Quality mp3 sound

I would like to hear views and suggestions on the MP3 with the best sound quality.  I have Rhapsody compatibility with very old Sansa e280R mp3 player problems, so I recently bought a clip/zip to replace (little something for the market).  I have not done my homework, and I know that this unit is moderately priced ($39 at Best Buy), but I was expecting the same richness and sound quality I get from my iphone and my old e280R.  It's may be close enough for others, but it's not close enough for me, so I am disappointed.

I talked to the Sandisk technical support, and they assure me that the technical specifications of sound quality for the clip/zip are equivalent to the e280R, but it isn't in my ear.  And I tried to adjust the sound using the equalizer settings - no luck.

Then, I myself have resolved to lose the very high sound quality, like, since there is no other Rhapsody Sansa devices there considered superior by Sandisk.  But I'm curious - what are the best mp3 out there (from anyone) players, with a sound comparable to or better than that of an Iphone.

Any ideas, opinions or information to share?

Rhapsody has dropped support of RAX format this year, a real shame for those of us who have benefited from the R-series Sansa e200.

As you have discovered, currently Rhapsody media are now the format WMA (Windows Media Audio) 160 kb/s. This format is used for all current devices and very good sounds, especially those who use version v2 of the e200. The advantage of using a newer device, is that you have the feature Rhapsody channels, is no longer an option with the original series of R.

Your ears aren't deceiving you. The problem is electronic base. Although the processor of the new machines is higher than the chip of the old series R PortalPlayer, diminutive Clip has a source of energy is much smaller than the big e200 battery. A digital audio player function is to decode the data and output a current signal variable for your helmet.

Quite simply, the e200 has more "power". If you use a more effective listener, especially the type of "in-ear monitor", you can retrieve many of which has lost efficiency. The Clip hits that subtle balance between raw power and play time. Overall, the small Clips sound is great, but there is a small difference can be heard. Austria Microsystems device has a richer sound, but a little less impact; This is because the power supply is smaller.

If you search patiently, there are devices out there v2, but they were replaced by the original Sansa Fuze (the original is square with a rotating wheel). The v2 is a case e200 with a Sansa Fuze nestled in the breast.

I love the Zip Clip. I wear a set with the Clip +, have different music on each machine. The zipper color display gives me album art as the faithful e200, and its size makes it very convenient. But when I really want to hear the details, this big e280 is the machine of choice. And is his new 1300mAh battery lasts until the cows home.


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    This is probably due to a missing codec.  Simulators have not the same level of multimedia support direct devices do.

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    On this path, it is really not easy to say what is happening here. In my opinion just an intensive investigation may give you more answers.
    Problem persists with different players, different media (DVD or CD of music)?
    So yes, in my opinion, there must be a hardware problem. I'm not a technician and cannot give a precise answer you, but try to figure out if it can be caused by hardware or software malfunction.

  • Pavilion x 2 detachable 10 ": the quality of sound on audio jack output

    The sound quality on the audio 1/8 "jack to an external system that is, use a mp3 player is terrible. Low frequencies are cruelly and it is not unlike an old transistor radio. While perhaps marginally acceptable with a helmet style earplugs, playing through an external system is not.

    There seems to be not having only one choice of audio driver for this system, and it is updated by the press on the system. Is there another available pilot or something else I could try to improve the quality at least at the level of a mediocre mp3 player? Or is there something faulty with the material?

    The main use for this system has been like an audio player. Its size USB port size, complete for mini-USB and flash drive is seemingly perfect. I do not anticipate the lack of sound quality, so disappointing. I understand this laptop is not audio high-end, but my sound quality of the phone going circles around it, that something seems not quite. I am playing not even .mp3, .wav files and uses 2 different players with the same results.

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    You can mark this message as 'Solution' which makes it more important in research and Internet feeds, so more people will see if the suggestion to use the usb external sound card has been beneficial. I am pleased to have been of assistance.

  • Bad quality of sound with lightning adapter / 44.1 kHz / iOS 9.2


    I bought a new

    Lightning 30-pin adapter (0.2 m) http://www.apple.com/de/shop/product/MD824ZM/A/lightning-auf-30-polig-adapter-02 m? page = 0

    but the sound quality is very poor. The music are very distorted and seem cheap.

    I tested it with the spotify app (premium) and music from apple.

    I discovered, that the sound quality of MP3s with 48 kHz rather than 44.1 kHz sounds good.

    I don't think that the adapter is faulty, because I already tested two of them.

    I also have the same problem with an iPad Air and two other car systems. So I think it has something to do with iOS 9.2 because I couldn't find any complaints about the poor quality of the CAD in the adapter in lightning.

    Is there a soultion to this problem? Or can someone confirm this bug? Thanks in advance.

    I also tested with iOS 9.2.1 and 9.3 beta - no solution. very bad

    Not there at - it no a solution for this - apple support?

  • Imported spindly mp3 sounds

    Hi guys,.

    IM preparing a Flash piece that contains many audio files. I imported the audio with success, but for some reason any when I play the swf file, the sound intestine.  I put the compression settings speech and synchronized flow.  Some of the audio files have been published in Soundbooth to add silence at the beginning of the audio files. However, all the sounds (edited in Soundbooth or not) of the spindly files.

    Ideas? I'm a Flash newbie.

    Thank you

    Check you publish setting under flash, I believe that by default it publishes mono 16 kbps mp3, change it at 128 Kbps or higher and a "quality".

  • (MP3 sound) to jump on the Latitude d520


    I searched the forum for a solution to my problem, but had no luck.

    I have a new Latitude D520 and all jump sounds (tested with .mp3 and .wav files). The problem occurs on all players (tested with Windows media player and Winamp).

    This laptop is equipped with a card its sigmatel. Details of the pilot are:

    Supplier: SigmaTel

    Date: 24/03/2006


    What could be the problem?

  • Quality problems sound pre Bluetooth Nissan

    I have a 2009 Nissan Altima.  BlackBerry and other phones beautifully connect via bluetooth.  The Pre will connect, but the sound quality is so horrible, it is unusable.  Static and popping are major problems.  Others have this problem?  I'm willing to put up with the other problems, but this makes the Pre almost unusable for me since I need hands free in the car.  Anyone know of any solutions?

    Web OS 1.2 fixed my problems bluetooth in my 2007 Nissan Altima.  Boo!  Thank you Palm.

  • Play an MP3 sound using its ByteArray

    With AS3 we can do to load an MP3 file and play:

    var sound: Sound = new Sound (new URLRequest ("sound.mp3"));


    It is very easy, but what happens if I already have all the ByteArray of this loaded MP3 and I just want to play?

    Why cant AS3 have a simple method to simply pass the ByteArray works exactly as it works now passing a URLRequest?

    In my case, I need it because I'm loading a ZIP file containing a bunch of MP3s and when decompressing them I can read the bytearray of each MP3 but I can't play them.

    Have you tried loadCompressedDataFromByteArray in the Sound class?

    Assuming you have the ByteArray already instantiated, try:

    var sound: Sound = new Sound();

    sound.loadCompressedDataFromByteArray (mp3Bytes, mp3Bytes.length);


  • MediaController makes my mp3 sound like chipmunks

    Hi, I put an mp3 file in my flash movie using the MediaController component, but when I post, looks like the Chipmunks. All solutions?


    Jane M says:
    > Hi, I put an mp3 file in my flash movie using the MediaController component but when I post, looks like the Chipmunks. All solutions?

    change the sampling frequency of the mp3. Not a nice sampling rate flash will result in double speed

    This is a flash is compatible with:
    (from Flash help files)

    As a general rule, when you use WAV or AIFF files, it is preferable to use mono 22 kHz 16-bit stereo (uses sounds
    twice the data as mono), but Flash can import the two sounds 8 bits or 16 bits at frequencies of sampling of 11.
    22, or 44 kHz. Flash allows you to convert the sounds to lower sampling rates to export.




    Happy new year guys - all the best there is in the 2006 :)



  • How to make a loop on downloaded mp3 sound for iPhone 6

    I downloaded Brown noise via iTunes. It is called white loops noise for a sleep sounds for life (Yes it's Brown noise!), but it is not in a loop. How can I do so that it plays continuously and helps me sleep loop on my iPhone 6?

    Thank you!

    In-app music play, press 'read' bar near the bottom so it slides up. A loop is displayed near the bottom (two arrows punting on themselves).

    Press it to activate a loop. You probably want to make sure that the file is in a playlist or album or other securities may loop.

  • Terrible sound quality of MP3s on new 4 GB Fuze

    Just bought a new 4Gb player fuse.

    FM radio sounds good but each MP3 sounds terrible. :-(  They sound very hail & his singing as they are under water.

    -J' loaded the latest firmware on it.

    -J' tried a different variety of MP3 files with speed/quality levels.  Many of them sounded fine on an older iRiver.

    -J' played with the different equalizer settings.

    Any ideas?  If there is nothing easy, go back to the store soon.

    Unplug your headphones, and plug them push HARD and back in! The "rocket" has a very tight helmet, and it could play a role. My guess is that the FM is fine because the headphones are on the air.

  • Poor quality of the sound in the timeline and export; very well in the Source?

    Hi all.

    Newbie-Pr but experienced pro audio digital. I am confused and I know I am missing just something somewhere.

    I made a video for one of my songs. The graphics are quite (in AE), imported Pr and everything what is superb. I import the final audio mix and it sounds very poor quality when played the chronology and the final output, regardless of the format (I tried several presets and custom as well settings). I played a bit and noticed that the audio sounds fine when played in the Source window inside the Prime Minister.

    The session of Pr is comrised of 18 video tracks (not all playing at the same time, of course) and a stereo audio track.

    I tried to re - export audio from logic to depths of different bits, sampling frequencies and formats of file (mp3, wav, AAC, etc.) but the results are the same each time: Source (Pr) sounds very good, logic output sounds very well made / reading of the timeline looks very bad quality mp3 and produces final sounds just as bad.

    I tried everything I can think of. I hope one of you can show me what I'm missing.



    First Pro CC

    Processor 2 x 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon

    Memory 8 GB 800 MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM

    Graphics  ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT 256 MB

    Software  OS X 10.9.1 (B 13, 42)

    Thanks for the reply!

    I lived the same results, no matter what I used the export settings. In addition, the poor quality of the sound was present in the timeline itself, without even exporting the project.

    Finally, I lifted my hands, has launched a completely new project, the same audio file in drugs... sounded good. Copied / pasted the video clips in the project original, broken and boom, everything is fixed. Yes, corrupted file Pr, it turns out. All I had to do was start a new project and import all the old components.

    I had to do that in logic a lot (more and more these days). I wish just that I had tried 10 hours earlier! HA.

    Anyway, problem solved and many thanks!

  • How do I get sound/mp3 streaming

    Hello...   I have CS4 but save doc as CS3 so I hope I'm in the right forum.

    I added a behavior like streaming mp3 sound. I want to put in a loop... Here is the code for the action that has been generated. How would it change to a loop. I changed the true to false at the end of the code, but that did not work.

    Here it is:

    Load mp3 Streaming behavior
    If (_Global. Behaviors == null) _global. Behaviors = {};
    If (_Global. Behaviors.Sound == null) _global. Behaviors.Sound = {};
    If (typeof this.createEmptyMovieClip == 'undefined') {}
    This._parent.createEmptyMovieClip ("BS_figaro", new Date () .getTime ()-(Math.floor ((new Date () .getTime ()) 10000) * 10000));
    _Global. Behaviors.Sound.figaro = new Sound (this._parent.BS_figaro);
    } else {}
    this.createEmptyMovieClip ("_figaro_", new Date () .getTime ()-(Math.floor ((new Date () .getTime ()) 10000) * 10000));
    _Global. Behaviors.Sound.figaro = new Sound (this.BS_figaro);
    _global. Behaviors.Sound.figaro.loadSound ("http://rmalikconstruction.com/music/Mozart -Figaro.mp3 marriage", true);

    Thank you very much for your help.


    var s:Sound = new Sound (this);

    {s.onSoundComplete = function ()}

    s.Start ();



  • Settings for audio quality when you export in .mov format?

    For export to Animate .mov format, how can I get the best sound quality?

    The file that I export has streaming audio narration is 22 kHz Mono 16 bit, that sounds good in the swf file. When I export to .mov the sound quality is bad. I tried all the settings in the dialog box publish which relates to the sound quality and no sound as good as it did in the swf file. If I put it in MP3 format, 64 kbps, mono, sound is metallic, if I chose Raw 22 kHz, mono, the sound is better, but it is not a noise of rattling in the original; Speech 22 kHz, mono has a quality of echo-y in it.

    Video help page export (Export video with Animate) looks like it has not been updated to animate, because the instructions will tell you to go here: Select the file > export > film Export not exporting to swf in Animate. He also says that there is a QuickTime settings option than opens settings dialog box advanced QuickTime. Is there such a thing to animate? If Yes, can you tell me where and what settings to use?

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks for your help.


    Set the flow and the audio 44.1 KHz, 16 bit stereo RAW event. Also, no animation in an AS3 FLA, no canvas and use of imported instead of MP3 lossless WAVs. No amount of quality settings will save the sound if you have imported low quality MP3.

Maybe you are looking for