locate and remove malware.

    2. connect the system to the internet (if the system shows then disconnect from the Internet, do).

    3. use one of these free utilities to wipe the hard drive:
    DBAN (
    KillDisk (
    This will remove also any partition system - then the intallation/recovery recovery DVD are essential!

    4. install Windows by booting from the installation/recovery DVD - [b] [u] DO NOT change any settings! [/ u] [/ b]

    5 visit Windows Update and get all updates

    6 visit Windows Update and download the Service Pack 1 (normally under important updates).  Read these notes for installing SP1:

    7 visit Windows Update and get any other available updates

    8. check device for all unknown/disabled devices Manager - if there are unknown disabled devices, secure them with the latest drivers from the website of the manufacturer of the device (not the PC manufacturer)

    9 download, install and update a free antivirus, so it does not get infected during the test (

    [u] if problems persist [/ u], the problem is probably with your hardware.

    [b] [u] warning: [/ u] [/ b] If you have an Asus motherboard, check the date on the file C:\Windows\System32\driver\ASACPI.sys.  2004/2005 is a problem, 2009,2010 is OK.  Updates are available on the Web from Asus site.

    [b] [u] warning: [/ u] [/ b] If you have a Sony system, make sure that you do NOT have the 2007 version (or earlier) Extension of Firmware of Sony Analyzer (SFEP.sys).  To update this driver immediately!

    [/ quote]

  • How to eject the disc from the drive superdrive usb?

    How to eject the disc from the drive superdrive usb?

    -Drag / drop the icon for the CD in your trash

    -Restart the computer and after the buzzer, press in and hold the left mouse button until the disc ejects.

    -Press on the button of your keyboard.

    -Click the eject button in the menu bar.

    -Press on COMMAND-E.

    -Open the Terminal app in your Applications/Utilities folder. copy and paste the following text:

    / usr/bin/drutil eject of

  • I have a My Passport to the top by car and I get error messages on this to be ejected (although it was still connected). Now my computer does not recognize the drive. All solutions?

    I have a My Passport to the top by car and I get error messages on this to be ejected (although it was still connected). Now my computer does not recognize the drive. All solutions?

    Drive, interface in the crankcase of training controller, or the USB port or the cable may be faulty.

  • sleep of the iMac, don't eject backup drive does not correctly

    I get a message that my backup drive is not ejected properly, what concerns me greatly. I get this message when my iMac wakes up after sleeping, and the player has not been removed or disconnected or anything. It's an old USB 2.0 Seagate GoFlex drive.  Is there little sleep setting, such as turning off hard drives, the cause? Or is it just time to move my old faithful to a 3.0 version backup disk?

    I would like to launch disk utility > first aid on the disc to make sure she's ok. How old is the drive and how it is formatted?

  • I used my iMac as a hard drive backup to my macbook once. Now when I update to El Capitan he says that it cannot be updated due to being of a backup. How do I change the drive mode so I can update?

    I used my iMac as a hard drive backup to my macbook once. Now when I update to El Capitan he says that it cannot be updated due to being of a backup. How do I change the drive mode so I can update?

    If you use your iMac as a backup to disk using Time Machine look for a folder called Backups.backupdb.

    It's what keeps you upgraded your operating system, you must remove it.

    Copy everything first if you are on a different drive. It would be wise to create a backup of the iMac on another drive also.

    Check system preferences > Time Machine and make sure that the iMac is not selected as the Time Machine drive.

  • drive hard MacBook is deleted and can't get out disk to install a new operating system is possible to eject the disc?

    My hard drive died yesterday and I have installed a new. I put a disc with arch linux in the laptop but it does not load and the eject button does not work. Is there another way to eject the disc?

    Hold down the mouse button while you start. The drive will attempt to eject.

  • Satellite L20-214 - isolate bad sectors on the HARD drive?

    Dear Sir

    My laptop fell off my table leading to serious hard drive problems. The hard drive now has some bad sectors that can be repaired with the chkdsk command. I managed to get my data on an external hard drive. Despite the bad sectors, I can reinstall it however from the recovery cd. Starting after that time consuming (1.5 hours) and after starting Windows I get the error messages from programs that cannot be started. It's the same thing after each reinstall. My guess is that the recovery disk writes data on the same spot every time both on bad sectors.

    I was wondering if theres a way to fix or even isolate bad sectors on the disk, so I can continue to use my laptop.

    Your help is very appreciated.


    You can try HDD Regenerator 1.61 (HDD Regenerator is a unique program for regeneration of physically damaged hard disk drives. It does not hide bad sectors, it really restores them).
    However, the best way is to buy a new hard drive :)

  • eject the disc from the drive USB Super

    Last night I unboxed my new USB Super drive and attached to my MacBookPro. I put in a DVD of registered film and was able to start playing. Then I ejected it by clicking on the disc icon on the desktop, because I was just testing how it connected etc...  Then, I wanted to see if he could save.

    I inserted a blank DVD and he asked me to tell him what to save, but I didn't save. Instead, he presented another option, which was to IGNORE.

    So I clicked on IGNORE. As a result, there was NO ICON ON THE DESKTOP for this drive. And the text to EJECT in menu bar is grey.

    Now I am sitting here with a new USB Super with a blank CD disk stuck in it and am totally IGNORED, I asked, but what I didn't know when I asked to ignore me.

    That's the problem. I disconnected, signed back in, and he has not yet cleared my instructions to ignore. So I can't eject the blank DVD disc.

    Where should I go from here?

    My MacBookPro is the retina, i7, 15 '' running ElCapitan, a model community 2015, I think.  I'm not on it now, but will open it to follow the suggestions for help. I'm a new converted to Apple, computing, coming from Windows, so I need the regular basic directions. Any help is appreciated.

    Five ways to eject a CD or a stuck DVD from the optical drive

    Ejecting the disc stuck can be done in one of the following ways:

    1 restart the computer and after the buzzer, press on and press and hold the

    left button of the mouse until the disc ejects.

    2. press on the button of your keyboard.

    3. click on the button in the menu bar.

    4. press COMMAND-e.

    5. If none of the above works try this: open the Terminal application in

    your Utilities folder. At the prompt enter or paste the following text:

    / usr/bin/drutil eject of

    If this fails, then try this:

    Start the computer in single-user Mode. At the prompt, enter the same command as used above. To restart the computer enter 'reboot' at the prompt without the quotes.

  • I can not eject a dvd from my drive iPhoto super-cannot see the drive open up Adobe Photo Elements and organizer and then apps get hung up "not responding" and cannot do anything - I've fixed dozens of times w msg success drive.  Help

    I can not eject a dvd from my drive iPhoto super-cannot see the drive open up Adobe Photo Elements and organizer and then apps get hung up "not responding" and cannot do anything - I've fixed dozens of times w msg success drive.  Help, please.  Thank you!

    Hello golden2,.

    I understand that you have a DVD picture in your SuperDrive drive, but it is not mount on the desktop and will not eject.

    Please, try the procedure described in this article using the disc is ejected.

    Get help with the SuperDrive slot on your Mac - Apple Support loading

    Do not eject discs or discs eject slowly

    1. If the drive ejects discs slowly or appears to have difficulty, insert and eject a disc several times. Check the disc to see if it has a label or other material stuck to the disc which increases the thickness. Remove the label if possible.
    2. If the disc does not eject, try pressing the eject on the keyboard button. Some older keyboards may use the F12 key to eject the disc.
    3. If the disc does not eject, try dragging the icon of the disk to the trash.
    4. If the disc will still not eject, try to hold down the mouse or trackpad button after you restart the computer. The Superdrive should attempt to eject the disc.
    5. If the disc still does not eject, reset the System Management Controller (SMC) and repeat steps 1 to 4.
    6. If the disc still does not eject, Contact Apple or an provider of services authorized Apple, or make an appointment with a Store Apple Store for further assistance.

    Take care.

  • Satellite A300 - is not eject the CD/DVD drive

    I have exactly the same problem with my 4 month Satellite A300. Every now and then and apparently without cause, the CD-ROM drive (Mat * a DVD - RAM) refuses to open. The little light near the eject button flickers when the button is pressed, but nothing. It will do if the drive is empty or not. Device Manager can see the disk and claims that it works correctly and that the driver is up-to-date. But if, for example, I display open with a trombone player and load a DVD, ImageBurn (which could also see the drive) calls for a communication error (e/s).

    Nothing seems to make the drive to work once he got into this State with the exception of a reboot, and even in this case we know remain 'dead' until a second reboot.

    I followed the instructions on [this site |] and the disc looked good for three days, then made his old trick. I checked the registry and the filters that I removed is still deleted. I uninstalled the drive via the Device Manager and let Vista find again to restart. Everything worked fine for 24 hours then the problem comes back.

    When the drive opens the button it works perfectly in all ways music - reading, writing, start, DVD...

    Very frustrating.

    The above post was originally a response on an existing thread, so I don't know where the rest disappeared. And I can't change it. This forum works as well as laptops.

    Post edited by: Mick_P

  • Y410P does not recognize the drive HARD and "Bad sector found" errors

    Hello, having problems with my son's laptop. He has recently updated to Win10 and after a day, the computer would not boot and did not recognize the existence of an operating system. I was able to create a bootable USB 8.1 and the operating system is now operational. However, there is no reconition of the HARD drive only SDS. The BIOS shows as available but who runs the Lenovo's Diagnostics tool (results below) translates into bad sector errors. Is there a way to recognize/recover the drive or do I need to replace? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Dave

    Flytact wrote:
    Thank you for the interpretation. Is there something specific that allows me to know that the ST1000LM024 of HARD drive is defective? I guess that I'lll need something to get a claim under warranty. Thanks again.

    The last part of your post (smart test) says that it is defective. To confirm this further you can try to physically remove the hard drive and connect it to another computer as an external drive or a secondary drive for further tests using the manufacturer's diagnostic program. BTW, Seagate is the manufacturer of the disk hard so that you can go to their site and download their program.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I just got this new laptop and I really NEED to disable the touchpad. It drives me crazy jumping everywhere when I type. I tried Fn + F9 and it does not work. I looked in the control panel and I can uninstall the drivers, but can't turn it off. I lik

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