Qosmio F20-149: remote control and Win XP pro

First of all, Hello and sorry for my English.

My question is if it's possible to get the work of infrared remote control in windows xp professional.

The only thing I can do is volume up & down, but good... for sure that I have all things... like skip, play, stop and so on.

I need driver? Or other things? Special settings?

Thanks for your help!

Marko Jakobi / Boton

Hi Marko

I'm sure that it will be not possible. There is no particular setting that allows this option and also separate driver is not known to me.

If you want to use skip, play, stop, and another option how you want to configure with which application it must works. Sorry, but I think that there is nothing to do.

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    Sorry for my bad English...

    I have a new Qosmio x 300-11 L and the problem is my remote control doesn t work. What can I make it work again? And the console above the keyboard doesn t too much work.
    Thanks for help


    Have you installed Windows yourself? Some drivers Toshiba important may be missing.

    Do you have XP or Vista?

  • Qosmio G10-133: remote control and Media Player

    I have media center to work and the player qosmio but I can't get the remote to work in media player someone help, in Device Manager, I have the eHome Remote under the usb section and the remote control turn on the laptop, but it won't work library when I press the green button or do anything else HELP...

    I checked the s manuals for this camera and I t has not found the information that you can remote user with Windows media player just with Qosmioplayer or Media Center.

    Sorry, but I think that there is nothing to do.

  • Qosmio G20-126: remote control and keyboard shortcuts media do not work

    Hello all,.

    I think have deleted by mistake all my HKLM startup. I managed to restore the necessary executables to start manually but it seems to me miss a very important piece of the puzzle. More precisely the file executable (or Department) responsible for the Qosmio multimedia shortcut keys and remote.

    If anyone knows which executable (or service) is responsible for the press shortcuts keyboard/remote control I would appreciate their help to remedy this situation. Also if anyone has the startup configuration by default (see msconfig) to a Toshiba Qosmio G20-126 that would be also a great help for me. Just in case I missed something else.



    One question; Why you n t use the tool system restore to restore the OS to the point where you have changed the registry entries?

    It is a simpler method to restore the settings!

    If could also try to reinstall first the common Modules, then the controls.
    This application which you can download from the Toshiba driver page!

  • Qosmio F20-149: I accidently deleted the folder Power Saver


    I have problems with the energy saver, but I could not uninstall and reinstall so I deleted the whole directory... an error! So can someone download me its Repertory Powersaver so I uninstall etc still files once and I can uninstall correctly it!

    I have a Qosmio F20-149, but with luck another Qosmio Version will do as well, too!

    thx for the help

    I don't think it's a good idea to install files to watch foreign power on your operating system.
    I recommend you to download the energy saver (if you have it t n), and then install it again.
    If the installation does not start because of missing files, so you must first enter in the registry, and then delete all entries of power gain.
    And repeat the installation procedure.

  • Tuner not found on the Qosmio F20-149

    Hello world

    I have a Qosmio F20-149. After the transfer of my place of residence in another city in the same country) I suddenly see that my media reports "tuner not found" when I try to access the TV. Also, when I try to configure the internet connection, I get an error message of the MC asked me to restart the computer or contact technical support. Can someone help me with this?

    thanking you in anticipation.
    Best wishes.


    I'm not an expert but tuner not found message cannot occur without any reason. There seems to be some hardware related issue and has nothing to do with your home.

    If you are 100% sure that everything was ok a few days ago, I recommend you to roll back OS to an earlier time using System Restore tool. Please also check status of TV tuner in Device Manager? Is this all is well?

  • Is there could change the FSB to Qosmio F20-149?

    Is it possible to change the FSB to the qosmio F20-149?

    Or can I disclose me the PLL of the FSB?

    Thank you very much...

    Boton / terrasight.net


    I put t think that it of possible to change (to increase) the FSB on a laptop.
    Nowhere it s not advised to change something on the CPU because of the overheating of the issue and use of OS unstable.

    I found an interesting site on the FSB.


  • What are the differences between RT and Win 8 Pro?


    What are the differences between RT and Win 8 Pro?

    Windows 8 - this runs on processors traditional x 86 - x 64 for Intel and AMD, and the same apps that runs on Windows 7, Vista, and Windows XP.

    Windows RT - built on the same basis as Windows 8, it works on a different processor called ARM and not running programs in Windows 7, Vista, or Windows XP. In addition, it comes with Microsoft Office 2013 while Windows 8 does not work. It only comes on the new devices, in contrast to Windows 8 you can buy a license for an existing computer.

  • Need help with my Toshiba remote control and receiver for Qosmio G30 161

    Hi all

    I have a Toshiba Qosmio G30-161 and with her, I have a Toshiba remote and a Toshiba remote control receiver, this is the first time that I used it (tried of that is), my problem is that the remote control does not work on the computer, when I press keys on the computer program does nothing.

    I installed four new AA batteries and the remote works fine its send signals to the receiver, the receiver of the remote control as a red light detection is displayed whenever you press a button and with regard to the computer, I checked the drivers and the USB is off the hook as a remote E-reception receiver which I checked with Toshiba and which is correct , so overall the remote control works, the receiver is picking up signals and the pc has detected the receiver but nothing works, I have installed remote control manager but was still nothing done to. I talked about support and assistance of Toshiba, and the end result is that they are not sure what is the problem. Can anyone help I need the remote control for the slide shows for clients like ja? m a photographer.

    Also to confirm that I'm under addition of Windows XP MCE.

    Anthony Worlock


    This remote will work, if you use it without any special drivers and special software, only in the Media Center.

    But if you install stuff like [WinLirc | winlirc.sourceforge .net] then you should be able to get some functions for your presentation.

    Please try this tool and check if it works.

    By the way: if I were you I would first read the manual and the WinLirc FAQ before you start because it s a little bit tricky to manage the program. :) (Too many parameters: D)

    Welcome them

  • High temperature on my Qosmio F20 149

    Hello world.

    From the beginning, my Q F20 149 develops a rather high temperature on the left side of the keyboard as it is on the low side and left around the exit of the fan.

    Although it doesn't seem to be higher than the Q20 exposed in the MediaMarkt store in Berlin, where I bought it, it always bothers me. (In the shop, the system has worked for hours on end in TV mode - so the heat was partially understandable)

    My computer becomes so hot, you can hold your hand on it, but I think that "hot" is the appropriate word.
    I downloaded PC Wizard 2006 and checked the temperature of CPU - approx. 30-40 ° C without any charge and upward to 63C after some calculations, not just tough.

    Can someone tell me what the CPU temperature can be considered critical? I changed the setting for the method of control of the CPU in the AutoCorrect energy saver. The result was 100% CPU usage, the temperature rises quickly.

    So, anyone has an idea on the amount of heat is good or not good for the CPU and the system as a whole?

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    Believe me, the heat on the side of the unit is a normal problem.
    The Qosmio is a portable high-tech with a very high CPU and the use of the graphics card.
    I read on some sites that the CPU temperature could go to a 70-80 degrees Celsius.
    This higher temperature is possible if the CPU and other devices operate at 100% for example if you play games.
    As San Remo said enjoy your laptop really nice ;)

  • Re: Qosmio F30-131: remote control does not not with Vista Ultimate


    I just installed Vista Ultimate but my remote does not work.
    I reinstalled everything in the right order as written in the command file install on Toshiba Homepage but its always answers don't not under Vista.
    I can just turn on my laptop when its off the remote control.

    Anyone know what to do?

    (PS: I do not have my Toshiba restore CD for Windows XP MCE)


    You reinstall the remote control manager? This utility enhances support for a remote control on your computer.
    How about Value Added package? There is a new version available. Try to update it too.

    But back to the basics, the Qosmio F30-131 belongs to the series of PQF30E. Did you choose the drivers for this series?

    However, this laptop has been delivered and pre-installed with Win MCE. Can this remote works only with the XP version of Windows Media Center.

  • Upgrading RAM on Qosmio F20-149

    Hello community,

    Perhaps it is - anyone can help me. After getting a virus I reinstalled the operating system, first of all, I had xp sp3 now, I installed Win 7 32. But now my RAM with 2 x 500 is lower. What RAM I can install and how much RAM can be supported by the system. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any support for Quosmio F20-149.

    Thank you for responding.


    According to specification for laptop, your laptop can be upgraded to 2 GB upwards and compatible modules of 1 GB is DDR2 400/533 1 GB (PA3411U-1M1G).

    If you have any other questions you are welcome.

  • Qosmio F20-149 is very noisy

    My laptop is very noisy. Constanstly it is vey, can someone help me please? Any updates?
    Thank you!


    Qosmio F20 is a laptop upscale with a heavy performance.
    The strong CPU and graphics card produce a lot of heat, which increases the temperature. It must be cooled. The fact is that for cooling this laptop you need a high-end modules, and cooling fans. These fans make a noise.
    There is a possibility to control the fans. In the energy saver, you'll find options that are responsible for the use of the CPU and fans.

  • Qosmio G50 PQG55A: remote control jumps two places in the list of the menu of WMC

    I have a version of the G50 (PQG55A-04J01Y) Aust and have just done a clean install of Windows 7 (64-bit).
    Everyone thinks that when using the provided Toshiba RC6 remote in Windows Media Center, it jumps two places in the list of the menu.

    I downloaded the driver Winbond CIR, Win7, but it makes no difference.

    Very annoying as it does on all manu lists and even ignores the channels while watching TV.

    Someone at - he seen elsewhere or have a possible solution?

    See you soon

    There is a package called Remote Control Manager.
    This driver is required to install the remote control of your computer.

    The package is only for Vista, but maybe you should try to install too

  • Qosmio F20 - no sound after installing Win XP

    Hello everyone,

    I need some help here...
    I use Toshiba Qosmio F20 and have re-installed with Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2.
    All the drivers were all updated and all seems fine. But now there is no sound at all, even when I turn on or increase the volume.

    It has nothing to do with enabling / disabling, cause there is no effect.
    A few hours earlier, everything was fine. Is it because the qosmio must be installed with XP Media Center Edition?
    What should I do then, cause I don't have the recovery disc more?
    Where can I find solutions.

    Thank you


    You need SP3!
    This SP3 contains all fixes and updates.

    Workaround solution:
    Remove/uninstall the audio driver.
    Install SP3
    Restart the device
    Reinstall the audio driver
    Reboot the laptop and test again.

Maybe you are looking for

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