Question about linux on a toshiba laptop

Hello. I have a question; I'm going to buy a computer toshiba laptop, but I need to install fedora linux for my work. My question is
should which model I buy to be able to install this linux by myself? I thought about Toshiba A200 - 1 MB or A100-786. What other linux can be installed on Toshiba A200 - 1 MB, A100-786. You may know if power is working correctly?


Elder Hello

In recent days, nobody writes here and I just want to write a few words. As you probably know that Linux is not supported by Toshiba and with Linux, you're on your own. Please if you have time check out this Linux section. You will find many interesting topics and I hope some information about Linux on the laptop A100 and A200 model.

You can also visit these interesting pages of Linux:

Bye and good luck!

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  • Question about Certification WPA on Toshiba laptops

    How can one say what Toshiba laptops have available, in accordance with the certification of " WPA wireless security?"

    Toshiba are unable to provide information on a particular model without a serial number. I'm considering a purchase, but I first need the WPA information.




    WPA encryption depends on the WLan card. If you want to buy one, then you should check if this books has one card Wlan.
    But how would I know which card was installed in the laptop without to know the name of the Toshiba laptop.

    The best way is to google for more information on the web.

  • Question about Vista Recovery CD Toshiba

    I don't know why laptops Toshibas are sold with this kind of installation disc.
    If something happens and the system needs to be reinstalled then whole hard disk will be deleted. And also what it installs this Norton Internet Security? Not everyone likes it.
    It would be much better to sell just the cd with system and cd with drivers separately.

    P.S. y at - it a repair utility for this backup cd which will not remove HD set. Where is boot loader Editor?
    I have spent many hours trying to run XP and Vista on dual boot before I succeed.

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    Why you're so angry shouting at them? I Don t understand it. You know, there are 100,000 customers and machines and noone of them had a problem with this recovery system.

    To these people like you, who are dissatisfied with their handling and their marketing, they release the drivers on their site so you can get a separate operating system
    AS YOU WOULD LIKE and then you can install it as you need.
    Regarding Norton: If you don t like it, uninstall it and the problem is solved. And how do you know, people like him or not. Maybe not everyone's a computerfreak like you,
    There are some people that they don t know not even how to install an operating system, and they are happy to have something delivered to their BONES "factory-installed" who cares about the security of the system.

    If you are more familiar with computers, just install the system and make individual for you. I think that toshiba has nothing to do with, when you don t get the thing LIKE YOU HAVE is in your view.

    So I Don t want to offend you, I want to show you, this toshiba must produce for the masses, and they give the geeks like us a limited chance to create an individual system on our machine.

    Welcome them

  • Re: A few questions about the warranty of my laptop Portege

    I have a laptop Toshiba Portege, which is not yet 1 year old with some problems.
    -a crack in the cover next to the screen (not the screen), who came into the frame after the closure of the laptop
    -drive that does not fingerprint
    -Lock button battery that came loose.

    What do I have to pay when I give to my laptop for these problems?


    Hello Karel

    At first, I have to say that this forum is the forum of users and what you need is accurate answers, from people who know exactly how it works with guarantees and laptops issues different.
    Here you can read some personal opinions, but what you need is accurate information about all this.

    We recommend that you contact the nearest Toshiba service provider in your country as soon as possible. Don t wait too long because warranty time. Call or visit them in service directly, show the problems and ask them all.
    They will explain how it works.
    I can't say for sure, but I think that all this should be covered by the warranty.

    If you need addresses and phone numbers please visit Toshiba support under page > support & downloads > find an ASP.

    Good luck

  • Question about reinstalling windows on a laptop that came with it, but the hard drive failed and had to be replaced.

    OK, until recently, the hard drive of my laptop couldn't, and I had to replace, no biggie, I really care about this laptop in any case. Then I threw ubuntu top and let it go from there. But recently, I wonder, if I could get windows again for her, for free. I am sure that it is not under warranty, but I could go and check of 90 percent. I have no back ups for it because it was cheap.

    Additional information:

    HP Pavilion G6-2235us

    Bought in the United States

    Provided with Windows 8

    No backups.

    Yes, if the hard drive has been installed you can just catch a Windows ISO-8 8.1 is not available now and make an own Install.Then, if you have the sticker of the product key on the back of your laptop use the product key to activate. Devices with Windows 8 generally have incorporated in their BIOS product key and use the following tool to get the product key:

    Download the key tool produces OEM of Windows

    Then, you can use the key to activate. In the meantime, here is the link to download windows ISO 8.1 and generate the installation media

    Later you can improve Windows 10 too if you wish.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Have question about video of the Dell laptop...

    Dell Inspiron Laptop:

    Processor: Core i3 - 2350M

    RAM - 4 GB

    Graphics card: integrated Intel HD 3000

    It's weird. Some games that I can play with the medium or high settings with little or no problem. I know that this is not a portable game, but I only play games occasionally. I'm not talking about games here either. It runs Skyrim and Fallout: New Vegas without problem. In addition, it ran call of Duty: MW3 upstairs very smooth.

    The question is... can I allocate more memory on my video card? He said that the card can be a total memory approx. 1696 MB, but I know this isn't a 1.6 GB video card. I read some computers allow you to change the BIOS settings to add more memory, but I can't find anything. Im just surprised he plays these big games that he probably lag at least a little, but he can't play hitman: absolution of all and the video RAM minimum for this is 512 mb like Skyrim.

    Hi Shizam123,

    Thanks for the reply.

    There is no option in the BIOS to allocate more memory for the video card. Video card performance is optimized automatically during the game.

    Thank you & best regards
    Mustapha S

  • Question about registration of vista Toshiba - Satellite A200-1CR

    Hi all

    In my laptop Toshiba vista registration component config.exe program does not work.

    Please help me? How can I make this work?


    You received the Toshiba Recovery CD with your beautiful Sat A200.
    I would recommend setting the notebook back to factory and after the new OS installation check settings if the Toshiba vista registration tool is working properly.

    In other cases, you can visit Toshiba Europe site and register for your laptop on the Toshiba site!

    Good luck

  • A80-154: Question about warranty and sell a laptop

    Hello. I want to sell my Toshiba A80-154 to ebay. Does anyone have experience how to give the remaining warranty (1.5 years) to the new owner? The laptop is registered with my name.


    Well, I assume that your laptop is already registered and you want to change the owner of the cell phone. I m not 100% sure, but I think that the Toshiba service partner should have the ability to edit the details of the guarantee. In my opinion you should ask ASP for help.

    I also found a site of warranty on the Toshiba site information. Maybe you will find some information on the topic.


    Good bye

  • Just a quick question about drivers for Satellite P500 laptop

    Hi, I recently bought a new laptop:

    System model: TOSHIBA Satellite P500 PSPGSU-04P00WB

    Processor: 2.40 gigahertz Intel Core i5 520 M processor

    Video: NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M


    HARD drive: Hitachi HTS725050A9A360 [hard drive] (500,11 GB)

    I tried to download the drivers on the support site:
    but there is no model number the same as mine, I found one that has the same
    parts (CPU, video card, etc.). It was ' Satellite P500-BT2N20. I can just download
    and use these drviers, right?

    If you have a model of European cell phone why look you it up on US Toshiba support page?
    You can find it on

  • question about the battery of the laptop when you do not use


    I see that if you take the battery laptop out when you are not using and you're wotking with adapter suply, it wil extend the life of the battery.

    But what if I do not use this battery for several days and I put it away wil he unload his omnipotence?

    Thank you


    Hi Johan,.

    I don't think that it helps extend the life of the battery if remove you it from the laptop. It will also pay power when you are not using it.  For more information on the functioning of the battery, I would say that you see the battery user guide provided by the manufacturer of your laptop.

    Hope this information helps. If you have any other questions, we will be happy to help you.

  • Questions about syncing iPhone to the laptop.

    Hi all

    would like to ask for your help, I bought a new laptop with a windows 8 ongoing, it is not possible download the app store or itunes to sync to my iphone? If possible, how? Pls... Thank you..

    PS: my apologies for the choice of the wrong topic... no other option.

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    Original title: Iphone to the laptop

    Hi Jelson,

    Thanks for posting your question in the Windows community.

    You can synchronize the iPhone with Windows 8, using the iTunes application. See this link for further instructions.

    11 iTunes for Windows: set up sync to iPod, iPhone or iPad

    Hope that the information provided is useful. Do not respond if you need more help.

  • Question about the format of Toshiba 2 TB HARD drive sector size


    I bought a Toshiba HDD 2 TB HDS5C3020BLE 2 TB (sold as Toshiba PA4292E - 1 HL 0) with firmware MZ4OAAB0 installed on a pc running XP sp3.

    I formatted with windows utility, in AUTO mode sector size.
    I have to align the sectors with other partition like other tools 2 TB hard drive with 4 k sector or not?

    Post edited by: gnpb (model toshiba added)

    Simply choose the FAT32 or NTFS file format and choose auto to the sector size option

  • Question about the connection of the laptop to stereo to get a good sound

    I'm trying to get an output good phono from my laptop to a stereo. The s-video output a sound, when it is so I could divide the s-video cable in two phono which can then be connected to my sound system.


    Yes, it is possible to use a RCA cable that supports a Cinch-plug at the end and 2 Cinch plugs on the other end for the channels left and right sound.

    In addition, the headphone should support s/pdif output. On this way, you can connect the phone to the stereo with a better sound quality.

  • question about restoring from factory my laptop settings

    I have a mini HP laptop. He has a virus and I said I need to restore it to factory settings.

    When he bought it had windows on it. When him restore its factory settings, windows will still be on it?


    Yes, it should still have Windows on it.

    Factory settings means that it back in new condition; as in the way in which you bought it.

    Here is some general information on how to use the HP recovery options.

    The choice that applies to you.

    It is normally press F11 at startup (save your data first)

    See you soon.

  • Envy 17-K224NR: question about Realtek HD audio on laptop with Console Audio Beats

    I bought a HP Envy 17-K224NR which has Realtek HD audio in Device Manager, handed over to new, but it has also the Console Audio Beats, but the console has very few cursors, such as cursor control of bass and voice.  Should I uninstall the realtek drivers and re-install the drivers Audio BEats to get full conTHe Beats Audio system provided with WIndows 10 and sionce has been updated with the update of the anniversary.

    The Realtek drivers and the Beats Audio console are now on my system, I thank you.  The only thing I don't like is the fact that I have no control over the bass, music or voice, the sliders is not.

Maybe you are looking for