Qosmio G20 - how to install with a single drive HARD and without RAID?

I would like to implement G20 Qosimo new with Windows XP 32.
I bought a new hard drive and put it on the slot 1. I would like to run without any RAID (slot 2 is so empty)

XP installation CD not found HD
I went into the BIOS to see if the HD was there - HD is considered normal
then I thought that I have to change RAID JBOD (page 3 of the BIOS), but it did not work
I have confirmed with the button of 1234 - but nothing happened.

In another task, they said to install the RAID-(pressant F6,... tout en commencer l'installation de XP) drivers
I put the drivers on a USB - but the system will not detect it (and there is no floppy drive)

I don't know how to install XP on this laptop.
Any tips?



Can you get the external floppy drive (floppy drive) and load the RAID drivers using this disc which should be connected using the USB port?

This floppy drive, you can buy on eBay for a few euros.

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    That's easy, you need the RAID driver which can be downloaded from the Toshiba driver page.
    Then you use the external USB FDD drive and the floppy with this RAID driver for installation.
    During the installation of Windows XP Setup will ask you for most drivers.

    Then you press F6 to install the RAID driver. Notes; After installing the driver RAID don't format the HARD drive again!

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  • Qosmio G20: How to disable/bypass SCMS-T for adiosyn with a bluetooth headset?

    Hello all,.

    I recently bought a set of bluetooth stereo headphones (Creative CB2350) and found that, because of the inclusion of SCMS-T copyright protection I can't audiosync directly to my computer laptop bluetooth stack (Qosmio G20). The headphones come with an audio jack adapter (bluetooth transmitter), but it runs on a single AAA battery and cannot last more than an hour; So I need to connect without it.

    Is there a way to disable or circumvent the requirement for protection by copyright SCMS-T in the last toshiba bluetooth stack? and if not why not? I paid a lot of money for my Qosmio and my helmet and I'm leaving furious inclusion deliberate software/firmware designed to keep me from using my material for legitimate purposes (i.e. what they were designed to do).

    Please help me,
    Lee ([email protected])

    PS: Frankly I didn't really a problem with DRM technology before that, but now I can see how irritating and pointless DRM is. Compare the number of people using bluetooth devices for piracy (negligible) number of bluetooth headset that does not support the MAN - T (a lot if all my google searches are anything to go by) and see you how stupid the idea of DRM via bluetooth is really.
    In my opinion not so humble large commercial companies like toshiba should woven converluted pap as SCMS-T as a matter of appeal; the final user does not want to spend several years download licenses and scouring the web only to find out access to his material is totally useless. (Sorry for the rant, but that's how I feel).

    You're right, I completely agree with you.
    The problem here probably that Toshiba is a little anxious summer continued in the music industry, if users use technology to copy copy-protected music.
    I think that it should be possible to transfer the responsibility of the end user by some sort of agreement, that the user must confirm once by a mouse click during installation.

    I already had a discussion with Toshiba customer service on this issue. They informed me that they reconsider this issue and try to find a solution for this. The odds are so good
    that a future version of the BT-stack will be the ability to disable the GUY.

  • Qosmio G20 156: clean install?


    I am new to the arena for laptop and am the proud owner of the Qosmio G20 156 fantastic.

    I was wondering what people recommend doing the first thing when you receive... in what respect the sofware & operating system; Is it a good idea to perform a clean installation of Windows and the format of the HARD drive? I'm asking this is because some laptops come with a lot of junkware? If so, it's a very simple process using the recovery discs or I just would open the Pandora's box of possible complications?

    I'm quite proficient with installing the drivers etc.

    Any advice much appreciated!


    Well, it s beautiful that you're proficient with installing the driver, but is not everything you need to know.
    This device uses a RAID technology and you will need to also install the RAID drivers, etc.
    I don t recommend to format anything or install the new OS. Toshiba programs and applications are installed on the new Qosmio because it s a laptop top of range with many features. The latest features need these applications.

    But of course it s your device and you decided what and how is running on your laptop.
    I have this case you can use the image of Toshiba and you can remove some programs from the laptop computer in Add and remove programs

    It is a simpler way.

  • Qosmio G20: How to make a dual-boot?

    I have three partitions on my Qosmio G20.
    I run WinXP on one and use a larger data.
    The third partition is able to run Vista in (whenever that will happen).
    I did it on other PCs with a RAID-0 configuration, but which required a floppy with the RAID driver during installation.
    There is no floppy on the Qosmio, so how can I work around this obstacle?



    Usually the Windows operating system offers a clean startup application.
    You should get a boot order (manager) automatically if you have installed two different systems on the device.
    But nevertheless you can use also 3rd party applications

  • Qosmio G20 - How can I get the tuner to work?


    I have a Toshiba Qosmio G20. :) It has windows xp professional installed.

    I can access the Qosmio Player (by pressing the tv button) while the laptop is turned off. Get a snowy picture.

    I donnot have a remote control. I'm from South Africa.

    If anyone can help with the following text:

    -Do I need a remote to tune to a frequency of psecific?
    -If no, how I tune to a specific frequency without remote?
    -How to access the user interface of the Qosmio player?
    -The Qosmio accessible from Windows player?
    Is there a guide on how to install and use the Qosmio player? If so, please provide the download link.

    Thank you


    How do you watch TV?
    Which player Qosmio do you have?
    AFAIK the Qosmio Player versions 4.3 and older do not support the DVB - T signal.

    Also I m not very good if you want to be able to receive TV channels in South Africa if this Qosmio G20 was released in European countries.
    The point is that the internal tuner would not receive the signals due to the different PAL/NTSC settings.

    Regarding scanning of channels:
    Please check this thread:

    In order to run the scan, you need to start the Qosmio player, press the F1 key and enter the Setup program.
    Here, you can do a scan. You n t need the remote!

    The other fact is that the Qosmio Player is not Windows-based applications and you cannot start if Windows. If Windows is running while you use MCE (Media Center) instead of Qosmio player.

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