Qosmio G30-220: HD-DVD via HDMI - error message Impossible to export the signal


When I play a HD-DVD on my G30-220 LCD_panel, it works like a charm (with the Toshiba HD - DVD player software).

When I switch to dualview to export the signal through HDMI to my LCD TV (HDCP), I get an error message:

' Cannot implement the signal. Please switch to the internal display "(this is not the exact English message. I get the error message in Dutch and I've translated).


As much as I know the dual display is not possible. Either watch you on LCD display or on the TV. The two of them at the same time will not work. Reason because it's the protection against copying, and also because of very high data transfer.

I tested it with Qosmio friends on my LCD HD-ready TV.

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    I last updated the BIOS, driver Nvidia, HD DVD and firmware 20071005144518 and 29 [even if a firmware update said there is no such update available with downloaded.]

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    It seems that you are using Vista Ultimate and not the original Vista that was preinstalled on the Qosmio G30.

    I think I know why Toshiba HD player produces this error message.
    Always is that the Toshiba HD player that is on the page of the Toshiba driver is not a full version but only the update. The full version of the HD DVD from Toshiba drive did not appear on the page of the Toshiba driver due to some restrictions.

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    This is why don t forget to back up your data.

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    Central belt IT Services you have serial number for full version under your account.  If you have tried the suggestions in this discussion, without success, then I recommend to install Photoshop Elements 7 in an environment that it has been designed to work.  You can find the minimum requirements for Photoshop Elements 7 to system required. Adobe Photoshop Elements.

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    Hotline or an engineer on the Toshiba site could help me on the issues. Hardware (RAM, hard disk) will have been controlled and that okay.. In addition to the error messages when stop I also got the phenomeonon this laptop is not stopped completely and was for hours (blue screen indicating that the computer stops) until I turned off with the key for 5 seconds.

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    For me it of clear. You have installed so many applications, and some of the background process may be completed when the laptop stops.

    For me its amazing how many applications are running in the background.
    You write something about 71! I also installed many applications, but on my background portable 40 processes are currently running and for me it a very high value.

    I think that you should check you msconfig (type msconfig in the run window) option and check the background processes that are not important. Turn off also automatically load it at initialization of the laptop.

    Unfortunately, but there is no other solution.

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    Your machine has Bluetooth card installed? Is it installed correctly?

  • I get this new error message when you change the properties of generation for an installer in LV2011sp1. - anyone know what it is?

    I built this front Installer. But I think that this is the first time since the upgrade to SP1. Now when I look at just the proerties for Installer build (I have yet to change), I get this error message when I hit the OK button.

    If I select No., it just stops. If I select YES, it seems to go ok. But I have not tried to build a new installer again.

    Anyone know what it is?

    Photo of the message is attached.

    I find it always useful to publish at least part of the error in your post, while others in the future may seek and find the answer.

    I think that you will be able to correct the error by clicking on the option of additional installers on the left pane, and then click OK to save the build.

    You probably asked to point the installer on some files that were missing since the upgrade.  I think that this occurs when the version of something on your computer changes, but the installer doesn't seem to know other installers until you visit the dialog box.  It would be brutal trying to replicate, but I met the same problem before.

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