Qosmio G30-175: how to install Qosimo Player after changing RAID

I noticed on my G30-175 x 2 80 GB hard drive, I had the opportunity to do RAID1 but don't want that.
I want RAID0, I understand that I have to rebuild, said drivers on the disk that is ready to go, but I noticed that the player seems to use a small partition on the hard disk 1.
After I changed the raid settings in the Bios I assume that that info will be lost so now, during reconstruction, which will be reinstalled from the cd rocevery aswell?

Help me please



You re right. Changing the settings in the BIOS RAID leads to loss of data on the hard drives.
= RAID0 mirroring. This means that all data are saved on the first HARD disk will also be stored on the HARD drive second.

So I guess that the Qosmio Player will be installed on the first HARD drive on a small partition.
Do you have the Qosmio Player recovery CD?
If Yes, then you should be able to reinstall this application.

Note: To my knowledge the recovery CD contains only the operating system, drivers and utilities but not a Qosmio Player. So you must install it in addition form the Qosmio CD player!

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    So now I need a new Qosmio G30 - 161 XP MCE install CD. Now, I've heard that there are a few programs, Fx. nLite, which can put drivers into XP installation. Is this true? I have a Win XP Prof instal cd.

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    A response is much appreciated and wanted :) Please help me out here. I thank very you much in advance!


    Yes, you can use the freeware software nLite to build your own windows CD and include the various drivers.

    With regard to the point:

    (1) I think you should google for nLite, because much useful documentation and instruction how to use the program nLite.
    (2) If your laptop supports the RAID drive I would recommend including only the RAID driver. Other drivers, you can install after the installation of Windows operating system
    (3) nLite is ok
    (4) you can order the new collection of EPA, which is responsible for your country.

    Best regards

  • Qosmio G30 - capacity of the HARD drive even after disable RAID

    Hi all

    I have a G30 with two hard drives, which were broadcast in RAID 1 configuration for a year now. For RAID 1, I activated the mirroring and everything worked perfectly.

    However, I'm now running out of space so I turned off mirroring using RAID console.
    My question is "why do I always see the same capacity of HARD drive when I go on my computer? I hope that there is a simple answer to this.

    Thank you for Uncle Bob.

    Can you see the drive in disk management?
    Perhaps the HARD drive is not enabled or needs to be formatted.

    And the BIOS recognizes the another HARD drive?

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    Hello people, I once again.

    My 2 week old Qosmio G30 - 175 has a DVD-RAM drive that now appears in my computer as a CD player. As a result (I think) it will not automatically DVD playback. I can play manually through the media library or WMP, but no option does appear in the properties of the drive for auto, DVD playback.

    Can someone tell me why this happened? It is used to appear as a DVD - RAM drive. The only thing I did was to install Nero Premium. Who would have something to do with it?

    Thank you very much.


    Some people here in the forum have had problems with burning and DVD recognition because the different burning applications were installed on the operating system.
    Try to remove the other burning software and use only Nero.

  • Qosmio G30-175 - where to find RAID driver for Windows 7?

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    Have you ever tried the Vista driver? If this isn't the case, you need to test, because most of the Vista drivers are also work on Windows 7.
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com > support & downloads > download drivers

    I hope it will work for you, but you can give us feedback on this subject. I think it could be interesting to other people, too. ;)

    Good bye

  • Looked for a driver updated - should I all? Qosmio G30-175

    Hello people, new user here Toshiba.
    Last week, I bought a Qosmio G30-175. After an installation of Bluetooth problem, all right.
    I updated the BIOS updated today v1.70 (even if the version of Windows would not work)!
    I thought I'd do a search updates of pilot and I find 86 updates appear!
    Someone could tell me if all of these updates are only available for use, or my laptop especially requires all these updates?
    Thanks in advance.


    What? 86 drivers?
    Are you sure? I checked the driver Toshiba Qosmio G30 - 175 page (PQG30E) and found only 50 drivers for Windows XP MCE.
    But two entries in the list of 50 drivers! For example there are 2 BIOS, 2 LAN drivers, different modem drivers, etc. listed.

    In the installation instructions document, you must install only the drivers and utilities that are listening. This guide line is important and if you install the Toshiba drivers manually, you should follow this guide line.

    You will also find the document in the section of the driver

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    When I start the laptop, it starts well and windows start too thin.
    But a few early screen minute flicker and everything on the screen disappear and all the screen do cover with kind of pixels.

    Could someone please advice me, what went wrong for this laptop. Is the motherboard or card went graph.
    If so, how can I get it fixed at a great price.
    Is it possible to change the graphics card.

    much thanks

    Hi mate

    I think I have bad news for you.
    According to your description the graphics card chip begins to malfunction, and I think you have only one chance to solve this problem; the defective part must be replaced!

    I would recommend so contact the nearest authorized service partner in your country and ask for later handling.

    Sorry mate but it isn't alternative :(

    Good luck

  • Qosmio G30-175: why the properties system tell Media Center 2002 and not 2005?


    I have a qosmio g30-175, it says on the sticker of the authentication windows on my laptop computer Media center 2005, the problem is that when I check the system properties in Control Panel, it says units media center 2002 SP2. I find it confusing, Toshiba gave me the wrong version, or is it quite normal.

    I installed windows by using the recovery disk of the product came with my computer.

    Thank you.

    Don't worry man. Everything is ok! You have a MCE 2005 version

    You have simply checked versions MCE in the wrong way!
    If you want to check the MCE versions open media center, click on "settings", then click "about media center". The version of MCE will appear.

    What you're watching now is the version of XP/OS. The XP is the Foundation for MCE. ;)

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