Qosmio F20-153 - ntoskrnl.exe file missing


I have an almost 5 year old toshiba Qosmio F20-153, which has developed an error with the Windows message root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe file is missing.
I wonder if it's fixable without completely re - install the complete operating system that I still have the Toshiba restore disk.

Any help much appreciated.

Hey Buddy,

In my view, your only option is recovering the entire notebook. The Toshiba Recovery disk only contains an image of factory settings, which means that you can t install this single file of this disc.
In addition it s a good idea to reinstall Windows from time to time. If your installation is already 5 years old, you should do this. You will be surprised with the speed of your laptop is after that. :)

Use the recovery disk is quite simple: you must boot from that disk and follow the instructions on the screen. You do a few clicks only and that s it!

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  • My computer will not start - ntoskrnl.exe is missing

    Original title: my computer does not start upp

    my desktop does not load upward. I turned on and the following message appears.

    Windows didn't start because the following file is missing


    Windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe.

    Re - install a copy of the above file.

    is there something I can do?

    I don't have the boot disks.

    There were no power failure, etc.?

    The system is equipped with a CD/DVD player?

    I suspect that AVG has quarantined (effectively deleted) your way of thinking of ntoskrnl.exe file the file has been afflicted (it's perhaps), but there are copies on your system in other places, so you can simply replace the missing file.

    I would normally say that make you a XP Recovery Console bootable CD that you can create (no XP media required), but since you have XP Home Edition, which can frustrate you if you do not know the XP administrator password.  We can do the part later because it would be a good CD to have.

    Make a Hiren boot CD, boot your system on this CD and find your XP installation boot drive for a copy of ntoskrnl.exe and copy / paste the file into the c:\windows\system32 folder where it belongs.

    Places to find backups of critical files on the XP system are:



    Answered in the affirmative if invited to replace the existing file.

    If that's all you need to do to get there, you should consider broadening your horizons beyond AVG antivirus antimalware if you do not have this or similar problems.

    Do you have a Hiren BootCD you can download here:


    On the left, click on download, scroll down, choose the most recent version

    The download link is a little difficult to see and find, for some reason, so here are some ideas (they seem to change around for a reason, but that might just me my interpretation).  If you can't understand it, let me know so that I can update my copy/paste route.

    On the page for the version the most recent are information pages on what has changed in the latest version.  Look to the bottom of the page and you will be on page 1 of a number of pages (1 of 2 of 9, 9, 9, 3)...  The link to download the ZIP file is on the last page that is now for version 12, page 9 (or click on the end button).

    The ZIP file is large, so the download will take probably some time to complete.  Then unzip the download to extract the Hirens.BootCD.ISO file that will be used to create your new bootable CD.

    Create a bootable CD. ISO file is not the same as simply copying the. File ISO onto a blank CD.  You must use software that includes how to burn a. ISO to a CD to create a bootable CD.

    File ZIP the Hiren is the file BurnToCD.cmd that you can double-click to launch it.  The BurnToCD.cmd will use the file BurnCDCC.exe to burn the. ISO file onto a blank CD using your existing CD burner.  You can also use your own burning software as long as your software is able to create a bootable CD. ISO file.

    More modern burning programs can create a bootable CD. ISO image.  Create a CD from an ISO image bootable is not the same as just the file on a CD burning.

    If you need a simple and CD burning, this is a free software popular software:


    Here are some instructions for ImgBurn:


    It would be a good idea to test your new bootable CD on a computer running.

    You may need to adjust the computer BIOS settings to use the CD-ROM drive as the first device to boot instead of the hard drive.  These adjustments are made before Windows tries to load.  If you miss it, you will need to restart the system again.

    When starting on the Hiren's CD, you will see a menu of options.  Choose Mini XP.  It will appear while Windows is loading and you will be presented with a desktop computer that has the look and feel of the interface of Windows Explorer, you are already accustomed to using.

    Using the Mini XP, you can access Internet, maneuvering around your system, search for files, copy files, replace the files and run the scans for malware, edit the text files (like the c:\boot.ini) etc.

    There are dozens of free and useful tools included in the CD that can be used to repair your system or copy your important personal files on another device (like a USB device or an external drive) in the case where you just give up and decide to reinstall your XP (I hope that you will not make this decision).

    Do, or do not. There is no test.

    I need YOUR voice and the points for helpful answers and propose responses. I'm saving for a pony!

  • Qosmio F20 - 153 - stuck on the log in page


    I have a Qosmio F20 - 153 and when I boot up I get beyond the log in page. It won't let me choose my username so I'm just stuck on this screen. I think I need to perform a recovery CD system but I don't have the CD. Is it possible to download the CD recovery from somewhere, or have any other ideas?

    Thank you


    > Is it possible to download the CD recovery from somewhere or have any other ideas?

    Unfortunately, there is no link to download. Please order for money from Toshiba:

    [Recovery disk | https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx]

    Or copy of windows disk and do a custom installation. All drivers and utilities can be found here:

    [Toshiba drivers | http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp]

  • Portege 3440: ntoskrnl.exe file needs to be replaced - how to start without external hard drive


    My 3440 has developed a problem, I think the boot.ini file corruption that it requests to the file ntoskrnl.exe replaced at startup. The problem is that I don't have an external drive to boot from. When I press F2 it gives me a list of devices, that which no no it starts from. I don't have the external CD drive for this, and it won't have a USB floppy drive.

    It is impossible for me to solve this problem without the external port replicator or a cd player?

    Thanks in advance



    Unfortunately, without the access on the Windows CD you will not be able to fix it.

    The ntoskrnl.exe file is placed on the original Windows CD in the i386 folder.
    You could start at the beginning of the CD to make the repair console by pressing R
    In the repair console, you can use this command:

    Expand D:\i386\ntoskrnl.ex_C:\windows\ntoskrnl.exe
    (D is the CD drive)

    But as said above seems that you will need the CD player

    But wait if the i386 folder has been installed on your HARD drive you could expand the ntoskrnl.exe in this folder to C:\windows\

  • Need your opinion on Qosmio F20-153


    I'm considering buying a QOSMIO F20-153 and I was wondering if anyone knew if the Sims 2 are played on this subject, because graphics cards cannot play. And also, as it has Microsoft Media center as the operating system, Access and Excel come from on this?


    Well, the Qosmio is a very nice unit with a very high performance.
    Laptops generally use different graphics drivers like the desktop PC.
    The adapters that are installed in laptops are a little different than the graphics in desktop computers.
    In this case specifications manufacturers recommend in graphic form drivers for laptop manufacturers Web sites.
    These drivers are sometimes not up-to-date and sometimes newer games need new graphics drivers.
    In my opinion, if someone needs a unit to play ONLY games at the best way to use the desktop. These units are also easier to upgrade equipment.

    Toshiba laptops, Microsoft office is not preinstalled on computers. If you want to use it, you must purchase applications.

  • Qosmio F20-153: Vista - driver need for tuner hybrid analog/dvb-t pci

    Hi all I'm obout thinking upgrading my qosmio f20-153 to microsoft vista but when I do the controls for vista, I get information that my toshiba pci hybrid dvb-t/analog tuner will not work. are there new drivers on Vista thanks


    If your device has no Vista capable sticker, I'm really skeptical about the Vista drivers for this laptop. :(

    As the Reaver written, check from time to time this Vista download page.

  • Cannot start Windows Vista - ntoskrnl.exe is missing or damaged

    Hello, I am running Windows Vista. When I tried to start today I got an error message saying the ntoskrnl.exe is missing or damaged and should be replaced. How can I do that I can't use my netbook? Im not a geek, any advice would be apreciated, thanks


    1. don't you make changes to the computer before the show?
    2. are you able to boot to the desktop?

    I suggest you try the steps from the following link:

    Windows cannot start with the error of the ntoskrnl.exe missing or damaged when the keys are pressed at the start

  • After restoring to factory setting... ntoskrnl.exe is missing or damaged

    I have a problem with my Asus R500VD laptop.

    My phone was at a standstill after I opened a few applications and after waiting for a while, I decided to shut it down by holding the power button for a few seconds. After that, I got a BSOD error 0xc0000221 saying ntoskrnl.exe is missing or damaged. I tried to go back to a previous system restore point, tried chkdsk /r (no error based), tried bootrec with all options (it shows 0 found windows installations), tried a full restore to factory (using the on my laptop's recovery partition), but nothing has worked. I always get the error above.

    When I restart, it tries to automatically repair the system (that works, it cannot solve problems automatically) and at some point it changes recent cancellations (complete the recovery I think). I tried the different boot options, but nothing seems to work.

    Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem? It doesn't seem to be any corruption in the filesystem (chkdsk), ntoskrnl.exe is not missing...

    Thanks for your help! Greaty I appreciate it! Tips are welcome!


    Hi Blueelvis,

    No, unfortunately I don't have a spare HARD drive. But... I sent it back to the shop where I bought it. Should still be under warranty. I have included all our correspondence to give them an overview of what has been tried. Thanks for your help! I hope that I get a replacement or they're going to fix it. I also ran memtest86 + using The Ultimate Boot Disk and he found loads of errors--not sure whether memory is as bad or if it has something to do with the 8 GB with 64-bit processor.



  • Qosmio F20-153 - strange question DVD RAM


    recently bought a F20-153 (PQF22E) the DVD RAM drive was a UJ-840 and had the problem of common reading and writing on discs, I have a UJ-841 replacement, but when I set up the BIOS came with the CR ROM of ERROR report.

    So I bought a different known working 840 a laptop Toshiba, it equipped and the BIOS came back with the same ERROR of CD ROM on start up.

    Now for the weird, I closed the lid and went to make a cup of tea and have a think about, when I opened this new Windows has detected the drive, install the drivers, and now I have a working drive... BUT...

    Whenever I stop the laptop, it reports the same error on start up, and yet once there drive when first at Windows startup, but once his punt and I put it in hibernation, the drive appears again and works perfectly.

    I tried this since the 841 and the same thing is happening, just checked in the Device Manager and noticed that while the label says UJ-840, Windows reports the 'new' 840 as a 831.

    I read that the Qosmio player needs must be set to master, this could be the problem? Or Toshiba locking of the type of drive in the BIOS?
    The UJ-831 that I have discovered came from a satellite.

    Sorry this is such a long post, I wanted to just participate as much detail as possible, all you have ideas?

    Had a lot of views but answers just this give a slight bump in case anyone has any ideas

  • Need the drivers Windows Vista for Qosmio F20-153

    Things to do any know when Toshiba will start producing F20-153 Windows Vista drivers?
    F30 drivers work?


    I m afraid. Toshiba will not publish for F20 Vista drivers at this moment :(

    You know the knowledge base of Toshiba? You can find it on the home page of the Toshiba support.
    However, I studied a bit in this base and found this article:
    Microsoft Windows Vista Driver Support for Toshiba laptops models

    There are several series of laptops listed, but unfortunately not a Qosmio F20 :(

    However, the G20 is also not listed in this list, but some G20 here in the forum users have managed to reinstall Vista and additional drivers.
    Try it.

  • Exe file missing

    I don't know how to respond to the message sent from Millennium, but it was discovered, I was conquered by Adobe Photo shop for Mac OS and not for Windows, that's why my exe file was missing.

    An easy way to reply to the message is to visit the forum and find/access your assignment and post a reply to any message you want.

  • Migration from XP home to XP Prof on Qosmio F20 - 111 - DVD programs are missing

    I have bougt my toshiba Qosmio f20-111 with XP Home garage. Now I have a XP Prof
    I installed XP prof on my computer. The pilots are Web page, but I don't know where I can find RecordNow! and DVD programms. Help, please.


    These programs are JUST a part of the recovery image and given Toshiba for you use complete your laptop. If you decide to gift? t use the standard Toshiba recovery image you must perform an auto configuration.

    For a complete hardware functionality you need of drivers, tools and utilities. All this you can find on the download page, but application additional non-Toshiba you provide yourself.

    Good bye

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    I downloaded Lightroom 6 twice now, because it does not start from the shortcut.  I can't find an exe file in the Program Files to launch directly.  Otherwise, anyone having this problem or have a solution?

    I am answering my own question... you must first log out of creative cloud and then reconnect.  Don't know why, but it works.

  • Starta ~ 1.EXE file missing

    I'm trying to install a program and it says that the file is missing "starta ~ 1.exe. Where can I get a replacement file? Thank you

    Did you follow my other suggestions on how to install it > uninstall/reinstall > right click > run as Admin?

    And also, I suggest that you contact the cookbook company, also, for advice on this.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Qosmio F20-153 - need TV antenna


    I could do with help,
    Recently, I moved house and lost my TV antenna for my QOSMIO.

    I have spent ages looking for a replacement online but had no luck so far.

    Anyone know what kind of cable is that plugs into the port next to the power supply in the laptop bag.
    The port is silver on the edge with a white inner circular disc.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, a web site where I can buy one of these cables would also be useful.

    No explanation on what kind of cable is used in this port would be too great
    See you soon

    Its a TV antenna/antenna cable standard.

    They come with a variety of connectors, but you do not want the F-Type or a coaxial blocking.

    Amazon stocks their: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Belkin-Aerial-Antenna-Cable-3M/dp/B000CHYSOU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1228988380&sr = 1-1
    Similarly, if you go to any store that sells players from VCR/dvd/TV you can find it there.
    Most of the VCRs and DVD players come with them, so you use this cable to connect the antenna to the TV.

Maybe you are looking for

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