PSC 1315 all-in-one: paper jam

My wife was going to print something from our computer and the printer took several leaves inside. It jammed so she shot just leaves in the front now, our computer said there is a paper jam and will not print we. I went through all the steps of the Glade, restarting, etc. that I've read in hp and others who shared their problems. It copies and analyzes very well. The computer tells me that there is a jam. Could have broke us something by pulling the paper to the front?

Thank you



Hi @oldfud

Welcome to the Forums of HP's Support. I understand your computer continues to tell you that there is a paper jam. I would like to help.

It is possible that something has been damaged. Although it could be a "hiccup" with the software on the computer. You can try running the HP Print and Scan Doctor. This will check the software. If the problem persists, try this document a view of the "Paper jam" error HP PSC 1315, 1315v, 1315xi, s and 1318 1315 all-in - One Printer Series.

If you have any questions, or if this does not resolve the problem, let me know.
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    Hi @tasos251,

    I understand that you're seen a message on your temp folder is full, I'd like to help. Please follow the steps below to clean the computer and install the software;

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  • power cord for hp psc 1315 all-in-one

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    Search you the Web?

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    .. .or is not possible, and it is best to think about to buy a new printer!

    I was wasting far too much time trying to set up many "good drivers" for this device and will never work ok

    My question is simple: "there is a device that works well with HP psc 1315 all-in-one Windows seven?

    Thanks in advance ;-)


    IF this is your printer/scanner - then there are drivers W7 32 and 64 bit available for this purpose.

    Everything on the PC concerned with your HP printer uninstall, restart the PC, then download and use the appropriate driver (W7 - 32 or 64 bit depending upon need) and see what happens then.

    Whatever it is, as its apparently supported, you're probably better asking HP if you did not already.

  • HP psc 1315 all-in-one driver download problem?


    I tried for 2 days to download the driver HP 1315 all in one for windows 7 (64-bit)... downloading begins... a full 99%... and he tells me there's one second left... and then it stops the download... in other words... the download never reaches 100%! .. and I can't use it... I was wondering if it is possible to get another link?

    Where are you located?  I just downloaded the file 300 + MB from the link here.  If this fails, you can try this link (ditto, but http:// instead of ftp: / /).

  • hp psc 1315 all-in-one printer has a memory/hard disk?

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    With a few exceptions, most of the printers have not memory to hold the print jobs (which are not cleared by simply turning off the printer).  The only thing that can be stored in some printers (with fax capacity) is telephone numbers in the fax log.  I don't think that the PSC 1315 has a fax, but if you really want, you can do a hard reset I think that you can unplug the printer from its power source and by holding the power and Cancel buttons down.  You may see a flashing of the lights. That should do it!

  • Signal repeated on Officejet 6310 all-in-One paper jam

    My all-in-one OfficeJet 6310 repeatedly says "Paper jam" when there is no paper jam, and I have to keep pressing OK until the printer prints.  Sometimes the back panel pops out and I have to re - insert.  Sometimes the paper (I use HP paper) feeds wrong on one side and jams.  Usually before the printer indicates "Paper jam" there is a dull inside, as if the printer is going through a series of internal cycles. Then a blank sheet of paper feeds through.  This printer, renovated, was sent to me by HP as a replacement in 2007.  It works fine on the copy, scan and fax.  Printing is the big problem.  All the answers?  I can't see all pieces of paper or something in the printer.  I use a HP Pavilion Notebook PC DV4307cl with Windows XP.


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    Jamieson, goodnews. Myallinoneprinternowscansagain.Ithinktheproblemwasthatthesoftwarehadbecomecorrupted.SoIuninstalleditandreinstalleditandthatseemstohavedonethetrick.Thanksforyourhelp.SJAEFF

  • HP Officejet 5740 e all-in-one: Paper jam hp Officejet 5740 e in a series

    Trying to find the experts today to help me clear a jam paper at the back of my printer.  It is not accessible and the back seems to be sealed, unlike other printers that have a removable back at the factory.  Hope I found the right place.


    You can access paper jams from the bottom of the printer, instead of the back/rear:

    1. Turn on the printer, if it isn't already on.

  • PSC 1315 all-in-One with Windows 7 (64), SP1, prints too high on the page.

    My printer prints too high on the page. Regardless of the printer or document settings, the first line prints at the top of the page. This problem is not present with Notepad, but appears with WordPad and Open Office Writer. How can I pay for this investment?

    Response to Shane_R:

    I spoke too soon. I think that I was not successfully download these drivers because I received messages that the original driver has not been installed. (Don't know why it worked once.)

    In any case, I found an old link to the HP site for my all-in-one model that provided a full hybrid software and driver download makeover. I installed it correctly and so far everything works better than before. Thanks for me toward the pilots initially.

    It comes to seventh year of my printer and second course of youth. Now maybe he'll go another seven.

  • PSC 1315 all-in-one can be used as a fax machine?

    I thought I had faxed before 1315, ha ve in hook new computer and now it seems that I can't send fax, it is even possible to use while a psc 1315 as a fax?

    Well, no, it isn't. You can see the specs here PSC 1315 specifications. If you had faxed to her, you would have a phone line connected on it.  Maybe you tried an e - fax service and the printer to scan the document.

  • HP PSC 1315 all-in-One use scanner without ink cartridges


    Is it possible to use HP PSC 1315 scanner without ink cartridges? A light ink control is brinking and it won't scan.

    Sorry, you will not be able to scan without changing the cartridge.

    The printer is not working with the lights flashing and an error state.

    So, you will need to have LITTLE ink cartridges to scan.

  • HP PSC 1315 all-in-one printer

    Everytime I turn on my printer it prints a test page.  How can I stop doing this and waste?

    HI - follow the steps in this post:

    Probably what you see is an alignment page.  This message will provide details to solve the problem.

    Hope that helps.

  • I have an ink cartridge error with my HP PSC 1315 all in one.

    Although the inklevel should suffice only the HP 57 watch color cartridge so, where as the HP 56 b & w only. I discovered that the date on both cartridges have already been exceeded. Read on the internet that in this case the printer will be automatically blocked. Replace both cartridges by news will not change the situation. So in fact, the printer is ready for the junkshop and buy a new printer, the only solution. Is it TRUE...! ??


    If expired cartridges are in the printer, the printer will not be blocked but error message\light will appear to replace the cartridge.

    If the expired cartridges are replaced with new ones, the problem should be solved.

  • HP psc 1315 all in one

    Salve a tutti

    Ho no problema con the stampante
    Che da some giorno per stampare una semplice page above to get a tempo di sacco
    Stampa molto molto lentamente my
    Cosa devo fare?
    Grazie in pre-empted


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