Protection of files on a T61?


If someone really wants to hijack your computer and especially if someone knows you well, then the fingerprint has any safety, as simple Copier and your copy of your fingerprint, you return this almost useless security system.

use windows and the hard drive password.

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  • How can I protect some files of the icloud sharing in the sierra?

    How can I protect certain files from the desktop to icloud and sharing documents in the sierra?  Some of my data is private and I don't want it in the cloud.

    Do not put them in the Documents folder or on the desktop.

  • How can I get a 'protected audio file' playing on Sonos?

    How can I play music from iTunes on a Sonos system?  Some of them will not play.  says that it is protected.

    If it's really a protected iTunes file you can play by using the Apple software.  Apple discontinued the element of political upgrade and you can pass only to unprotected by subscribing to the game for a year. Either that or burn the element on a CD and it rip (with possible additional quality loss).

  • Password protection. File PDF, Passwor protecting all of the contents of a folder

    I'm running on a Macbook Pro with OS X version El Capitan 10.11.3. After having Turbotax I click Print back and choose Save as PDF option instead of printing all the 47 pages in case I have to go and print a page or two.

    I want to make these. Password protected PDF files. There are other files that I want to password protect OR place in a folder that is password protected. Is this possible and how?

    Thank you


    There are several ways to do it, so here's a little link for you.   s-folders-Mac-OS-x-Yosemite-0160423/

  • The password can I protect individual files?

    I have an iMac 2009 end running OS El Capitan with no password login. Is it possible to password protect individual files? Thank you.

    Click here and follow the instructions to create an encrypted disc image for them. Do not add password to keychain.


  • SFC windows file protection could not run a scan of protected system files


    First of all I am sorry for my English

    My problem is the application of file system auditor

    When run in the console, I get this message:

    Windows file protection could not initiate a scan of protected system files

    the specified error 0x000006ba code [the RPC server is unavailable]

    I also test the problem in safe mode and get the same message

    even I check the "SFCDisable" registry key and set it to zero but not solved the problem

    do you have any idea?


    Try this:
    Click Start , then run... and type cmd and press enter.
    Now, type enable RpcSs SYSTEM_AUTO_START and press enter.

    Restart your PC and see if you can run sfc.

    If not then try a chkdsk which is what helped me with the same question :)

    --> I hope this helps! Please mark it as correct answer or vote if it does :)<> - my website

    Info from Microsoft about phishing . Information from Microsoft on the fake security software

  • How to protect the files on the computer when you connect to a WiFi hotspot?

    If I have internet access in the coffee-shop, they provide Wi - Fi service,

    Referring to a following linked picture, I have always to deselect file and print sharing for my network setting the option,

    It will be safe enough protect anyone taking any file in Notepad?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions

    Original title: how to protect your files by free Wi Fi?

    Hi oem7110a,

    Thanks for posting your query in the Microsoft Community. It seems that you have a problem with the protection of your files in a wireless hotspot. We can get this fixed number by systematically. It can be frustrating for you. But, don't worry, we're here to help.


    I would have you look at the article-

    A Wi - Fi connection: 8 tips for working safely wireless hot spots

    We know if you need help. We will be happy to help you.

    Thank you.

  • Cannot delete write protected mp4 file

    Anyone having problems with the removal of the write protected mp4 files:
    If you have gone through the process of deletion to help start > run > cmd > OK then tried to remove the pesky mp4 file using the "del" command and you get following message 'cannot find file... ". ", try this. No space after the ' > ' on the command line type "del *.mp4" I guarantee it will go away IF you use Windows XP Service Pack 3. Move forward.


    1. What is the exact error message do you get?

    2 - is the issue confined to a particular file?

    3 have you tried to delete the file without using the command?

    I suggest to follow the steps provided and check if it helps.

    Method 1: Diagnose and repair Windows files and folders problems automatically:

    Method 2: If the problem persists then I you suggests to take the permission of the file and then try to delete it.

    How to capture a file or a folder in Windows XP:

    Hope this information is useful.

  • How can I protect a file with a password?

    Original title: password

    Please, tell me how can I protect a file with password, folder, a CD, or a DVD. Is there a suitable and reliable and verified software? Please, give me web comments on sites where to find necessary software. I need in order if my CD or DVD discs will be stolen by a stranger or to reach people I did not trust. I need only for private use. You see, I don't have an iron safely to the place I live. I hope that you will understand me. Thank you in advance. John

    Hello, Tommy Stanley. I realized from your questions that you can imagine that I will earn money selling the CD protected by word or DVD discs telling buyers the password. No, I'm not a sales man. Only for me on the extreme case, that my disks will be stolen or to reach people, I do not trust. I guess that to set a password that is easier then encrypt disks. But I wonder to know how to encrypt CD or DVD discs and that means encrypted drive. Through what she may be to read? Please, I explain my situation (I live in time with people that I don't have confidence). Please, give me some reliable advice concerning my question. Now, for me it very seriously. I hope you understood me. Thank you in advance, Shenan Stanley.

    I think you read things in my simple questions that weren't there.  I asked because if it is stored on a single computer/use on one computer by one person - the solutions are simpler and more readily available than if you plan to send this information to someone else so that they treat.

    I recommend you read this:

    If this isn't a shared computer... (It is yours, you can use only.)

    I suggest that you see if you can lock the computer closed (with a physical cable/lock).  You add a password to your system SETUP or BIOS so that no one can change the settings of operating system and maybe even a STARTUP password so it can not even start without enter you a password.  Also change the BIOS settings so that it will only start from the hard drive installed in the machine.  With the Setup/BIOS password, you can change back to something later.

    AxCrypt and TrueCrypt are free and good encryption tools.

    Regarding the CD/DVD - you don't encrypt the media - you encrypt everything you would write for them and you will probably need to copy off the power and check that the files on them are not read-only before you can decrypt in most cases.

    By the way - physical security outweighs almost all other types of security.  Which means you need to physically secure the computer before you bothder same thing with another.  Locking the computer case closed and adding the password after changing startup opportunities, I would consider good physical security in your case.

  • Help needed to recover shift deleted protected rar file password.


    I had the shift - delete a password protected rar file. I tried recover ot the file using the Panda recovery, Easeus data recovery Wizard, recover data for FAT & NTFS. All these software display the rar file but size 0 bytes. After recovering, I am not able to open it because the file is corrupted. Is this what can I do to retrieve the file?


    If the file size is zero, then the file is corrupted.  I would ask you to contact the support of rarlab on this issue.

    I hope this helps.

  • How to protect the files in the USB port?

    Original title: protect usb illegal sauvegardΘ

    Hello please show me the way how to protect my files in usb or my USB flash sauvegardΘ ilegal

    What do you mean exactly?

    If you want to prevent anyone who copies the files you have stored on a USB key, you can then use a third-party encryption software

  • Identify a password protected PDF file

    We receive 100s of PDFs a week to add to our document management system.

    Each of them is a watermark automatically; the system has obviously fails when a protected PDF password has been provided.

    I don't have to find a way to circumvent a password protected PDF file, I'm looking for a way to determine which files in a batch PDF is password protected so I can communicate with the source of new PDF files.

    Hi andrewcecms ,

    We're sorry, but there is no way to determine which PDF is protected in a batch.

    Let us know if you need any assistance.



  • Can you confirm if I can convert a password-protected pdf files

    Before registering for the service can it be confirmed that the pdf to excel import works when the files are protected by Word

    Hi Steve,.

    If you want to use service Pack PDF for conversion, so you can not convert a password protected PDF file. It's something possible with Acrobat Pro DC.

    Thank you


  • How to password protect a file

    How to password protect a file

    Open the file in Adobe Acrobat (not Adobe Acrobat Reader) format, go to file > properties > Security and add it.

  • I need a PDF by email from the file and need to password protect the file. How to password protect the file?

    I need a PDF by email from the file and need to password protect the file. How to password protect the file?

    Hi olivera96817159,

    Password protect the PDF file, you must use Acrobat Pro DC, it is not possible with Reader app.

    Thank you


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