Qosmio G30-126 - how to hide/show the top bar?

How active hide/show the top bar on the upper side desk, but disappeared how can I return it again?

You want to have some Flash cards on top of the desktop computer?
This isn't a problem

In all programs-> Toshiba-> Utilities-> settings for Flash cards, you can activate this option!

Check it!

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  • Qosmio G30-126 - how to access the bios!

    I have a laptop Qosmio G30-126 and I don't know the key to enter the bios to change real estate for the HARD drive or something... then how to access the bios? What is the key for the bios?


    Try pressing the F2 key by turning on the device.
    The Toshiba notebooks supported the ESC and then F1 button
    If these two options are possible

  • Qosmio G30-126: how simultaneously connect analog TV and TV satellite

    Hi, I have a Qosmio G30-126 and you have a problem with receiving simultaneous TV analog (by TV-in the port of integrated TV tuner) and satellite satellite set - top box (by AV-in ports).

    I can't program Windows Media Center for analog TV (but not satellite STB) per port, TV antenna and it works perfectly.
    I can't program Windows Media Center for digital satellite STB (but no TV analog) channels by AV-in port and it works perfectly.
    But I can't program Windows Media Center for the two TV analog I satellite STB, because during programming WMC forces me to choose between analog satellite or cable or SATELLITE box and does not allow me to choose two signal sources.

    For me, it's a big problem, because I have cable (analog) TV and satellite STB with digital channels. And I want to watch all the channels on my Qosmio.
    Could someone help me?

    >... because during the WMC program forces me to choose between analog satellite or cable or SATELLITE box and does not allow me to choose two signal sources.
    I think that in this statement you answered your question. I got Qosmio G30 a long time ago, and I also know that WMC can't handle with two sources of signals at the same time.
    To confirm that contact Microsoft and ask them. I mean that they have designed WMC and know how it works exactly.

    Toshiba has to provide suitable equipment (TV tuner) to provide the TV option on this laptop.

  • Qosmio G30-116: how to connect to the Sky Digital box to watch TV?

    I recently bought the Qosmio G30-116, with the understanding that I can connect my digital Sky to the laptop (somehow) and watch and record the sky on the laptop

    * note: I do not use TNT or TV I'm on SKY DIGITAL *.
    SINA the converter cable provided to connect the video in on the laptop (video is like a headfone Jack and converter converts to this female RCA/RCA)

    I connected on the laptop and then connect a RCA 3 SCART toward it then in the area of the sky, when you set up the TV section in Windows Media Center, I followed the instructions until it gets to the point where it scans a signal, (before that I wonder what kind of signal that I receive, I select digital but have tried all combinations in) but it does not find a signal.

    Now I was told that Windows Media Center doesn't support analog input and the connection between the sky and the laptop is analog.
    Is this correct or not? then, while typing this I learned by someone else that my laptop is not capable of receiveing SKY DIGITAl as it cannot decode or something. Is that also correct? If not, can what am I doing wrong, and someone help me to get it going? And I go about it the right way or I'm quite the wrong way if the laptop is capable of it?

    Hi Liam

    AFAIK if you are using an external receiver (sat receiver or even sky digital box) the laptop can bring out just what external device send to the laptop. You can connect your external case to the laptop using composite to the port (transfer of video and audio signals). After that, you can start Qosmioplayer and analyze the available channels.

    You will find a program, but the different channels, you must select the box itself. If a channel must be registered, use Qosmioplayer save option.

    The same must be possible with WMCE. I'm not 100% sure but I also think that the connection between laptop and Skype is analog.

    Sorry, but that's all I know about Qosmio. I tested it with Qosmio G20.

  • How we hide/show the desktop in Windows 7 background?

    I managed to hide the background image.  I didn't know I would be able to watch your desktop mono color fade, and I didn't know that it is this difficult to correct!  NOWHERE in the databases Windows have people has managed to do this.  I have chosen in my slide show of photos, my memory card is fine as I got it initially, but it's really amazing to me how I can't find answers to a simple problem.

    No, he said no solid colors.  I change the selection, save and that doesn't change anything.  :(

    A final suggestion:

    Start > Control Panel > accessibility > last option at the bottom, "make it easier to focus on the task > under playback position, uncheck 'Remove background Images as appropriate' > OK"

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    I found that I can browse all the elements in the document to help


    where i is the page element identified by the index of the i - th in the pageItems collection.

    What is not clear, however, is how to get the visibility of this element of the page state. Indeed, there is a visbilityVariable of property associated with the elements of the page, but when I try to 'control' the content with an alert message, I get "undefined".

    Is there the best ways through all elements in a document? Ideally, I would like all the elements of access regardless of the weather, they are elements of the path, group items, items of text frame or what have you. I need this collection in the State of visibility of each item read/write. Thank you!

    "visibilityVariable" is for "data-driven graphics", regardless of those who may be. Try the property 'hidden' instead.

    JoarBolstad wrote:

    Is there the best ways through all elements in a document? Ideally, I would like all the elements of access regardless of the weather, they are elements of the path, group items, items of text frame or what have you.

    Don't worry, you got it right first time. 'PageItem' is the global superclass of all the graphic elements. Starting from the ESTK help (rather, my version as well):

    PageItem class
    A page element object.

    Superclass of CompoundPathItem, GraphItem, GroupItem, LegacyTextItem, MeshItem, NonNativeItem, PathItem, PlacedItem, PluginItem, RasterItem, SymbolItem and TextFrameItem

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    Hello world

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    Here, when the Dept_id value is selected as 20, then the field "supervisor_name" must be posted, for the rest of the values, that it must be hidden.
    How this can be done using Jquery?
    Thank you.

    Look at this http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=46417:26

    Test/test connection

    JavaScript Code: Add in the page header > javascript

    function test(pThis) {
     //get the curren row index on change
     var currIndex = $('select[name="'+pThis.name+'"]').index($x(pThis.id));
     if (pThis.value=='20') {
      $('input[name="f01"]')[currIndex].style.display = 'block';
     else {
      $('input[name="f01"]')[currIndex].style.display = 'none';

    In the element, add attributes column deptno

  • Remove the top bar when you start Windows

    How can I keep the top bar that appears when I start Windows from popping up automatically? It is with the Explorer solutions, help, games, etc. It appears in the upper part of the screen.

    Hi Greenpoet 73,

    Click on 'start '.
    Type "msconfig" in the search box
    Press enter
    clicks zone UAC (user account control)
    Click on the "Startup" tab
    There will be a program from your computer manufacturer (Dell PC is delldock. HP/compaq PC it is called HP advisor.) Clear this check box to make the bar appears only not at startup.

  • Can Qosmio G30-126 - I use the frequency refresh screen, more than 60?

    My laptop Qosmio G30-126

    My screen refresh rate is 60. There is an option only "60". How can I show more than 70-75-85.
    Type as generic pnp monitor monitor show

    Thank you


    Please check this Toshiba document where you can find an answer to your question:

    Welcome them

  • Qosmio G30-126 - black screen after the awakening of the mode standby


    If I just put my Qosmio G30 - 126 mode (button or just close the housing cover) sleep it start back only with black screen. HD is being run but nothing else. I have to turn it off and start again with the start-up. Of course come screen with menu to speak of a problem... Don't have pictures. The resolution is minimum, I have to change.

    I'm please that reinstallation of the system, it's not what can solve problems.
    My question who will pay the time if she will not solve the problems, they said that it will be in all cases.

    Why I bought the warranty?

    PS. Admin confirms my messages...

    Post edited by: ADMIN

    Found this thread and I would like to share my knowledge with your
    I had a similar problem several months ago on my laptop with the XP operating system preinstalled.

    The MS patch KB917332 helped.

    [The monitor does not light when you move the mouse or press a key after you have configured the 'Power Options' settings on a Windows XP SP2 laptop | http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917332]

    See you soon

  • Driver problem Tuner TV PCI DVB-T/analog on Qosmio G30-126 & Win7 64 bit

    Hi all!

    I have red all messages on problem Toshiba PCI TV DVB-T/Analog hybrid Tuner on Toshiba Qosmio G30-126 and Windows 7 64-bit (x 64).
    Unfortunately, I did not find solution in messages.

    I have computers portable two Toshiba, former a Toshiba Qosmio G30-126 & new a Toshiba Qosmio G50 - 12K.
    On the new there is no problem with drivers and the new Windows 7.

    On the old but there are 2 problems. We're with the drivers for the buttons that do not exist. 2nd problem and more iritating is problem driver Toshiba PCI TV DVB-T/Analog hybrid Tuner (x 64) (code 39).

    Now, I know that here probobly is no expert Toshiba ppl, but if there is any1 who has solved this problem, pls explain below how you did... at least until the Toshiba decide to new drivers relese in the near future.

    Kind regards.

    Hey mate

    The problem is that there is no Win 7 64 bit drivers made the Qosmio G30 series.
    You have to collect the drivers with your own hands!

    Here you will find a nice display:

    You can test the Tuner driver for the Qosmio G45 - xxx series that seems to be compatible with the G30.

    See you soon

  • Qosmio G30-126 (PQG32E) - very slow performance of HARD drive

    I have improved my Qosmio G30 126 at 4 GB of Ram, SSD 64 HDD as windows7 boot partition and 500 GB 7200 64cache HARD drive as drive HARD secondary but I have a very slow HARD drive performance when working in windows7, but when I work on a virtual machine Windows XP, the disk HARD perforemance is fine.

    I've upgraded all drivers from toshiba.com for windows7 ultimate 32-bit drivers including drivers from the chipset intel but my problem is not solved. I also check all other performance issues and its OK.

    The same problem exsists on my old HARD drive on Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit and Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit.

    I used HD tune software to check my HARD drive it accelerates gives about 100bps in windows 7 for my SSD and it gives 285mbps (this is the actual read speed) in the machine virtual Windows XP and the actual speed is significantly different.

    Please tell me what to do because I suffer from my laptop very slow and spend a lot of mony on it without more.


    To be honest it is really hard to tell why you have slow HARD drive performance but especially it s associated with a large number of programs they are running in the background. How many processes are started after Windows starts?

    Also, the antivirus program may affect the performance of the computer. I would recommend using the AntiVir freeware tool and the Windows Firewall. That's enough if keep you Windows up-to-date and use a new Internet browser.

    Also check the other discussions of the forum on the slow performance. You can find a lot of useful tips to improve performance. For example:
    -Defragment HARD drive
    -Disable the startup programs you don't need
    -Uninstall unnecessary programs
    -Run the CCleaner tool to remove old registry keys

  • Qosmio G30 - 126 - hdd instaltion Win7 or Vista appears

    Hi all

    I have a Qosmio g30-126 system.
    I don't have the recovery CD.
    I want to install the Win7 or Win Vista.
    It is not showing me the two 200 + 200 HARD drive.

    Please tell to me what I'm doing.

    Hi mate

    I think that you don t need a driver SATA, but RAID driver!

    AFAIK the Qosmio G30 supports RAID and so you must include the RAID driver.
    Visit the page of European driver of Toshiba and download the RAID driver that is listed in the list.

    Note: Choose the Archive in the Type of product because G30 is an old series.

    After having downloaded and uzipped the driver, you need to add this driver during Windows Setup configuration.

  • Qosmio G30-126 + graphic card GeForce 7600


    as I've written before this graphics card was without original driver NVidia for Vista. I was always in trouble with graph and when it came the first update in October 2007, I was happy, but there remained only the Toshiba driver (nothing original for Vista to the web pages of NVidia). Later on came another bet to level, but still not original and it show me that the driver is named now GeForce 7650GS. Last week, I download driver direct from NVidia web.

    Any person of any kind - change the name of the driver?


    I put t know where you found the name of the graphics card but the Qosmio G30-126 was equipped with the NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600 name Code G73M graphics chip.

    The graphics driver Vista and XP is available on the Toshiba page.

    It s own modified Toshiba graphic driver and you should always use the graphics drivers from the Toshiba page to prevent the equipment from damage

    Good bye

  • Lack of "automatically hide and show the menu bar.

    Hi all, I want to hide my menu bar. I watched how disappear - it turns out that the checkbox "automatically hide / show menu bar" is missing. It is supposed to be under "use donkere menubalk en donker Dock. Why is it missing?  Thank you very much!

    Hi Mjappie

    This feature has been added in El Capitan.

    You must update to 10.11.3 to hide and show the menu bar.

Maybe you are looking for

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