Question about the recovery partition


I have a question about the recovery of HARD drive partition.

If I do the operation to clear the hard disk option in the wizard it will remove * all * or it will keep my partition recovery in this way I can come back later. I want to know because I would like to put on a different OS.

I know he said he would, but caution in the PDF, I found it says that on a normal recovery too (that he would remove each partition) and I'm a little confused about how the recovery actually worked.

Thank you.

Hey Buddy,

To be honest I n don't know what you mean exactly with this option to erase.

In General, Toshiba Recovery disk will wipe your entire HDD to restore factory settings correctly. This means that if you start from that disk and follow the instructions on the screen, everything will be removed.

In addition, the recovery disk doesn t create a recovery partition. It is not available. Disk copy just the files on the second partition in folder HDDrecovery to start an installation of HARD drive recovery.

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  • Re: Several questions about the recovery of the Satellite L750 features

    I have several questions about the recovery of Satellite L750 features available to it. Any help and answers would be useful.

    (1) when I started the laptop first, he asked me to create a recovery CD incase I need to reinstall the operating system. But he also said that he built in the recovery partition, so therefore, I have to make a recovery cd or not?

    (2) will be the recovery CD is exactly the same as the recovery on the system partition?

    (3) is the partion of CD or recovery includes all the integrated software pre-installed with the laptop?

    (4) also in the device manage management it shows watch partion recovery but it is empty, is it true?

    (5) in the second partition (drive D) system, he has a record with what looks like the recovery of files and folders. Is it safe to move/remove it?


    I'll try to provide answers:
    1 - to ensure that everything works perfectly you don t need these discs, but if something goes wrong with the HARD drive you will not be able to do anything. When you have the recovery DVDs, you will still be able to install the recovery image and once again the factory settings. So my advice to you is: create these discs as soon as possible. Use only on DVD-R media and buy products of high quality (TDK or Verbatim).
    2 - Yes.
    3 - Yes.
    4 - No. Don t be confused with this.
    5. in a first time create restore DVD, and later you can do what you want. I put t know which files mean you but don t touch anything before that of the recovery disks to be created.

    In the past, many people have been experimenting with the structure of HARD drive and partitions and later was surprised when installing disk recovery HARD has been damaged. Don t make the same mistake.

    If you have any other questions you are welcome.

  • A few questions about the recovery image installation

    A recovery USB drive created using the Recovery Media Creator contains the Windows operating system and is it the Windows key to reinstall - how it is activated. Is it different for the repair disk.

    Can be used for a new installation of Windows 7 on a new SSD? Is this just a case of connection and the recovery disc running on the new drive to th? How the recovery Partition can be re-created on a new SSD?

    Drop Hello

    I can see user Justinian gave detailed answers, and I hope you understand how it all works now. Of my overwiev aside:

    What exactly is recovery image?
    + Recovery image is an exact copy of a hard drive and contains the exact copy, byte by byte, a hard disk partition. The copy includes all the partition information, sectors priming, the table of allocation of files, installation of operating system and software application different. +
    + You are using installation Recovery CD/DVD/USB, you can restore your system after heavy data loss, caused by an accident of operating system, hardware failure or complete virus attack. +
    + Recovery image installation procedure allows the installation of system and easy to user. Unfortunately, it is not possible to restore only certain files from a disk image. +
    + Each recovery image is designed for a specific model laptop and it cannot be used for any other series of notebook. +

    With other words, recovery image is a software package that contains Windows operating system, all the drivers needed for some portable model, Toshiba tools, utilities, and also some other software. A lot of people don't like these additional software, but no you don't have to use it. all things you don't like you can remove it from the system.

    Activation of recovery image:
    When you buy the phone model you also purchase the license for the preinstalled OS version that you get with your machine. After start and contact to the internet OS will be checked and activation will be valid.

    Please note: you can reinstall original image recovery 100 times if necessary. There is not a kind of limitation, and whenever it will be activated.

    Take care of your recovery media (DVD/USB). Do not lose it.

    Of course, it can happen that you do not find your recovery media. In this case you can order.
    Recovery order -
    Questions and answers about ordering recovery DVDs -

    If you have any other questions do not hesitate to ask.

  • Restore using the recovery disks on Inspiron 15 3521 supplied with Windows 8 Pro. Question on the recovery partition.

    I created by the user recovery disks.  I created them the day I got the computer and he made three of them.  My brother has deleted my recovery partition just now.  My question is, if I resumed my Inspiron 15 3521 using three recovery disks that I created, be it recreate the recovery partition in the process?   I just need an answer to this question, not responses indicating that, if I have the disks, I don't need the recovery partition, why would I want the recovery partition if I have the drive, etc.  I would like to just a simple answer to the question.  If I use the recovery discs, it will recreate the partition recovery with all the info, she was in it when I got to the computer?  Once the recovery is completed from disks, will be that recovery partition be there as the day I got the computer, so if I wanted to (I don't want to, but I'm just a question) I could still create the recovery of her discs?  Basically, the computer will be exactly as it was the day I got it home, recover partition and everything?  Or, it will restore the computer to the new plant, but not to re-create the recovery partition with everything she had in it the day I got it?

    Thanks in advance.

    Yes, it will be if you select the correct option.

    See these videos:

    Recovery of factory - "deletes all data and resets the Partitions.

    Updating of the factory - "Only restores the System Partition and keep other Partition content".

    It might be good for you to ask a Windows OS DVD 8.0/8.1 just in case the recovery media works however.

  • Question about the recovery of HARD drive partition


    I have 2 partitions: C: and d:
    I wanted to save video data on D: and was surprised to find some hdd files and folders reverie about it
    Yet, I have a small partition hidden and thought that waas of hard drive recovery.
    What do you think of this? Can I delete these files on D:?
    When restart us the computer after pressed F8, is associated with the files to D: or hidden partition recovery option.

    Thanks in advance



    I'll try to provide answers.
    > I wanted to record video data on D: and was surprised to find some hdd files and folders reverie about it.
    The same situation is on all laptops come with HARD drive recovery image. Recovery image is saved in the folder called HDDRecovery. It is recommended to create recovery DVDs using the preinstalled Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator. When the recovery DVD is created, you can delete these files and use of recovery DVDs for the operating system installation.
    Otherwise the partitions are large enough, and you should leave this file here. Just define it as hidden and you won't.
    > Again, I have a small partition hidden and thought that hard drive recovery waas on that.
    This small partition has nothing to do with the Toshiba recovery image. Recovery image Toshiba is large enough and cannot be saved on small partition.
    > When restart us computer after pressing F8, is associated with the files to D: or hidden partition recovery option.
    They are related to the folder HDDRecovery and recovery stored image. When you delete drive recovery option HARD is no longer available.

  • Re: a few questions about the recovery of product on my laptop Satellite L450D-113

    Hey there, fellow buyers of Toshiba.

    I have a few questions on prod. recovery on my laptop.

    * Is _First, safe? _ *
    Because my sister it on his Vista laptop (a Toshiba) and finished with a BSOD and a trip to the PC world for a replacement HARD drive.
    * _First, he will restore C: and D:, or just C:? _ *
    Inadvertently, I deleted the D: partition on my hard drive and he would like to return.
    * _Third, I am formatting due to incompatibility with some applications, namely 32 bit ones._*
    I can somehow incompatible lance 32-bit on my 64-bit?
    * _Finally, it erase Ubuntu as well? _ *
    I have Ubuntu (10.04 LTS incase you're wondering) and want to keep the data that it is intact.


    YES, I backed UP MY DATA (here, that goes with the words "I have no sti - oh, wait, what's that noise clicking / grinding?")? I just do not feel comfortable with the formatting yet until I know answers to these questions, but there again, I have only 200 MB left of C: (go, 250 GB in 8 months?) and need the return performance (GHIII and GTA: San Andreas used at 40 fps, but now play them is wading through treacle (LAG)!) Please respond quickly, and I look forward to answers!


    > First of all, is it safe?

    recovery process is completely safe.

    > Second, he will restore C: and D:, or just C:?

    He will restore the os with the settings on drive C;. Local d it will create image file from hard drive which I know.

    > Can I run 32-bit incompatible somehow on my 64-bit?

    It depends on the application. I mean, do a right-click on the application and choose properties where you can Compatible mode.

    > Finally, it clears so Ubuntu?

    If it is installed on local d: I guess that will erase. To be honest, is not sure

  • Problems about the recovery partition

    I have a Samsung np520u4c-a01ub... on my SW update... I wanted to install the recovery, but it is said that "recovery partition does not exist Setup will be cancelled. How to create a recovery partition? I searched on google and all I found was that recovery partition is created on a USB Flash drive... I want to create the partition on my hard drive recovery... is it possible? If so, how can I create one? :(

    also, when I bought this laptop, I got a problem with BSOD... I used the recovery and restored my PC... but then... when I installed the recommended facilities and updated SW Update... the recovery cannot be installed as what I mentioned above... Please help... :))

    Hi Floyd,

    Recovery partitions differ according to computer models, I would like to recommend you to the computer manufacturer contact to get more information about the issue.

    Hope this information helps.

  • Satellite A20-S103D: two questions about the recovery process


    I bought the machine above my nephew - is no longer necessary.
    It runs Windows XP Home Edition and is not a Windows CD or disc of recovery of any kind.

    I have a Windows decal on the underside with the product key, but when I use "Belarc Advisor" to examine the product keys for all my software loaded it gives a totally different operating system product key! This key contains the letters OEM in there.

    As the machine is supplied with a Toshiba power management software I guess it's an OEM Toshiba of the OS version I have.

    My questions are:
    1 / this does not mean that at some point in the past, this machine was another product of Windows XP on it? (two product keys)
    2 / I can, (and), I get the Windows XP CD or a recovery for the machine, like I need to recover or to reload Windows.

    Thanks in advance to all members of the forum that meet.

    > 1 / this does not mean that at some point in the past, this machine was another product of Windows XP on it? (two product keys)

    The key you found at the bottom of the device belongs to the OEM of Windows version that is part of the recovery diskette.
    The recovery disk is already enabled so that the key is not required in order to activate the Windows operating system.
    As far as I know, that the key does not work with other versions of windows

    > 2 / I can, (and), I get the Windows XP CD or a recovery for the machine, like I need to recover or to reload Windows.
    Since it is an old, I doubt you'd be able to order the recovery for this device disc
    If you want to install the Win operating system, then you must use a Windows CD clean valid keys and all drivers may be downloaded from the page of European driver of Toshiba.
    The drivers are placed in the archive because it oldie s in order to choose the archives in the type of product to download the form.

  • Ask questions about the recovery button in CQ40-308tu

    5 months ago I was buying compaq CQ40-308TU (BACK) and installed windows vista x 64 for the operating system.

    My question is, can the recovery button (F11) enabled to recover my OS (if it crashed one day), since I bought with no preinstalled OS (BACK only). ??

    No, F11 works with a HP preinstalled OS. Best option is an imaging application. I use and like Macrium Reflect. It will make an Image on CD/DVD, external HDD USB, network drive...

  • Question about the recovery of the incarnation.

    Hi all

    We tried to restore and recover a database and everything by doing this, we got the error RMAN-20207: until the RECOVERY WINDOW, which was before the RESETLOGS... We decided to recover the database in the previous incarnation, because there is no backup after opening the database in resetlogs mode. The database was in nocatalog mode. Now, one of our elders informed that because the database is in nocatalog mode we can restore controlfile sauvegardΘ thank you and go normal restore and recovery... Can it be done at all? My eldest has suggested that if we restore the old controlfile that there no trace resetlogs restore directly and up to the last CNS recovery is possible... Our knowledge is that after the previous activity and archivelogs resetlogs backups get unusable... Please help here to undestand that my eldest son is right or we are right and if so why? Thanks in advance.

    What is the label of appropriate discussion forum?

    If you ask a question, give all the details that someone would need to answer including the version of your database, for example Oracle your code using code tags (see "How do I format code in my post?" below). It is strongly recommended to first consult the documentation.

    In addition, be always courteous; There are different levels of experience represented. A badly phrased question is ignored better that flamed - or better still, help the poster to ask a better question.

    I don't know where we would get with attitude like yours. I think that this forum is intended to help the community of oracle with different problems with oracle products, regardless of technical experience/SKILL user.



  • Question about the recovery procedure

    After a virusinfection, I used my product recovery cd (only the first CD) and the laptop working again.
    I have 2 CD recovery, in the recovery process he asked only for 1 CD. (I don't use the CD2) a. Now, I fear that the recovery is not complete.
    Thanks for a response



    I Don t know where exactly your problem. Your system works correctly? Windows has been installed and it start? If Yes, then Don t worry on the second CD. According to me, the purpose of it s is special, so if she would then ask basic know whats up.

    Welcome and good weekend

  • Re: Satellite P200 - question about the recovery part

    I have a Satellite P200 and a recovery disk. I don't want to use this as it clears my disk clean C: and E: which has all my data on it.

    Is there a restore button to factory settings which affects the C: drive and let E: in tact? I thought I read somewhere that there was.


    If you have the Satellite P200, something like this is not possible. Unfortunately, before the recovery procedure starts the disk HARD integer will be deleted (formatted). Before you begin recovery procedure back up all your important data to an external device, or burn it to DVD-R/RW support.

  • A small question about the recovery of experts

    My filesystem for windows is damaged and the laptop will not start. So, I don't have an xp installation cd, but the toshiba one recovery.
    I didn't create all the partitions on my hard drive.

    I can create a partition to install windows on using expert mode?


    Check this

  • Satellite P200D-11MX: Question about the recovery procedure

    I have an error code, but my cd and the laptop (SATELLITE P200D-11MX) are the two new.
    "First start" Installation failed, then I tried the recover Option and got this error.

    What is the problem?
    And: What I can install Vista again if I format the whole HARD drive? And how to proceed?

    Thank you very much for the help.

    Hi Philipp

    This is a very stupid situation. I have Satellite P200D too and got my phone several times. Everything works fine and I am really confused now. Can you please write what happening exactly when you try to install the OS using a supplied recovery media?

    You can install Vista when you want to. Why you want to format the HARD drive? You don t want to use the factory settings?

  • Question about the Recovery Console

    I'm considereing the RC mainly to repair my OE6 which is clearly corrupt.  This is a reasonable approach?


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