Qosmio F20: wireless keep disconnecting


I have a problem with my laptop. He always cut after 2-3 min for the wireless network. I don't know what's the problem with him.
My laptop is Qosmio F20 with WINDOWS MCE
My router is USR 9108 with security on the wireless network using WPA - TPK and TKIP and AES data encryption...

Can someone help me please because it's really annoying me?



Have you tried to update the driver WLan? If this is not the case, do it!
Try to download the latest version of the driver. If the driver Toshiba page does not the latest one please check the card WLan manufacturing site; Perhaps Intel or Atheros.

Another clue
Have you tried to disable encryption and to test the performance? It and if anything does not work you can set it back again once!

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    HI Monroy,

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  • Linksys AC1900 Smart Wireless keep disconnecting?


    • I installed 2 routers AC1900 Linksys and E1200, my Local network is running on AC1900 at least 50-75 devices on the same time.
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    Thanks in advance

    for the two of you, which version is your hardware and what version is your firmware? If they are material ver 1.0 so make sure that you use the older version of the firmware that ends with 156465 and not the version which is 158863. This version is only for version 1.1 of the material. You can get the 1.0 version of the linksys web page but remember to select hw 1.0 in order to see it. Once download you the install from the browser page and your abandonment should be better

    You can also disable cut through redirection on the login tab admin page and see if that helps. If please post back and let me know. I want to talk this problem to their guys of dev

  • My HP Photosmart C4780 Wireless keeps disconnecting


    My problem is compliacted.

    First of all, I can't get my printer wireless using HP Software Setup, I get this annoying error message:

    Your computer is unable to communicate with your printer at This can be the result of firewall software. If you use firewall software, make sure that the 427 UDP port is unlocked for the incoming and outgoing traffic.

    Your PC cannot communicate with your printer at address Check all cable connections. Make sure the printer and the PC and the router are powered on and connected to the network.

    I have no firewall software, the Windows Firewall is completely off.

    But sometimes (not always) my HP printer must be connected using Wi - Fi Protected Setup push button, then disconnects.

    I installed the latest version of my HP printer software and driver.

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    I can't access page interal printer by opening

    I use the router Linksys and Windows 7.

    Is there something I'm doing in the router?

    Thank you very much


    I replaced the router and my problem was solved, I suppose that there was a problem in the router.

    Thanks a lot for help.

  • Qosmio F20 wireless no longer works

    He had only a few days when first turned on it finds my network fine, used for two days, then when not pulled up the next day no network. My second laptop works fine, as does my Ipaq and PSP. The router is completely basic without security etc. it's 3com.
    Any ideas why this would work for a few days and just hen end? Can not think, I changed anything.
    Kind regards


    First check if the WLan switch is on. Then check the FN + F8 key combination and switch the WLan.
    In addition, go to the Device Manager and check if the wireless adapter is properly installed.
    Otherwise-->, reinstalling WLan driver

    Check the WLan settings in the properties of connections WLan.
    Check whether the windows to allow option to configure the WiFi network is enabled

  • Qosmio F20-136 - card WLan keeps signal loss

    The connection on my wifi card intel pro/wireless 2200BG for my qosmio F20 - 136 is unstable and keeps the Cup down to 1mbs.
    Can anyone help?

    I read a lot of suggestions concerning the question of WLan Intel 2200BG and to be honest, for the most part a WLan driver update should help to address these issues.

    I recommend to visit the Intel driver page and to download the Intel WLan driver for wireless Intel 2200BG card!

    Then, remove the old WLan driver and install the most recent!

  • Qosmio F20: cannot get broadband wireless

    I just purchased a Qosmio F20 age of 8 months, and bought a Netgear rangemax wireless router so that I can go wireless. The only problem is, I don't know how!

    I bought a wireless card for my old computer (the one that the qosmio replaced) and it was facing up and running in two minutes, so the router is ok, but I don't know how to "go wireless" on an integrated card. I contacted a help forum and they suggested that my wireless card for laptop may not work and to contact toshiba for updated bios?

    you tell me how to check and get an update if necessary?

    Thank you!


    on the Support pages, you will find BIOS-downloads.


    It is quite simple to find the BIOS for your model, download and install it.
    But it is not necessary to get the Wireless LAN to work.

    Since you have the old PC to go online with Wifi, you must have at least basic knowledge how to configure the computer to connect to an existing network.
    Please tell us what steps you have taken to implement the F20.



  • Need drivers for the wireless on Qosmio F20

    Hi how are you?
    I have a Qosmio F20 and I need to go wireless, but I am not able.
    I checked the device manager and I only find 1394 Net adapt.
    Download any driver from site Qosmio F20?

    Thank you very much

    At the bottom of the unit, you should find a label of the WLan card.
    If the WLan card rating fails, I guess that your phone does not support a minPCI wireless network card.

    As macdreamy1984 has also suggested the card WLan must be listed in the device under network adapters Manager if it has been installed on the laptop

  • Wireless connection keeps disconnecting - Satellite C650 16U


    My wireless connection keeps disconnecting frequently and I have to reconnect manually. I don't think that it is a router problem, that this does not happen with the other laptop which is used in my house. Any ideas why this is?

    Thank you

    Hi mate

    I recommend you in Win 7 the power management of the energy saving settings.
    There you can change (disable) WLan Card to save energy.
    It helped in my case.

    Please also check this thread:

    As I have said; power management setting is the key, you must also update the WLan driver!

  • Re: Need MAC LAN + LAN wireless for my Qosmio F20-155 stolen

    My laptop Toshiba Qosmio F20-155 was stolen.
    I have the product number.
    How can I get MAC LAN and WIRELESS LAN for the chance to find this laptop?
    Thanks in advance!

    You have the serial number?

  • Qosmio F20-155 wireless internet is too slow

    I got another laptop with me that surfing on the net fast but when I use my Qosmio is quite slow?
    Is this something with the settings or all portable Qosmios are the same?
    Help me please!


    AFAIK the Qosmio F20 was delivered with the 802. 11 b/g WLan standard.
    Generally, the settings are set to b and g. In this case, you can use both options. But if settings are only to b, so the card only uses this standard.
    The 802. 11 b is slower then 802.11 g
    Speed wise 802. 11 b provides up to 11mpbs gross rate or on 5.5 Mbps after Protocol. 802 11 b is compatible with working with the largest number of installed networks, including all the public hotspots. 802 11 b is also backward compatible with 802.11 products g, because they use all both the frequency of 2.5 ghz ISM band.
    802.11 g has gross rate 54Mbps or about 20mbps throughput after real Protocol or 45mbps overload in turbo mode. If your application involves high speed bypass or copy large files, over 100 MB then 802.11 g is worth watching. Distance wise 802.11 g will only provide the maximum 54 Mbps connection nearby usually less than 100 feet. After this, the connection returns to 802. 11B speeds. Access 802.11 g compatibility points can be set in mode dual b and g taken in charge. There is a problem with this from only a 802. 11B client associates all clients on the network are expelled downwards for 802. 11B speeds. This can be solved by putting in only g mode access point.

  • My HP Windows 7 keeps disconnecting wireless laptop.

    original title: HP/Win7 wireless issues

    My wireless guard disconnect on a computer but other computers on the network even stay connected.  Restart my modem and the router for a few minutes fixed this, but the problem comes back.  I thought it would be a driver or registry problem.  I appreciate all the comments.

    Had the same problem with my new HP sleekbook touch. It kept disconnecting from the network every few minutes... I have tried everything that I could think of, disabled firewall, various tools, anti-virus software modified, twisted parameters, disabled startup items... NOTHING HAS WORKED... Then I went to my router and changed the setting to channel selection automatically to 'always use the channel five' (random selection) MY laptop has not disconnected once since... :) :) :) Hope it helps you too...

  • Qosmio F20 with Vista: display is not wake up from sleep/standby

    I hope someone can stop pulling my hair out - please!
    I have a Qosmio f20-136 that I upgraded to 2 GB of RAM. I managed to install Ultimate Visa on what actually works very well. I get a score of 3.4 Visa which means Aero works very well. The lowest score of void is actually the CPU (the 1.6 GHz Pentium M) with following 3D graphics to 3.9 with the Geforce Go 6600.

    However, I have an annoying problem.
    Hibernate works very well - he hibernates and returned very well. I have the power button set for the Hibernate now and also in the start menu power button.
    If I close the lid it goes to sleep and when I opened the lid it picks up perfectly. There is the sound of a device connection / disconnection when I open and close the lid.

    However, here's the problem. I would like to use the power button to sleep rather than hibernation and I don't want to wear and tear on the hinges of the screen by keep opening and closing the lid. So, I tried to set the power button to sleep and also tried selecting sleep in the start menu options. In both cases, the machine goes to sleep but then a problem when I try to resume.

    The powers of the machine upward but the screen is black. Everything is alive, but I don't see anything.
    If I unplug the power cable and plug again (which changes the brightness of the screen), then it comes to life. If I close and re - open the lid, it comes to life. Nothing else he raises.

    Some would say that I'm picky because I'm almost there with vista, but I dearly would solve this issue. Can anyone help please.

    Currently using the video driver 97.52. I installed the added G30 package (without the energy control) that works. FN buttons not working (although the multimedia keys - if anyone has a solution for that I wouldn't be thrilled!.) I tried support button for the G30 but does not work).

    Please help if you can.


    Try to install Nvidia Driver 156.72

    from there: -.


    Good luck

  • El Capitan to 10.11.6 now airport Time Machine keeps disconnecting update

    I've just updated El Capitan to 10.11.6.  Now the airport Time Machine keeps disconnecting. Any suggestions?

    Time Machine is a software on your Mac, which is used to save the contents of your Mac (s) at an airport Time Capsule.

    An Airport Time Capsule is a wireless router with a hard drive built-in, designed to store backups Time Machine of your Mac (s).

    With this in mind, could you give more details about the problem you are having?  Disconnection from the airport Time Capsule or disconnecting from Time Machine?

    Do you get any error messages? If so, what exactly is the message that you receive?

  • Wireless guard disconnection on Satellite T110

    Hi, I just bought a T110.

    Everything works fine except the wireless, it keeps disconnecting.
    I've read on the Web from Toshiba site is made to save energy, so I changed the network adapter settings so that it will go to off when running on battery power.
    After I restarted several times, it still has the same problem. Am I the only one having this problem? How can I solve this problem?

    Kind regards


    > I've read on the Web from Toshiba site is made to save energy, so I changed the network adapter settings so that it will go to off when running on battery

    Where did you change these settings? In Vista/Win7 power management?
    Please note that these settings can be changed there too.

    In addition it s recommended to update the WLan driver and checking if the BIOS is updated.

    WLan driver can be downloaded here:

    Welcome them

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