PSC 1510 communicates only with the new update to win and the new HP software.

PSC 1510 does not communicate with the new upgrade to Windows 7 and the new HP solutions software. However, I am able to print from the PC. I've uninstalled and reinstalled twice and downloaded the Win 7 patch.

All thoughts.


PC Wizard

See the thread for: Missing fie for instalation--C:\Windows\system32\HPZidr12.dll for resolution.

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  • SJ G4010 communicates only with the HP scanning software

    Now, I have the same problem as others.  I am running win xp pro.

    I have uninstalled/reinstalled the software (HP Solution Center) because I wasn't able to scan from Corel Presentations, I could do with my old HP scanning 4470c SJ.

    Now, when I try to open HP Solution Center's, I get the following message:

    "No HP devices have been detected.  HP Solutions Center's will be closed

    When I try to acquire an image from the scanner when I'm in HP PhotoSmart first or in Corel presentation I get this message:

    "Unable to communicate with HP scanning software. Please check that it has been installed and working properly.  If the problem persists please closed your application and try again. »

    Of course, it does not solve the problem.

    After this error message I get an additional error in HP PhotoSmart first stating:

    'Invalid Twain State'.

    It is interesting I can scan from in MS Paint and also MS multimedia library of MS Office 2007, which means that the scanner works.  I can also use the scanner with MS scanner and Camera Wizard.  The problem seems to be in the inability of the HP software to detect the scanner.

    Any ideas?

    OS - win xp pro sp3

    This blog has solved my problem of communication between the HP and my G4010 scanner solution Center:

    The solution is to download the latest software on the HP ftp site and rub all the residual Scanner HP program remains on your hard drive or your registry before attempting to reinstall.

    Still can not sweep of Corel Presentations as I used to with my old SJ deceased 4470c but it's just a minor irritant compared to what I went through to fix this.

  • HP Pavilion a6600f desktop PC communicates only with the monitor

    Our bureau a6600f HP Pavilion PC (with OS 64 - bit Windows Vista) has stopped communicating with his monitor.

    The start process seems to work for 7-8 seconds before stopping.  We can hear the fans and CD unit turn during this period.  There is no warning beeps.

    We went from monitors to exclude a monitor problem. Both have two monitors, that we have given to the case put off until the boot process - which may indicate no comments received.

    We tried to reset the BIOS blindly in accordance with the instructions provided for elsewhere in this forum.  We also tried to boot from a CD without success.  Please notify.

    Once the boot sequence was not even initializing, I realized, I discovered the solution.  A simple search online for 'black screen' and 'no boot' leads to results multiple problems related to the integrated NVIDIA gpu chip.

    The chip is apparently subject to overheating to the point where its connective solder may melt and break its link with the motherboard.  This issue mainly comes in laptops because of the sealed enclosure, but it has been reported also occur in models of office such as ours.

    This broken link results in a black screen and an inability to boot into the BIOS.  Several of these instances have been diagnosed wrongly that the motherboards 'failed '.  Fortunately, there's a fix called "reinvest."   It comes down to warm up the chip gpu to the point where his welding redéroule reconnect the loose pins.

    Some repair shops are fully aware of this problem and offer to repair it for about $80 at present.  Some DIY Laptop owners have also posted videos online in order to document how they have reorganized their own chips using a variety of means.

    I decided to take the road of this last, warm our chip NVIDIA gpu with a heat gun using a heat shield to protect surrounding components of the motherboard.  My attempt to reflow works perfectly, so I handed in thermal sinks the gpu with some thermal paste expenses place to finish the job.

    To summarize the question, our desktop HP Pavilion a6600f PC lost communication with his chip gpu NVIDIA Geforce 7100 integrated due to the chip overheat and melt its connective solder.  This broken link compromised the ability of the motherboard to initialize its startup sequence, which gives no output to the screen, resulting in a screen empty.  A new graphics card does not resolve the issue, given that the motherboard was inoperative because of the connective issue with the gpu chip built-in.  Reinvest the gpu chip has solved the problem.


  • Destjet F4480 communicates only with the computer

    This printer will not communicate with my new computer since we changed to 8.1. We have tried everything, my computer says now HP is there, but nothing will print.


    Its possible you have some print jobs stuck in your queue, here's a link to a document that could help

  • HP Officejet 4620: portable printer communicates only with the computer

    Last home had this printer set up under the name of wireless. lost connection cables so had to buy a new one. Printer goes and copies, scans, etc. Have unplugged, said prayers, and still it wont connect. Just bought new cartridges so you don't want to throw it out the window right away!

    Document is the printer online. Mark Exclamination (troubleshooting) appears on the printer control panel

    Hi @chaloupay,

    I'd love to help you with your Officejet 4620! Thank you for taking the time to post in the Forums of HP.

    I understand that you were able to print until recently, and now you see an exclamation point on the screen of the printer. Performing printing and Scan doctor could help. HP printing and doctor Scan is a free utility (tool) that allows to quickly resolve problems printing, scanning and connectivity, including but not limited to:

    • Connectivity:

      USB: Check that the USB connection from your computer to the HP product works properly.

      Network: Verifies that the network connection between your computer and your network is working properly.

    • Device Status Test: checks the errors of the device, such as paper, paper jams, stands transport and paper issues and provides instructions to resolve the error.

    • Driver: checks the driver missing or corrupt files.

    • Device Manager: check the problems in Device Manager that could prevent printing.

    • Device online: check if the product has been suspended or put in offline and then sets the State back in line if necessary.

    • Print queue: checks and clears pending print jobs in the print queue (a newspaper for printing waiting to print).

    • Port Match: check the port settings for the HP product.

    • Device conflicts: check the conflicts with other drivers, such as the other brands of printers.

    • Ink issues: check the cartridges and the ink levels for issues that affect the print quality.

    • Print settings: check and adjust the print quality settings.

    • Test print: print a test page for the assessment of the print quality and provides options for cleaning and if necessary print head alignment.

    • Scan tests: check the scanning mechanism, drivers, and registry entries.

    Source:try the HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows

    Click here to download and run the print and Scan Doctor > >

    If this does not resolve the problem, after back and let me know if there are all the symbols except the Green checkmarks and what they are next of course. The key is not always easy to find that the key and the box are both in a green circle.

    • If you see only the Green checkmarks (), the tool did not find any problem.

    • If you see green sides (), the utility identified a problem and fix it automatically.

    • If you see yellow exclamation points (), the test failed and requires monitoring of the user, but the step was ignored.

  • If you see a red X (), follow the onscreen instructions to fix the problem.

  • Please let me know if that solves the problem, or if you need assistance. In fact, if this helps you to find a solution, please click on the button "Accept as Solution" down below in this message.

    Thanks, I look forward to hearing back on your part.

  • External DMM communicates only with the LabVIEW executables


    I currently have a system of power supplies connected with GPIB and an Agilent E34405A DMM connected via USB.  The system works fine when I use the complete Labview program, but when I make an executable and installler and put it on another machine, that I can not get the DMM communicate the work of supplies of power very well and done my other equipment.  Any thoughts?

    If your program LabVIEW use NI-VISA, you need to charge NI-VISA run-time on the target computer.

  • (Redirected) V525w printer communicates only with the PC

    Printer can do test page, photocopy, but nothing print Word, Open Office, mail I've been online for two hours with Dell support who tried "everything" without success. I tried to change the USB cord but no help. To complicate matters, I can't find the installation CD. This problem occurred from one day to the next day - a day fine, the next day I couldn't print. Thank you for your suggestions.

    Best of this post in the Forum of devices/printers, here:


  • HP Photosmart C3180 communicates only with the PCs after the storm of lighting

    Dear Gordon thank you very much for the reply. You just confirmed my own conclusion that my machine is broken. It lasted 6 years and it could be another 6 If the lighting is not it. I don't mind on the cost of buying a replacement, which is not high after all, but it's sad to not be able to just fix the broken printer and make it feasible again... In addition I will lose the recently bought inks (which encrypted under the all-in-one machine to a single entry). However I will continue to use for photocopying and printing using an SD card that finished inks and then buy another machine... The analysis will be a problem, but I'm going to use my camera to capture what I have in electronic form best regards

  • Lexmark s305 communicates only with the pc, how to fix?

    all print jobs go to QC.

    Hi Ron,

    Contact Lexmark technical support to the that is specific for this printer.

    Good luck!


    Hello. I just bought a designjet 8000 s from someone on ebay. The guy sent me Onix Rip, but no hardware key

    I am setting up the machine using the flexisign 8 and flexi 10 also. Nothing works. After sending anytihing print

    pops up this message: can not connect to the printer. I changed cables usb, 2 different computers, etc. any driver or something? I appreciate your help. Thank you

    Of course it is. Please note attached

  • Legal to use "For DISTRIBUTION only with a NEW or HP Compaq PC" CD sent AFTER the purchase of the REFURBISHED computers?

    Several months after the purchase of a refurbished laptop factory small business HP,
    I came across some problems that I have contacted HP.

    HP sent me (with no extra charge) a set of 2 CDs, both marked
    "For DISTRIBUTION only with a NEW HP or Compaq PC" (underlining)
    and protected by HP (with portions by Microsoft).

    The 2 CD of this set of CD XP Pro DR/OS were:
    Operating system CD
    Application and Driver Recovery DVD

    1. the PC was a PC refurbished, rather than another.
    2. the CD set was sent AFTER my purchase, rather than be distributed with it.
    I was always a little uneasy on this subject, but had never asked about it before.

    Is it legal to use these CD with my PC HP refurbished?

    Thank you.

    -RJ, USA

    The key words here are "HP refurbished factory."

    That's why since you received the media to "HP" its legal. Recovery media is automatically sent to end users like you to a number of PC makers, with HP being one of many.

    J W Stuart:

  • I found a cd of OS Windows XP in the House who said for distribution only with a new hp or compaq pc, is it legal to install this on my pc tailor-made with a new product key?

    The Windows XP operating system disk

    I found a cd of OS Windows XP in the House who said for distribution only with a new hp or compaq pc, is it legal to install this on my pc tailor-made with a new product key?

    I found a cd of OS Windows XP in the House who said for distribution only with a new hp or compaq pc, is it legal to install this on my pc tailor-made with a new product key?

    No, it is an OEM drive and only good for the computer, it came with.

    If you have a valid license of retail XP but no installation disc:

    How to replace Microsoft software

  • I bought Adobe Acrobat Standard DC with a new computer and only got the Adobe Reader software.  How can I get the software I purchased?

    I bought Adobe Acrobat Standard DC with a new computer and only got the Adobe Reader software.  How can I get the software I purchased?

    Hi debc6197,

    Download Acrobat Standard DC following the steps in this document KB, download and install Adobe Acrobat DC if it is a subscription (make sure that you are connected using the Adobe ID, in which you have a subscription for Acrobat Standard DC.) or if it is a perpetual license download using this link Download Adobe Acrobat products. Standard, Pro | DC, XI, X

    Kind regards

  • I did an installation 22.00 per month plan and can not install Photoshop, only with the lightroom

    I did an installation 22.00 per month plan and can not install Photoshop, only with the lightroom

    Hi Alex % 20arc,.

    You can troubleshoot Adobe Creative cloud download, install and update questions and we invite you to update the discussion in the case where you need help with this.

    Thank you

  • How can I select multiple cells in tableview with javafx only with the mouse?

    I have an application with a tableview in javafx and I want to select more than one cell only with the mouse (something like the selection that exists in excel). I tried with setOnMouseDragged but I cant'n do something because the selection only returns the cell from which the selection started. Can someone help me?

    For events of the mouse to be propagated to other than the node in which nodes the drag started, you must activate a 'full-drag-release press gesture' by calling startFullDrag (...) on the original node. (For more details, see the Javadocs MouseEvent and MouseDragEvent .) You can register for MouseDragEvents on cells of the table in order to receive and process these events.

    Here's a simple example: the user interface is not supposed to be perfect, but it will give you the idea.

    import java.util.Arrays;
    import javafx.application.Application;
    import javafx.collections.FXCollections;
    import javafx.collections.ObservableList;
    import javafx.event.EventHandler;
    import javafx.geometry.Insets;
    import javafx.scene.Group;
    import javafx.scene.Scene;
    import javafx.scene.control.Label;
    import javafx.scene.control.SelectionMode;
    import javafx.scene.control.TableCell;
    import javafx.scene.control.TableColumn;
    import javafx.scene.control.TableView;
    import javafx.scene.control.cell.PropertyValueFactory;
    import javafx.scene.input.MouseDragEvent;
    import javafx.scene.input.MouseEvent;
    import javafx.scene.layout.VBox;
    import javafx.scene.text.Font;
    import javafx.stage.Stage;
    import javafx.util.Callback;
    public class DragSelectionTable extends Application {
        private TableView table = new TableView();
        private final ObservableList data =
                new Person("Jacob", "Smith", "[email protected]"),
                new Person("Isabella", "Johnson", "[email protected]"),
                new Person("Ethan", "Williams", "[email protected]"),
                new Person("Emma", "Jones", "[email protected]"),
                new Person("Michael", "Brown", "[email protected]")
        public static void main(String[] args) {
        public void start(Stage stage) {
            Scene scene = new Scene(new Group());
            stage.setTitle("Table View Sample");
            final Label label = new Label("Address Book");
            label.setFont(new Font("Arial", 20));
            TableColumn firstNameCol = new TableColumn<>("First Name");
                    new PropertyValueFactory("firstName"));
            TableColumn lastNameCol = new TableColumn<>("Last Name");
                    new PropertyValueFactory("lastName"));
            TableColumn emailCol = new TableColumn<>("Email");
                    new PropertyValueFactory("email"));
            final Callback, TableCell> cellFactory = new DragSelectionCellFactory();
            table.getColumns().addAll(Arrays.asList(firstNameCol, lastNameCol, emailCol));
            final VBox vbox = new VBox();
            vbox.setPadding(new Insets(10, 0, 0, 10));
            vbox.getChildren().addAll(label, table);
            ((Group) scene.getRoot()).getChildren().addAll(vbox);
        public static class DragSelectionCell extends TableCell {
            public DragSelectionCell() {
                setOnDragDetected(new EventHandler() {
                    public void handle(MouseEvent event) {
                        getTableColumn().getTableView().getSelectionModel().select(getIndex(), getTableColumn());
                setOnMouseDragEntered(new EventHandler() {
                    public void handle(MouseDragEvent event) {
                        getTableColumn().getTableView().getSelectionModel().select(getIndex(), getTableColumn());
            public void updateItem(String item, boolean empty) {
                super.updateItem(item, empty);
                if (empty) {
                } else {
        public static class DragSelectionCellFactory implements Callback, TableCell> {
            public TableCell call(final TableColumn col) {
                return new DragSelectionCell();
        public static class Person {
            private final SimpleStringProperty firstName;
            private final SimpleStringProperty lastName;
            private final SimpleStringProperty email;
            private Person(String fName, String lName, String email) {
                this.firstName = new SimpleStringProperty(fName);
                this.lastName = new SimpleStringProperty(lName);
       = new SimpleStringProperty(email);
            public String getFirstName() {
                return firstName.get();
            public void setFirstName(String fName) {
            public String getLastName() {
                return lastName.get();
            public void setLastName(String fName) {
            public String getEmail() {
                return email.get();
            public void setEmail(String fName) {

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