Question about drivers for Tecra 9100

My Tecra T9100 do not work with LAN more after the installation of a new HD (old one crashed) and where some Toshiba files on the old HD that I don't know. (Bought the laptop 2. a few years ago by hand) and I lost the CD that belongs to her, and there is no drivers on this site for this 5 year old machine. Maybe a little strange because it's a P4.

In the list of hardware (control panel/system /) there is no problem with the network card. But at the top of the list, there is a yellow "?" for the UNIT of BASIC SYSTEM and there is the missing drivers.

It's very confusing to me because I've never heard of these drivers and I don't know which device is the following. There is also a yellow "?" for PCI modem (but I didn't need) so I guess this unit of base system has to do with the PCI-bus and perhaps also affects the LAN card?

But shouldn't? the drivers will be in the BIOS?
Can someone help me?


You should take a good look here:

because here, you will find all the drivers for your computer. The Canadian site has almost all of the drivers for older machines, and you should really check out.
I think that "basic unit of system" could be something with ACPI or similar. But lets wait until after you have installed all THE drivers and then give feedback short.
And no, the drivers are generally not in the bios because the bios is just to boot but it s OS independent.


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    First of all, I would like to explain the Bluetooth monitor:
    This application toggle Bluetooth module in conjunction with Microsoft Bluetooth Stack. To use the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack click on "Bluetooth Monitor" icon in the taskbar. Click on the option "wireless". Click on the 'Bluetooth' tab on the 'Add' button and follow the directions given.

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    See you soon

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    If you have a model of European cell phone why look you it up on US Toshiba support page?
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    I noticed that support Toshiba updates drivers for Tecra A9 very slowly even if they introduce important features. For example, the display driver for 965 graphics worm 15 is much better than 14 worm distributed by Toshiba. I know that pilots are tuned and Toshiba has many models to take care, but several months of waiting seems to be too long. I do not expect that all minor versions are updated, but the most important should be!

    Kind regards

    Having the latest drivers would be nice, but its different for laptops. Motorists need to be customized for the features of the laptop, and they probably need to go through quality control, testing too although I guess.

    However there may be a solution, you can try to install the drivers later on newer models such as the Tecra A10 and M10 :)

  • I can't find drivers for Tecra M5

    I can't find drivers for Tecra M5
    The names do not match on the driver download page.

    -Intel(r) 82801GBM (ICH7-M) LPC Interface Controller - 27 b 9
    -Location 0 (biometric co-processor)
    -Driver audio location 65535 (Modem internal High Definition Audio Bus) - already installed sound that still does not work, it is another driver who seems to be sound as well
    -System compatible ACPI Microsoft
    -System compatible ACPI Microsoft


    The Windows 2 k, Win Xp and Win Vista 32 bit drivers are released on the European driver Toshiba page.
    You said that you need drivers? You didn t tell what OS you are using.

    However, for the Modem internal High Definition Audio Bus, you need to install the modem driver.
    Other devices are not known to me, but I think that you must make sure that you have used all the drivers for the Toshiba page.
    Check also if good Chipset driver has been installed too.

  • Need drivers for Tecra 7500

    I completely need all drivers for tecra 7500 DVD if someone has it please tell me where I get them because there is nothing on the official website.

    Hi buddy, did you mean Tecra 750 CDT? Because I know there is no type 7500 series tecra.

    If you can not find the drivers maybe this link helps you:

    It s the Toshiba Canada supported drivers and tools.

    I hope I could help you...

    Welcome them

  • Tecra M3 - what about drivers for Windows Vista

    It's almost a week after that first - and siell Vista it is not driver for Tecra M3!
    I installed form drivers Tecra M5 (a similar material) - and some of them works perfectly - but some of them--does not.
    When can I expect to support drivers for my Toshiba laptop form?

    Actually-, is not in the old laptop - it has Pentium M - 2.13, 2 GB Ram, GF 6600TE 128 MB... so it is quite deep for Vista
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    PS. Sorry for my English

    Thank you very much

    Hi Mark

    If the laptop is not a? Capablea Vista? I assume that it will not be supported. I have more older non-Vista supported by Satellite. Vista works well and I na? t care about Toshiba specific stuff.

    Probably for laptop and PC manufacturers have decide to make some sort of a? Linea dead? and all products made before that this line is not supported. Bad for us, consumers, but good for the PC industry.

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    Any ideas how I can also enjoy new 7.4 or at least those with OpenGL drivers good support so I can finally use this book where I bought it for (graphic work for my studies, we use a lot of OpenGL).

    I just hope that Toshiba allows ATI to include their laptops in the reference ATI Mobility drivers.

    Well, I asked ATI about this and they say I have should you mail, msg, pressure, etc to suport my material, or at least that it is supported by Catalyst Mobility. Which means that you can get at the moment their reference drivers. Which I think would be fair, because for now I can get the drivers for Nvidia this mobile version.

    Yes, you are right, that for Vista ATI display drivers are not placed on the page of the Toshiba driver.
    S let hope Toshiba guys will publish these drivers in the near future


    Everything is available on the page :D

  • Need graphics drivers for Tecra A7


    I'm trying to find the drivers for the monitor on tecra a7 (need to replace microsoft plug-and-play monitor drivers)

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    I mean, sure, I can help you, simply visit these links and download the drivers that are provided here:

    If you have any other questions.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L20-PSL2XE: Question about drivers

    Hi all
    I want to ask about all THE drivers for my L20-PSL2XE for operating system WIN2000. I can upload them somewhere?
    If you have any solution please...

    Thanks :)
    Good bye


    Check the download page for Toshiba under

    You will find all the drivers.

    Good bye

  • How to use the CD of diagnosis of the engineer for Tecra 9100

    Anyone who has used the engineer Tecra CD diagnostic for the 9100 (or any other model if they are similar)? I was able to acquire the CD and have been able to recover part of the diagnostics to run tests starting at BACK 6.22 and the tests directly to the release of the CD. There is probably a "correct" way to use this CD but I have no documentation.

    Specifically, I'm trying to diagnose his painful card problem - it is not recognized by Windows and I can't install the Yamaha riders. I basically JUST replaced on this laptop and still no sound.

    All in ALL, I mean: two mothers (upper/lower case); map its (three different cards!); CPU - what else is one that can be connected to the sound?

    Anyway, if anyone can give some guidance on the diagnostic use of the engineer Tecra 9100 CD it would be greatly appreciated.


    Where did you get this CD of engineers?
    I m scared but in my opinion these CDs are not intended for common use of the user and, therefore, you will not find many people who has experience with those CD.

    But it would be very interesting to know how to get this CD

  • In charge of WPA for Tecra 9100

    Hi all

    Anyone know if he is in charge of WPA for the internal WLAN module in the Tecra 9100 current, or even available?

    Kind regards


    I spoke with my Toshiba Call Center (for Germany) and they said that there will be no support planned for the same internal Module.Not WLAN WPA!

    Good bye

  • Where can I find all the drivers for Tecra 8200

    Where can I find all the drivers for a Toshiba tecra 8200 PIII750/20/14 t/D/LM/W - I searched for drivers (all drivers) this Labtop can enyone please help me :)

    Got Windows XP:

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    Have you checked the European driver Toshiba page?
    This site contains all the necessary drivers for Win95, Win98, Win98SE, Win XP, ME, W2k.

    Only Vista drivers are not available for this oldie

    Check it!

  • Vista 64-bit drivers for Tecra A8-104

    Where to find drivers for Vista 64 bit laptop Toshiba Tecra A8 104?


    I assume that you checked the page European driver of Toshiba and you found nothing.
    Well well do what can you?

    I think that there is only one real solution; collect the driver 64 bit Vista in your own hand.
    Audio driver can be found on the page of Realtek.
    Drivers WLan, you can get from here:

    You can also try to use some other series of laptop drivers.

    As you can see to look for

  • 54 MBit WLAN for Tecra 9100?

    is there a module to replace the stock module W - LAN in the Tecra 9100 to get 54 MBit?

    I often copy large amounts of digital photos on the network, so the 11 MBit nerves really me


    I guess you need a WLan card with a 802.11 G standard.
    I don't know if you can use a network card local minPCI 802.11 G as far as I know the laptop was configured with a and B standard.
    You can ask the Toshiba service partner in your country if there is a compatible Wlan G card and supported for this device.
    If this isn't the case, then you can also use a key USB Wlan with 802. 11 G.

Maybe you are looking for