Qosmio F20-153 - strange question DVD RAM


recently bought a F20-153 (PQF22E) the DVD RAM drive was a UJ-840 and had the problem of common reading and writing on discs, I have a UJ-841 replacement, but when I set up the BIOS came with the CR ROM of ERROR report.

So I bought a different known working 840 a laptop Toshiba, it equipped and the BIOS came back with the same ERROR of CD ROM on start up.

Now for the weird, I closed the lid and went to make a cup of tea and have a think about, when I opened this new Windows has detected the drive, install the drivers, and now I have a working drive... BUT...

Whenever I stop the laptop, it reports the same error on start up, and yet once there drive when first at Windows startup, but once his punt and I put it in hibernation, the drive appears again and works perfectly.

I tried this since the 841 and the same thing is happening, just checked in the Device Manager and noticed that while the label says UJ-840, Windows reports the 'new' 840 as a 831.

I read that the Qosmio player needs must be set to master, this could be the problem? Or Toshiba locking of the type of drive in the BIOS?
The UJ-831 that I have discovered came from a satellite.

Sorry this is such a long post, I wanted to just participate as much detail as possible, all you have ideas?

Had a lot of views but answers just this give a slight bump in case anyone has any ideas

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    I have a Qosmio F20 - 153 and when I boot up I get beyond the log in page. It won't let me choose my username so I'm just stuck on this screen. I think I need to perform a recovery CD system but I don't have the CD. Is it possible to download the CD recovery from somewhere, or have any other ideas?

    Thank you


    > Is it possible to download the CD recovery from somewhere or have any other ideas?

    Unfortunately, there is no link to download. Please order for money from Toshiba:

    [Recovery disk | https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx]

    Or copy of windows disk and do a custom installation. All drivers and utilities can be found here:

    [Toshiba drivers | http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp]

  • Qosmio F20-153 - ntoskrnl.exe file missing


    I have an almost 5 year old toshiba Qosmio F20-153, which has developed an error with the Windows message root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe file is missing.
    I wonder if it's fixable without completely re - install the complete operating system that I still have the Toshiba restore disk.

    Any help much appreciated.

    Hey Buddy,

    In my view, your only option is recovering the entire notebook. The Toshiba Recovery disk only contains an image of factory settings, which means that you can t install this single file of this disc.
    In addition it s a good idea to reinstall Windows from time to time. If your installation is already 5 years old, you should do this. You will be surprised with the speed of your laptop is after that. :)

    Use the recovery disk is quite simple: you must boot from that disk and follow the instructions on the screen. You do a few clicks only and that s it!

  • Need your opinion on Qosmio F20-153


    I'm considering buying a QOSMIO F20-153 and I was wondering if anyone knew if the Sims 2 are played on this subject, because graphics cards cannot play. And also, as it has Microsoft Media center as the operating system, Access and Excel come from on this?


    Well, the Qosmio is a very nice unit with a very high performance.
    Laptops generally use different graphics drivers like the desktop PC.
    The adapters that are installed in laptops are a little different than the graphics in desktop computers.
    In this case specifications manufacturers recommend in graphic form drivers for laptop manufacturers Web sites.
    These drivers are sometimes not up-to-date and sometimes newer games need new graphics drivers.
    In my opinion, if someone needs a unit to play ONLY games at the best way to use the desktop. These units are also easier to upgrade equipment.

    Toshiba laptops, Microsoft office is not preinstalled on computers. If you want to use it, you must purchase applications.

  • Qosmio F20-153: Vista - driver need for tuner hybrid analog/dvb-t pci

    Hi all I'm obout thinking upgrading my qosmio f20-153 to microsoft vista but when I do the controls for vista, I get information that my toshiba pci hybrid dvb-t/analog tuner will not work. are there new drivers on Vista thanks


    If your device has no Vista capable sticker, I'm really skeptical about the Vista drivers for this laptop. :(

    As the Reaver written, check from time to time this Vista download page.

  • Need the drivers Windows Vista for Qosmio F20-153

    Things to do any know when Toshiba will start producing F20-153 Windows Vista drivers?
    F30 drivers work?


    I m afraid. Toshiba will not publish for F20 Vista drivers at this moment :(

    You know the knowledge base of Toshiba? You can find it on the home page of the Toshiba support.
    However, I studied a bit in this base and found this article:
    Microsoft Windows Vista Driver Support for Toshiba laptops models

    There are several series of laptops listed, but unfortunately not a Qosmio F20 :(

    However, the G20 is also not listed in this list, but some G20 here in the forum users have managed to reinstall Vista and additional drivers.
    Try it.

  • Qosmio F20-110: charging question


    Im having a problem with my laptop Qosmio f20-110 battery problem.
    Basically, I can't turn on the laptop with the battery. I can only turn on the laptop with the AC adapter. When the battery is in the laptop and the power adapter is connected to the electric network, an orange light comes in indiacting that his charge.

    The led turns off after 4 hours (meaning that its full charge) and when I remove the AC adapter and try turning on the laptop using just the battery nothing happens. When the laptop is turned on with the battery inside, it starts as usual and you can use the laptop.

    In the toshiba power save the application, it says the battery is charging and when the State of charge goes up to a point (it's different values), for example sometimes to 46% of charge, charge status hangs at this point, it sometimes freezes at 67%, sometimes he says potential battery: s. o. If I now remove the power adapter the laptop turns off.

    When I start it again with the AC adapter, it indicates the State of the battery that is currently charged in function for example, 67%, 46% 0% or battery remaining remainnig N/A and the orange light comes on indicating that his indictment.
    It may be the battery, as I have tried 3 batteries toshiba real far with exactly the same problem!

    My bios is also up to date.
    I'm on a Toshiba ac adapter authentic as well!

    I hope someone can help

    Thank you

    > I m having a problem with my laptop Qosmio f20-110 battery problem.
    Basically, I can t turn on the laptop with the battery. I only turn on the laptop with the power adapter

    I remember another thread of the similar problem on a Qosmio G40 forum.

    Wait, I search a bit in the forum.

    HQP It is here:

    The solution is:
    Access the BIOS and the search parameters: AUTO POWER ON = ACTIVE
    Then choose the option called: WAKE-UP ON BATTERY and set it to "ENABLED"

    Hope this helps

  • Qosmio F20-153 - need TV antenna


    I could do with help,
    Recently, I moved house and lost my TV antenna for my QOSMIO.

    I have spent ages looking for a replacement online but had no luck so far.

    Anyone know what kind of cable is that plugs into the port next to the power supply in the laptop bag.
    The port is silver on the edge with a white inner circular disc.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, a web site where I can buy one of these cables would also be useful.

    No explanation on what kind of cable is used in this port would be too great
    See you soon

    Its a TV antenna/antenna cable standard.

    They come with a variety of connectors, but you do not want the F-Type or a coaxial blocking.

    Amazon stocks their: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Belkin-Aerial-Antenna-Cable-3M/dp/B000CHYSOU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1228988380&sr = 1-1
    Similarly, if you go to any store that sells players from VCR/dvd/TV you can find it there.
    Most of the VCRs and DVD players come with them, so you use this cable to connect the antenna to the TV.

  • Qosmio F20-153 BIOS password reset

    I have a client who has had maliciously twisted their BIOS password protected by an engineer who claimed that he could 'fix' what is called? the BIOS for £50.00.

    So I need to reset the BIOS to remove the password. She asks password at startup so that I can't access windows to try to Flash the BIOS to cause a reset. I tried the usual approach to remove the CMOS battery (which only tends to make the RTC these days) with no luck.

    Is it possible with one? Key disk? or reset USB dongle for it or is it a case of Service Center?

    Thanks for any help


    Unfortunately, this is definitevely a case for a service center because the BIOS removal procedure is special and there is no disc master and mistress and whatever.

    West something with a code that must be generated from the technician and sent to the Japan to get another code and so. I Don t really know what they are doing, but when a technician had to remove my Qosmio G30 BIOS password it told me that what I told you.

    Just send it to a service center and let them to remove the password. But beware, most of the ASP´s is in charge of customers to remove the BIOS password.

    Welcome them

  • Qosmio F20 - 153 - update Windows XP MCE not cause to see TV tuner

    Just do the following updates;

    Windows XP Windows tool for removing malicious software - September 2009 (KB890830) September 15, 2009
    Windows XP Security Update for Windows Media Format Runtime 9, 9.5 & 11 for Windows XP SP 3 (KB968816) September 15, 2009
    Office 2003 update for the junk e-mail Filter Outlook 2003 Microsoft Office (KB973515) September 15, 2009
    Windows XP Security Update for Windows XP (KB956844) September 15, 2009
    Windows XP Security Update for Windows XP (KB973768) on September 15, 2009
    Windows XP update for Jscript 5.8 for Windows XP (KB971961) September 15, 2009

    However, even if the System Manager recognizes the presence of the TV tuner, Media Center is no longer 'sees' as being installed.

    I tried to uninstall and reinstall the drivers. Windows XP behaves as it should and no error is generated. However, Media Center still refuses to 'see' the tuner.

    If I do system restore and restore to OS to forward these updates day and then MC works very well.

    Does anyone else have this problem? In addition, no one knows which of these updates is causeing it or have a fix?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have no idea why MS updates cause this problem, but if the windows OS recognizes the TV tuner and if the TV tuner is listed in the device manager then it would mean that the TV tuner works correctly.

    I think the MCE is the problem.
    Are you using the latest MCE?

    Here you will find the official page of MS MCE:

    Maybe you will find some tips.

  • Upgrade memory to the Qosmio F20 problem

    I just bought a Laptop Qosmio F20; It has 512 MB RAM DDR2 pc4200 533 MHz in standard. When I added an another 512 MB of ram the laptop turns on but the screen is blank, when I installed them separately, they work very well sound when I pair their place is happening, they are of the same manufacturer (Samsung) and the same type & speed.

    Please could someone help me with this, because I am intrigued. This laptop does support 1 GB memory 2 x.


    The laptop supports without a doubt memory 2 x 512 MB sticks.
    You can upgrade the memory for max 2 GB (2 x 1024 MB)

    As far as I know Toshiba recommend using these modules:
    512 MB DDR2-400/533 (PA3412U - 1 M 51)
    1 GB OF DDR2 400/533 (PA3411U-1M1G)

    About you, problems with memory, it seems that both modules are not compatible I know that sounds very strange because you use the same modules (as you say).

    I recommend to replace the new module and you should check if the laptop runs correctly with other new module

  • Need of recovery for Qosmio F20 CD

    I lost the CD of recovery for the Qosmio F20-153, I have problems, and I want to the system recovery.

    What can I do?

    You could buy a Microsoft Windows CD and reinstall windows.
    Or have you tried Ubuntu - it's free and you should be able to get going on this machine?

  • Where to find the disc of recovery for Qosimo F20-153

    Hey there.

    My product for my laptop recovery disk is scratched and when I went to reformat the laptop I got an error about 75%
    Now I thourght it was the HARD drive but after changing I thought it was the disk.

    Is there anywhere I can get a product recovery disk or the driver for this laptop because when I search the laptop I can not find the recent stuff as the laptop is almost 4 years old.

    Anyhelp would be happily received


    Hmm I m not very good if you might be able to get this disc because the laptop computer s a little more old but if it is possible, then you should be able to order this disc of recovery of the ASP in your country. Just ask the guys for this disc, and perhaps they could command on the Toshiba.

    With regard to the drivers;
    The Qosmio F20-153 belongs to the series of PQF22E and all the drivers can be downloaded from the page of European driver of Toshiba.

    Take a look at this site:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com-> support download &-> download drivers

    Good bye

  • A few questions about the Qosmio F20 upgrade

    First of all, my English is not very good!

    I want to improve my laptop. I want a new graphics card and a new processor.
    My questions are what standard mxm has my cell phone (I have a GO6600)? Where can I buy a new one?
    The cpu can be improved? If so what CPU? Can be installed on a dual core?

    -Does anyone know how the open a Qosmio f20.
    I opened all the screws on the site but I can not open it... What should I do I open Notepad?

    My laptop dvd drive is very strong when I play games... it works all the time and I have made many drowning.
    Do you know how to reduce noise?

    thx for the answers

    Hardware upgrade on laptops is not comparable with the workstations where you can upgrade almost everything. Mainly on laptops, you can improve RAM, WLAN, HARD drive or maybe BT but all that s.

    Update graphics card is definitely not possible because the graphics card is part of the motherboard. Update CPU's might be possible, but certainly not recommendable. The construction of any material is designed by technicians and configured to provide optimal use. If optimal use, you understand very good performance but without the possibility to destroy the material. The common problem on mobile computing is heat and how to cool the hardware components.

    The best graphics card and CPU using the material temperature is much higher and the result can be permanent running fan or just property damage. If you think about all this stuff, I hope you understand that this type of upgrade can be very risky.

    If you need to better and more powerful portable computer the best option is to sell your old and buy newer with the best hardware configuration.

  • DVD - RAM drive means that I can burn DVDs & CDs on the Qosmio series F

    Can someone tell me that if I see "DVD - RAM Drive" under my computer does it means that my laptop allows you to record CD and DVD?

    I don't know which series Qosmio F you have exactly, but this means that you can burn CD - R, CD - RW, DVD-R, DVD - RW and DVD-RAM media empty. It must also be possible to use DVD + R and DVD + RW media. I didn t try this because I prefer DVD-R virgins.

    Just for example: my friend has a Qosmio F20-159 and according to the specification of the drive can write monitoring media
    CD - R 24 x
    CD - RW 4 x
    HS CD - RW 10 x
    US CD - RW 10 x
    US + CD - RW-
    DVD - R 8 x
    DVD - RW 4 x
    DVD + R 8 x
    DVD + R (Double Layer) 2.4 x
    DVD + RW 4 x
    DVD - RAM 5 x

    Good bye

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