Question about keyboard input language settings

Some wrong characters when you press on pump keys. for example: "when printing on keys 2 gives a @ onscreen, while that, you guessed it: @ gives '." "

I think I got some settings wrong somewhere, I put everything to the United Kingdom in the language folder in the control panel (also in advance).

It's probably pretty simple, but annoying, as usual, it is difficult to find what exactly to do in windows.

If anyone knows what to do, please let me know.



As far as I know if you instead of, you just change the keyboard input language. Please click the taskbar with the right button of the mouse and go to Toolbars > and enable the language bar option. On this way, you can see which input language is active.

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  • Satellite A100 keyboard input language does not match the physical keyboard

    I'm sorry.

    In fact, it is the first line:

    & é " ' ( - è _ ç Ã* ) =

    Kind regards


    I have a laptop SATELLITE A 100 (model PSAARE-02X01TFR) with the french (I think) QWERTY keyboard here and may not know how to configure it under Win XP.

    It has these characters on the top row:

    (The numbers are off)

    The second line has:
    q w e r t y u i o p ^ $

    The third:
    q s d f g h j k l: a¹ *.

    The fourth:
    z x c v b n m; , !

    Any idea what and how I have set up?

    Thank you, Leonardo


    As Akuma, you can change the input language of keyboard in Control Panel. It is very easy and takes only a minute to change.
    Check it!

    If you have any other questions, please let us know! :)

    Good bye

  • Keyboard input language

    I don't know if there is a link, but I recently upgraded to OS X 10.11.3, and now my keyboard only available option is English. Here is a screenshot:

    As you can see, only English British and Japanese are selected in system preferences, but only English of the United States is available in the keyboard menu. And Yes, I reset the language and restarted my computer. Any ideas?

    Go to Preferences-> keyboard-> input methods system, press on the + button and add all other keyboards you need.

  • Properties of the keyboard input language

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate and have added Korean via Windows Update.  I also added Korean as an input language, but when I display the properties of the keyboard, it shows the US English provision.  When I switch between them the Korean show language bar but sill make English characters on the screen.  I tried to delete the input languages and uninstall the language pack and reinsert.  I think that the problem is with the properties of the Korean keyboard properties.  How can I fix it?

    I agree, but you need to use Windows Update to install the language adds on.

    As the Korean language pack is apparently installed, this leaves Windows Update out of the picture.

    If you have changed the display in Korean language, you should not allow the entry of Korean language. See or

  • Re: Toshiba M70-165 (PSM70E) - question about keyboard

    On an old Toshiba laptop Satellite M70-165 (PSM70E), I installed Linux 13. But this laptop seems to have a strange keyboard. I think it's Spanish, since there is a right to the letter, and there is a on the letter as well. But every single Spanish keyboard, I checked on the internet is different from this 86-key keyboard that I have.

    So I'm rather perplexed and I hope you can help me... Thanks in advance!

    And what kind of help do you expect now?
    You want to buy a new keyboard for another language or change some keyboard with good?
    Can you please post exact model part number?

    Is your keyboard layout identical with this one I found in s manuals Toshiba?

  • question about the input impedance

    Hello world

    I tried to measure a voltage with internal impedance 10kohm source, and I connect to the source directly with the NI USB 6009. When the voltage source is 5.043V, the data recorded by labview are about 4.8V. I checked the manual of the USB-6009 case and found that the input circuit (see attachment). So I guess when the device was taken from data, it actually takes the data on the node of crossing and converted, then return with impedance numbers shown in the graph. That's why I'm given to me below that it should have been.

    I was wondering is it possible to treat it, other than the calculation of return and convert it with correct impedance?

    Kind regards


    Hi Jude,.

    you could use an op amp to boost your signal (1:1), one so reduce the impedance seen by the USB6009. You can also use some other DAQ hardware with a higher input impedance.

    In the end, the conclusion is: you must choose your DAQ hardware according to the specifications of the signal source. You have selected the wrong hardware...

  • Question about audio input on Satellite 1410 304

    Who can help me? I want to connect my discs rotates through an amplifier to my Satellite 1410 304 to digitize my vinyl. I used the helmet on the amplifier output and connected to the audio input on the laptop (microfone entry), but don't get all the sounds. Help!


    A friend of mine tried to do the same thing, but he used some external device and special software which are necessary for his transfer and editing. Please don t ask me how it works exactly.

    If you want to record sounds by using its port, you can do this by using the utility of Microsoft Sound recorder, but I don t know if this can help you. All saved files are in wav format.

    Good bye

  • Question about keyboard English / Korean

    English/Korean keyboards are available on any portable Toshiba laptop?


    Well, I m not 100% sure, but I think that if you buy the Toshiba laptop in Korea, in this case, this laptop should have an English/Korean keyboard layout.
    But I don t think you can buy it in other countries.

    Please see this site:
    Perhaps you will find practical information.

    Good bye

  • question about keyboard

    using HP PAVILLIION g7 2010nr

    need help understanding keyboard like the keys are not 1-12

    How can I make them work the way I want

    example - f11 is usually to help get into the safe mode TU where is f11 here?

    Thank you for the help

    Thanks, it works, now I just need to know what will do the different keys

    rickp400 wrote:

    some laptops have a func button you press on # at the same time

    and f11 is the recovery mode, and if you try to get into safe mode, press f8

    soon the hp logo disappear press f8 and hold for a few seconds

    Thank you, Rick, now I just have to figure out what will make the different keys

    How can I send a "kudo".

  • FDK9: Question about dialog input text (and coding)

    Hi all

    The other day I met a problem which is driving me a little crazy, so I hope a kind soul help me on track!

    When I get a text input in a dialog box, some character combinations (for example the backslash followed by capital F) prove to be scrambled (or at least, I can't understand what the code is supposed to be). It happens regularly, I call a standard dialog via F_ApiPromptString or use F_ApiGetString on an edit box in a custom dialog box. The following example of (micro) illustrates the problem.

    I must be missing something very basic here. I would be extremely grateful if someone could explain why the entry is UTF-8, or MakerRoman.

    Kind regards


    PS: I am running Windows XP on a Danish locale. Nothing particularly exotic.

    [Console output]

    Encoding dialog box is "FrameRoman".
    String #1: '\F' (hex: 0x5c 0 x 46)
    String #2: "ƒ" (hex: 0xc6 0 x 92)

    [Code of plugin]

    #include < fdetypes.h >
    #include < fapi.h >
    #include < futils.h >

    VoidT F_ApiInitialize (IntT init)
    If (init is FA_Init_First)
    F_FdeInitFontEncs ((StringT) 'UTF - 8');
    F_ApiEnableUnicode (True);
    F_ObjHandleT mainMenuId = F_ApiGetNamedObject (FV_SessionId, FO_Menu, (StringT) "!) MakerMainMenu");
    F_ObjHandleT testMenuId is F_ApiDefineAndAddMenu (mainMenuId, (StringT) "APIMenu", (StringT) 'Test');.
    F_ApiDefineAndAddCommand (1, testMenuId, (StringT) "TestStringPromptCMD", (StringT) 'Test string guest', NULL);

    VoidT F_ApiCommand (IntT cmd)
    If (cmd == 1)
    StringT s1, s2, encName;
    If the user does not change, the "\xfc\x46" string will be returned.
    F_ApiPromptString (& s1, (StringT) "Press OK", (StringT) "\\F");
    If the user types (or pasta in) \F, the "\xc6\x92" string will be returned.
    F_ApiPromptString (& s2, (StringT) "Type \\F and press OK", (StringT) "");
    encName = F_ApiGetString (0, FV_SessionId, FP_DialogEncodingName);
    F_Printf (NULL, 'dialogue encoding is '%s',' encName);
    F_Printf (NULL, "\nString #1: '%s' (hex: 0 x % 02 x 0 x % 02 x)", s1, s1 [0] s1 [1]);
    F_Printf (NULL, "\nString #2: '%s' (hex: 0 x % 02 x 0 x % 02 x)", s2, s2 [0] s2 [1]);

    Hello Mark,

    the FrameMaker IU transforms certain combinations of characters with the special characters backslash, but not all. They are listed here: .html

    Certain combinations of extra backslash are valid in the search box: ml

    If you want your customers to be able to enter the backslashes in a dialog box, they must enter twice.



  • A question about the input within the PL/SQL block values

    Hi all

    I would be grateful if you could kindly help me with this issue well.

    Consider the following code.
      myvar1 NUMBER;
      myvar2 NUMBER;
      myvar3 NUMBER;
      myvar1 := &1;
      myvar2 := &2;
      myvar3 := &3;
      DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('myvar1 = ' || myvar1);
      DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('myvar2 = ' || myvar2);
      DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('myvar3 = ' || myvar3);
    This program reads the three input values and print them. However, I have noticed that if instead of writing
    myvar1 := &1;
    myvar2 := &2;
    myvar3 := &3;
    I am writing
    myvar1 := '&1';
    myvar2 := '&2';
    myvar3 := '&3';
    The program will have the same result. I would like to know if there is a semantic difference between the two syntax,
    in other words, there is no difference between for example & myvar1 and "myvar1?

    Thanks in advance,

    & 1 would be a NUMBER
    ' & 1' would be a TANK, that would be implicitly converted to a NUMBER.

  • Question about keyboards keys Tecra A3

    I have a whole new Tecra A3 and when you type certain keys randomly will work. Occasions, I can type or press a key several times until it works.
    Is there something I can do before I return it to the dealer?

    Hi Bob

    It's really not easy to say why this is happening. The only thing you can try is to reinstall the OS using the recovery CD.

    In my opinion it shouldn't happen if the unit is a new brand. Please contact your dealer and ask him if you can have another. You paid for a new product and it should work properly.

  • Satellite L300D: changing in Vista keyboard language settings


    I bought a cell phone in Spain (Satellite L300D series) and I added to the 'language bar' option 'Portuguese' (my language).
    Usually I write texts in both languages - this is why I have not removed the "Spanish" option in the "language bar".
    However, the Windows Vista changing by "chance", the language of my keyboard. Let me explain:

    I opened the "language bar". Then, I opened the "Configuration" > "High Key Configuration.
    There is the option "access keys for input languages". It is possible to select the 'ALT', 'CAPS LOCK' and 'SHIFT' keys to change the keyboard language. But it is also possible to only select "key" - so, theoretically, any key should you press: the language of the keyboard will not change.

    That's what I did - but Windows Vista is not "obey" me...
    What should I do to stop this type of change?

    Thank you!


    OK, you use two for keyboard input languages, but you should know that when you set once there are no fix. If you use several applications at the same time for each running application, you must set the input language.

    I always use a single switch to choose between languages with left Alt + shift. The other two parameters are set to NONE. So when I use some application I can always check what language is set and change it quickly using left Alt + Shift key combination.

    That's all. Test it on your laptop.

  • How about removing the language keyboards?

    Microsoft provided a tool or a way for those of us who want to remove?

    Read the above: referring to article 7 of Section 9.

    See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • change the language settings for windows programs

    I'm changing the language on Windows programs settings. I was able to change the keyboard but is it possible to change the language for Windows programs?

    Thank you!



    Change the display language
    How to change Vista display language

    How to change the language (including welcome screen) in Windows Vista

    And, if necessary:

    Change your keyboard type

    How to change the Vista keyboard input language

    How to change the keyboard language in Windows


    How can I get additional language files?

    The Windows Vista Multilingual User Interface Guide (WS.10) .aspx

    Download languages for Windows

    I hope this helps.

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