Pull-out tab in InDesign CS6


I'm fighting to create a pull-out tab in InDesign CS6. I tried the method described by Colin Fleming in his video, but this no longer seems to apply.

How do I go about creating a (horizontal) pull-out with the new DPS Tools tab? Scroll frame?

Thank you



Yes, use a floating frame.


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  • Problem with tab in InDesign CS6 stops


    I'm trying to align a large number (with stops) as






    in Indesign CS6. Obviously, I would like to align itself with the second point.

    After you choose OpenType > Tabular Lining in the character Panel menu, I am able to almost perfect alignment. However, looking more closely, I can see that the second point does not correspond perfectly as it should. Why is this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

    DOSIS seems to be a font .ttf with proportional figures (and a glyph alternative available for the digit 1). It is not appropriate for work in a table where you want numbers aligned vertically.

  • I've recently upgraded to CS6. For some reason any floating document windows that I move in the workspace, pull out the interface, especially to the left and sometimes to the bottom of the screen. I gave tried Essentials rearmament and Interface to d

    I've recently upgraded to CS6. For some reason any floating document windows that I move in the workspace, pull out the interface, especially to the left and sometimes to the bottom of the screen. I gave tried Essentials rearmament and default setting Interface. A message letting me know that by default has been reset but I still have the problem. It's SO frustrating as a large part of the time I can't go to the window, I want to work on. Help, please!

    Hi John

    Try resetting preferences

    Press and hold the CTRL, ALT, shift (Windows) / command Shift (MAC) Option in starting up of Photoshop.

    Select Yes

    Note:-make sure you backup Presets/stock/Modified Workspaces/Plugins (if any)

    Thank you


  • InDesign CS6 and OpenGL 1.5 / image images grey out in INDML

    Hello world

    I work for a non-profit and I just upgraded to InDesign CS6 on my machine (signifcantly more robust). Now, their machine (significantly wimpier) must be upgraded as we too send INDD files back and forth on a monthly basis and the two sides only changes in the file. The INDML file I export out CS6 is grizzled on many related photos (but not all) when they read the file INDML with CS4.

    Two things:

    (1) upgrade the slower machine CS6 is the place, but the problem is that this computer has a graphics card that is only OPENGL 1.5 capable (GMA X 3100). The CS6 care state that you need a card that supports OPENGL 2.0. We can afford to replace the computer, therefore: I dream of turning photoshop CS6 on this old machine, but could operate InDesign cs6 on OPENGL 1.5?

    (2) if not, why are only some of the grizzled pictures outside in the INDML file? Can I repair this CS6 > CS4 question without upgrading to CS6?

    Help! Thank you!

    The requirements for ID standalone does not mention OpenGL at all. You can download a trial version and see how it works.

    . IDML does not include previews of link (it is one of the main reasons for the file is so small). Images that are emerging at the other end must be available for this ID can regenerate previews.

  • InDesign CS6 ACE certification

    Hi all!

    I read online the other day that Adobe is planning to retire the Indesign

    CS6 ACE review in November. Anyone know if that is correct?

    I use Indesign CS6 and would try to become certified for ACE

    InDesign CS6 before they pull out of this review. Useful links there

    or materials they would recommend that I use for study in this review? I have

    more than two years of experience working with Indesign and work with the

    request five days a week. I'm going through the 'Adobe Indesign CS6.

    Classroom in a Book by Adobe press' and I was happy to walk around so everybody out

    There is another study guide, they would recommend to help me prepare

    for the review.

    Thanks in advance for your advice!

    That is right.

    If you go on the site of Pearson/view to look at the examination, you are interested, you have the option to PAY for certain examination questions for the study which will be useful to isolate what parts of the program, you need to study.

  • InDesign CS6 spelling does not not after installation of the Plugin Blurb

    I am running Adobe InDesign CS6 Version 8.0 on OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.5 and installed the last Plugin Blurb (Blurb book creator CS6 v2.7.0.20d18s.dmg): http://www.blurb.com/apps/InDesign-Plugin/v2-download

    After installing the Plugin, I point out spelling CS6 InDesign no longer works. Spell check worked perfectly just before installing the Plugin.

    I see that my operating system does not appear in the list of Blurb Book Creator download (it goes only until Mac OS X 10.9).

    I created a layout without other problems (as far as I can tell) I just don't seem to not be able to run spell check.

    Any suggestions for how to fix this?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    If someone else has the same problem, here is the solution (thanks to Grabzoo on a previous discussion forum):

    Open the paragraph Styles Panel, and then double-click one of the styles (i.e. [standard paragraph]). Click on the "Advanced character Formats" tab in the left navigation menu; Verify that the language is set to your preferred language (e.g. English: us.).

    Do this for all the styles listed, and then save your document. Run the spell checker and your problem should be solved.

    It worked for me.

    Thanks again for all your suggestions.

  • InDesign CS6 has built-in capabilities for Images to zoom-in for e-books?

    InDesign CS6 has built-in features that control the images to zoom in and out on the 'click' or 'pointer' when creating of electronic books; or do you need JavaScript?

    Yves, hi.:

    I really appreciate your response!

  • in InDesign CS6 text appears white when I select the text... :(

    For some time in InDesign CS6 text appears white when I select the text. And remains white when I it deselect.

    It is necessary to another page, higher or lower, to have the text re-appear.

    Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6


    Make Explorer 5.5

    Adobe fonts

    If anyone has an idea...

    PS Yes:

    -J' cleaned out font caches

    -J' deleted Indesign preferences

    If you mean that the text seems to disappear, then it seems to be a relatively common problem with CS6 in El Capitan.

    I use CS6 with El Capitan and you encounter this problem sometimes. It happens constantly some days and other days not at all, but I've never established exactly what triggers it.

    As Bob says, CS6 is not supported, so it will not be a solution, but if this is the problem that you are experiencing then tap the display between 'Preview' and 'normal' pressing 'w' will fix it - temporarily.

  • InDesign CS6: update of TOC makes unusable InDesign?


    I use InDesign CS6 on 64 Bit Windows 10 right now to create a school report. At some point, I created a table of contents of the entire book. As I restyled content in one of the documents in the book, I had to update the table of contents.

    For the moment I clicked on "Layout" > "Update Table of contents", I heard a notification sound (for the dialog box "Table of contents has been updated"). But the dialog box that combines this noise ("Table of contents has been updated") does not!

    As a result, any screen that is filled with InDesign area becomes unclickabe (I hear sound error every time I click on it). Furthermore, I can't perform any action, like save the documents/book. I think this is due to the fact that the "Table of contents was updated correctly-" dialogue does not appear, but it is hidden somewhere in any case. Now my InDesign window is blocked and I can't save my documents more...

    Can someone help me? I would at least save my progress unregistered, or be able to get it back if I have to force - quit InDesign to operate again.

    Thank you!


    Well, I looked a little more and found out that InDesign retrieves files not saved at startup (link). It turns out that, InDesign saves the changes in its cache of recovery every minute. For me, it was quite safe to just force-close it and restart InDesign.

    So whenever this kind of weird error happens, there is a great chance you can just force - close and restart InDesign, as he will take care of any change of / / / Unsave, which will apply to your documents/books then opened.

  • Update InDesign CS6

    I need to update my InDesign CS6, so I can open CC2014 files, but the update is grayed out in the Help Menu? Where can I find the update?

    You're misinterpeting the information.

    The version of InDesign CS6 perpetual license, you need, cannot be upgraded to 8.2.

    If you have a subscription cloud creative, in addition to giving access to the latest version of 2015 CC, you can download InDesign CS6, upgraded to version 8.2, so it can work with the Creative Cloud software.

    If CS6 works for you, go for it!

  • Smart no longer works since the Style last updated Indesign CS6


    It's all in under the title: since the last update of Indesign CS6, I can't use the plugin chic Style.

    Either I must manually select the table, and go to tab 'Treatment' (which is much longer than to drag the Smart on the table), it behaves like a classical library, placing the item on the page.

    Can't drag Smart Style directly on a table.

    Anyone have the same problem?

    Thank you...

    Thank you for your response... After the reinstallation of desintalling/chic Style, this is excellent work...

  • Mini bridge InDesign CS6 missing after upgrade to InDesign Version 8.1

    I have discussed this same problem https://forums.adobe.com/message/5833991 after the upgrade to the previous version to version 8.0.2 of InDesign.

    After the upgrade to InDesign Version 8.1, Mini Bridge is no longer in effect.  Mini Bridge does not appear in the window menu and shift-click on the bridge icon opens the full-bridge, not Mini Bridge.

    The problem of the previous version 8.0.2, I could get the Mini Bridge by a reinstall of InDesign under the window Safe Mode.  Microsoft has changed somehow fashion safe and I can do is no longer reinstall mode without failure.  I tried several different ways to reinstall version 8.1, but none of them corrects this problem.  Still no Mini Bridge.

    Mini Bridge work in Photoshop CS6 without problem.

    I read through all the messages that seem to relate to this issue in this forum, but none of the suggested solutions for me work.

    Can someone provide me with an answer?  If this is not the case, how to get help from Adobe?  I'm willing to pay for support, if necessary.

    RESOLVED - I can't believe, but I actually understood it.

    Frustrated by going round in circles, I decided to dig into the security options.  First of all, I opened properties of windows from the start for InDesign icon.  I noticed immediately, under the Compatibility tab that InDesign has been configured to run in Compatibility Mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 3).  It doesn't look good, so I turned off the option to run in Compatibility Mode and handed on the way to the top of InDesign.  Low and behold, the option window. Mini Bridge displayed now!  And it worked!

    Sorry to have bothered you gentlemen with this problem.  I really appreciate your help!

    Select this option.

  • How to re - activate save and cancel functions in InDesign CS6?

    Hi all

    Having a very frustrating problem with InDesign CS6 (old software I know but that's what the customer requires it) in which case the save options are grayed out and I can't undo. This will happen during 5-10 minutes to use a file.

    The issue is not limited to a single file, I tried several files, creation of new and re-opening archived to test the problem. I'm in an office 6, CS6 is on a volume license, I'm the only one affected.

    I have tried the following to resolve the problem:

    • Preferences removed
    • (Correctly) uninstalled then reinstalled
    • Disconnected (e) creative cloud (we also run CC) in the case where it was causing a problem
    • Disabled and used a trial version

    No matter what I do the same question is displayed. I thought maybe I was being regarded as a software pirate, so turn it off and try the trial version.

    The only way I can get around it is to export the file as an IDML, open it, and then save the original. It is a terrible way to work but as I am always left with no way to undo all the actions and if Indd or my computer was down I would have lost all work since my last export.

    I'm out of ideas. I am embarking on a project that will last three months, completely illuminated Indd CS6, I can't afford the time or the risk of this persistent problem, any suggestion welcome.

    Thank you


    Talking to Adobe, it's a continuous show, I was asked to submit a bug report. The only suggestion they had for me was to work on my desk. I'm in a team of 6 working from a server and it is apparently the problem. It is far from an ideal solution, I hope that the issue is corrected quickly.

  • Can anyone help with my inDesign CS6 download?

    We bought inDesign CS6 online, but it did come with a disc. Instead, I was invited to pass the link on http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/cs6-product-downloads.html

    After downloading CS6 Design Standard (records 1 and 2), the largest of the two files was recorded in my download as a file 7Z folder. The smaller file has been the "extractor". I click on that it is for me the folder location box, and then I click Next. At this point, the following message appears: "is a problem when extracting files.» Check the amount of space available on your computer and the rights to write to the destination folder"after clicking OK, this message appears:" a problem occurred during extraction of archive. ". Please try to download Adobe CS6 design standard yet. "After clicking on OK, it is the last message displayed:"EListError Exception in the DesginStandard_CS6_LS16exe module to 0001B6E3. "List index out of bounds (0)" accompanied by the dreaded red x.

    It wasn't a purchase at low prices. And my computer is only five months, while the memory should not be a problem. Does anyone have any suggestions? For starters, any idea on how to open a 7Z file? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


    You are welcome.

    Keep me posted on your progress, even (or especially) if it's just to say, 'all is well '... We should be able to solve this problem today.

  • How to download InDesign CS6 trial?

    I tried InDesign Creative Cloud and I want to try InDesign CS6. But CC Apps aren't CS6. And on the InDesign CC downloads page, there is no tab to select the left features. Can you tell me how I can download InDesign CS6 to try?

    You can download the demo version of the software through the page linked below and then use your current serial number to activate it.


    Another resource of the trial:
    Don't forget to follow the steps described in the Note: very important Instructions in the section on the pages of this site download and have cookies turned on in your browser, otherwise the download will not work correctly.


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