Qosmio G50 PQG55A: remote control jumps two places in the list of the menu of WMC

I have a version of the G50 (PQG55A-04J01Y) Aust and have just done a clean install of Windows 7 (64-bit).
Everyone thinks that when using the provided Toshiba RC6 remote in Windows Media Center, it jumps two places in the list of the menu.

I downloaded the driver Winbond CIR, Win7, but it makes no difference.

Very annoying as it does on all manu lists and even ignores the channels while watching TV.

Someone at - he seen elsewhere or have a possible solution?

See you soon

There is a package called Remote Control Manager.
This driver is required to install the remote control of your computer.

The package is only for Vista, but maybe you should try to install too

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  • Qosmio G50 PQG55A: NVIDIA driver - update or not


    Thanks in advance for anyone who can help.

    The short question is, should I update my NVIDIA driver from 175,90 (as shown on the Web from Toshiba site) to the Version: 186.81 WHQL as suggested by the NVIDIA site.

    The long version follows...
    My Qosmio G50 (PQG55A-04J01Y), running under Vista 64 Bit, crashes intermittently. It is sometimes good for more than a week earlier, sometimes once or twice a day.

    I was quite thorough with virus and malaware controls.

    Everything seems to stop, even if the mouse still works.
    I have to turn off the PC, sometimes reboot Check Disk runs and corrects errors.

    Windows Problem Reports and Solutions comes with the following:


    A problem with the NVIDIA graphics driver
    NVIDIA Graphics Driver has stopped working properly.
    An update of the driver, as appropriate, could prevent this problem does not happen.
    There are several ways to find and install the driver updates, but it's best to let Windows do it for you. Try the step below, which describes the process. If it does not produce a driver update that resolves the problem, try the remaining steps in the order shown.

    1. search the optional third-party updates
    2. try to manually update the NVIDIA Graphics Driver
    3. check the NVIDIA Corporation Web site for driver updates
    4. check the Web site of the manufacturer of your computer for driver updates

    If NVIDIA Graphics Driver was preinstalled on your computer, check the Web site of the manufacturer of your computer for driver updates.

    How can I find the manufacturer of my computer?
    How to upgrade manually a pilot using a file downloaded?

    1. updates of Windows are perfectly up-to-date.

    2. when I try to update driver I get the message;
    + Windows has determined the software driver for your device is up to date. +

    3. when I use the NVIDIAs tool to automatically search for updates, I get the following:

    NVIDIA driver downloads

    NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT
    Current installed Driver * 175.90*

    Driver was last updated
    Computer laptop version 186
    Version: * 186.81 WHQL *.
    Release date: August 27, 2009

    He said also;

    + The program driver NVIDIA Verde Notebook, this is a reference driver that can be installed on laptops NVIDIA GPU. However, please note that your computer laptop OEM (OEM) provides drivers certified for your mobile specific on their Web site. NVIDIA recommend you check with your OEM laptop on the software updates recommended for your laptop. OEM may not provide technical support for the issues raised by the use of this driver. +

    5. but here on the Toshiba site he says nVidia NB9x Display Driver true display VISTA 64 Bit 18/05/2009 51,35 MB

    That is to say, the driver I have already.

    So... should I install the latest driver or not?
    If not, is there anything else I can do?

    Thank you very much for reading all this and thanks in advance for any help.

    See you soon


    > Short is, devrais I update my NVIDIA driver from 175,90 (as shown on the Web from Toshiba site) to the Version: 186.81 WHQL as suggested by the NVIDIA site.

    Generally, you must use the graphics driver downloaded from the Toshiba driver page.
    The graphic card driver from the Toshiba page has been tested and it s certified by Toshiba.

    The common graphics driver nVidia is not designed for laptop and that's why these drivers don't support a protection against overheating.
    Driver Toshiba done!

    So using the page nVidia graphics card driver can be risky and could overheat your GPU so the use of 3 third-party drivers is always at your own risk!

    I have thin you should stay with the driver from the Toshiba page

  • The remote control comes charged out of the box or it must first charged?

    The remote control comes charged out of the box or it must first charged?

    It is usually quite busy, mine was about 85% when he arrived. It's a question about the pre purchase or you have a problem with your remote control works not.

  • IR remote control does not work with the new imac

    IR remote control does not work with the new iMac. From 24 "2007 machine to last 27"

    Correct, because Apple no longer includes the IR sensor in newer models

  • Qosmio x 300-remote control and the console above the keyboard do not work

    Sorry for my bad English...

    I have a new Qosmio x 300-11 L and the problem is my remote control doesn t work. What can I make it work again? And the console above the keyboard doesn t too much work.
    Thanks for help


    Have you installed Windows yourself? Some drivers Toshiba important may be missing.

    Do you have XP or Vista?

  • Two Apple TV - remote controls works with both at the same time

    Just bought the Apple TV 4, this means that I moved my old version 3 Apple TV in the room, when I use a distance the two Apple TV now respond. How can I connect the remote control for the Apple TV right, to keep them from harm?

    Try this:

    Désapparier money ATV3 the remote control by pressing menu and left for 6 seconds.

    Block the front ATV3 and remote peer with the ATV4 the silver medal by pressing menu and right for 5 seconds.

    Block the front ATV and press menu and the central selection button for 5 seconds

    Unlock the ATV4 and check that it does not meet the silver remote.

    Block the ATV4 and unblock the pair by pressing menu and right for 5 seconds and ATV3.

    Check the ATV3 now responds.

    Remove the block of the ATV4.

    A beer...

  • Qosmio G10-133: remote control and Media Player

    I have media center to work and the player qosmio but I can't get the remote to work in media player someone help, in Device Manager, I have the eHome Remote under the usb section and the remote control turn on the laptop, but it won't work library when I press the green button or do anything else HELP...

    I checked the s manuals for this camera and I t has not found the information that you can remote user with Windows media player just with Qosmioplayer or Media Center.

    Sorry, but I think that there is nothing to do.

  • Qosmio G20-126: remote control and keyboard shortcuts media do not work

    Hello all,.

    I think have deleted by mistake all my HKLM startup. I managed to restore the necessary executables to start manually but it seems to me miss a very important piece of the puzzle. More precisely the file executable (or Department) responsible for the Qosmio multimedia shortcut keys and remote.

    If anyone knows which executable (or service) is responsible for the press shortcuts keyboard/remote control I would appreciate their help to remedy this situation. Also if anyone has the startup configuration by default (see msconfig) to a Toshiba Qosmio G20-126 that would be also a great help for me. Just in case I missed something else.



    One question; Why you n t use the tool system restore to restore the OS to the point where you have changed the registry entries?

    It is a simpler method to restore the settings!

    If could also try to reinstall first the common Modules, then the controls.
    This application which you can download from the Toshiba driver page!

  • Re: Qosmio F30-131: remote control does not not with Vista Ultimate


    I just installed Vista Ultimate but my remote does not work.
    I reinstalled everything in the right order as written in the command file install on Toshiba Homepage but its always answers don't not under Vista.
    I can just turn on my laptop when its off the remote control.

    Anyone know what to do?

    (PS: I do not have my Toshiba restore CD for Windows XP MCE)


    You reinstall the remote control manager? This utility enhances support for a remote control on your computer.
    How about Value Added package? There is a new version available. Try to update it too.

    But back to the basics, the Qosmio F30-131 belongs to the series of PQF30E. Did you choose the drivers for this series?

    However, this laptop has been delivered and pre-installed with Win MCE. Can this remote works only with the XP version of Windows Media Center.

  • Qosmio F20-149: remote control and Win XP pro

    First of all, Hello and sorry for my English.

    My question is if it's possible to get the work of infrared remote control in windows xp professional.

    The only thing I can do is volume up & down, but good... for sure that I have all things... like skip, play, stop and so on.

    I need driver? Or other things? Special settings?

    Thanks for your help!

    Marko Jakobi / Boton

    Hi Marko

    I'm sure that it will be not possible. There is no particular setting that allows this option and also separate driver is not known to me.

    If you want to use skip, play, stop, and another option how you want to configure with which application it must works. Sorry, but I think that there is nothing to do.

  • Remote control does not work, and the load does not appear on Apple TV


    I just returned from vacation and my remote seems has stopped working.   Naturally, my first assumption was that the charge was simply exhausted.

    Apparently that was the case.   He seems to have just died.

    I did pay for more than two hours and it still does not appear under devices Apple TV.

    My Apple TV 4 works very well because I use the remote control of my phone to navigate through it.

    If I understand correctly what I look at you, it seems that the remote control is same not synchronized or recognized by Apple TV more.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this?

    A reset is complete? Restart... no change.

    Thank you


    1. Have you tried pressing the menu and the button for a few seconds while it now an inch or two away from the Apple TV, if successful, you should see a message on the screen saying the remote was paired.
    2. If you have an older remote from a previous model MacBook or Apple TV, you can use to restore the Apple TV, which, in many cases, has been sufficient to reactivate the remote Siri. You must complete all upward to undertake a restoration.
    3. If you have a USB cable - C you can try to restore by connecting it to iTunes on a computer.
    4. If you have tried all of these steps, don't have a distance sooner or a USB - C cable or their use is too inconvenient, return it to the store where purchased for a replacement, or to couple for you.
  • Remote control/software Apple TV with the App Store problems

    Seems ridiculous that a Sept 2016 4th Gen apple TV purchase has the same problems of connectivity with the App store. Impossible to connect, or even choose App store, or spare parts offline, erratic, glitch and acts as a problem of distance, but seems to be a software problem or interface. Obvious corrections or ideas to stabilize or least to increase connectivity to app store with 4th Gen Apple TV/remote control?

    No problem of connectivity with a 4th getting Apple TV remote here... Sorry, you encounter this problem with it.

    See if there is something that will help that you haven't tried in this article to support > set up the Apple TV Remote - Apple supported application

  • Qosmio G50-12 q: no audio signal while moving the video files from the camcorder


    I have a portable PC Toshiba Qosmio G50 - 12 q with 640 GB HARD drive, and equipped with 4 GB of Ram saw the Completed window system upgraded to the version of service pack 2

    I connected the video camera Sony PC 115 to the PC via the I.Link IEEE 1394 cable while that I import a video to Window Movie Maker in order to save it.

    At the moment where it is reproduced in the form of Movie Maker, I see the video reproduced the video camera but don't feel no audio. Then when I'm done for import video I want and he always see in Movie Maker, the program reproduces regularly or video he recorded or the audio exactly I didn't think it was important while it.

    It ' is usually?

    Working group than in the phase of import that I would have to see and feel or the audio video. Task not is defective cable because when I see the video recording in Movie Maker I feel also the audio base, means that the audio has left the video camera, is entered into the PC via the I.Link recorded it.

    To the point, I can hear the audio in the phase of transfer / import video or any other audio device from the camera / video, I have to in case of change inside of Window Movie Maker or the window given some details of formulation considers also the I.Link Jack specifically?

    Or the cable is connected between the video camera and PC with purpose there details? Even if it seems to me have connected well it boom ' as I have said, l "audio is saved."

    Thanks and greetings

    I have Sony camcorder DCR-TRV520E and in the past, I recorded several movies on my laptop.
    I used the Ulead Movie studio application and everything was OK.

    10 minutes ago that I tested it with Windows Movie Maker (Vista) too. Here a few facts:
    -My cam Sony is recognized correctly
    -Started Windows Movie Maker and chose the option IMPORT > digital video camera
    -Traveled in the right folder
    -On the next stage of the single application started rewinding videotape
    -Importing video has begun only and when finished I checked it and the sound was there.

    Later I chose the option "publish on" > this computer and after 20 minutes it was all over.

    I just use the firewire cable. Nothing special.
    I really don't understand what's wrong there.

    East - the first time do you it?

  • Windows has started to put some files in two places at the same time, will appear in some programs


    in the last two weeks, I noticed that Windows (I use Windows 7) began to act up with its allocation record. First of all, I noticed that a new folder I created for some music files was not detected when I tried to open the file in a music editing program (Adobe Audition). If I created a new folder in a different location and copied the files into that, suddenly hearing would recognize the folder. Change a few days I noticed that in addition to this, when I copied a disc into my computer, after you select a new folder for the files to copy, Windows would create a second copy mirror of the folder and the files and place it in another location not of my choice (this all happens within my music library folder). Some files that I had cut my folder "work on", to stick to my folder to archive tips that did it, and windows in two copies of each of them - one where I had pasted it and other oddly in a separate folder completely in my archives. For some reason any Windows decided to put copies ghosts of several things in this folder without special report. So, if I change the files in a folder, they are automatically changed on the other; If I try to delete a copy of this file, it removes the two; and if I try to cut and paste the lot assigned folder and put it where it should be back (IE if there is already the original copy) Windows says it can't do that because the destination file matches the location of origin. I don't know how to remove these files has doubled up foreign, which create a lot of confusion trying to figure out where my files and which ones to change. I can't find any way or return of Windows to its appropriate classification system, including maximum until recently had none of these problems.

    Music library is not a folder, it's just a definition of research.

    Libraries are really just XML files that define search criteria.

    The real essentials you need to know is that libraries are not records.  They are really just a quick search of several places.  Try this: right click on the document library and select Properties.  This will tell you where the library is looking.  Whenever you open the document library, it performs an instant analysis of these places and tells you what he found.  Is not additional copies files, it's just search results. If you delete something, you remove the one and only original, everywhere where it is.

    You might ask "well, what's the point of a library?  I'm glad you (perhaps) asked.  The reason is you have a lot of places.  Take me for example.  I have some movies on my hard drive.  I have more moves on an extra drive (they will all take place on the main drive).  In addition, my roommate has a few movies on his drive.  With a library, I have a library of videos that research on all drives and gives me a single view combined all our movies instantly.  Now I can see all my films in my library at the same time, no matter which disc they are on.

    The files are not duplicated or moved, you see just a list of them, such as a telephone directory or the Google search results.

  • How to bind controls through two fxml from the PDC

    I need to link different fxml controls in the PDC.

    I have 3 fxml files named MainView.fxml, ChildView1.fxml and ChildView2.fxml.


    " < AnchorPane fx:id = 'see' prefHeight = '280.0' prefWidth = '500.0' xmlns:fx = ' http://JavaFX.com/fxml/1 "xmlns =" " http://JavaFX.com/JavaFX/2.2 "fx:controller ="binding.example2.MainViewController">

    < children >

    "< prefHeight VBox = '280.0' prefWidth = '500.0" AnchorPane.bottomAnchor = "0.0" AnchorPane.leftAnchor ="0.0" AnchorPane.rightAnchor = "0.0" AnchorPane.topAnchor ="0.0" > "

    < children >

    < fx: include source = "ChildView1.fxml" / > "

    < fx: include source = "ChildView2.fxml" / > "

    < / children >

    < / VBox >

    < / children >

    < / AnchorPane >

    ChildView1.fxml is

    " < AnchorPane fx:id = 'see' prefHeight = '78.0' prefWidth = '464.0' xmlns:fx = ' http://JavaFX.com/fxml/1 "xmlns =" " http://JavaFX.com/JavaFX/2.2 "fx:controller ="binding.example2.ChildView1Controller">

    < children >

    < HBox layoutX = we '32.0' = '14.0' prefHeight = "51.0" prefWidth = spacing "200,0" = "10.0" >

    < children >

    < button fx:id = "button1" mnemonicParsing = "false" prefHeight = "37.0" text = "Button1" / >

    < button fx:id = "button2" mnemonicParsing = "false" prefHeight = "37.0" text = "Button2" / >

    < / children >

    < / HBox >

    < / children >

    < / AnchorPane >

    ChildView2.fxml is

    " < AnchorPane fx:id = 'see' prefHeight ="244,0"prefWidth ="568,0"xmlns:fx =" http://JavaFX.com/fxml/1 "xmlns =" " http://JavaFX.com/JavaFX/2.2 "fx:controller ="binding.example2.ChildView2Controller">

    < children >

    "" < fx:id TableView = 'tableView' prefHeight = "244,0" prefWidth = "568,0" AnchorPane.bottomAnchor = "0.0" AnchorPane.leftAnchor ="0.0" AnchorPane.rightAnchor = "0.0" AnchorPane.topAnchor ="0.0" / >

    < / children >

    < / AnchorPane >

    Button1 is disabled by default in ChildView1Controller. I want to enable it, when a raw in my other point of view (ChildView2.fxml) table is selected. Turn it off again when the raw table is deselected. Basically, I want to link the button and table if this button is enabled when a raw table is selected.

    Please help me with the code MainViewController to bind the button and the table Raw.

    This thread help me?

Maybe you are looking for