PS elements 11 cannot use the text function. Error message could not initialize the text.

When I try to use the text function the letters do not appear. Text feature appears frozen. Get the error message - unable to initialize the text.

Recently PSE11 uninstalled and reinstalled. Downloaded 2 Google font. Was able to use the text function with Google fonts with no problems. Two days later, attempted to work with the text function and the typed letters appear on the screen/layer. Tried to add the text with fonts pre-installed PS - still once, no text appeared. Impossible to set up a text box. How can I fix it? Thank you

Suggest that you reset the text tool, that only he can fix.

I believe in PSEv.11, there is a small arrow, top of the page to the left on the tool options bar. Click on this.

If the arrow is not there, look in the options bar to the text tool, on the right, for a box with lines inside. Adobe changed the location and icon in later versions of the program.

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