Property with table input node


I have a table, and I would get the unique values. Then I would put the unique values as input

my digital order. On the diagram below, the user should be able to choose the following numbers:

1,2,3,5,7; given that th is the unique values

In a Word, is it possible to place a digital control of irregularly spaced numbers.

If the above is not possible, can you pass the unique values of a ring of menu rather


A digital control accepts only a single value. You can not he contain several values.

If the above is not possible, can you pass the unique values of a ring of menu rather

You can define the Strings property of [] of the ring menu to your list of values:

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    I have some problems with a graphic.

    I want to display data, and the duration between two unique data can vary. It's something between 50ms and 500 ms.

    The problems I have:

    1. the time is not correctly displayed in the graph (allways 02:00:10 instead of the current time)
    2. the data points in the table have a distance of 1 s (x-scale). This is not correct.

    I've tried several things, but I thinkt that I am on the wrong track.
    Could you please help me?


    LabVIEW 7.1 (!)

    I'm sorry. The property on the left node was not necessary...

  • Reading a file MS Word with Tables

    I have experinced a mess when executing this labview program that reads in all tables in a MS Word file and does not see some tables.  The original Word document has hundreds of tables inside and it would be erratic jump a table in the order when he read and run convert text method.

    I reduced the thing down to a file simple word do the same thing.  This VI is not the second table in this document word with 2 tables.  The count property of tables calculated as 2 indicating that the word see 2 tables in the document, but when I try to convert to text the second table I get an indication of infamous error in MS Word and an empty string to the converttotext method.

    Someone knows how to fix?

    It's a delicate question. Here you change the document (with the help of convert to text), and at the end you do not save the changes.

    When you convert a table to text table is more exist and Word reallocate the array indices. In your example after the table 1 is converted to text index 1 is reassign in table 2. In the second iteration, you attempt to get the table with index 2 that no longer exist.

    You can change your code as follows to make it work: tables-> Count value of wire to the N of the loop, wire the constant '1' to the Index value of the item table.


  • Materialized with dynamic input possible view?


    We have some end users have a very complex query of SQL reports (~ 2500 lines) they came with.  We are trying to tune and to create additional indexes as needed.  He has made more than one aggregation of xml and the chain in select statements.  in any case while I'm looking for other methods deal with the problem regardless of a potentially inefficient SQL query.

    In my opinion, they said that the query taking ~ 6000 sec to finish and basically http sessions expire of their web application after 4000 seconds of inactivity.  They have a few dynamic user input from the web page which is fed in the request for multiple WHERE clauses.  So I think we want to have this query that is run in offline mode (after the user input is collected) as well as the results stored in a table, then the wep app can do a simple select query to retrieve data from the table of results later.

    Is there a way to create a materialized view and replace user with some variables bind input and update the values of the variables bind with the participation of the user whenever they want the data, and then refresh the materialized view?  Or if there is a better mechanism for Oracle to run asynchronously this query offline with dynamic input and then store the results in a table?  My problem is that I don't know if they can call a sp and feed the bind values as parameters, but maybe I need to force them to.  I really don't want to process SQL statements dynamic that their request is so great andt hey asked me on GTT, but I was under the impression that the data is lost after each session and probably wouldn't really solve anything.  Thoughts?

    Oracle Database 11 g Enterprise Edition Release - 64 bit Production

    Web pages should return something in<5s or="" the="" end-user="" will="" hit="" the="" refresh="" button="" again="" and="" again="" and="" again="" and="">

    Do something like this:

    • store the query to run the sql in a table with the values for the variables bind (parent table)
    • run the SQL in the background via DBMS_SCHEDULER
    • store the results in a partitioned table. (child table) (I assume a large amount of data)
      • for example, use a partition of range interval by sequence ID 1. of the parent
    • update the parent with the status table "Hey, I'm made.
    • Maybe the applicant send an email.
    • Web page queries only the parent table.
    • a scheduled task removes the no-more-required data through DROP PARTITION.


  • Problem with table tree ADF


    I have following scenario.

    I have two read only vo (expert mode, not based on the entity) with a link between them. I want to display the data in a tree with checkboxes to parent nodes and child table. When the user selects a check box to the corresponding parent node with child nodes checkboxes should be auto selected.for achieve this I created transient Boolean attributes on two VO on the user interface layer, I use the Valuechangelistner to get the records of the child and the update of the transitional attribute.but, the problem is that the selection does not occur on the UI for the child node check boxes.

    Here is the code for updating the transient attributes.

    {} public void deptSelected (ValueChangeEvent valueChangeEvent)
    Add the code in the event here...
    DCBindingContainer bc = (DCBindingContainer) BindingContext.getCurrent () .getCurrentBindingsEntry ();
    Iterator DCIteratorBinding = bc.findIteratorBinding ("DepartmentVOIterator");
    Region of DepartmentVORowImpl (DepartmentVORowImpl) = iterator.getCurrentRow ();
    RowIterator ri = region.getEmployeesVO ();
    String ID = null;
    {if (valueChangeEvent.getOldValue ()! = null)}
    Check Boolean = (Boolean) valueChangeEvent.getNewValue ();
    if(Check==true) {}
    region.setisDeptSelected (true);
    Else if (check == false) {}
    region.setisDeptSelected (false);
    {while (RI.hasNext ())}
    EmployeesVORowImpl empRow = ((EmployeesVORowImpl));
    if(Check ==true) {}
    empRow.setAttribute ("isEmployeeSelected", true);
    Else if (check == false) {}
    empRow.setAttribute ("isEmployeeSelected", false);



    whenever the parent is checked valueChangeListner to fires and but the changes don't get triggered on the user interface. I suspect that some how the viewlinkaccesor is getting executed and transitional attribute values are lost.

    Guidance on the question?

    Thank you


    Sam, your question a bit sounds like something that I did in my last project.  I have a treeTable with two columns with components selectBooleanCheckbox.  Mine has the boxes with render = "false" for the parent nodes, but I see no reason why you couldn't do what you want with the parent nodes.

    The key is in the bean support - the value attribute of the boxes should be a map, so you can have individual values for each node.  So, I have:

    Map reqServices = new HashMap();
        public void setReqServices(Map reqServices) {
             this.reqServices = reqServices;
         public Map getReqServices() {
             return reqServices;

    And on the page, the elements are similar:


    Note this node. ConduitePlan is the index of the card, so when you process the card value is true if the checkbox for that conduitePlan has been verified or does not exist in the map or is set to false if the box is unchecked.  It is added to the card when the user first checks the box, it changes to false if the previously checked box is unchecked.  You will probably use a ValueChangeListener to check the child nodes when a parent node is activated.

  • There are ADF query Panel with table - table separator column of thousands

    Hi all

    can I put a column in adf table a separator of thousands, because some of the column is the value of money.
    the table is automatically generated and linked to research compass (query with table)
    try to use the converter to entering text, but it is not working.
    I work in a with a human taskflow Oracle BPM.

    Thanks before


    You have groupingUsed "Converter" property with the value 3 minIntegerDigits.

    Jean Lou

  • When your latest and greatest version will be compatible with table 9.1?

    The only version of Firefox that is currently compatible with table 9.1 is Firefox 3.6

    It is up to the Blackboard to catch up with versions of Firefox.

    Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are passed to a quick release cycle. At the time of the breathalyzer test, 13.0 Chrome and Firefox 6.0 were the latest available versions. After the war, since new stable releases may have been released and widely adopted. Blackboard supports all new stable versions of Chrome and Firefox.

  • help with table in spreadsheet string


    I need assistance to format my 2D in a string table.

    I have a 2D DBL like this chart:

    and I want it in a format string like this "0.12 0, 1 0.34, 2 0.11.

    Line 0 pass 0 0 Col 1 Row line 1 Col 0 line 1 Col 1 line 2, column 0 line 2 Col 1... and so on

    Is this feasible with 'Table to a spreadsheet string' function or do I have to use a loop for format in this way?

    Thank you


    Here are 2 ways to do it without loop.


    EDIT: just realized, you want a comma to separate lines, and replace the tab with a comma in solution 1. (2 will not work in this case)

  • Don't boot to desktop-Boot computer ups always come with "no input signal" for monitor

    Thanks for the research on this issue.  So first of all, he could start after a few attempts in the end goes to the blue screen error at approx. 5 min. I started this path several times that in "safe mode with network" to try the many suggestions of repair for two days. " At this point, it's freezing just at "windows is loading files", but probably will go to blue screen error. Boot ups always come with "no input signal" for the monitor and signal switching in the Help menu for 5 min periods I've mentioned and then fails or "monitor going to sleep" occurs.

    The error messages rec'vd: corrupted image, corrupted file and header file check sum does not match the sum of computer control. The recommendations of the screen blue: disable the BIOS memory, any material current or drivers and check disk space.

    Some tent to fix: memory diagnostics and it showed 'no problem', checked monitor on another computer and it works, in a session of 5 min a download to 'fix' Microsoft via a USB problem like "search of windows crashes" but was 'unable to set', a few other attempts would show the "windows installer has stopped working" preventing any action.

    At the present time, am unable to start even with advanced at F8 options.  It's HP Pavilion 10/2007, with the help of HP. Its on a wireless network with a netbook, Blu - ray, occasionally a cell phone that works on windows live but none presents as a device.


    ·        You did changes to the computer before the show?

    ·        What is the exact error message that you receive?

    Method 1: Remove the external devices except the keyboard and mouse and try to restart the computer in safe mode and check if you can start inside.

    If you are able to boot into safe mode then try a restore of the system it and check if it helps solve the problem:

    Method 2: I suggest you do a system recovery options system restore and see if it helps:

    Method 3: If the system restore does not help then do a startup repair and check if this solves the problem.

  • The default value for a property with data of type boolean

    Hi all

    Is it a system preference setting, where the default value for a property with data of type boolean can be a Virgin? I want to keep the value by default in a vacuum, but every time I save the property even after empty selection, the default value changes to FALSE.


    In this case Boolean doesn't help you, you mayneed to create a chain of ownership and have true/false / "" as your list of values

  • How can I set the default value of a selection in the Query Panel with table.

    Hi Experts,


    I have a view Criteria (contains a attribute with LOV). and the named criteria is dragged as a query with Table Panel.

    In the user interface, the LOV is now visible in the query Panel. Suppose that the LOV has 3 values: 'Manual', 'Other' and 'portfolio '.

    How can I set a default value for the choice of a select. ?

    Thank you


    refer to:

    Andrejus Baranovskis Blog: Dynamic value by default for the field in query ADF search

    but rather to express as in the bellows of the image, choose literal and let 2

  • run wth params does not when used with table query Panel

    Hi Experts ADF,

    JDev 12 c

    I have a VO query that binds variables in which its clause. It also has a ViewCriteria who is dragged as a query with table Panel.

    When the loading of the page table does not display data.

    Click on the query search button, it works.

    Please let me know your opinion on this.

    Thank you


    This is normal.

    You can replace it by initialQueryOverriden = true binary: display executed before the result of the query in a search engine


  • Search page based on query with Table on Layershift ADF Panel does not work correctly


    I'm on jdev and deployed my application on glassfish 3.1.2. I've hosted this application on Layershift externally.

    I created a search page based on query ADF with table Panel. All fields of research are working fine on weblogic Server integrated and my deployment local glassfish.

    However, on Layershift, when I enter some criteria of research in certain fields, it does not record.

    UPDATE, it seems that the problem is with the fields which are of the "String" ie. Name. Fields of data type Integer and Date seems fine.

    any ideas please?

    Thank you

    kdario, you're right, ViewCriteria does not use the correct syntax for mysql for the concatenation.

    The generated sql statement looks like this.

    SELECT * FROM (select student_id, student_name, from  student) QRSLT WHERE ( ( (UPPER(student_name) LIKE UPPER('%' || 'Per' || '%') ) ) )

    as DB MySql does not support | (double pipe sign), its sql causing failure.

    in order to support |, mysql requires to change the sql mode setting in the file my.cnf (on linux) in the

    # Set the SQL mode to strict

    After setting this parameter, its working fine now.

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    I get this error after you apply the latest patch:- & cmd = displayKC & externalId = 2135115

    So all the hosts are now review: VMware ESXi, 6.0.0 3380124

    After the reboot, I get the error message on the host cannot communicate with all other nodes in the cluster active virtual san...

    However, the VSAN health check is green, 'get esxcli vsan cluster' shows all 6 members of the cluster ok... and if I reboot a crowd happens ok without the error... so if I reboot another host, it will come without the error... but then the host on which I rebooted before it displayed the error...?  So I can't ever get more than 1 host without the error after a reboot.

    I checked multicast that removes ok, in fact all of the checks in contradiction with the fact that why I get this error...

    Someone at - it ideas? Could this be the latest patch...


    Hello, this has been repeated here: 6.0 U1b - hosts cannot communicate thanks, Zach.

  • Panel request ADF with Table does not work

    I am simple search.jsf of JSF page. In the search.jsf , I have an ADF search form. I drag and drop the view criteria into the Panel Query ADF with Table. The user search result will be displayed in a table ADF. The View object is simple no LOVs no variable binding even no where clause.

    Everything works fine if I run the page separately not with in the workflow. But if I turn the page with in a workflow, the search engine does not work.

    The workflow structure is simple, it has towed home.jsf and search.jsf pages and there is a control of navigation of the home page to the Search page. The problem is that the search engine is not work IE when I press the default search key that doesn't come with the form no coming on the data table.,.

    I use Jdeveloper with ADF technology

    My God, what a ridiculous and foolish.

    Partial trigger is missing.

    I have to add the id of the request to the partial trigger on the table. I thought that his coming by default to search forum.

    What a waste of time...

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