Publish as root Explorer

I have tried to get explore published as root with / root under the Applications managed by vWorkspace 7.6 but can't seem to find the correct settings.




C:\Tools (I created this folder on the root to test with)

Working Dir:

Someone could get/root to work for publication for a user is unable to explore a structure of folders once launched.

Thank you

Hello Anthony,.

I have configured my application in the same way as yours but the application/root argument, c:\tools.

With this setting, the application opens Windows Explorer as if the Tools folder is root of the drive. This is how the root switch is designed to operate. The use of the switch/root does not prevent the user to then explore the structure of folders.

Here is a link to Windows Explorer command line switches, there is no option to prevent the user to navigate to other folders

You can configure additional customizations of vWorkspace Console to hide drive C for users. Yet once again, this does not prevent them access the folder but don't cache not the drive icon in Windows Explorer to make it less obvious.

Thank you


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    Sincerely... Rick

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    Internet Explorer allows you to block or allow downloadable software publishers. The Publisher is identified by the digital signature applied to the file that is downloaded. If the file is not signed, changing these settings will have no effect. For more information about digital signatures and certificates, click related topics.

    To block an editor

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    Can I know what in fact do you?

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    Who did too much work. But I solved it. Here's how:
    -Stopped force storage media
    -Clear-cache data from storage media.
    -Checked the files with * ROOT * Explorer, the hidden nomedia files have been revealed with it.
    -J' deleted nomedia files.
    -Restart and done!

    Thanks for your help and your patience, Jean-Claude.
    With my best regards.

  • How to get the ICS in my area

    Hi I have updated ics manually to my xperia mini

    the number of TR are different, mine is 1248-9517 and I've updated so is 1249-8388

    My prev GB is 64band and now it's 72 is any problem?

    and I fixed my ics with sus but repairing 1249-8388only

    is this a problem are not?

    Donwgrade a.42 and he roots

    See how downgrde here

    Installation of root explore

    He keys to access the system > mount R/W > press and hold on the build prop > open in the text editor > write 1249-7721 in the following categories

    RO. Product.Name

    RO. Build.Fingerprint

    RO. SEMC.version.cust

    For example if it is to show

    RO. Product.Name = ST15i_1249-8388

    Then write

    RO. Product.Name = ST15i_1249-7721

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    Thanks to kiki he has linked this thread to me

    Use root Explorer, it will help you get the job done

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    I did a Google and found some information for you. I'll give you some links to articles on how to download and install adobe flash player for android lollipop. They include instructions and links to the apk from the flash player. They will tell you that you'll need a browser that works with flash (for example firefox, dolphin, flashfox, etc...) and a manager of such files that'RE or Root Explorer to install the apk after uploading. As always, it is best to read the instructions in their entirety before you begin. I always prefer to XDA-Developers so that the link is the first, but I think that none of these will work very well.

    Let me know how it goes

  • Vanity URL configuration for production

    Hi all

    I'm working on vanity url and remove my custom URL assembler. I know that Vanity URLS have a higher preference the custom URL. So I'll keep both.

    Now we put sites.environment = "management" in futuretense.ini to the management. So my problem is that when I'm going to production, should I change this variable to 'production' of production futuretense.ini. Also, how will create new webroot in production, as management webroot aura environment in webroot will be 'management' while production is expected to be 'production '.


    If you have not set sites.environment, it will not use the URL of virtual webroot. It will use the defined root at the top URL. When you publish the root Web of Production, Production will use the same URL (assuming that the production is not set sites.environment).

    If you set sites.environment to a value, you MUST create a virtual webroot for this value, otherwise you will get errors.

    Basically, the virtual webroots are a lookup table for the URL to use as the value of sites.environment.

    Kind regards


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    On Windows 8.x, Microsoft integrates Flash Player in Internet Explorer and updates are published through Internet Explorer updates.  There is no way to uninstall Flash Player for Internet Explorer on Windows 8.x

    Flash Player 15 is out today, and Microsoft has also released their update today.  You can manually check the updates by running Windows Update > Check for Updates rather than wait for Microsoft to tell you an update is available.  This method only updates Flash Player for Internet Explorer.  If you use other browsers (less Google Chrome), you can update the Plugin by navigating to with this browser.  If you use Google Chrome, Google takes Flash Player in Chrome and publishes updates to update, either through the component update, or an update of Chrome.




  • How to get lines with English letters at the end of race

    Hi all

    Examples of data include:
    create table test_app(application_no number, net_code number,branch varchar2(40));
    insert into test_app values(1001,01,'operations')
    insert into test_app values(1001,02,'production');
    insert into test_app values(1001,03,'testing')
    insert into test_app values(1002,01,'power coding');
    insert into test_app values(1002,02,'testing')
    insert into test_app values(1002,03,'export');
    insert into test_app values(1002,03,'operations');
    SQL> select*from test_app
      2  where application_no=1001;
    -------------- ---------- -----------
              1001          1 operations
              1001          2 production
              1001          3 testing
      1  select*from test_app
      2* where application_no=1002
    -------------- ---------- --------------
              1002          1 power coding
              1002          2 testing
              1002          3 export
              1002          3 operations
    But my real need is delivered as follows:

    If an application having more then a result lines then
    I must add A, B, C, D... up to the total number of rows in the result set.
    Surely it will not exceed more then 26 ranks (will not exceed 'Z');

    the result should is:

    ask any = 1001

    -------------- ---------- -----------
    1001 operations 1
    2-1001 production_A
    1001 3 testing_B

    ask any = 1002

    -------------- ---------- --------------
    1002 1 power coding
    1002 2 testing_A
    3 1002 export_B
    3 1002 operations_C

    If we have 10 lines to the appication = 1002;

    -------------- ---------- --------------
    1002 1 power coding
    1002 2 testing_A
    3 1002 export_B
    3 1002 operations_C
    .... ..........._I

    Note: first line should add with no letters. Add letters with the second row.

    How to achieve this result. Please help me...

    Published by: roots on 6 March 2012 09:14
    select  application_no,
            branch ||
              when row_number() over(partition by application_no order by net_code,branch) > 1
                then '_' || chr(ascii('A') + row_number() over(partition by application_no order by net_code,branch) - 2)
            end branch
      from  test_app
      order by application_no,
    -------------- ---------- -----------------
              1001          1 operations
              1001          2 production_A
              1001          3 testing_B
              1002          1 power coding
              1002          2 testing_A
              1002          3 export_B
              1002          3 operations_C
    7 rows selected.


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    As a result of this error message, I noticed that can't copy or move existing document files to any drive.  If I try to open a file backup quicken computer program stops and I have to restart the computer.  I tried to download other updates of Microsoft but they do not have to install, based on the error message above.  I do not have the xp software disk has been loaded on the computer when you purchase through HP and I never created software XP backup discs.
    Any suggestions on how to fix the missing root certificate error message for this problem.  Appreciate the help, and thanks for your suggestions to solve this problem.

    Hi ronjul2,

    Thank you for visiting the website of Microsoft Windows Vista Community. The question you have posted is related to a third party of program, ZoneAlarm, installed on your computer.  Try to uninstall and reinstall the software.  For more information about this error, you can visit the Support of ZoneAlarm.

    Using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

    Please let us know if this helped.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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