Qosmio G50-12 q - how to configure the devices connected to the USB mode standby


I wanted to use the PC sleep function.
I also wanted to as devices that have been extinguished when in stand by.

Once implemented this function the PC will regularly stand-by, but the device connected by usb are set on fire, any other master type, a device a usb wi.fi, etc.

Someone told me that maybe some functions in the Bios only are not put in place to do that once entered the booth by the PC off all devices those connected.

What checks and I have to perform in the configuration PC bios?

How we in the bios? By pressing the keys on which?

Thank you

* valkyrie @ *.

Please post comments if workaround posted by Akuma helped!

It would be really appreciated.

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    Hey GQ - Jon'Jon,.

    Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on the computer as well as your Kyocera android phone.

    Make sure that the phone is paired with your computer.

    For information about how to configure the Bluetooth with Kyocera android phone connection to share photos, music & video files, it would be better if get you in touch with Kyocera phone support for assistance. Please see the support link:


    Please feel free to respond if you face problems with Windows in the future.

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