Qosmio F20-155: what is max CPU temperature?

Hi all

Anyone know the maximum temperature of the processor for F20 - 155?
The temperature that cannot be exceeded.

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As far as I know this device was delivered with a CPU Intel-Pentium-M (Dothan) 770 2.13 GHz.
I found this page that the maximum base Temperature is 100 degrees Celsius
http://www.ThinkWiki.org/wiki/Intel_Pentium_M _ (Dothan) #Thermal_Specifications

I think that the operating temperature should be around 60 C.
Information on the Intel site, you should find:

But computers laptop Toshiba supports an overheating protection. If the temperature is too high and the temperature increases at critical level the notebook will automatically stop.

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    I studied a bit in the internet and found the info that this media memory are supported:

    -SD Card 1 ability (shared with SD/MS/xD) slots: 1 GB
    -SD - IO
    -Memory Stick 1 (shared with SD/MS/xD) slots ability MS: 128MBx2
    -Memory Stick Pro capacity: 1 GB
    -Multi Meida Card (MMC) capacity: 256 MB
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    Hope this will help

    PS: Just for the record: Please consult your user manual because you will find many useful information on your laptop

    Good bye

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    Mr President.

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    Tom, Saudi Arabia


    I put t know what is happen on your laptop and why the pilot does not, but on the Toshiba driver page, you will find two TV tuner drivers: one for Windows XP and the second to Win MCE.

    Do not forget that you are using the correct driver.
    In addition if you don t use the Toshiba Recovery CD if you need to install the drivers of Toshiba and utilities in the correct order. It is very important. On the driver page, you will find the installation instructions.

    Please follow this guideline.

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    Rest is ok.

    Toshiba Qosmio F20-155

    Thank you



    This sounds like a malfunction keyboad keys work correctly on an external keyboard or that you have the same problem on an external?

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    Check this post on the same topic:

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    I checked the page of the Toshiba driver and there is no drivers Toshiba for W2k on the Qosmio F20. Where did you get the drivers of control?
    You need a driver for Toshiba in particular to use the commands. But there is no driver for W2k. In this case, the controls cannot function properly.

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    According to you another detachment I assume that you have installed a Windows 2000 operating system on your laptop. Am I wrong?

    Well, I have studied a little bit and found information that maybe this Microsoft Update can fix this problem:

    However, the Qosmio is not delivered with the W2k and there is also no Toshiba driver for this device.

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    I have the product number.
    How can I get MAC LAN and WIRELESS LAN for the chance to find this laptop?
    Thanks in advance!

    You have the serial number?

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    * Dears, *.

    My laptop is Qosmio F20-155.
    I need to boot from USB HD, but this system doesn't support USB boot.
    Can I update the BIOS to activate my system to do?

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    Why start a second thread on the same topic?
    Please follow the firstto:

    This would avoid further discussion in different threads

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    First a simple question: are you sure that your laptop supports Bluetooth?
    AFAIK the Qosmio F20-155 was delivered without the BT module.

    In addition, if you are not sure if the phone has BT then you can check the bottom of the unit. It should be placed a label BT if the Bluetooth has been installed.

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    You can find in the management tool of power under the method of cooling setting of the cooling fan.
    Try to set it to the lower level. I know that cooling fan is sometimes too loud, but you must know that you have high technology with powerful hardware components unit. Material is placed on the square and must be properly cooled to avoid damage.

    I really put t whether a tool can show you the temperature of the CPU. Check in the advanced search if you can find a similar topic. Long ago, I read the discussion on this subject.

    Good bye

  • Qosmio F20-155: no sound only picture while watching TV


    Help, please.

    Thank you


    Have you used the Qosmio in the country where you purchase the laptop?
    If you buy the laptop in the other country it s possible that the sound doesn't work because different PAL settings.

    The other possibility is wrong setting in sound & audio devices.
    Please check if all volume controls are set at a higher level.

    Second, you can check volume settings in the program that allows you to watch TV.

  • Qosmio F20 130 - what is FD drive


    I have Windows XP.
    Can someone tell me what FD drive please?

    Many thanks in advance,


    Are you sure you mean a drive FD? Do you mean a floppy drive (floppy drive)?

    Sorry, but the Qosmio F20 has no FDD and floppy drives are only in very old books.

    Good bye

  • Qosmio F20-155 wireless internet is too slow

    I got another laptop with me that surfing on the net fast but when I use my Qosmio is quite slow?
    Is this something with the settings or all portable Qosmios are the same?
    Help me please!


    AFAIK the Qosmio F20 was delivered with the 802. 11 b/g WLan standard.
    Generally, the settings are set to b and g. In this case, you can use both options. But if settings are only to b, so the card only uses this standard.
    The 802. 11 b is slower then 802.11 g
    Speed wise 802. 11 b provides up to 11mpbs gross rate or on 5.5 Mbps after Protocol. 802 11 b is compatible with working with the largest number of installed networks, including all the public hotspots. 802 11 b is also backward compatible with 802.11 products g, because they use all both the frequency of 2.5 ghz ISM band.
    802.11 g has gross rate 54Mbps or about 20mbps throughput after real Protocol or 45mbps overload in turbo mode. If your application involves high speed bypass or copy large files, over 100 MB then 802.11 g is worth watching. Distance wise 802.11 g will only provide the maximum 54 Mbps connection nearby usually less than 100 feet. After this, the connection returns to 802. 11B speeds. Access 802.11 g compatibility points can be set in mode dual b and g taken in charge. There is a problem with this from only a 802. 11B client associates all clients on the network are expelled downwards for 802. 11B speeds. This can be solved by putting in only g mode access point.

  • Qosmio F20-155: the laptop heat


    I have this Qosmio and too hot.
    Can I keep a hole of 3 days or I have to stop every time I go to bed?


    The Qosmio laptop is a high-end device. You must know this.
    All the high-end devices that are preinstalled on this laptop (graphics card, cpu) produce a lot of heat. Devices must be cooled and the must be good air circulation.
    The laptop supports protection against overheating. If the temperature increases to the critical level will be the laptop stops automatically.
    If everything is working properly and you do not have the bottom of any strange stops then I guess we're all ok.
    I also recommend to the laptop stops if you go to bed and if you are not working on this laptop, but it's only my suggestion. Many people leave the laptop for several hours and days and nothing happened.

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