protection technology of identification made by intel plug-in must be enabled

"" this plugin came with my mozilla browser in "to activate the mode" must be enabled or not.

Firefox detects a lot of plugins that is preinstalled on your system...

Intel claims the identity Protection technology as helping to prevent identity theft by allowing Web sites to identify your computer, which can limit access to other computers if someone learns your username and password:

Good, but I don't know that many websites use this feature. Is it really useful or they just go to Plan B, as texting you a code?

If you find a site asking to use the plugin, you would like it to be a website you trust since this identifier doesn't know anything about the integrated Firefox Privacy features (clearing cookies, private browsing, etc.). For this reason, I don't think that "Always enable" is a good idea.

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  • T420 wakes up automatically hibernate due to Intel Identity Protection Technology (IPT)

    Noticed the laptop turned on itself all night and was in fashion in the morning watch...

    Looking at the log events revealed that it was lit by:

    Intel (R) Identity Protection Service resume inactive

    Anyone know why this happens and how to disable it prior to deactivation/removal of access VIP from Symantec and Intel IPT?

    Log name: Application
    Source: jhi_service
    Date: 05/02/2012 08:40:24
    Event ID: 3
    Task category: no
    Level: Information
    Keywords: Classic
    User: n/a
    Intel (R) Identity Protection Service resume inactive
    The event XML:">

    0 x 80000000000000


    Resume the suspension

    Go to the Thinkpad power manager and disable "wake timers" on your currently selected power plan.

  • Why Firefox always tells me that Adobe plug-ins must be updated, when I've just updated beyond the versions them says Firefox update?

    On the status of the plug-in page, Firefox said I have potentially vulnerable Adobe Flash player c. and should be updated. I have already taken this opinion but Adobe confirms that my version is I ran the update at least twice (and of course I restarted Firefox several times and refreshed the page for good measure). Why Firefox think I always c.

    Essentially the same story with Adobe Reader plug-in 15.9.20069.28170. Firefox said I have this outdated version and should be updated. I ran the update at least twice (but unlike with Flash Player I don't know how to confirm that the update is installed). The version that Firefox says I have and advice to update, has not changed.

    I've updated two plug-ins yesterday. Immediately after the update, when I refreshed the page status of the plugin, these plug-ins have disappeared from lists "vulnerable" or "outdated". It's only the Adobe Flash Player and Reader plug-in updates (which I did yesterday) that Firefox seems to blind. I waited a day to see if Firefox would recognize the edits today, but it still does not work. On this page of presentation of the question, "Assumptions" of Firefox on my current browser list older versions of Adobe Flash Player and Reader that I've already updated since.

    Plugins are installed on the system and not in Firefox. So he can tell you were the same when you installed know that it is usually because you have two system installed an older version of Flash Player.

    Maybe try to uninstall all versions of Flash Player (basic plugin) and install the current (basic plugin), while Firefox is closed.

  • Intel delayed Launcher

    What is Launcher delayed Intel and it must be enabled at startup?    Thanks in advance


    The 'iastoriconlaunch.exe' or 'delay Launcher' Intel is a startup application, which is part of the Intel quick resume technology. It is recommended to keep this process enabled at startup.

    Learn more about this executable below...

  • T500 P8600 (2.40 Ghz) Core speed problems - works only in 1, 6 GHz (6 x multiplier)?


    I'm new here and I hope you can help!

    System specs

    Lenovo T500 (2081-CTO)

    CPU: Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo P8600 2.40 GHz

    RAM: 6 GB DDR3 PC3-8500 (2 GB + 4 GB Hynix halogen)

    BIOS Lenovo: 3.13 - 1.06 (March 2010)

    Operating systems: Windows 7, 64 bit

    Battery: Yes

    Power: 90W installed

    Power setting: maximum performance; Max CPU speed: more top [ThinkVantage Power Manager 3.12]

    Setting BIOS: Intel SpeedStep disabled; Everest EU 5.50 confirms: C1E & EIST are both: "supported, disabled.

    All Lenovo drivers are up to date *.


    Problem: Base speed is blocked at 1.6Ghz (multiplier x 6.0) and only fluctuates several Mhz from time to time. I think it should be fixed at 2.40 Ghz, I have disabled all the settings save CPU speed.

    Basic speed (1.60 Ghz) conforms to:

    -Everest Ultimate Edition 5.50

    -CPU - Z 64 bit 1.54

    -Intel Processor Identification Utility 4.22.20100224

    All of these are the @2 P9800. 40 Ghz is clocked at 1.6 Ghz or 1.59 Ghz.

    I ran the load/stress test, Super-Pi etc... and obsevered the basic speed - it never changes or is greater than 1.6 Ghz.

    Super Pi takes 31 seconds, where landmarks on a normal P8600 2.40 Ghz see the this should be done in 20 years.

    I have read several threads in these forums and tried all the things suggested:

    Example of Lenovo Forum Thread 1

    Example of Lenovo Forum Thread 2

    I even tried affecting performance Max CPU speed to "Adaptive", and yet, it does not go beyond 1.6 Ghz.

    Can anyone suggest other things I can do to make sure that it is not a problem? I thought I bought a 2.40 GHz, not a 1.6 Ghz.

    I have several more months remaining warranty, contact Lenovo to return my CPU? or is it a fault in Lenovo BIOS?

    Intel speed step must be enabled.  If you read what it says in the bios, if it is off then they processor will not let the State of the minimum speed.  This is the case on my T510.

    Give it a try.

  • Battery problem (CPU a bottleneck) with BIOS and Intel SpeedStep technology.

    The question is this:

    1. If the AC adapter and the battery are both connected on the X201T, the speed of the CPU (base clock) is capable of running at the maximum speed of 2.13 GHz as indicated by the specifications of the system.
    2. If only the battery is connected, the speed of the CPU is still able to run at maximum speed of 2.13 GHz as indicated by the specifications of the system.
    3. If only the AC adapter is plugged in, the speed of the CPU is now 'limited' and can run only at 1.2 GHz.
    4 in addition, I also ran Windows Experience Index assessment (built-in to Windows 7) and received a score of 6.3 with the battery or the AC adapter is plugged in, but only a score of 4.2 with only the AC adapter.
    5. the system is significantly slower and cursor shifts are more noticeable when the battery is disconnected.

    Control Panel:
    A.the system has been set at maximum Performance with all the power saving settings turned off. The system has been fully updated for the latest updates and possible drivers from 12/03/10 at the time of the breathalyzer test.  No other software is installed that came with the ThinkPad when I received it.
    B. with the connection and disconnection of the battery, the system has been individually disabled every time and restarted.
    C. I ran full system Test and system through Lenovo ThinkVantage Toolbox stress Test and received no errors to ensure that the question was not due to system errors.
    D. I used CPU - Z 1.56 v to monitor the speed of the CPU, all running Intel BurnTest v2.50 to insist on the system.
    E. the problem is reproducible and probably a system wide problem/bug, because I tested it on two my X201T (I know it's weird, but I have two of these amazing machines).


    After further testing, I've isolated the problem of "Bottleneck the CPU processor without battery" occurs only when the technology Intel SpeedStep in BIOS is enabled. Only when the SpeedStep technology option is cleared "completely", this problem will not occur. However, if the SpeedStep technology is enabled, even when the AC is set on maximum Performance, the CPU processor speed is limited when the battery is disconnected with the tablet running only on the AC adapter. This seems to be a bug in the BIOS.

    If someone can communicate this problem Lenovo Engineering Department so that they can arrive at a solution, that would be great and very helpful. So I can work on my system without always having the battery plugged.

    There are 2 solutions for that.

    You spend more money for a 90W power adapter (which I did), then you can disconnect the battery and it will run at full speed.

    Or, you go into the BIOS and turn off IntelSpeedStep.

    Unfortunately, without the battery, when only using the 65W adapter, your speed will be throttled (I think it's a mistake on the end of Lenovo, but they claim it's normal).

  • Tecra Z50 - A - Intel Rapid Storage Technology does not

    Dear Sir

    We bought a lot of laptops Toshiba Tecra Z50 - A with a hybrid HDD (with SSD cache).

    The exact model:
    TECRA Z50 - A

    We staged and repartition laptops via SCCM.
    However, when you install all the drivers and the Intel Rapid Storage Technology software, I see that only rge WHAT HDD is used and no partition SSD with the Intel RST.

    How we enable this?
    The problem is that the performance is incredibly bad.
    Laptops are very slow, even if the specifications are good:
    CPU i5-4200U
    8 GB RAM
    Windows 7 x 64

    No idea how to turn this Intel RST?
    In the BIOS I find no option for RAID, as must be enabled for the RST to work.

    Thank you

    To be honest I n don't know what you mean exactly the RAID mode. There is no RAID mode.
    The laptop was equipped with a 500 GB SATA HDD HYBRID.

    The part of the HARD drive is used for writing, the SSD part for the reading of the data.
    The performance of SSHD can be placed between a HDD and SSD, but it s significantly slower than an SSD.

    If you have already installed the - Intel Rapid Storage Manager driver, then the service should work

    In the case where it does not run in the background, try to install the latest Intel RST page of Intel driver.

  • Technology Intel access pilot - T450s - Microsoft DirectAccess

    I have a new T450s and after it imaging, I went through the system update software to download and install the "Access technology Intel driver. After the installation is complete, with a reboot, Microsoft DirectAccess (DA) stop working. I'm not the only one who expereinced this topic. I uninstalled the software and DA began working again. DA is just a VPN. Intel said the manufacturer, so they tell us nothing.

    It is said in the documentation the software allows the Intel (r) ME RNDIS Ethernet Adapter. Whatever it may be. It's just for USB ethernet adapters? Why would you need that when the T450s has an ethernet port built in?

    What does this software do? Do I need? Why it they descend like "Recommended Updates?" Why did he break DA? What is RNDIS? (I'm a noob so simple language please)

    Thanks for any help.


    Here is a description of Intel (ITA), Intel technology access:

    Basically, it's the middleware that allows access to material probes by applications.  So far, I'm not aware of all the applications that use ITA to this effect, but I've heard some things that are to come.

    We had your story on DA on Intel, and what we have heard, is that they are aware of the problem and there are currently studying.  My advice is to uninstall ITA and not include in your image.  You won't lose any function on the T450s to not have it in your image.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • How can I activate the quick start technology intel

    I have a new laptop of Dell Inspiron 7720. He started as if it was supposed to when I got it. But a month ago, it began to take a lot of time for W8 load. The dell logo screen lights up and just stay there for a long time. I can hear the laptop running, but it seems that it cannot find the operating system and load it. Sometimes, I have to press power off and on, several times, before loading the o/s. After it is loaded, there is an error message on the screen saying that I don't seem to have Intel Rapid Start with technology. I don't know what caused it become invalid, but I need to know what the activation process, so my laptop can start quickly, as it is supposed to. Help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    I have a new laptop of Dell Inspiron 7720. He started as if it was supposed to when I got it. But a month ago, it began to take a lot of time for W8 load. The dell logo screen lights up and just stay there for a long time. I can hear the laptop running, but it seems that it cannot find the operating system and load it. Sometimes, I have to press power off and on, several times, before loading the o/s. After it is loaded, there is an error message on the screen saying that I don't seem to have Intel Rapid Start with technology. I don't know what caused it become invalid, but I need to know what the activation process, so my laptop can start quickly, as it is supposed to. Help would be appreciated.

    Thank you


    You will need to check with Dell Support and ask questions about known issues with this component. They may be using a customized version of the Intel component.

    Cat: Dell Technical Support:

    Dell - Hardware Support:

    Support forums - Dell Community:

    Intel also has a Guide to the user for this component.

    Use of Intel® Rapid Start technology guides:


  • V2 Intel E7 processors do not support virtualization!

    Hi everyone having issues with Intel these days.

    When you check the specifications of the CPU Intel E7 v2 family there no virtualization VT - x support in the record.

    Please see link below the list of processors intel supports virtualization. -> E7 No. v2 processors here...! ?

    Also check in with an E5v3 in snapshot comparison table attached. There is no virtualization technology.

    ARK | Compare Intel & amp; #174; Products

    When you check the Vmware support matrix, this CPU seems to be very good for virtualization.

    I'm confused. Same Intel USA cannot give a clear answer to this question. So if there is no employee of VMware here, could you please escalate my request?

    Thanks in advance.

    Today, I see that they have updated the plug. Now, it is well

    Looks life officially E7 V2 CPU virtualization support

  • How to get the remote object mode protect?

    Hi all

    I have a question for a remote object mode protect in drive x. need your help, thank you very much ~

    Background: I have a plugin running on drive x protect mode. Without a strong name, plug-in will load my DLL (manufactured by c#). Then, in this DLL, it will use

    _3rdProxy p (_3rdProxy) Activator.GetObject = (typeof (_3rdProxy), url); for a remote object of the 3rd application (made by c# also). Then I can make communication between my app plug-in and 3rd.

    But I got an error "Access denied", said. Anyone know how to get the remote object in this case? Thank you very much ~

    Since you have a reader integration key, you are advised to use our methods of support for the official Developer.

  • Satellite P100-463 and Intel VT


    I have a Satellite P100-463 laptop (model Nr. PSPA6E-03N01CGR), with Bios Version 2.7. Intel VT (virtualization) is disabled and Toshiba said there is no way to enable it.

    One of my friends has almost the same model P100-354 (model Nr. PSPA6E-03H01FGR), but with BIOS Version 2.4 and on this laptop VT works. Tool Intel said that :-)

    2 laptops have similar hardware (354 has a 2 GHz cpu, but VT should work on both).
    So, I do not understand that...? ! ? This is the Version of the BIOS? Is it possible to downgrade my BIOS.

    Thank you

    The point is not all processors support Intel virtualization technology.
    If the processor supports VT BIOS must contain this ON / OFF option.

    But if the BIOS does not support it ON / OFF option you should check the European driver Toshiba page and should update the BIOS!

    Then the power button VT should reappear.

    Best regards

  • Impossible to install the latest driver for Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME (SP A40)

    I know that this topic is explained before by NickyNoogle and Juan28, however I need more help.
    I can't install the latest driver for the graphics controller Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME (Toshiba A40 Satellite Pro). I downloaded the driver from the Intel Web site, but it has not installed and there is an error message "unable to install on this computer, please contact with the producer. I need to update the driver of version of lates version ( I know that I have to use the Toshiba drivers only. Could you be so kind and stick it to the post any link of this driver to download? I can't seem to find it on the Toshiba site anywhere.


    You can not install it because of the material. AFAIK designed Toshiba drivers are slightly modified to be limited and protect the graphics card. Driver Intel can get the map on the maximum limit and destroy it. This is the reason why you can not install it.

    Sorry but there is nothing to do. Try to check if a new Toshiba unit has the same graphics card and latest driver on Toshiba download page. Date of arrival:
    Sat Pro L10
    Satellite L10
    Satellite A50 and A80 (

    Good bye

  • Intel WiDi is not compatible with the laptop Satellite P850

    The topic of the thread is a bit hypocritical - apologies.

    The essence of my post is that Toshiba announced the Intel Widi feature as part of the Satellite P850 laptop when in reality it is not supported. It was one the reasons I chose this laptop and saw no. need to check its compatibility with Intel - why would I if a company with pedigree of Toshiba's advertising as according to the specifications of the laptop?

    After following all the steps of configuration and the functionality does not, I contacted Intel and they informed me the Intel processor in this laptop is not supported (3rd generation Intel® Core i7-3610QM)-despite the Toshiba say otherwise.

    An explanation would be appreciated that this very useful technology will lose in this laptop, otherwise great.

    I can share my knowledge with you on Intel Wireless Display.
    To use the Intel WiDi, you the components of this system:

    ONE of the following processors:
    Processor Intel® Core i7: 640M; 660LM; 640LM; 620LM; 620 M; 610E; 690UM; 680UM; 660UM; 640UM; 620UM; 660UE; 2710QE; 2820QM; 2720QM; 2635QM; 2630QM; 2657M; 2649M; 2629M; 2620M; 2617M; 2540M; 2520M; 2510E; 2640LM; 2620LM; 2630UM; 2610UM; 2530UM; 2920XM
    Processor Intel® Core i5: 580M. 560 M; 540 M; 520 M; 480 M; 460 M; 450 M; 430 M; 580UM; 560UM; 540UM; 520UM; 470UM; 430UM; 2540M; 2520M; 2410M; 2537M; 2430M; 2435M, 2450M; 2467M
    Processor Intel® Core i3: 390M. 380 M; 370 M; 350 M; 330 M; 330TH; 2310M

    GPU: Intel® HD Graphics

    ONE of the following WLan cards:
    Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 1000, 1030, 2200 or 2230
    Intel® Centrino® Wireless - N 2200 for desktop
    Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6200, 6205, 6230 and 6235
    Intel® Centrino® Advanced - N 6205 for desktop
    Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N + WiMAX 6150
    Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250
    Intel® Centrino® Ultimate-N 6300

    Preinstalled system:
    Windows 7 64 - bit, Home Premium, ultimate or professional
    Windows 7 32 - bit, Home Premium, full, professional edition, or Basic
    32-bit editions and 64-bit of Windows 8

    Also the Intel My WiFi Technology (Intel MWT) and Intel Wireless Display must be pre installed and activated.

    If your laptop does not perfectly these requirements, Intel WiDi cannot be used.

  • HP 15-d053sr HARD drive protection


    This model has a HARD active/passive disk protection to break?

    Thanks in advance

    jsmith5000 wrote:

    .....  This model has a HARD active/passive disk protection to break?


    Nothing can stop it when it breaks. You're probably takling about 3D or HP DriveGuard protection technology. Because it comes with FreeDos so No:

    Kind regards.

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  • HP mobile remote

    my laptop (pavilion dv4 1413tx) provided with a remote control that I did not use until recently. However, it doesn't seem to work because nothing happened when I pressed the buttons.  do we need to sync the remote with the laptop?

  • tell-able ToolTips on the taskbar

    Ive tried all the internet stuff out there and still got balloon tooltip button taskbar and start after 2 years on vista I now where is the button to start by now lol I start to think that its hard coded under vista heres a pic of Registry shows info

  • Run as administrator does not not for files bat inside the folder names with special characters such as)

    Dear all,I am unable to run any file beats with "Run As Administrator" when the bat file is present in a folder that has (in his name.For example: I main.bat in d:\test (_8july) \main.bat.The content of main.bat is like that. c:\windows\system32\cmd.