protection on D:

for the D: drive is supposed to be on or off?


What is system protection?

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  • protect mac phishing emails


    I was wondering if anyone knows how I can protect my devices, MAC, iPad, iPhone phishing emails, or put a higher level of security on the enamel.

    See you soon


    Do not click on any links in them. If you wish, you can use a filter spam or rule to prevent them from getting to the Inbox, but this method can miss some or intercept legitimate messages.


  • How can I protect some files of the icloud sharing in the sierra?

    How can I protect certain files from the desktop to icloud and sharing documents in the sierra?  Some of my data is private and I don't want it in the cloud.

    Do not put them in the Documents folder or on the desktop.

  • Apple Watch series 2 protective case


    Has anyone found a real Apple Watch S2 case? You are looking for a minimalist design, to display the watch itself without inhibiting its look, then perhaps a clear case (case bumper or other) will do.

    All cases online specify that they are cases Apple Watch S2, but look further into what they are not, as many of them do not account for the new air port (hole on one side, not two) and are also not the right depth, and cutting a port speakers are designed for S1 S2 not.

    You will need to protect my camera, I do use it in the gym a fair bit and worry about the damage.

    Thanks guys and girls!

    Hi RudeBwoy!

    I had the same problem. As far as I can see, case or bumper for the AW 2 series do not exist. I talked to Spigen, catalyst and a couple of others and any sites third 3rd say... manufacturers confirm that their AW products are NOT compatible with series 2 Watch, and that they are working on it!

    All thoughts of good screen protectors? !! They would be compatible? Some protection is better than nothing!

    Let me know if you hear anything!

    Thank you

  • Best way to protect your black iPhone from scratches Jet

    Hello guys,.

    Someone has suggestions to protect your 7 Jet Black iPhone against scratches, I don't want to use a case I saw a company that make a kind of coating that stops the JB to have wiped off I can't find any reviews on it wonder if anyone has any experience with them? I am also considering some sort of protective screen, but I'm worried about buying a cheap fragile, suggestions?


    Protectors of skin of the whole body for iPhone 7 are available for purchase or pre-order of various third party providers.

    Consider, for example:

  • protective screen on iPhone iPhone 6s 7? = cm_cr_arp_d_product_top? ie = UTF8

    Doubtful. Wait and get a screen protection for an iPhone just 7.

  • How to enable differential protection in iOS 10?

    Hello team, can someone tell me how to turn the differential protection in iOS 10?

    See confidentiality and security of the manual

    See also:

    I see nothing more recent in Google that the two above hits so it may have changed in the public version

  • On the utility of record pass-protected when the disk is encrypted

    Dear all,

    I recently put my hands on a new internal drive SSHD and decided to quantify using filevault. Keep important documents on my mac, I used to create folders of password-protected using a disk with disk utility image. Now, my question is simple: is there a utility on the creation of these encrypted files as all the disk itself is already encrypted? This would add valuable new protection?

    Thank you very much in advance,


    Data sheet: mid - 09 13 MBP "2.26 GHz with internal WD 1 TB SSHD

    If your disc is encrypted, then the only way that anyone (including YOU) can look at the contents of your Volume is to provide your password to disk, which we hope is a long and strong password, not only a short practice. Depending on how paranoid you are, perhaps you fell there is additional value on encryption more away from the additional items. But for extra security, the password for your encrypted disks in addition should not be readily available on your drive any just-encypted.

    Most users have very good success with encrypted Volumes. They manage to protect their records from the person mostly likely to access - themselves. DO NOT ENCRYPT YOUR DRIVE WITHOUT CREATING A RELIABLE BACKUP! The encryption is strong - there is no 'rescue' for an encrypted Volume that goes wrong for any reason, including failure of the drive.

  • antivirus protection

    Currently using Intego antivirus on my 5 year old iMac. Never had a notification on an existing virus / invade so do not know if it is actually effective. Someone at - it recommendations for power is compensated or anti-virus program? I read on Avast/Sophos, etc. on several websites but she loves the comments of users. With the help of an update of the El Capitan operating system version.

    Your Mac is much better without any third-party software installed anti-virus. It is not necessary.

    With El Capitan installed your Mac has the integrity of System Protection > on the Protection of the integrity of system on your Mac - Apple Support

  • Allergy Apple Watch sport - protective film

    My wife Gets a skin irritation while wearing the Apple Watch Sport.

    So I'm looking for a protective sheet to the back of the Apple Watch.

    I have haven´t found such a tool.

    Can anyone give me a tip?


    You can find this product, for example, interest:

    Also consider guidance from Apple about the skin irritation and the potential for allergic reactions:

  • Protection plan usa in europe


    I want to buy a used Apple Watch that was purchased in the USA 2015. He also bought the protection plan here. Is it possible to use the protection plan of the United States in Austria (Europe)?

    Thank you

    Best regards


    Hi Markus

    No - the AppleCare service plan benefits + will be available in the United States.

  • Virus protection


    How can I protect my phone of any virus?

    An iPhone running the current iOS version is secure as it is.


  • recommend the best protection against the virus mac

    Can anyone recommend the best protection from viruses for mac application?

    Picked up a Trojan horse. Bought new machine - don't want the same thing from happening again.

    Thank you

    Please read of effective defenses against software malware and other threats.

  • Password protect

    I have to take my Macbook Pro on the Apple Store for repair (replacement of the screen due to the coloration on the screen). How to maintain privacy while the laptop is in their possession? Right now my Mac is not protected as I am the only person who uses it and the Mac never leaves my house. So I did not put any type of connection.

    My MacBook Air is protected by FileVault. She rarely leaves home, but I would turn FileVault, although she never left just to protect themselves against the unlikely possibility of flight. I had to have the screen replaced by an Apple authorized Service provider under warranty. They have been able to do it without me giving them the password. Use of FileVault to encrypt the boot on your Mac - Apple Support disk

  • Tracking incognito on iOS, the same Protection?

    I have a question about Tracking in private on iOS browsing protection. I just read the documentation available here everything that is coming in the 43 for the desktop version.

    And it made me wonder if the functionality is the same on iOS? Down or feathers so it's a less strict and less customizable version? I think it is unimportant, since there is no way to add third-party extensions or ad blockers to do anything except Safari. But I need Firefox on iOS for a filtering option, if I'll be able to use it. Given that you can't even turn JavaScript all together.

    Oops! At the present time, there is a protection only followed for Android versions and Firefox desktop. So yes, you were right.

  • To protect your privacy, Thunderbird has blocked a remote content to this message

    To protect your privacy, Thunderbird has blocked a remote content to this message

    Whenever this happens, and it's almost every second e-mail, I have to go to "options, display remote content in this message.

    I do not understand how Thunderbird will protect me by not showing is not the content in the email sent to me. The content that I can see just the same by going in "options, display remote content in this message" or one of the other options here.

    I can't see the logic.


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