Sony did not include the additional screen with the X3C protections, but is the protector of screen on already? It is difficult to say, and it is also on the back cover like its made of glass?


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  • screen protectors

    recommend apple or watching a screen protects for the series?



    A good quality (of type thin film) screen protector can be effective to provide a degree of protection against any possible damage.

    Consider, for example:

    Apple advises that protective no screen must be mounted. It is a matter of personal preference.

  • I just bought an iMac.  We had electricity and the electricity outages throughout the week.  My iMac is plugged into a surge protector.  Failure will damage my computer?

    I just bought an iMac.  I have it plugged in a surge protector APC.  This week we have a lot of power outages and surges.  This will damage my computer even with being plugged into the surge protector?

    Thank you


    I think you're safe with a surge protector.

  • iPhone screen protector 7? Where are they?

    where are you ordering protective screen, I can't find anything. Help, please.


    For iPhone screen protectors 7 are available for purchase or pre-order of various third party providers.

    Consider, for example:

    You can also monitor the Apple Store online, where guards to screen for iPhone 7 may be added in due time:

  • 6 Installing iPhone iPhone screen protector 7.

    IPhone screen protection 6 will fit the iphone 7? I know that they are similar in size.

    The 'screens' (the part used to display things) are identical in size.

    The home button will be a little different.

    The thought of non-collage a screen protector to a device and re-application to another doesn't sound very wise.  Screen protectors are not very expensive.  Are you sure you want to do this?

  • IPhone 6s project protector on iPhone 7?

    I know that the dimensions of the two devices are identical, but I wonder if the home button has been moved or if other ingredients have been moved in a way that would require a new screen with different cuts protector? Or the 6s project protector work?

    It will probably work as the front of the two phones are the same images. I'll let you know when I get my iPhone 7 and see if it's the same front.

  • With USB ports surge protectors

    I have an iPad 12,9 Pro.  I noticed an increase in surge protector Strip with USB connections available in stores.  Is can I charge my iPad Pro by directly connecting the charging cable into either of the USB sockets on the power strip to the surge protector?

    Perhaps, but it will be probably cool more slowly than with 12 Watt charger, it came with. Compare the 2.4 output amplifier with current available from one of these ports of surge protector.

  • 6SE screen protector

    Should I use a screen with iPhone 6se protector?

    Many people use their iPad and iPhone without protects screen. Serve others. It is your personal choice to use one or not.

    I have never used them and see no need for them.

  • Can I buy for Apple screen protectors watches?

    I am looking to buy a Apple Watch, but apparently the screen on sport aluminum which is not very good; However, the Apple Watcg might be a bit expensive if I choose steel stainless one. Nowhere sells Apple Watch becsuse protective screen if I buy the Sport I want something to protect him, but say that I have not heard of Apple having to watch screen protectors!

    You can find these examples of interest:

  • Screen protectors and pencil

    Pencil Apple will work with a spare screen protector?

    Achording to other users, Yes

    I don't have a pro or a pencil, but other members of the forum have reported with a pencil with a screen protector and have no problems

  • silicone protector and Smart keyboard

    The protector silicone and Smart Keyboard is usable at the same time on an iPad 9.7 Pro?

    I Assume you're talking about the protector of silicone to the back of the iPad.  I the 12.9 "with both mounted as I type and I think it's the same as the 9.7".  It is one of the advantages of the accessories Apple that they are designed to work together.

  • Screen protector?

    Only the addition of a protective screen on the iPad 9.7 Pro somehow inhibits the functionality of the pencil iPad?

    Thank you

    I do not recommend the use of a screen with the pencil protector

    You don't know if it hinders the feature or not.

  • What is the best protector of screen for iPhone 6 s Please?

    What is the best protector of screen for iPhone 6 s Please?

    Anyone who has a type of glass

  • iPod touch 6th generation has a pre-installed screen protector?

    iPod touch 6th generation has a pre-installed screen protector? Can I remove it if pre-installed?

    No, this isn't

  • Need to reset the Protector Suite fingerprint reader - Satellite M105-S3084

    My wife was interested in using the Protector Suite fingerprint reader that came on his Toshiba Satellite M105 S3084.
    She tried to register, but it looks like someone has already registered and need of the original candidate of fingerprint or password.

    I have extracted a confession from my teenage daughter, but he does not recognize her fingerprints, and she can not remember the password.
    She thinks about one of his friends were playing with it (it was a year ago).

    Anyway, we can reset everything, so that my wife can do it again?

    Thanks in advance.



    Seems the same problem I have... Following error message box appread.

    Operation failed. Tempplates duplicate already exists >

    I used to use VISTA and I have registed finger the index print until yesterday. I deleted all the partition and then installed Windows 7 and installed all the drivers. I could all registry middle finger, but I was no longer able to index regisger.

    Another reason, I created a new windows profile and delete the old profile of windows. After that, I could not record not only the index, but also major as well. I guess these finger print data stored outside the windows user profile, but I can't find where it is. How I remove registerd information?

    Feature: Portage R600 PPR61E 11b

    Please adivese.

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  • VS replacement cost of Crystal screen protector

    I have a Apple Watch Sport with aluminum body. I tried a few different screen protectors and were not happy with any of them. I know that it comes down to a personal preference as to whether or not I use the screen protector... But nobody knows how much it costs to have replaced glass/crystal if it is chipped or cracked? If it's expensive, I'll deal with the screen protector. If it is reasonable, I could go without the screen protector. Thanks in advance for any ideas.


    Apple does not currently offer a repair service screen for Apple Watch of a similar nature to the screen repair service that is available, for example, for the iPhone.

    A damaged Apple Watch may instead be able to pay out-of-warranty repair service. Costs vary depending on model and region. U.S. price information is available here:

    Apple - Support - Service Response Center

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