PS6210X with 24 1.2 TB in RAID 50 SAS drives, how RAID 5 sets?

We have a PS610X with 24 discs of 1.2 TB SAS (10,000 rpm, model HUC101212CSS600).

The unit is currently configured in RAID 50 and has two parts. How RAID 5 sets are configured in fact? Is - this 2 x 11 or 2 x 6 + 2 x 5 or something else?

Is it still considered safe to perform this configuration in RAID 50, or are we better off the coast of conversion to RAID 6?



The 6210 X creates two RAIDsets.

The suggestion of using RAID6 is 7200 TPM NL - SAS become increasingly large, rebuild times are multiplying so.  That widens the window of vulnerability for a double error condition is another drive that RAIDset must fail.   However, with disks SAS 10 K / 15 K being so much smaller that window is still a bit small.

That a lot depends on your needs.  I prefer R6 on R50 with a 6210 especially since there support the unloading for the calculation of parity.  To reduce the overhead costs of double parity.

Good thing is that you can convert into R6 at any time of the R50.

If you have installed SANHQ you can review your load, then use the RAID evaluator to see if R6 will always be you provide write IOPS / s you need.

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