Qosmio G20: Fan makes an awkward noise when he turns around

Hey everybody,
Another problem, but not Vista! Although it is always a problem!

My exhaust fan makes a clunky noise when it runs. I hear it's going along and round like a noise of rachetty and then at other times its fine.

Someone at - he had this?
Should I open and give it a clean?



It's not easy to tell if the fan is malfunctioning or not.
Qosmio G20 is a laptop very powerful and cooling modules are larger and stronger as modules on any of cooling for powerful laptop.
If you use the solid performance applications such as games or videos of the cooling modules will work with maximum performance and are stronger.

But of course; the cooling module could malfunction. In this case, it must be replaced.

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    Kind regards
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  • Windows XP Home edition does not recognize new HDD on the Qosmio G20

    I have a Qosmio G20/390LS bought a year ago, when I worked at the Japan, I tried to upgrade the hard drive with a new HD 100 GB Hitachi SATA but I faced a problem that XP does not recognize the HD.
    For your reference, the Bios sees the new HD, when I install the XP operating system I load the driver downloaded from the Toshiba Web site but no way RAID with F6... XP does not recognize the HD.

    Do you have any idea how to fix?
    Thank you


    Computers portable Japanese are unknown to me, but if this laptop comes with two hard drives and RAID option do not forget the good option is set in the BIOS. Without the right BIOS setting you will not be able to install the OS.

    On Qosmio G30, I was able to install Vista when for two HDD HARD drive settings were 0-RAID-1. Check it please and let us know.

  • Essential B keyboard Qosmio G20

    Hi all

    I am a new user on the forum and I hope someone can help.
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    As I touch type do not notice until all the words are scrambled is driving me crazy.


    Are you sure you're not accidentally the track stick and causing a "click"? I had this problem until I disabled him "enable Tapping" for the mouse pad. Drove me crazy as well!


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    I have some further thoughts on this. Are you sure that the manual tray loading produces noise? They use different pickup assemblies. If we have confirmed both tray 2 and Tray 1 (manual feed tray) produce the same noise that we have to look at what they have in common. Toner, transfer roller, editing of the main landing gear, & fuser.

    What type of toner cartridge do you use? If possible can you exchange with others and print a test page? If the problem persists, what is the number of pages on the printer? Have you recently replaced a maintanece kit?

    I work for HP, supporting the HP Experts, who volunteer their time and expertise to help others.

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  • Qosmio G20 - left cooling fan turns noise at startup

    After installing the BIOS ver 1.3, when the laptop computer powers until the cooling fan left running so strong, I thought it might burn or smoke.
    After windows has completely turn on the fan turns off after about 5 minutes.

    If I restart the pc, the fan is operating normally.
    Has anyone else had this problem, can I might get their hands on the older version of BIOS?
    It is pulling my hair.

    Hello Anderson

    Sorry, but your ad is a bit confusing to me.

    > If I restart the pc, the fan is operating normally.
    Restart or normally power is almost the same. Updates means you have noticed this fan cooling problem once right after the BIOS?

    Please watch carefully what happens the next few days. If the behavior of cooling is always strange I recommend you contact the service.
    In the end, one thing is strange. Qosmio G20 isn't the newest model and this version of BIOS is not either yesterday, but you are the first person who has noticed this.

  • Qosmio G20: constantly from the noise of the left when speaker microphone webcam enabled


    Is that what someone has successfully installed the logitech quickcam 5000 on their Qosmio G20? I can only use it with the microphone disabled - enabling it results in constant "noise" of the speaker left (or earphone).
    It would be nice to get this working...

    Thanks in advance,



    I found this useful document of Toshiba which describes the very similar problem:

    Maybe it helps

  • Qosmio G20-127: very strange noise coming from HARD drive

    I have a problem with my "hdd2" I believe that I have a Qosmio G20-127
    It all started yesterday... and now it's like this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3Pzea1xMR8) this noise that makes me sic.

    Please help me and tell me what to do to get rid of him...

    Thank you.

    You sound queue is no longer available ;(
    But if you're 100% HARD drive makes any strange noises, then you must create a backup of HARD drive.
    Several months ago my HARD drive died and the day before I noticed some strange noises. Today, I know it's HDD ;(

  • If your Qosmio G20 I slow-> check your fan!


    I found my Qosmio G20 to be incredibly slow, especially in the e/s (HDD) operations and also in games.

    Games like CS, Battlefield 2, etc got very low fps, I tried to reinstall the OS, new drivers, detonator, tweaking drivers drivers and finally I installed Vista.

    Of course, I thought that vista would improve performance and there are no, however only at this stage, I accepted that this laptop is quite obvious horrible for game purposes, which I thought was kind of weird, because she is a "multimedia" with 2 GB ram, 200 GB raid-0, 2.13 ghz pentium m laptop geforce go6600.

    I know the 6600 is not high-end, but it should support the cs: s, etc.

    A few days ago, my laptop suddenly turned off while I woke up in the morning (I let it run 24/7).
    Then on Friday, he started the turn off self while working on it: S

    It's when I installed a HW monitoring tool and saw that the CPU had a temperature of 111 degrees celsius!
    I swapped the battery of performance profile to save battery and it has lowered to 106 degrees celsius.

    Now, I'll just send the laptop to the service, such as when it was purchased 3 years extended warranty, as well as the on-site repair has been paid for.
    I was however unable to get contact with support on Friday.
    In any case, you fan might be bad, even if it does not vibrate.

    I'd install HW monitor tools if you get the same symptoms, very slow, slow IO uninstalls, installs, etc. Especially under Vista.

    Hey Olav Alexander

    Thanks for this information
    You are right. Qosmio G20 is a portable high quality with great performance. I tested this unit and played a lot of games. The performance of the game were lavish; I didn't notice the intermissions of any graphic or speed

    That's why I think he had a problem with your laptop hardware, as you say the temperature has risen to critical levels and this can be caused by the defective cooling module. The performance of the computer laptop and games down automatically if the temperature is too high because the CPU can't run at full speed. It is a normal state.
    I guess after the fan replacement or cleaning, the laptop must be running as should be.
    Don t worry dude the technician will perform a work ;)

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