PROTECTED R830 - shortcut keys do not work to help to win 8


I have a protected R830-10R with Windows 8 Professional (64-bit) installed.

As it is has no drivers for Windows 8, I installed Windows 7 (64-bit) drivers.

The problem is, my shortcut keys don't work (FN + X) and it is the only function of Toshiba, I can't live without.

How can I solve my problem? And what other drivers do you recommend?

Thank you.


> How can I solve my problem? And what other drivers do you recommend?

You will need the Toshiba Value added Package and the utility support flash card to win 8
But as you said, this software is not available for win 8, so you wait for this software.

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    I recently acquired this laptop and I installed win7 64-bit teacher. The first problem was that the wireless card has not been installed, but I go to the Toshiba website and download the new one, next to this i can not activate the map with the fn + f8 key, it's the only way to activate the card.

    I already downloaded some drivers and utilities and I can not activate the card, the shortcut key does not work and there is not another switch, software does not work either

    Any help will be welcome
    Thank you


    Hmm. Win 7 drivers are not yet out, but I found some beta readers on the Toshiba page we:

    Maybe you will find some Win 7 drivers for series L500/505

    Otherwise I would recommend you to check if you can activate the WLan in Device Manager-> properties-> Advanced tab Wlan card

    There are a few additional options, that maybe the WiFi we / off would be there also.

  • Satellite A135-s2326 - shortcut keys do not work after installing XP


    I have Toshiba Satellite A135-s2326

    I kill Vista and installed Xp on it, but the shortcut keys do not work now.

    Someone knows how to fix this?

    Do you mean the FN button functionality?

    Well buddy, the question is clear like a Crystal, the buttons FN don t work after the Win XP because the necessary drivers have not been installed.

    But first he must know that it is a series of models Toshiba us.
    I checked the Toshiba page us and unfortunately, I didn't find any Win XP tools or drivers for this model of laptop.

    It seems that you will have to use the laptop without the functionality of the FN button if you want to use Win XP. :(

  • Zbook Studio G3: Polishing of shortcut keys will not work

    Dear Experts,

    I bought the week last Zbook studio G3 and found that brighteness and switches are the image of the screen between the display shortcut keys do not work. before operating system is win 7 and now already updated to win10. I don't know if something is wrong with the driver etc...

    look forward to hearing from you soon :))

    Kind regards



    First of all, try to download and reinstall the driver package Intel gpu on the following link.

    When reinstalling, restart the laptop.

    If the above does not correct the problem, try to download and reinstall the HotKey driver on the link below.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • I have attached my keyboard wireless 1. 0 has to my new computer, but the shortcut keys do not work.

    I have a new Windows 7 computer, to which I added my keyboard and wireless mouse 1. 0a.  When I tried to load the software Intellitype Pro 5.4 and Intellipoint 5.4 I get an error of incompatibility.  Shortcut keys do not work.  I think I need new software.  Can help you.

    Hi jamesMacmillan,

    Try the latest version by first link is for 32 bit and second link is for 64-bit




  • Shortcut keys does not work in CS6

    Since the upgrade to CS6, all shortcuts keys do not work.

    For example, pressing "M" to go to the marquee tool has no effect, but "Command-T" (for processing) works very well.

    This little bug prevents me to change one of the main tools, which hurts the flow of work badly enough.

    Ah! It seems that there is a preference for her under general > use Shift key for tool switch.

    All is right with the world now.

    Thank you!

  • Equium U400 PSU42E: Shortcut keys do not work with Vista

    My sensitve touch keys do not work!
    They worked last night, but no more.
    I know it's a common problem when people have the transition from Vista to XP but I did not.

    Can help you. ?

    If they work last night just restore OS two days using System Restore tool.

  • Qosmio G20-127: keys Fn & shortcut keys do not work with Vista RC1

    This problem is really annoying me. Shortcut keys (play, pause, forward, record, brightness), or Fn keys work since I installed windows vista RC1.
    I need to find a solution to this problem. If someone did experience please provide me with your comments.

    Also the ConfigFree seems to be incompatible with Windows Vista, if someone knows a thing or two, I would be very grateful

    Hi Shaker

    There is no trick or two!
    Do you know that the Windows Vista RC1 is not a version of the official end and the RC1 version contains about 1500 bugs!

    In addition, to use the Toshiba features such as the FN buttons or shortcut keys you need drivers Toshiba. BUT you won't find not all Toshiba Windows Vista drivers at this time.

    Why? Because Windows Vista is not official on the market. So if you want to use the Vista at the moment on your laptop, you will need to use it without the Toshiba options.

    But I m sure you will get the Toshiba drivers If Windows Vista has been fully developed and official to buy.

  • Shortcut keys do not work on my Satellite L850

    Well, I recently had to re - install all my drivers, software, etc due to a wipe hardrive. I checked several other hotkey L850 solutions and I had no chance to determine why mine won't work.

    I already checked for "Restart FlashCards" and which does not exist. I also went to "HWSETUP" and found no luck there. The last thing I tried was checking my "MSCONFIG" to see if my "main module Toshiba Hotkey' has been checked, but I found that it wasn't still there.

    My laptop can still function without the shortcut keys, but it's the Grand Dérangement.

    You talk about reinstalling the system.
    Do you have what system installed exactly?
    Why didn t, using the Toshiba Recovery disk which would fix the laptop back to the factory, including the Toshiba driver settings and software?

    Installation of tools depends on the system that was installed on the laptop.
    In the case of Win 7, you must install the VAP (value added package)
    In the case of 8.1 win you must install the driver of Toshiba and Toshiba function Key Utility system

  • Latiatude E5570 Windows 7 Enterprise x 64: wireless market / shutdown shortcut key does not work do not


    I have a Latitude E5570, I have installed with Windows 7 Enterprise x 64. The system has an Intel Dual Band Wireless AC8260 card as well as a Bluetooth Intel adapter. I installed the drivers for these network cards (I used the drivers from the Intel site). Adapters work.

    My problem is that pressing on FN + print (the wireless keyboard shortcut) only turns on and the Bluetooth adapter, but not the card WiFi. I installed the latest version of the "Dell WLAN Driver HotKey".

    I have to install any other software to do this job? If I reinstall the Dell Windows 7 Pro factory-installed, I am able to enable and disable the wireless card using the shortcut key.

    Thanks for any help and suggestions,


    I could solve this problem by uninstalling the "Dell WLAN Driver HotKey" v1.0.0.5 and installing the previous version v1.0.0.4.

  • Shortcut keys do not work on my Satellite L550D - 136 (PSLXSE)


    I have a Toshiba Satellite L550D - 136 PSLXSE

    I wanted to work with the keys Fn + f (f1 etc.) numbers

    But they do not work. I've already updated my Windown and I already updated the package of service evaluated.

    What can I do, they work?

    By the way: the keys have no mechanical defects.

    Thank you

    Hello guys

    I put t really know what you are doing with your laptops. Each new laptop comes with the pre-installed operating system clean (recovery image) and FN (Flash cards) keys SHOULD work correctly.
    Later, when you install your own stuff or configure OS, something can go wrong, and cards flash may stop working. On this virtual path, it is not easy to say what may be the problem.

    Of course, you can try to fix this resettlement package added. This software contains cards Flash utility and it should work again. Before install VAP remove preinstalled version and restart your laptop.
    I put t know which type of installation of Windows you have installed, but anything is possible may be responsible for the non working flash cards.

    In the end, if you will not be able to fix it, to save all your data and install recovery disk HARD recovery plant using image -
    Wth all factory settings will be OK again.

  • Shortcut keys does not work on Satellite L755-18Z - Windows 7 64 bit

    Hello world

    I'm trying to start an application by pressing a combination of shortcut keys assigned, but nothing happens.
    Maybe it has something to do with some of the TOSHIBA utilities installed on the laptop?

    Hmmmm... custom application? You know that Toshiba doesn't support third party software?

    Sorry, but I think that no one here can help you. If you have problems with Toshiba related things, we can chat about it, but the use of some custom applications can not be supported.
    We don t know what you use on your laptop.

  • Brightness (fn + F2 and fn + F3) shortcut keys do not work?

    ProBook 4530 s

    Windows 7


    hot keys, as described in question do not work all others work except these! Help me >...


    Try to download and reinstall the Hotkey driver on the link below.

    Once the installation is complete, restart the laptop.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Satellite U920T - function keys does not work after update to Win 10

    Hello, good morning / evening...

    I use (U920T satellite) and recently updated my Windows 10 Tablet
    but after that, the function keys, volume, brightness, key FN and even the backlight does not work anymore!

    I tried to restore the system and update the driver software but nothing has worked...

    I use these keyboard shortcuts all the time and now it's really hard without them!

    What is the problem? What should I do?

    The problem is that U920T satellite is not listed as Win 10 support unit and, therefore, drivers earn 10 Toshiba and software that controls the FN keys is not released.
    But as far as I know using the FN keys, system of Toshiba and the Support of Flash Card Utility driver must be installed.

    For all Toshiba units win 10 supported, the drivers can be downloaded from this page:

    Maybe you can try the drivers released for other models of portable Win 10 supported...
    I'm not sure if the software will be compatible with your model of U920T, but its certainly worth a try...

  • Satellite A200 - shortcut keys do not work

    I have a Satellite A200 and I discovered that my keyboard shortcuts have stopped working or to be more precise, they work while the computer loads but then they stop working.
    I think there must be a software conflict, but I don't know where to start the search.
    When the problem arises, I have the following programs running:

    AVG antvirus (in the background).
    AD-Aware (in the background).
    Instant Messaging (in the background) that I closed it but this makes no difference.
    Toshiba Tempro (in the background).

    I've looked in Task Manager and found a lot of other programs running which I have no idea what they are doing and so I don't dare stop them.

    Any suggestions?



    May I ask what OS are you using?
    Are you still with Vista?

    Do you mean with hotkeys FN keys or the Toshiba control buttons like pause, play forward, etc.

    I have an A210. It s similar to A200.
    In order to get the FN buttons work, you need to reinstall the Flash Cards Support utility.
    But if you want to get the Toshiba control buttons to knit then you must reinstall the VAP (value pack).

    All the necessary tools and drivers are available on the European driver Toshiba page!

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