Question about hit FxV filter using positioning counties/session


Is there a way to create a filter of success for sessions with just 1-2 shots?  These may be just the regular shots listed in the screen FxV search Sessions or stored hits.

I'm trying to capture scenarios where something is wrong with our back-end system and only all first hit comes in which is a post for a specific URL method.  So if no other success does come in and if we see enough of these place, we can then trigger an alarm (on FMS).


Thank you



Hi Mark-

You can create a filter of Session in FxV who will catch only sessions with a number of access. Please see the screencap.

I hope this helps.



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  • Question about the database to use with ESX and Labmanager


    Finally my company is buying a permit for Labmanager and ESX server using Labmanager to our tests.

    We had a question about the database that we use for the actual installation.

    Could we use MY - SQL? Or that we have the olbigation to install a SQL or Oracle DB for the whole system to work?

    We prefer to use MY_SQL because it is open-source and will cost less to use for us.

    Thanks in advance for the answer and please excuse my bad English, I'm french spoke first.



    Lab Manager installs SQL Express as part of the installation and use. If you install also Virtual Center as part of your deployment of Lab Manager (do not use an existing VC server), you can use the database SQL Express is included for small installations of ESX, but MY SQL is not an option. You can search the databases supported in the installation guide for what version you deploy.

  • Question about running a filter on the service of the Complutense University of MADRID

    OK so I started almost in front of the finish line which understand me is: /.  Uh, I tried to learn how to use filters and I met an obstacle that confuses me.  OK, so I wrote a filter to just add "This is a test" to xComments, it is a simple test to prove a point before I push forward with a request.  If everything seems to be set up, made the file (compiled without any problem) class, the component and changed the .hda to point to the class file (I think); However, I get the error message "the content item was not verified successfully. Impossible to filter "filterFile' of type 'validateStandard '. java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: filter/filterFile: filterFile (fake name filter/filterFile). »

    Here is the information about the filter

    Path of the class:.../custom/filterFile/classes/filterFile.class

    HDA file:

    classpath = $COMPONENT_DIR/classes

    Filters @ResultSet











    It seems that the filter cannot find class file, even though I said classpath is "$COMPONENT_DIR/classes" and put the location as "filterFile.

    Try to open your component in the component wizard.

    There are two things that you need to configure:

    (1) according to Build - build settings you should have defined an entry of the type Component class or Classes that will connect the additional component or directory linking to .jar (if your classes are packaged in a jar)

    (2) pursuant to Build - build settings - advanced should have defined the path of custom class

    From what you write, I guess 2) is (classpath =... in the name of the component.hda), but 1) might be gone (it is stored in manifest.hda)

    If these two work, check the package name and the name of the class. Note that you need both in your definition - package_name.filter_class_name

    In fact, it is not related to filters as with the use of Java custom in a custom component.

    If you think that you have done everything, but it still does not work, create a hello_world as a component which will print classpath for you, as it is visible from your JVM, for example by: String classpath = System.getProperty ("java.class.path"); and then, if your device classes are really there.

  • Satellite L305-S5920: Question about PC card, new use HDD & Win XP

    I recently bought this machine in the mail and on arrival was disappointed to see that it is not equipped with a Firewire plug - I thought that all the machines which had today? Too bad, I thought I'd use my PCMCIA Firewire card. But then I found that what looks like a standard PCMCIA socket has a block to halfway down on one side which prevents a normal PCMCIA card being inserted. Snookered. What is this decision? Not one of my PC cards will go in.

    I then tried, had always been my intention to replace the 160 gb HD with a new 500 GB it and install XP on it. It's a very long story, but it culminates at Toshiba telling me that "this model will not work XP. Someone at - it ideas how to get around this problem?

    Either way, I don't seem to have all the means to re-establish a new HD Vista if/when this one fails. Am I expected to go out and buy, or I missed something? There is no "recovery partition" on the hard drive so there is no way that I can produce my own recovery disk.

    I then tried to play a DVD, to be told that it was the wrong region and could not be played. Quite absurd to place this restriction on laptops - I live in two Americas and Britain - but once again so much worse, I'll just load AnyDVD and continue nevertheless. But no - the carpet * a drive mounted by Toshiba is one of the few that cannot be decrypted.

    Therefore this machine, which works well in its own design constraints, is nowhere near what I wanted and expected it to be. Can someone suggest a solution to all of the above questions? Because I already ordered a different brand which according to me does not have these limits, but it would be useful to keep this as a spare if I can fix it.


    First of all, I doubt that there is some design flaws
    Akuma has already said, there are devices that supports different standards.

    In any case, for the first I recommend that you check this Toshiba page we:

    [Satellite L305-S5920 - details-| rpn = PSLB8U & modelFilter = L305-S5920 & SelCategorie = 3 & selFamily = 1073768663]

    You will find here all the details on this model Sat L305
    In the detailed specifications, you can find the info that this laptop uses the Express Card slot (ExpressCard/34 and ExpressCard/54). You must use Express cards instead of PCMCIA cards!

    You can also install the Win XP I n know not why, someone said that you can not do this strange however, you can install the Win XP and I found XP drivers too! Please visit US!

    The recovery of HARD drive partition is placed on European models of Toshiba. I put t know how it works on Toshiba WE series (perhaps drive HARD recovery is not available on laptops in the United States), but perhaps you need to create the first recovery disk in order to recover the laptop to factory settings.


  • Questions about the alternative syntax using DAQmx

    Hi all

    my group has started to use an alternative syntax for functions DAQmx. Here is the part of our original code:

    nitWFM-> AOChannels.CreateVoltageChannel ("Dev1/ao0", _T(""), dMinimum, dMaximum, DAQmxAOVoltageUnitsVolts);
    nitWFM-> AOChannels.CreateVoltageChannel ("Dev1/ao1", _T(""), dMinimum, dMaximum, DAQmxAOVoltageUnitsVolts);
    nitWFM-> AOChannels.CreateVoltageChannel ("Dev1/ao2", _T(""), dMinimum, dMaximum, DAQmxAOVoltageUnitsVolts);
    nitWFM-> AOChannels.CreateVoltageChannel ("Dev1/ao3", _T(""), dMinimum, dMaximum, DAQmxAOVoltageUnitsVolts);

    that became:

    DAQmxCreateAIVoltageChan(nitWFM,"Dev1/ao0","",DAQmx_Val_Cfg_Default,dMinimum, dMaximum,DAQmx_Val_Volts,));
    DAQmxCreateAIVoltageChan(nitWFM,"Dev1/ao1","",DAQmx_Val_Cfg_Default,dMinimum, dMaximum,DAQmx_Val_Volts,));
    DAQmxCreateAIVoltageChan(nitWFM,"Dev1/ao2","",DAQmx_Val_Cfg_Default,dMinimum, dMaximum,DAQmx_Val_Volts,));
    DAQmxCreateAIVoltageChan(nitWFM,"Dev1/ao3","",DAQmx_Val_Cfg_Default,dMinimum, dMaximum,DAQmx_Val_Volts,));

    We changed it to a function that seemed to only work for us in a single syntax (DAQmxSetWriteAttribute (nitWFM, DAQmx_Write_RegenMode, DAQmx_Val_DoNotAllowRegen))

    My question is, what is the alternative syntax for the following lines? :

    nitWFM-> Control (DAQmxTaskVerify);

    CNiDAQmxAnalogMultiChannelWriter, writer (nitWFM-> Stream);

    because keep an error in this way.

    Your answers are greatly appreciated.


    "" "" "" "" The first function can be found in the C reference help by clicking on start "all programs" National Instruments "NOR-DAQ ' Text Based Code Support" reference of C OR-DAQmx help and expand the functions C of NOR-DAQmx "task/Configuration control ' Advanced ' DAQmxTaskControl. This explains the function and syntax to use.

    Kind regards


  • Question about upgrading a database using Experienced/IMPDB

    Hi all.

    Now that we have the opportunity to virtualized environments, i´ll perform some tests on the upgrade of a production environment, always on 10g ( 64-bit) to 11g Rel2 ( on 64-bit Linux.

    Although my preferred method would use DBUA, I know you can use Oracle Datapump for the same purpose. Before the test, I would like to clarify something:

    Oracle Enterprise Manager repository will be excluded from the exp file?. I mean, even if I need an expfull of the database, whereas I m excluding the following diagrams (those that come pre created on the original database):















    XS$ NULL











    So, technically this won´t an EXPFULL, but that's what I really need. For example, I Don t want to APEX, FLOW_FILES patterns, nor DBSNMP and SYSMAN, etc..

    In short, using this syntax will solve my problem: exclude = pattern: '("USER1", "User2") IN'?

    Best regards, Luis.

    A full export does not, by default, the system schemas that contain metadata export and data managed by Oracle. Examples of system schemas that are not exported by default include SYS , ORDSYS , and MDSYS .

    This means that you don't need to worry about excluding these patterns related to the system.

    I think that the OEM schema is exported because it is just another scheme.

  • Question [about license and the use of a font]

    I am a representative of a company involved in the production of educational material. We are currently doing books, videos, Web sites and mobile applications.  We have a few questions and a quick response will be a great help for us. 1. If we agree with Adobe CC, can we use the bundled font Myriad Pro for commercial purposes specifically in the production of books, Web sites, mobile applications, videos and as well our company logo? 2. If in the case, we are not allowed to use Myriad Pro, can you please list the situations (or cases) in which we are not allowed to use this font. 3. is it possible to buy a license for situations that mention you in number 2? (We are strongly interested in using Myriad Pro, especially in the realization of the Web site) 4. we intend to use the Myriad Pro in the subtitles of our video clips, but our situation is that we will not make a separate file, but rather, let's do static image in the video. What is your policy (or the license details) for that?  Additional information: we will use Photoshop to our image and Adobe Premiere for our video work.   Thank you very much and a quick response would be greatly appreciated. (I've already sent an email to ) ( [email protected] , but they have yet to respond.)

    [Title edited for clarity... MOD]

    Until an employee gets a read your message, this can help

    Licensing and terms of use | Adobe

  • I have a question about the ESXi upgrade using Update Manager...

    This is probably a stupid question, but I've never played and update ESXi using Update Manager.  We need to update ESXi ESXi 4.1 4.1 servers before vCenter 5.0 U1 from U2 (there is a known issue where the ESXi 4.1 servers receive the GROUP after upgrading vCenter to 5.0 U1).  We used HP ESXi image to install ESXi on our servers for new installations.  This image contains ESXi.1 U2 as well as the drivers of HP and CIM.

    4.1_U2_Oct_2011_ESXi_HD - USB-SDImgeInstlr_Z7550 - 00241.iso

    Can this same image HP ESXi 4.1 U2 that we used to install to new ESXi servers, be used to upgrade our 4.1 4.1 U2 ESXi servers using the Update Manager?  Or, upgrade package should be used for the upgrade?  Also, if an upgrade package must be used, is it OK to use one provided by VMware, or will be losing our HP specific drivers and CIM to do this?

    Thank you


    You can import custom HP ESXi 4.1 U2 ISO in Update Manager (don't forget to use the latest version of June 2012, available here: and update the hosts with her.

    In a second step, you can then import the last custom HP ESXi ISO 5.0 (available here: and update the hosts again with her.

    To be on the current ESXi 5.0 patch level you finally apply the latest patches from VMware via the Update Manager.


  • Technical question about the naming conventions used in the API

    What does the prefix 'PF_' rest in all the function names in the SDK of EI?  It is not immediately obvious to me and was just curious.  I would like to have an idea of how the naming conventions came when I learn a new code.

    Thank you!

    Interesting question.  PF stands for package of plug-in filter in After Effects.

  • A question about the analytical function used with the GROUP BY clause in SHORT

    Hi all

    I created the following table named myenterprise
    CITY       STOREID    MONTH_NAME TOTAL_SALES            
    ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------------------- 
    paris      id1        January    1000                   
    paris      id1        March      7000                   
    paris      id1        April      2000                   
    paris      id2        November   2000                   
    paris      id3        January    5000                   
    london     id4        Janaury    3000                   
    london     id4        August     6000                   
    london     id5        September  500                    
    london     id5        November   1000
    If I want to find which is the total sales by city? I'll run the following query
    SELECT city, SUM(total_sales) AS TOTAL_SALES_PER_CITY
    FROM myenterprise
    GROUP BY city
    that works very well and produces the expected result, i.e.
    ---------- ---------------------- 
    london     10500                  
    paris      17000            
    Now in one of my books SQL (Mastering Oracle SQL) I found another method by using the SUM, but this time as an analytic function. Here's what the method of the book suggests as an alternative to the problem:
    SELECT city, 
           SUM(SUM(total_sales)) OVER (PARTITION BY city) AS TOTAL_SALES_PER_CITY
    FROM myenterprise
    GROUP BY city
    I know that the analytic functions are executed after the GROUP BY clause has been transformed completely and Unlike regular aggregate functions, they return their result for each line belonging to the partitions specified in the partition clause (if there is a defined partition clause).

    Now my problem is that I do not understand what we have to use two functions SUM? If we only use one only, i.e.
    SELECT city, 
           SUM(total_sales) OVER (PARTITION BY city) AS TOTAL_SALES_PER_CITY
    FROM myenterprise
    GROUP BY city
    This generates the following error:
    Error starting at line 2 in command:
    SELECT city, 
           SUM(total_sales) OVER (PARTITION BY city) AS TOTAL_SALES_PER_CITY
    FROM myenterprise
    GROUP BY city
    Error at Command Line:2 Column:11
    Error report:
    SQL Error: ORA-00979: not a GROUP BY expression
    00979. 00000 -  "not a GROUP BY expression"
    The error is generated for the line 2 column 11 which is, for the expression SUM (total_sales), well it's true that total_sales does not appear in the GROUP BY clause, but this should not be a problem, it has been used in an analytical function, so it is evaluated after the GROUP BY clause.

    So here's my question:

    Why use SUM (SUM (total_sales)) instead of SUM (total_sales)?

    Thanks in advance!

    In case you are interested, that's my definition of the table:
    DROP TABLE myenterprise;
    CREATE TABLE myenterprise(
    city VARCHAR2(10), 
    storeid VARCHAR2(10),
    month_name VARCHAR2(10),
    total_sales NUMBER);
    INSERT INTO myenterprise(city, storeid, month_name, total_sales)
      VALUES ('paris', 'id1', 'January', 1000);
    INSERT INTO myenterprise(city, storeid, month_name, total_sales)
      VALUES ('paris', 'id1', 'March', 7000);
    INSERT INTO myenterprise(city, storeid, month_name, total_sales)
      VALUES ('paris', 'id1', 'April', 2000);
    INSERT INTO myenterprise(city, storeid, month_name, total_sales)
      VALUES ('paris', 'id2', 'November', 2000);
    INSERT INTO myenterprise(city, storeid, month_name, total_sales)
      VALUES ('paris', 'id3', 'January', 5000);
    INSERT INTO myenterprise(city, storeid, month_name, total_sales)
      VALUES ('london', 'id4', 'Janaury', 3000);
    INSERT INTO myenterprise(city, storeid, month_name, total_sales)
      VALUES ('london', 'id4', 'August', 6000);
    INSERT INTO myenterprise(city, storeid, month_name, total_sales)
      VALUES ('london', 'id5', 'September', 500);
    INSERT INTO myenterprise(city, storeid, month_name, total_sales)
      VALUES ('london', 'id5', 'November', 1000);
    Edited by: dariyoosh on April 9, 2009 04:51

    It is clear that thet Analytics is reduntant here...
    You can even use AVG or any analytic function...

    SQL> SELECT city,
      2         avg(SUM(total_sales)) OVER (PARTITION BY city) AS TOTAL_SALES_PER_CITY
      3  FROM myenterprise
      4  GROUP BY city
    ---------- --------------------
    london                    10500
    paris                     17000
  • Question about Vista upgrade and using Vista on my laptop

    My first post so Hello. I'm in North Ireland and just basically competent so keep this in mind if you answer my question below :)

    Need some advice on the Vista program upgrade. I am a resident in the United Kingdom and my laptop is an Equium A100-147. I got got a confirmation online and posted number is + a copy of the receipt of purchase to one address in the Netherlands. Also displayed payment (£16,53) at a different address in the Netherlands.

    I want to know is the disc I receive an 'upgrade' disc or a full version with an option of a 'complete installation', but also an upgrade? Also if I do an upgrade or a full install and decide that Vista is not to my likeing running recovery disks provided with the laptop will return its supplied as original state? It would be XP MCE.

    Vista will have all the necessary drivers for my laptop hardware work or I'm likely to have to install drivers after upgradeing or Vista installation?

    Thanks in advance... John

    For most Windows upgrades are complete windows versions. This means that you can do a clean install. During the new installation the installation program will ask for the old cd and check it. That's all.

    Of course, it is possible to return your laptop in the State of origin with the old recovery disks.

  • Question about USRP synchronization when using 1 X 2 MIMO


    I wonder section about 1 X 2 MIMO (a transceiver system two USRP). I entered sequence of bits as "10101010...' part of the transmitter." If '1' and '0' bits are aligned in order. 0 comes after 1, 0 just after 1. I want to send this sequence of bits of the USRP transmitter to the channel. On the receiving party;  How can I set the time and implemented receiver USRPs triggers that one that USRP will get only 1 bit of these when other USRP will pick up only when thise 0 bits. How can I synchronize this MIMO 1 X 2 like this system? Could you give me advice?

    Best regards.

    Hi ahmetemir,

    I think that this example will provide a framework for what you're trying to do:

  • question about to expire PDFs using contnet Manager


    I would like to know if I allow users to my site view PDFs Online can I do the files PDF using Content Server expires once the user disconnects from my Web site and end-of-session?

    Thank you


    No, this is not possible with ACS4 - expiration options are for a period of time (an absolute, or compensation calculated at run time).

  • Question about Drag and Drop using DataGrid controls

    I use two DataGrids, each has a different type of object so that you can imagine when you drag - move into the other it causes an error in the cause the objects are not the same.
    I already managed to do this work, on the dragDrop event, I stop the default behavior of the event by the preventDefault () method, this way I can convert manually one object in another and then add it to the target of DataGrid.
    The problem is that because I stopped the default behavior of the event that remains the target DataGrid highlighted all the time (focus is on that point), so I have to do after my manual conversion object is to restore the DataGrid control to its normal state, which is what would have made the event's default behavior.

    So any ideas how to do that? restore the DataGrid control in its normal state? or perhaps restore an event so that it can continue its default behavior?

    OK I have found, after calling the preventDefault method and make my own logic, you call the method of the DataGrid hideDropFeedback () and that will do the job

  • question about orders of vista: using the mouse

    could someone means give me the list of commands in vista which has to do with the mouse?

    Tips of mouse [Prev | ] Next | Content]

    Click with the right button on the title bar Recommended Windows menu mode (formerly the system menu or control)
    Double-click the title bar Activates / deactivates a window between the Normal State and Maximised.
    Right click on the System Menu or folder in Web view icon Open the context menu for the container. Vista: feature removed for windows explore. Interface user Vista guidelines, however, recommend that the icon is a document icon in applications of document type and show the context menu for the document on right click. Document not applications, such as MS Messenger, should show the application icon and context menu should apply. Left-click on the icon should display the Windows menu for compatibility reasons, but it should not be documented, do a right-click with the exception of the title bar icon is the new documented way.
    Drag an object on a Windows title bar Opens the object in this window (do slide in the window will often work, but in OLE documents this will insert the object in the active document). Some programs, such as Notepad insist on the files being deleted in the client area.
    To drag an object, then place the cursor over a folder collapsed in Explorer tree Expands the view of folder
    Drag an object on the border of the client area of a window Scrolls the window. The client area is the part of a window that contains the objects or documents. It does not include the title, menu bar or toolbars.
    To drag an object, then mouse over a button of the taskbar Brings the window associated with the button on the taskbar to the top
    To drag an object, then place the cursor on an empty part of the taskbar. Minimize all open windows
    Double-click the bar of relief on the left side of the toolbar in the taskbar while the taskbar is unlocked Activates / deactivates the toolbar through maximum size, minimum size and content adjustment
    Click with the right button on the background of table in games of cards or tiles (Ctrl + A) Car moving what can be maps.
    CTRL + Alt + Shift + click the pile of cards in Solitaire In turn on a map in the map three draws.

    "sandwichsam" wrote in message News: a8afe044-ea55-45bd-93f7-5036fcfc6472...

    > could someone means give me the list of commands in vista which has to do with the mouse?

Maybe you are looking for

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  • Re: How to open Z830 Satellite?

    Hi all Just letting you know that I downloaded a tear down a laptop Toshiba Satellite Z830 to: Open a Toshiba Z830 I have also some videos of other Toshiba products line on my playlist at the following link. There drives hard Toshiba, AIo units and s

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    When I go to view available updates, it only gives me the possibility for upgrades platform for Windows Vista. How can I download whats not there, and how can I find it to download?