Question about the music library to iCloud (music Apple) and iTunes on mac

Download I m just of my iTunes in the music library of iCloud library. Since I was afraid that my library of 40000 + titles could get corrupted or metadata could be changed by apple, I downloaded the files from a 'second' machine (macbook) - just to be on the safe side and keep my iTunes library local main on my iMac intact by iCloud (for the moment).

Now everything seems fine with iCloud music library, but after all the titles/songs are in iCloud now, what happens if I disable the library iCloud music on the 'second' machine and Activate the library iCloud music on my main machine (iMac), which has the same local as my second machine iTunes library? (= the same local iTunes library, which has been already downloaded?)

ICloud/iTunes will recognize that all songs/files are already uploaded to the music library iCloud and doe 'nothing', or download will process all over again and will lead to 'double' all the files/songs in iCloud?

The same question arises if we restore iTunes library local on a mac from a backup + switches on iCloud music library a second time... will be iTunes + icloud music library download all the files again or not?

Unless something is wrong, it should recognize and not duplicate.

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    I dragged my audio file to the timeline and it plays perfectly, but it ends (obviously). How can I make the music in an infinite loop or play at least 100 times?

    So you say that your entire Flash movie (which is a game) is 15 minutes long on the timeline, but your audio covers only the first 2 minutes of the timeline?

    You have two options.

    (1) you can duplicate the image and change the audio manually with the mouse several times until it covers the entire 15 minutes of the movie/game or

    (2) with actionscript, you can completely replace what is on the timeline and load your audio files with the code and have it play with the code and the conditional statements and timer functions.

    A good place to learn more about such an AS3.0 code would be the Adobe ActionScript 3.0 reference, which can be found by doing a web search using any search engine of your choice.  You may want to search the Sound class and the class SoundChannel.  You will also want to search the Timer class and things like "if statements" which are conditional statements.  The research of these will result in finding you a code that has already been written that you can apply to your situation/scenario.

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    Hallo Miki

    In theory, your music should be affected by changing to 10 Windows, but it is wise to make sure that nothing is lost by creating full copies of all important personal files (music more documentation pictures and videos) away from your computer before the upgrade. The best bet is an external hard drive USB - sizes range from 250 GB upwards - a similar in size to your pc would be a good thing. Copy music to it and check that the drive is in good working order and if you are happy, start copying everything on. Prevention is better than cure, and there have been a lot of posts on these forums of people who have lost things because something was wrong when upgrading. Another tip... check with your pc manufacturer's support Web site to see if any of their components need update prepares first. This is often overlooked. -Ric.

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    Hello I am new to hearing. I use Audition CS5.5. I was wondering how I can remove the "whistling" singing (whenever the words with "s" or "EC" are sung as "silence" or "stones"). I have a multitrack project open and I have the vocal track selected, but the function "hiss reduction" Effects-> noise reduction/restoration is gray. Similarly, "noise reduction" and "capture point noise" is also grayed out (even if I have a section of the track selected with the time selection tool). Why are these unusable?

    Another question is how can I add fade in/out effects in multitrack view? I know that I can draw lines for the fade in and out while a single track is selected, but I always like to use multitrack view, while working so that I could easily move the vocals to match the music.

    Thank you.

    Noise reduction is an effect that only works in Edit/Waveform mode.  It doesn't have multitrack real-time.

    However what you're saying, your problem is the sibilance not "whistling" anyway.  Hiss reduction is there to get a constant background hissing like a pre amp out in noisy mic.  You may do better by using what is called a De-Esser which you find in the FFT filter under filters and EQ or compressor multiband in the effects of Amplitude and Compression.  I must be a bit vague because I've never bothered with CS5.5 in order to remember here is that it was these effects.

    On your other question, you have "volume envelopes" in multitrack view and can 'draw lines' it too.  If you do not get them, go to the view menu and make sure that "Show Clip Volume envelopes" is checked.

  • Satellite M70-340: Question about the warranty if I buy in Russia and move to Australia

    I would buy the Satellite M70-340 laptop here in Russia. Next month I'll move to Australia. What the warranty in this case?

    Will I be charged if problems occur?
    How can I recognize a laptop that is officially sold (= I mean legally delivered and comes with a guarantee in the world)?

    Thank you very much for your answer!

    To my knowledge, you can save your laptop on the European site of Toshiba for services and extensions of warranty and uprisings.
    The serial number of the laptop must be registered generally on this site.
    I think you can buy a few additional warranty packages that allow you to get the guarantee availability in the world.

    But usually if something goes wrong on the laptop you will need to contact Toshiba authorized service partner in your country.
    On the Toshiba support page, you will also find a database for service partners worldwide.

  • Problems with music Apple and iTunes sync after downgrading to iOS to iOS 9.3.2 10

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    I downgraded from iOS iOS 10 9.3.2 and my music application crashes. So I deleted all the music that I had somehow. But I still have an available playlist. But when I try to delete this playlist, it crashes. And I tried to sync my music from my pc Alienware, but it shows that "iPhone (iPhone Manzoni) could not syn because the sync sessi has no stars." Need serious help!

    Make sure that you have followed the instructions to return to the current version > all software beta iOS - Apple Support

  • General questions about the system reserve partition in windows 7 and 8


    1. is the partition of the system 100 MB in windows 7 hard disk is to use system restore?

    2 - on the track of the first hard disk that 100 MB partition holds system resides?

    3. in windows 8 wat happened with this partition of booking sytem 100 MB and where it is located on the hard drive?

    Thank you



    1. is the partition of the system 100 MB in windows 7 hard disk is to use system restore?

    2 - on the track of the first hard disk that 100 MB partition holds system resides?

    3. in windows 8 wat happened with this partition of booking sytem 100 MB and where it is located on the hard drive?

    Thank you


    It should appear as disk 0

    This is for the Windows recovery environment (WinRE), also supplied with Windows Vista, only it has been available from the Windows Vista installation disc only, although some manufacturers make available on a partition separated on their factory facilities. In Windows 7, this feature is installed on all computers and is stored in the 200 MB partition if you are installing using a single partition scheme. However, if you are installing to a drive that has more than one partition, the recovery environment is stored in a folder at the root of your installation disc, so if you install to a partition with a label of C:\ she will be C:\Recovery.

  • What is the difference between the music folder and folder machine Apple TV (3rd generation).

    My question is my lack of knowledge on the different options of music to Apple TV. I see two folders, 'Music' and 'Computer', which seems both have my music library. The playlists are different and incomplete in the Music"" folder. The "Computer" folder seems to have a better reflection of my catalog of music.

    I have the music Apple and operational Match on all my devices.

    The music icon is for streaming from the cloud and would have access to your library, if you use iTunes game. The computers icon, is streaming your iTunes on your local computer using home sharing.

    If there are differences in the playlists in the section music on ATV then you can enable/disable iTunes game and restart.

  • Questions about the implementation of clusters of storage and DTS on active cluster

    I have a few questions about the implementation of clusters of data store and SRS storage in VSphere 5.1.

    We have a data center with about 15 HP blades and a few servers non-lame.  The hosts are all either VSphere 5.0 or 5.1.  Our back-end storage is an EMC VNX 5700 with about 20 stores of data.  All the VMWare is managed by VCenter 5.1 running on a dedicated physical machine.

    Currently, each data store is used individually; No piles of data store are put in place.  When a new virtual machine is created, the administrator usually chooses the data with the most space store.  Periodically, we will go back and manually storage vMotion machines to balance the load.

    Recently, we have expanded the VNX storage, so we now have LUNS in different pools, with different levels of performance.

    What I would do is set up for the data store clusters, so that us when a virtual machine is created, the administrator must not know what data store is in which pool.  Also take advantage of the DRS storage so that the burden of storage will be "refine" himself a little.

    I know the setting up of a cluster of storage in a 'clean' environment is quite simple, but my concern is creation/conversion data warehouses existing in active production in the cluster, while they are used.

    If I access the screen "data warehouses and store data from clusters ', right-click on the data center and create a cluster, and then move the various data stores in the new cluster, will there be an interruption in the production running systems?

    I also wonder about activation of storage i/o control.  It is not currently enabled on data warehouses.  I know it's useful for the StorageDRS, but will be allowing any negative impact on the system?  If I turn on the warehouses of data, is there anything else I should do or set in addition to all that allows him?

    Finally, we are in the process of Site Recovery Manager configuration.  SRS has an impact on the configuration of the data clusters and DTS store?

    Thanks in advance for your comments.

    Mike O.

    Gregg Robertson wrote:


    Clusters of data and using DTS store doesn't impact RS even if you create a cluster of data store for storage of replicated data and another for everyone else, this way you machines virtual you want to replicate are not moved on warehouses of data that are not replicated , but will still have the ability to move if there is a conflict.


    With all due respect but SRM and DTS don't go together. SRM does not at all support the use of DTS. So if you are configuring SRM forget DTS for now.

    Reason for this is that SRM knows no DTS and VMs can be in flight when a failover should occur, and bad things can happen. Also, the protection breaks when a virtual computer is moved between data warehouses in a cluster data store.

    In short: don't go there.

  • Where should questions about the JDEV/ADF positions?


    Where should questions about the JDEV/ADF positions?

    JDeveloper and ADF or

    JDeveloper and ADF?

    I found there may be some different advantageous:

    Thank you.

    Well, the other forum you mentioned is the Korean equivalent of the English forum.

    You have already discovered, it is not controlled to many users. I didn't know that it exists at all.

    In general it is to you where you ask your questions. All for one here are driven by the community and some employees of the Oracle, you cannot wait has answered all your questions. If you really need to answer you go through paid support.

    A tip for getting help is to provide a well-defined use cases, information relating to your environment and documented code showing what you have already tried.


  • Could not import the music downloaded from iTunes for Windows Movie Maker.

    Could not import the music downloaded from iTunes for Windows Movie Maker.  He plays in Windows Live Movie Maker and plays on my computer.  Cannot find the codec. Tried the solution to this same question and in help.

    Some audio and video file formats are not supported in Windows Movie Maker and cannot be imported. However, if you have a video or audio file that is not taken care of, you can use a non-Microsoft video editing software to convert the file into a format supported by Windows Movie Maker, and then import the video file or an audio resulting in Windows Movie Maker. Some files also require you to install a codec before you can use the files in Windows Movie Maker.
    Note: The use of third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.
    Import video, photos and audio on Windows Movie Maker
    A problem of importing files into Windows Movie Maker
    Windows Movie Maker uses. WAV file formats and Apple's iTunes use it. AAC format.
    You can also try saving iTunes songs in the. WAV format instead of Mp3 format and check.
    For more information, see the link:
    Hope this information is useful.
  • Question about the purchase of policies in China for commercial purposes

    I have several questions about the purchase of policies. Our company is in CHINA

    1. we have our own product which has LCD display to display certain information with different languages (Chinese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian). We need to use Adobe Heiti Std fonts for the Chinese language by commercial purposes. I tried this font in Adobe? Do Folio police 11.1, but is not in this library, your partner gold in China told me this font is part of Adobe Production Premium CS5.5, which we have already purchased from Adobe, it is used freely by the user.

    It is true that we can use the fonts Adobe Heiti Std freely and even for commercial purposes in many products?

    If this font is not free, how can I buy it for commercial purposes in many products? Could be he you pls tell me the person/company contact email or phone number.

    2. we need to use Eurostile LT font for the English language by commercial purposes as well. Is it Eurostile LT available for German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian as well? and I can not find do Folio 11.1 as well. But some Eurostile Std * fonts appear in the list.

    Use font Eurostile LT? freely for user

    The police in the Adobe product package, but it is not in the Adobe typotheque (Adobe? Do Folio 11.1), then it can be used freely even for commercial purposes in many products?

    Thank you in advance.

    Unfortunately, none of these fonts is available for the user interface of the product. Although Adobe has two of them, we have not the right to sell OEM licenses or the other.

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    How do you get pictures stored in the photo library of iCloud?



    You can use a browser of the computer (for example, Safari) and you connect to and open the Photos app here.

    Will be also in the pictures on any device where you have iCloud library lit. On a Mac, it is turned on via the Apple menu > System Preferences > iCloud > Photos > iCloud photo library. On a Mac to OSX Yosemite 10.10.3 or later version. See below for more information:

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    What I really join the music Apple to listen to the music I want to hear?

    # You can buy your own music without subscription (Apple's music).

  • A few questions about the difference between the Satellite P70, L70, S70

    Hello, I have a lot of questions about the P70, L70, S70 series that come with a 1920 x 1080 panel.

    (1) what are the differences between the L70 and S70 series? With the exception of the RAM and HARD drive capacity, books seem pretty identical.

    (2) P70, L70, S70 doesn't support a 2nd HARD drive or it's just the P70 series that support?

    (3) all the three (P70, L70, S70 series) come with the same TFT panels?

    (4) of the above series, which supports mSata?

    (5) all the model of each series are delivered with support from mSata? For example, it could be that L70 - a - 13 m supports mSata is not the case of the L70-a-146?

    (6) all the foregoing, are delivered with a S - ATA II or III S - ATA interface?

    (7) who is the best of these series listed? I'm trying to understand what makes the big difference of S70 to P70 except for the envelope for example.

    Thank you in advance.

    > (1) what are the differences between the series L70 and S70? With the exception of the RAM and HARD drive capacity, books seem pretty identical.

    What models Sat L70 and S70 do you mean exactly? There are different L70-xxx-xxx and S70 models on the market that supports different hardware specifications.

    (> S70 2) P70, L70, support a 2nd drive HARD or is - it just the series P70 that support?
    As you can see in this [Sam P70 HDD replacement document, |] the P70 series supports the 2nd drive Bay HARD, BUT even if there is a 2nd HARD drive Bay, this does not mean that you can use the 2nd HARD drive. In the case where the 2nd HARD drive Bay are equipped with HARD drive connector, you can use the 2nd HARD drive

    I also found the [Sam L70/S70 HDD replacement |] the document on the Toshiba page and there I see this 2nd HARD drive Bay is not available

    (> 3) all three (P70, L70, S70 series) come with the same TFT panels?
    See point 1). Different P70, L70, S70 models were equipped with different material parts.

    (> 4) of the series above, which takes in charge mSata?
    As far as I know that some P70 models are equipped with an mSATA SSD of 256 GB.

    (> 5) do all the model of each series are delivered with support mSata? For example, it could be that L70 - a - 13 m supports mSata is not the case of the L70-a-146?
    See point 4) not all models supports the same hardware specifications

    (> 6) all of the above, come with a S - ATA II or III S - ATA interface?
    I don t think that SATA III is supported. I guess it would be SATA II

    (> 7) which is the best of these series listed? I'm trying to understand what makes the big difference of S70 to P70 except for the envelope for example.
    Not easy to answer because there are too many models released in Europea.
    And not all models are available in each country. So I guess you will have to look for the models that have been released in your country.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Wenn ich einen Wecker uber Siri stelle wird immer der Weckerton der devising "Radar." Will be man kann in den Einstellungen das change, denn ich, dass Siri devising den your "Wecker" einstellt.

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    I want my favorites always open, in the opinion of sidebar as I used to have in older versions of Firefox. I need to that and can not work Internet by clicking 3 times whenever I need a favorite Web site.I can't imagine others aren't as needing their

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    I have a new one, literally out of the box, iMac running OS 10.11.3. At the start there is no ledge.  That means - serious problem? Should I return it and get a replacement? Other specifications: 4 GHz Intel Core i7; 16 GB OF RAM

  • \Laptop Toshibat broken

    HelloI spilled a cup of tea everywhere in my laptop and it turns off suddenly and cannot restart. What is the best thing I can do? Wait? or send it for repair?James

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    I have geo to run disk degrag, and I am prompted to run a scandisk or chdsk, how can you do this?