PXI-8464 can test Panel


I'm trying to monitor the messages WHICH are transmitted across a network CAN, and I was wondering if I could use the Test Panel NOR CAN do that?

Currently I have a PXI-1052 chassis and a couple of PXI - 8464 CAN / XS two cards in the series.

I'm relatively new to LabVIew using CAN, but any help at the start would be appreciated.

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  • Test Panel does not work with the PXI-6541/6542/6551 in PXI-1002

    Ripping my hair out trying to get the Test Panel can work with system as described below:

    1002-PXI chassis with controller PXI-8176.  In the three places available (from left to right) PXI-6551, PXI-6542 and PXI-6541.  They come in NIMAX, they self test, reset and to calibrate.  But when I try to open a Test Panel, I get an error as follows:

    nidmfpan.exe - Application error

    The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application.

    I uninstalled, re-installed, modified and repaired everything NIDAQMX (15.0.1) 15.0 HSDIO, NI-VISA (15.0.1), etc.

    Original symptom is that when I pressed the button on the test Panel, nothing would happen.  Then, the next symptom is that MAX has said MFC90.dll (not found) and MSVCP90.dll (not found) and MSVCR90. DLL (not found).

    I can not find help topics or the forum messages that cover this.  Very annoying.

    Hi fully,

    Sorry to hear that!  Nidmfpan.exe is the process that opens MAX test panels and MFC90.dll is a Windows wrapper.  Combinations of driver reinstall or copy other MFC90.dll files in System32 are unlikely to solve the problem.

    You are on XP?  Try to navigate to C:\Windows\System32 and rename the nidmfpan.exe.manifest to nidmfpan.exe.manifest.back and after close/reopen MAX file and try to open a test Panel.  Is it effective?

    Note that the file you want to rename is nidmfpan.exe.manifest and NOT nidmfpan.exe.

    If not immediately successful, close and reopen the MAX and try the test panels a few times more.  If after several attempts it still does not work and the correct manifest file has been changed, it can point to a deeper problem of Windows that requires a reformatting of the OS.

    Really that's hope!

    P.S. you might get more visibility to a problem as it is in the sections "PXI" or "Digital i/o.  VXI and VME are not widely used these days, so this section of the forums is probably not too much traffic.

  • Problem with NI Switch Executive - test Panel

    NI Switch Executive - Test Panel, I connect routes I created previously, which are then displayed to connected, without error. However, the corresponding relay is not activated (what I mean by monitring DMM). Using NOR-SWITCH Soft Front Panel, I can make the same connections and everything works fine, no idea why connections are not deployed in the Test Panel?

    Here is what I use:

    PXI-1033 on a PCIe bridge

    Matrix 4 x 32 PXI-2530 switch on slot 3

    PXI-4071 DMM on slot 2

    Hi DeadMeat,

    Looks like the NI PXI-2530 is simulated in the IVI configuration.

    OR Switch devices Executive virtual peripheral references by their logical names.  Each logical name to a Session links pilot Max (Measurement & Automation Explorer).  A setting in the pilot Session allows you to simulate a device.

    I recommend to open MAX, expand the IVI Drivers > driver and check the general tab that the fake it with the drop-down list selection is set to do not simulateSessions.

    I hope this helps!

    Chad Erickson

    Switch Product Support Engineer

    NOR - USA

  • Measured values of task not aggreeing with the measurements of the test Panel

    We read (with excitement) accelerometers using modules PXI-6254. Initially, we thought that we were see shift CC and we were and we filtered. Now, if we measure the sensor output at rest with an O'scope we read uV. For even if we read the channels with MAX test panels we also read some uV. But when we do the DAQmx tasks and look at the tensions of the task to MAX (same sensors at rest), we see readings of up to 25 or 30 mV - orders of magnitude higher. Can anyone suggest what may be the cause?

    (I enclose a word with screenshots represetative doc)

    Thank you


    How many channels are tailor-made and at what rate?  What is the output impedance of the accelerometer or filters, you have between the accelerometers and the 6254?

    It is possible that you run into error when paying.  The specifications for the PXI-625 x cards has a chart showing the expected setting vs error track-to-track interval various sources.

    A way to test this would be to slow down your sampling rate.  If the error decreases as you slow down the sampling frequency, it's a good bet that you run into a problem of setup time.

    Mark Moss

    Electrical Validation engineer

  • Why a task of analog input shows shape of different signal than DAQmx Test Panel?

    I have a DAQ SMU-6363multifunction material. I need to view CHA and CHB with an encoder. I had connected CHA ai4 + and CHB ai5 + thanks to a SCC-68 in differential mode box. I provide + 5V from the power supply of the PXI-4110 of the encoder. I have connected ai4 - and ai5 - to the MASS of the power of the encoder on SCC-68 screw terminals.

    PROBLEM: When I create a TASK acquires of ai4 and ai5 at the same time, the shape of the signal is distorted. See picture attached.

    If I look at signals with an outer scope touch screw terminals, the signals have the form correct and without distortion.

    Also, if I look at one of the signals with Test DAQmx Panel I n MAX, I know the form correct and without distortion.

    I have also included a snippet of my code.

    Is something wrong with my SMU-6363?

    Only one channel at a time on the 6363 acquisition would give you the sampling frequency of 2 MHz.  However, the rate of the overall sample is only specced to 1 MHz, due to the time constraints of the used multiplexer compaction.

    What you see, it's probably due to ghosting, and it should happen in the test panels as well if you measure two channels at once.  This happens if you don't leave enough time for the channels to settle after multiplexing.  Here is a table of specifications of 6363 which indicates the time of settling for various source impedances:

    In your first picture as an attachment, the error is about 500 mV on a stage of 5V.  It would be 10 per cent, or 100 000 ppm.

    The same image, I see that you set a frequency 200 kHz 2 channels sample clock.  Thus, the sum of 400 kHz to 2.5 would allow us to decide between channels.

    Looking at the chart above, (2.5 US, 100 ppm k) is off the chart, but if extrapolate you the curves we could wait for your source impedance is somewhere around 5-10 kohm.  Is this correct?  If you have a link to the datasheet for your encoder, I'd be happy to take a look.

    You do not see the error at 40 kHz 2 channels because it allows up to 12.5 US (1/80 kHz) for the settlement - in fact, DAQmx as default 11 us maximum convert the 6363 period when you buy slow enough to allow the time of settling in this case would be so 11 US.  If you had to, you can reduce the clock rate to convert manually via a property node DAQmx Timing if 11 that we by default does not allow enough time for your application.  The maximum conversion period which by default is DAQmx is the inverse of the maximum speed of the overall sample (in your case, 1 / 1 MHz = 1 US) + 10 to the United States.

    Article ghost link above has some suggestions to eliminate ghosting, the most likely solution for you would be to implement a voltage follower if you need to acquire higher rates than allows the regulation of the multiplexer in view of your signal source.  The voltage follower allows to considerably reduce the impedance as seen at the entrance of the DAQ card.

    Best regards

  • Device simulated in MAX, auto test without error and has work Test panels, but is not displayed in the DAQ assistant.

    I am trying to create a development machine, where we can test the new code without using our physical hardware. I followed this guide to set up a system of simulation. I get to step 3.2 b, but the device does not appear in the DAQ assistant. MAX, the device self test and gites calibrated successfully, and when I open the test panels, I see some sort of signal. I guess that's a default entry simulated since I didn't that device to look for anything? Note that two devices, I am creating the show upward into the devices section and Interfaces, but that, even after running auto calibrate, automatic Calibration date is not yet specified.

    When I try to test the device and create a voltage according to the guide, I can't see a device in the creator of data acquisition task.

    Steps 1 and 2 of this guide are of course met. Step 3 is not, but this is not surprising because a simulated device is in device in any case manager. Also, I'm not under RT, so step 4 is satisfied.

    Someone at - it ideas?

    That would be because the PXI-5124 is a digitizer not an analog input device.  You must use the NI SCOPE not NOR DAQmx driver

  • Cannot send command via the VISA test panel in MAX

    Hi all

    I have a small question by using the VISA test panel in MAX.  I try to send a simple command to a device and then retrieve the response data.  I am able to do this successfully through Labview, but for some reason I can't get a good answer in MAX.  The command I sent you is merely a letter (unit address) followed by an end of line character (\r\n in ascii).  In MAX, I simply adding \r\n on the string sent in the buffer (end send on written == FALSE).  All parameters of series are the same as what I have in LV (19.2, 8-n-1).  Someone at - it ideas?  It of a bit frustrating that I just want to make something simple and do not want to have to build a whole routine in LV to do this.

    Cheers, Matt

    Oops!  Dysfunction of the user.  I was so positive that I sent a term of constant line that I don't look my own code.  In this case, it's a new line!  Duh!  Thanks for trying to help with this arrow.  Sorry to waste your time.

    Cheers, Matt

  • Error (Hex 0xBFFF0015) time-out in NI VISA test panel when you try to play the system


    I try to control the position of three valves actuator of four lanes of Garland. They are VICI Valco and model # EUHA. I connected them via RS - 232 to USB in my computer. I was able to communicate with them, when I sent a few simple commands through hyperterminal and when I open MAX devices appear and the sign says the devices are working properly. However, when I go in the test panel and try to run some of the default commands, I get timeout error, 0xBFFF0015, during the reading of the order. Thanks for any help you can provide.

    To get your LabVIEW code, you right-click on the control/string constant and select '-' display Codes?

  • Cannot find NI0DAQmx devices on the network. Test Panel button grey


    I have a Dell than T710 Win Server 2008 R2 64-bit. NidaqMX 9.3 is installed. The dialog box search for network OR-DAQmx devices cannot find my NI ENET-9163 carrier with a card NI 9215. This card has a static IP address in the same subnet as the LAN of the PC port. I ping the device.

    However in the search network OR-DAQmx devices dialogue box I can add the Board manually by specifying the IP address. This seems to half work as long as it saves the map MAX, but the test panels button is grayed.

    I installed Nidaq MX 9.3 on my win 7 64 bit laptop and I can find the card properly and test it. Clearly there is something wrong with the config on the Dell software, but I have no idea what. Any help is appreciated. I stumbled on, IP addresses etc. I also disabled the 3 other network ports on the Dell server in case that is the question.

    Thank you


    Hello Andrew,.

    I could do some tests on our Windows 2008 R2 server. I was able to replicate this but not as easily as you did. We have 2 network adapters on that server. We have solved this problem is to do the following:

    1. disable IPv6 IP addressing all the ports of the network.

    2. change the metric of the Interface on the network adapter. We have high, so a value of 50. You can get this metric by going into the properties of your network card > your IPv4 properties > advanced on the general tab > UN select Automatic metric and replace with static. (the entries are 1-60). Do this for all of your network adapters. Given that we have this setting that we have never seen the question re occur.

    We also checked that it doesn't happen at all on the new cDAQ-9181 chassis. This chassis is intended to replace the ENET-9163. If it is possible for your upgrade I would recommend this option. You should be able to work with your local sales channel to get one to test with. We have 20 + 9181 in this system and have never seen the issue of not being able to Max commonality to the chassis.

    Let me know your results to adjust the parameters I mentioned above.

    Thank you!


    CDAQ PES of R & D network

  • Error-200284. Test panel shows an activity. VI working doesn't work.

    Hello everyone,

    I can't think of any other solution other than to reinstall all LabVIEW software at this point. I checked the cables connected to the DAQmx modules and they all seem to be fine. Not only that, when I look at the entries through 'Test panels... '. ', OR Max correct readings are shown. However, when I run a VI that is supposed to read the data and display it on a graph, the VI expires (after 10 seconds). The error indicates that he should know, but he received 0. The strange thing is the VI used to work perfectly. The other day, a gentleman came in a calibrated, several of our components, and after this point the VI has stopped working.

    Everybody knows a reason why NEITHER MAX would be able to read the data, but the VI would not be able to access the data? As I said, the parties are the same, and the VI has not changed.

    Thanks to all for the replies! It turned out to be the DAQmx harness which was defective. After Exchange of this possibility, everything worked fine again.

  • How to configure PXI-8464 to use the channel API

    I have a PXI-8464, but I don't know how to set up so that I can access block API of ways.

    Normally, I can choose the NPC channel by selecting "CAN0". For example, I can do it to the MAX:

    Then I can, just select "CAN0" in VI:

    However, on my remote system, it looks like this to the MAX:

    Notice how there is no "CAN1" or anything like that. Therefore, in the VI, it has a long list of channels CAN, but none of them can be used to connect to my channel PXI-8464.

    How do I get my CAN map to work? Thank you.

    Hi Bladhart,

    You have configured the NPC card via MAX for the RT system?

    Here is a link that might help!

    Configuration of a real-time Application of NI-CAN to the MAX


    Thank you!

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    N °

    You are free to use the web version to iCloud.com as you like, however.

  • VISA (serial port) commands fail in VI, but working in the VISA test Panel

    Hi, I have an instrument that has a usb connection. When I connect it to a Windows 7 PC, it picks up the driver automatically and presents itself as a "USB Serial Port (COM7) (manufacturer's FTDI).»

    When I opened NI MAX, this feature appears as COM7 (ASRL7::INSTR) under "series and parallel. And when I click on open visa Test Panel and try it "* IDN?" command, it works OK.

    However, the VI (which sends just a command VISA "* IDN?") give me a timeout error (0XBFF0015) or a resource/device absent error (0XBFFF0011). A screenshot of VI is attached.

    No idea why?

    Thank you.

    PS: I went through the process to create the VISA-USB driver, who has another question, but I'm trying to understand why this happens. This device has also a GPIB port and when I use a USB-GPIB adapter, it works very well.

    N ° your first string to write sends a literal backslash and a literal n.  Your watch \n control, but it is in Normal display mode.  Change it to \codes mode and delete the extra backslash it.

    Your second string to write is set correctly for the mode \codes.

    Because the wrong string is written, the timeout error occurs and prevents the VI downstream on this same error running thread.

  • test panels failed to max4.5 on usb6008

    Hi fellow users or,

    I'm looking to test a niusb-6008, using the window of test on the max4.5 software nothing works panels. the installed nidaqmx is version 8.8. I haven't bought the opportunity usb6008 so no installation cd. I downloaded the nidaqmx8.8 driver and the max4.5 on the site of nor, which is more than 1 G in size.

    Please see the following picture.

    Help, please.



    Hi all

    the problem with the test panel is now sorted. I don't know what happened exactly, but here's what I did in order:

    1 remove all components of the software or

    2. install nidaqmx 8.8 with MAX integrated 4.5

    3. run the test on MAX 4.5 Panel, panel test works well here

    4. install labview 7.1 and the application builder

    5. Update for labview 7.1.1

    6 reinstall nidaqmx 8.8 to include nidaqmx labview 7.1.1 platform components

    7. run the test on MAX 4.5 Panel, the test panel still works fine here

    8. open a white vi (labview 7.1.1) and assistance in the acquisition of test data, assistance does what to do

    9 problem sorted

    Thank you very much.




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