[Q] unlocked AT & T Atrix does not

Hi, I live in the Brazil and got and Atrix for AT & T...

I opened yesterday and it was working fine...

Today I can't make it work...

Any different carriers sim card, I put, I see no signal...

Can someone help me?

Thank you



Well... so finally I solved the problem...

After the update, it worked...

Then... I went to * #* #4636 #* #*.

Telephone information. And the option chosen has been auto GSM/CDMA (PRL).

I don't know if I had screwed up this before setting.

Thanks to all who responded.

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    senyavuzselim wrote:

    What do you think could be the problem and how can I solve it?

    The phone is not unlocked.

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    I received an email from support TODAY:

    "As we have it, I analyzed the behavior you described ' unlock folders and files not working not. '"
    The error could be reproduced. It was also successfully detected and documented.
    The development team is working on this and the next update may have already solved this problem. »

    I hope that this will soon be :-).

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    get the message "unlock code does not match system" whenever I try to open my game.can someone help me "

    Hello catou212,

    You need locate the manufacturer of the game in question and contact the Helpdesk of the manufacturer directly to get the correct unlock code.

    Hope this helps

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Companion of Xperia does not detect when I unlock my phone

    Companion of Xperia does not detect when I unlock my phone and keeps the dialog box "device is locked" even after that I unlocked the phone.

    I restarted the phone as well as killed processes all XC and rebooted too, but no difference.

    What's wrong?

    Overview running Xperia Z3 and Android N.

    OK, found a solution.

    Developer mode entered,

    Enabled USB debugging

    Again inspected the option 'Select USB Configuration' to 'PSG '.

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    @ kenpam

    Auto-hide is turned on?   FWIW I find useful, if not necessary to uncheck that before trying to drag the taskbar.   In addition, you can try using the keyboard instead of your mouse to change.   For example, make sure the emphasis is placed on the taskbar, and then use the sequence Alt-space, M and cursor to move.   It's one of the things that W7 has corrected.   In XP, it always seemed a little video game trying to reposition, especially after that it had been moved accidentally.   ; )

    BTW, I assume you mean by "dragging the icon" different pointer.    FWIW, I see 4-arrow pointer move even in W7 by pressing Alt-space, M or Alt-space, S but only when the taskbar is unlocked.   On the other hand, I see the size 2-arrows pointer only when I move my mouse to the top edge, but regardless of the State of the lock.   Unfortunately, I have access to Vista to report most relevant to you.


    Robert Aldwinckle

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