Qosmio G30 - Media center remote control does not work in windows

Dear all,

I have a Qosmio G30-194,
first I had a problem with VGA, send it for repair, when she comes back, I noticed that the remote does not work on windows Media Center, while that in A / mode V work perfectly.

I tried a full system recovery DVD restore, but nothing has changed, even, I installed Windows Vista with all its pilots.
Nothing has changed too, I borrowed a USB IR received for another remote that it worked perfectly with my remote on windows.

Please advise me what to do, should I send it to the service center, or there is an easier solution.

Mazen h
NB:,: my laptop info are:

PQG32E-01P018AR model number

Thanks in advance


> first of all, I had a problem with VGA, send it for repair, when she comes back, I noticed that the remote does not work on windows Media Center, while that in A / mode V work perfectly.

If you had a problem with the VGA chip then the whole motherboard has been replaced.
Maybe it has something to do with your problem.

Anyway, as far as I know you don t need any special drivers if you want to use the MCE Remote control. For the use of the remote control with Qosmio player you need to connect a USB infrared.

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    I hope someone here can help me.

    Thank you


    Have you ever seen the Toshiba driver download page? You have an older model laptop, so pilots are moved to the archives, but it is possible to download all the drivers:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com > support & downloads > download drivers
    * Archive * > Satellite > Satellite a series > Satellite A200

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    Thank you...

    Post edited by: qazam

    Hi Qazam

    How did you test the remote control?
    What do you mean who does not? Some functions does not work or a complete remote control cannot be used?

    I read the user manual and it seems that the remote will work under Windows mode with WinDVD or Express Media player, and Windows Media Player when the laptop was not started in the Windows operating system.

  • Satellite X 200 - after upgrading Vista remote control does not work


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    You may need to install the infrared driver.
    This driver is required to activate the infrared port on your laptop.

    You can find it here in the X 200 section

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    Correct, because Apple no longer includes the IR sensor in newer models

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    The works of tuner as expected, but the remote has no effect at all, just blinks twice on each press and nothing else.

    I have to mention that the pilot of transmitter/receiver infrared eHome in installed correctly, Windows HID service is running and I also tried the remote on a NECK from Intel with IR integrated without success.

    In addition, as recommended on the back of the remote control, I tried to sync it with the receiver by keeping 'i' and ' # ' pressed for 5 seconds, 6 cm for the receiver, but instead of getting 2 flashes OK, the distance LED stays on for a few minutes and then blinks 4 times.

    I don't really have any other ideas, and I've already lost 2 days trying to get it to work...

    I thought about it, this remote is NOT IR media center remote RC6, even if she looks identical.

    It also works without the tunner AVerMedia DVB - T USB plugged my inclination, because he is using the USB 2.4 GHz key for mouse and keyboard - this is why he needs synchronization.

    So, this can be marked as resolved, it will be useful someone someday.

  • Qosmio G30-223: keyboard key '2' does not work in console/konsole/xterm in Debian


    I installed debian on a qosmio g30-223, it works correctly except the key of a keyboard in console/konsole/xterm.
    Under KDE, all the keys work but when I'm under a console (without xorg), konsole or an xterm, the '2' key (shift + a) does not work.

    It is a french keyboard layout and a card keyboard fr-latin9. Before connecting, the key also works.

    Any ideas?

    Hi face,.

    I have gentoo with 2.6.17 kernel and windowmaker as office. I know this problem. Maybe it s an idea to check the file xorg.conf to map keyboard under X then to change the keymap under console as X replaces the console overview.
    If the worst comes to the worst, try "dpkg - reconfigure console - data ' to choose a new layout for your page layout.
    I think that there are more keymaps under the hull for french available key-layouts, just to play with it. :)

  • Library Media Center browser icon does not work

    Hello I am using Media Center but the program library bowser icon does not work. Message is 'Check services and applications developed for Windows Media Center'.

    Let me know the solution as soon as POSSIBLE.

    Thanks adavance.

    I would like to reset Windows Media Center to see if it helps.

    Uninstall and reinstall the Windows Media Center:
    Step 1.
    Uninstalling in Windows Media Center:
    1. go to start and in the search type "Turn Windows willing or not.
    2. click on "Turn Windows features on or off".
    3. search for multimedia and uncheck the brand in the face of Windows Media Center.
    4 restart the computer
    Step 2.
    Reinstall the Windows Media Center:
    1. go to start and in the search type "Turn Windows willing or not.
    2. click on "Turn Windows features on or off".
    3. find the multimedia functions and place a check mark in front of Windows Media Center.
    4 restart the computer.

    Check the service Windows Media Center is running.
    Right click on computer, go to manage. Then double-click Services.
    Make sure that the following services status is not stopped or disabled.
    Windows Media Center Receiver Service and Windows Media Center Scheduler Service.

    Please let us know if this helped.

    Thank you


  • Satellite A200 remote control does not work with Vista Ultimate

    Anyone know what I have to work for my TOSHIBA (Media Center) remote?

    I had Vista Ultimate installed on my Satellite A200 (PSAE6).

    Remote has worked on software pre-installed that carried out with (he was Deutsch).

    I almost tried everything, all the drivers are installed, I searched on the site of Toshiba drivers and nothing.

    Help, please.

    To my knowledge the Enbeded IR V0.0.0.6C was installed in the factory Toshiba Vista image. This looks like an application needed to run this command remotely.

    Unfortunately, the application looks like a part of the image of Toshiba and was published by download

    by the way; A200-xxx unit you have exactly?

  • Windows media Center and games does not work, and does not work error message d3d8thk.dll

    my media library does not work and message d3d8thk.dll isn't continuous work to come.  How should I do?

    D3d8.dll error message could apply to any program that uses Microsoft DirectX, most video games.  I suggest following the steps below to solve the problem.

    1 restart your computer if you have not yet.

    D3d8.dll error could be a stroke of luck and a simple restart could clear up completely.

    2. install the latest version of Microsoft DirectX.  Chances are, the upgrade to the latest version of DirectX will fix the d3d8.dll not found error.

    Note: Microsoft frequently publishes updates of DirectX without updating the version number or letter, so don't forget to install the latest version even if your version is technically identical.

    Note: The latest version of DirectX should be installed no matter if you are running Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP.  Installation can include DirectX9 and DirectX10 files but they run side-by-side without problem on all these operating systems.

    3. assuming that the latest version of Microsoft DirectX does not correct the error of d3d8.dll you receive, search for an installer of DirectX on your game or application CD or DVD.  Usually, if a game or other program uses DirectX, software developers includes a copy of DirectX on the installation disc.

    Sometimes, but not often, the DirectX version, included on the disc is a better fit for the program than the last version available online.

    4 uninstall the game or software program and then reinstall it again.  Something could have happened to the files in the program work with d3d8.dll and a reinstall might do the trick.

    5. restore the file d3d8.dll since the latest DirectX software package.  If the troubleshooting steps above have not worked to resolve your error d3d8.dll, try to extract the d3d8.dll individually from the downloadable package of DirectX.

    I hope the information is useful.

    Kind regards

  • Qosmio G30-163 mouse and keyboard does not work properly

    Hi all

    I installed an update of the firmware of the toshiba site. I think that the upgrade was for the dvd but am not sure. I just saw an available upgrade and installed. Stupid of me. The dvd drive has been previously not recording. If after installing the update of the firmware I has not restarted the machine. In the meantime, I forgot the upgrade and then I did to fix the error of dvd

    "Start the Registry Editor (start, run and type regedit and click on).

    Search for "UpperFilters" and "LowerFilters" (and "UpperFilters.bak" "LowerFilters.bak", if they exist) value under the following key in the registry and delete it:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

    Exit the registry editor.

    Reset. »

    Now, after restart the keyboard and the mouse does not work. I can't go in safe mode because I can't press ok for the user login screen. I have attached an external keyboard, but it still does not work.

    I use windows xp, I have a lot of data. I can't do anything. If anyone has any idea please help me. The laptop is out of warranty. I'm stuck. Help, please.


    S rally strange because I put t see a link between the firmware CD/DVD, UpperFilters and LowerFilters and the keyboard and mouse.

    This is first time that a removal of the upper and lower filters would undermine the functionality of keyboard and mouse. Which is really strange.

    Anyway, you are able to access the BIOS? If this isn't the case, then this is not good.

    First of all, you should try to save the data stored on the HARD disk in this case, I recommend to remove the laptop HARD drive and connect it using a USB HDD on another controller.
    This would allow you to save the data to another HARD disk.

    Put the removed HARD disk in Notepad, and then try to reinstall the OS from the Toshiba restore CD.
    I hope that this will be possible because I don't see another way to get the operating system again.

    Good luck by a friend

  • Media player shortcuts keyboard does not work with Windows Media Player 11


    I upgraded my version of player 10 or windows media 11. Now my keys does not work. I was wondering if there is a way to solve this problem.


    Do you mean the command buttons from Toshiba which control the WMP function such as play, pause, stop, etc.
    On some Toshiba laptops, Toshiba command buttons can be configured manually.
    Please check in the control-> Toshiba Panel controls.

    If you won't be successful I recommend reinstalling the Toshiba utility again

  • BD Playstation Bluetooth remote control does not work with Toshiba BT stack


    I've matched Playstation Bluetooth Sony BD remote control (model: CECHZR1E) with Windows XP SP3 (Spanish) PC last Toshiba Bluetooth Stack v.7.10.12 running.
    But if I press the buttons on the remote does not respond any personal computer.

    I have configured the battery Bluetooth to run the AV and AV service must send commands to Windows Media Player. In Windows Media Player, I have configured to use command AV Toshiba.

    If I press a button on a remote control, with he can link to PC, the icon changes color and Configuration Bluetooth appears the link has been established, but it is the interaction I get this remote control.

    Please, advice that tests should I use or do I have to install any additional software.

    Thanks in advance for your kind attention!

    Ensure that the AV remote control Service is running:
    Right mouse click on Bluetooth-> Options... system tray icon-> [general] tab: 'AV remote control Service' (must be verified)

  • Windows Media Player volume control does not work during DVD playback.

    When I play a DVD in Windows Media Player or Windows Media Center I can't adjust the volume with the volume control of the program or main Windows volume control.  Simply sound 100% flight.  It's on a HTPC connected to an A / V recevier, so the only way to adjust the sound with the volume of the receiver control.  When I play any other type of multimedia (avi, mp3, etc.) in the two WMP or WMC in the program volume control is working properly.  The interesting part is, when I play a DVD using VLC Player or Cyberlink Power DVD the volume setting in the program as well as the main Windows volume control works correctly.  This leads me to believe it's a software is not a hardware problem.  I think that WMP and WMC using the same "engine" so the same problem knocking them both.

    Other info:

    Windows 7 64-bit.

    Windows Media Player 12 version

    Audio is routed to the receiver via the digital coaxial

    For what it's worth, this same problem occurred with the same exact material when I'm running Vista 32 bit.

    All other software is the latest version with all updates installed.

    Any ideas are welcomed and appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

    -Michael P.


    Reinstall the WMP and WMC application and see if it works very well.

    1. open the Control Panel -> programs and features.

    2. click on Windows to enable or disable features in the left pane.

    3 expand the multimedia features, disable Windows Media Player. Click Yes to continue, and then click OK to exit. Then restart.

    Note: If you turn off your WMP, Windows Media Center will be off either. You may need to reconfigure the settings for Windows Media Center after her reactivation.

    4. open or turn off Windows features turn on again. Functionality in Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center. Turn it back on.

    5. launch Windows Media Player, initialize the program.

    PS: If you turn off your WMP, Windows Media Center will be off either. This does not happen when we choose to turn off MCE.


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  • Remote control does not work, and the load does not appear on Apple TV


    I just returned from vacation and my remote seems has stopped working.   Naturally, my first assumption was that the charge was simply exhausted.

    Apparently that was the case.   He seems to have just died.

    I did pay for more than two hours and it still does not appear under devices Apple TV.

    My Apple TV 4 works very well because I use the remote control of my phone to navigate through it.

    If I understand correctly what I look at you, it seems that the remote control is same not synchronized or recognized by Apple TV more.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this?

    A reset is complete? Restart... no change.

    Thank you


    1. Have you tried pressing the menu and the button for a few seconds while it now an inch or two away from the Apple TV, if successful, you should see a message on the screen saying the remote was paired.
    2. If you have an older remote from a previous model MacBook or Apple TV, you can use to restore the Apple TV, which, in many cases, has been sufficient to reactivate the remote Siri. You must complete all upward to undertake a restoration.
    3. If you have a USB cable - C you can try to restore by connecting it to iTunes on a computer.
    4. If you have tried all of these steps, don't have a distance sooner or a USB - C cable or their use is too inconvenient, return it to the store where purchased for a replacement, or to couple for you.

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