Question about RAM for Satellite A100

No standard memory pa3412u - 2M 51 (512 MB 533 MHz) with PA3411U-2M1G (1 GB 533 MHz) will work properly?

My laptop is satellite A100-847



Both modules must support the same specifications! But you can mix sizes of 512 MB and 1 GB module
DDR2 533 MHz PC2-4200 modules are compatible with the Satellite A100.

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  • Question about RAM in Satellite A100-192

    Hello! Help me please. I can replace standard Ram (512 MB, 533 Mhz) on nine with frequency 667 Mhz? So also, will it work?

    Theoretically, you can do this, but there is no sense because the motherboard works with 533 MHz front bus and it is better that you can use the compatible memory module:
    512 MB DDR2-533 PA3412U - 2 M (51)
    1 GB OF DDR2-533 (PA3411U-2M1G)

  • Question of upgrading RAM for Satellite A100-165


    II have a Satellite A100-165 (PSAA9E-00V00HFR)
    He accepts a 2 GB SO-DIMM?

    Your laptop can handle with 4 GB of RAM, and what you need is DDR2 533/667 MHz RAM module.
    Rams compatible homepage of Kingston. You will find the exact reference.

    Please do not use some cheap products.

  • Maximum capacity of RAM for Satellite A100 PSAANH-04Y03F?


    I finally decided to update my A100 ram which I bought in 2007.
    The problem is that I don't how what is the maximum capacity.

    I suspect that it is 2 GB, but I'm curious to know if it will take 4GB.
    The reason why I have not found information me is because I have no idea what model is my A100.

    It says ' Satellite A100 SYSTEM UNIT MODEL No. * PSAANH-04Y03F * ' on the bottom of the laptop.
    Google search that gives me 0 search results :/

    Help would be greatly appreciated!

    This chipset was built in Notepad?
    The max RAM depends on the chipset.
    You can use a tool like * Everest Home Edition * to check the chipset.
    Then you could search properties chipset.

  • Question about RAM for eMachines 633ids


    Just bought an eMachines 633ids work today. The PC is old and it came with 64 MB of SDRAM. I have an eMachines broken T1742 with 128 MB of RAM. I was wondering if I could put the T1742 broken in the new 633ids RAM. It will work and is it safe? I don't know if RAM of the broken T1742 is good because the motherboard is shot. Do I just buy new RAM for the 633? If so I wouldn't mind putting money into it because it is in perfect condition. I paid $15 for it.

    Thank you.


    They wont even fit (see shears) the good news is the ram for 633ids (128 MB which is max) when you can find it (google it) is about $20

  • Brand special RAM for Satellite A100 (PSAA9)?


    I have an A100-504 Satellite (PSAA9) with only 1 GB of RAM. CPUZ is a module of Hyundai HYMP512S64BP8-C4 PC2-4300.

    I want to switch to 2 GB and I was wondering if I have to buy a special kind of RAM? What I should also buy Hyundai RAM or can it be a different brand? What about specifications? What RAM modules would be the best in combination with Vista and that Hyundai HYMP512S64BP8 - C4 1 GB module?

    Thank you very much for your help!


    Hello Bob

    There's not a lot of philosophy.
    The best thing you can do is to use recommended and 100% compatible modules of RAM. According to the specification of the specifications compatible modules are:

    512 MB DDR2-533 PA3412U - 2 M (51)
    1 GB OF DDR2-533 (PA3411U-2M1G)

    Good bye

  • Re: Question about RAM on Satellite M60-135

    Good evening

    SRY for my English in advance ;)

    I intend to increase the RAM of my M60-135 Satellite. On the home page, I found two corresponding modules.
    One is PA3411U-2M1G and the other is PA3411S-2M1G. The descriptions for the two modules are exactly the same (1024 MB (1 GB) memory PC2-) 4300 DDR2 (533 MHz).

    Can someone tell what is the difference between them?

    Thank you very much for your answers. :)

    Always it is that you should be able to use all modules of memory manufacturers of different modules that supports the specifications on the right;
    The Satellite M60-135 supports the DDR2 533 MHz (PC2-4200) 200-PIN SODIMM memory modules.
    Details can be found here:

    Best regards

  • Question about BIOS for Satellite Pro A10 files


    I have Toshiba Satellite Pro A10 and later yesterday, he won't, he past the TOSHIBA start screen and then black with a flashing cursor, it didn't leave me in advanced settings or the settings of the BIOS, a friend told me I need to Flash BIOS, I came across the site and found only a BIOS update and management told me to use the floppy drive , he said when I unzip the file I get an .exe file which I opened and it will give me three files, one for the CD ROM, one for the floppy drive and the third I don't remember, but it didn't happen, when I unzipped the files in a temporary folder, but I never had the files.

    I think I had to have it on my own laptop, and then it would be extracted properly, because my laptop does not work I can't do and even if I put the files on a disk, they are too big.


    Where can I get the files from the BIOS that I can put on a floppy disk and then I can boot from that disk and it will fix the BIOS?

    Thank you


    OK, follow these steps:

    Burn the file bios to CD on a CD, boot from it and update your bios. It's a simple and easy way. I Don t understand why it shouldn´t work, given that I ve updated my bios in the same way. I burned the image to CD and booted from this CD.

    Please answer perhaps you just made a mistake when you think to (I sometimes do too much, not often, but it happens..)  :)

    Welcome them

  • Question about battery for Satellite L300 - 17 L

    Hello to all peoples,

    I just bought a laptop Satellite L300 - 17L.
    Who can tell me how many hours I leave the battery to be formatted?

    I put t know what you mean. Only, you can format a HARD disk, but not a battery.

    Look in the manual for more information or tell me exactly what you want.
    You can find the manual on the Toshiba site: downloads support & -online manual Toshiba

  • Is it possible to use 667 MHz Ram for Satellite A100-233?

    I want to improve my laptop with an another 512 MB of Ram and I called several dealers here in Egypt & I can't find 553 MHz ram!
    So can I use 667 MHz instead of 553 MHz one?
    If not, can you advice me where I can buy it online?

    If you buy 667 MHz DDR2 SO-DIMM for your laptop, even though the memory will not work at the maximum speed of (667 MHz) it should work at 533 MHz

    memory modules are not designed to run only at their maximum speed; they could also work at a lower speed; usually at low speed they will also benefit from lower latencies (which is a good thing!)

    If you want to buy memory online, then you could try to
    (as a recommended Jimi scs00 in

  • Extension of RAM for Satellite A100-756

    Hi all

    I want to expand my ram to 2 GB memory... Can anyone help to decide what memory to buy? 2 x 1 GB or 2 GB one?

    Anyone know if this memory is compatible with my chipset?

    Kingston HyperX 675 Mhz 1 GB DDR 2 memory no ECC computer

    Thank you very much.
    I'd appreciate any help and advice.


    It s better take 2 x 1 GB, it has something to do with compatibility. So, is this HyperX memory for laptops? I have Kingston HyperX in my office and I didn t know that this series was manufactured for mobile systems, too.

    Can you please post a link where these modules are memory available?


    Welcome them

  • Question about warranty for Satellite L300D 242

    Hi, I bought my book of last year and I have saled by tariffs, the last of them was October 15, 2010, was counting my monitor Hat an accident and I didn t see nothing, I want to know if Toshiba can repair with the guarantee and the number of days to take if I send to support or TechHi ,

    I bought my book of last year and I have saled by rates the last of them was October 15, 2010, unfortunately my monitor Hat an accident and I didn t see nothing, I want to know if Toshiba can only repair with warranty and how many days take if I send to support or technical Service because I need my laptop for my work.

    And if you know how do I be fortunately. Thank you.
    NIC Service, because I need my work pattées neetbook. And if you know how do I be fortunately. Thank you.


    You have registered your laptop on the Toshiba registration page >

    Anyway, if you need repair contact Toshiba service provider in Germany.
    How to do this you can find on the Toshiba support under page > support & downloads > find an ASP.

  • Question about recovery for Satellite Pro A120-185

    I had a with the laptop recovery CD. I wonder if he has the operating system also (windows Vista) and I have the right to request a copy of the operating system?
    Is - this CD has everything that was originally on the laptop (all software)?
    And how to restore to factory State with the combination of keys on keyboard to image on the hard drive? This also restores programs and everything too?


    You bought the laptop with pre-installed Vista OS?
    If so, the recovery CD should contains the operating system Vista, all Toshiba drivers, tools and utilities and additional software.

    > Is - this CD has everything that was originally on the laptop (all software)?
    Yes, as I said above the Toshiba on the restore CD image contains everything; Operating system, drivers and programs.

    If you use the recovery for the reinstallation CD, you will set the laptop to factory settings.
    But beware, this procedure will format you whole HARD disk and will delete the existing partitions.

    If you want to install from the recovery CD, try to boot from this CD and follow the guide line. It is very easy.

  • Question about battery for Satellite U400 - 12 p

    Hi all

    I have Satellite U400 - 12 p, battery is 3700mha, but on the Toshiba web site is the 4400mha standard, so it's true that on the website is the error?

    second problem, when working on battery (Vista Edition home premium x 86), the cpu still works on 2000 MHz, and I have only 2 hours my battery. Can I 'take control' of my processor?

    Thank you


    I checked the news on Satellite U400-12 p and I can't see the info on dough here but the fact is that the Satellite U400 comes with battery 6cells 3700mAh ability. The part number is PA3634U-1BAS/BRS.

    As option to upgrade Toshiba also offer 6cells with capacity of 4800mAh battery. The reference number of this battery is PA3635U-1BAM/BRM.

    So to all options check power options - Start Control Panel System & Advanced Maintenance Power Options > choose a power plan Plan change change power avancΘs processor power management settings.

  • Question about RAM in Satellite 1100

    My son has a laptop only 128MB RAM module installed. I want to improve this at least 512 MB.
    I don't know if I should order HIGH or LOW DENSITY RAM?


    I Don t understand what you mean with 'HIGH' or 'LOW' RAM density. To upgrade your machine you need only SDRAM PC133 and that's all you need.

    No ram special xxx-density, only "PC133 SDRAM" and something like this->

    I hope I could help

    Welcome them

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