Question about upgrading to Vista on Satellite P15


I think the move to Vista, but some things are confusing me. I have a Satellite P15 with an OEM XP Home installed package. Am I good to buy another DVD of Vista OEM use to level or that will cause some kind of conflict with the etc. hidden restore partition.

I understand it to be if I chose to upgrade and want to completely install Vista from new I have to reformat my hard drive? It's a tough call. Is it possible to simply upgrade to Vista, but keep everything I already installed at all? I have tons of useful stuff and tons of waste which I'm also not lose and don't spend hours, it backs up all fancy, all as I don't want to have dual-boot to be honest. It's Vista or XP, not both for me.

Any ideas?

I guess my biggest concern is another package to OEM OEM compatibility and whether the P15 him will at all.

See you soon!


As prior use has already proposed, you must create a second partition on your HARD drive and install Vista as OS second on the created part.
This should be a better way to use this operating system with Windows XP.

I installed the Vista in the same way. First of all, I created the partition Magic 8 partition and then installed the Vista operating system.
and I must say; He works ;)

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  • Question about upgrading to Vista 64 - bit - Satellite A300-1EG


    I wanted to ask you, how can I run Vista 64-bit without losing all the software that I got carried away with my laptop Toshiba Satellite A300-1EG?
    I would be remiss and so on the Toshiba disk creator?
    Is there a way to extract somehow the recovery DVD?

    Thank you

    Please do not mix two different things. 64-bit and 32-bit versions are not the same and if your mobile phone is supported for the version of Vista 64-bit, you can find all the drivers, tools and utilities on Toshiba download page under

    Have you already checked this?

    BTW: recovery image cannot be used for spare parts. It can only be used in the package.

  • Question about upgrading the CPU for Satellite 1110-Z14


    My satellite 1110-z14 has a processor intel mobile celeron @ 1.5 ghz. The processor is based on architecture p4 - it should be a northwood-256.
    Is it possible to upgrade the processor?

    1110-z20 is powered by the mobile celeron @ 2.0 ghz - all other technical specifications except the hard drive are the same... (ati radeon m6 with 16 MB, usb 1.1 mob and so on...).

    What do you think, can I upgrade the processor?
    Can what cpu I use?

    Thanks for your replies!


    AFAIK the 1110 series computer is equipped with an Intel 845MZ system controller.
    I found some details about Intel 845MZ chipset on the Intel page. It must be able to manage the Mobile Intel Pentium 4 - M with 400 MHz FSB Processor
    On the Intel page, you can find the entire family of the CPU.

    But generally the replacement of CPU and the upgrade is not recommended and no one can say whether the OS will run stable after these updates, so be careful.

  • Question about upgrading Ram on a Satellite A200

    Hi friends,

    I have a Satellite A200-13O with 120 GB HDD, 1.8 GHz Intel Centrino Duo, 1 GB of ram, but there 2 512 chips installed.

    If I upgrad 2 1 GB ram is it possible to improve performance...?

    and what happens if I switch to 2 GB dual channel...?

    It has Windows Vista Ultimate...!

    Thank you

    Do you mean that you would use a single module of ram of 1 GB?

    Well, you would still have 1 GB of RAM, but the dual channel cannot be used due to lack of second module.
    So, if you can, try to use exactly the same 2 modules for best performance of the memory.

    The laptop supports two memory locations so you can't do anything wrong insert 2 modules in slots 2 to run dual channel modules

    Welcome them

  • Question about upgrading Windows 10 in Satellite Z830-10U

    I see that the Satellite Z930 is supported for windows 10 Toshiba upgrades list, but no sign of Z830. I have a Z830-10U and trying to decide whetehr to resume the free update to windows 10 before it runs out in July 2016. Someone has done it successfully?

    Posted by rg2by
    I see that the Satellite Z930 is supported for windows 10 Toshiba upgrades list, but no sign of Z830. I have a Z830-10U and trying to decide whetehr to resume the free update to windows 10 before it runs out in July 2016. Someone has done it successfully?

    Although no rating by Toshiba, I just successfully upgraded my Z830 win 10 and everything seems to work. When win 10 was originally released my first attempt failed (blue screen and his motor boat) so I had to reinstall Win 8.

    Before this second successful attempt, I checked with Toshiba to make sure the motherboard is compatible, downloaded "Driver of Talent" and drivers up-to-date and changed the power settings continuously to ensure no stops during installation...

    All of it worked and now I WIN 10 work on my Z830. At this point I'm not sure works of Bluetooth which stopped when I upgraded from Win 7 to 8 Win.

  • Question about upgrading drivers Nvidia on Satellite Pro X 200

    Can I update the drivers from nvidia 8700 for my 8700 pro satellite drivers for vista from nvidia home page,.
    or do I have to use the toshiba page.

    The reason I ask, is because I had a laptop computer manufacturers one another, and when I updated my nvidia drivers from the nvidia homepage,.
    Spoolsv.exe has started using all my cpu, and the reason was that this driver has not been supported by this manufacturer

    Shouldn´t you use the original Nvidia drivers since they are not changed for mobile platforms. If you install drivers from there, your computer will run much hotter then now and it won´t work correctly because the programming of schedules for the GPU and RAM are not correct.

    You will need to go here:

    but please: read the FAQ first before you do ANYTHING! :) I recommend you to do this because we can made a lot of mistakes. ;)

    Welcome them

  • Question about upgrade WiFi + Bluetooth on Satellite P20

    Hello community,
    I want to improve the used Satellite, I had recently. Unfortunately, I can't find a few options I want on the Toshiba site.

    Which modules WiFi and Bluetooth do I need for the Satellite P20 and where I could buy those in Germany?


    Hello Christopher

    At first, I have to say that the Satellite P20 is portable very nice. I got it 3 years ago. I had Satellite P20 304 and I've updated the WLAN and drive optical drive with DVD-RAM.

    WIFI compatible cards for Notebooks this model are:
    PA3212U-4MPC (Agere 802. 11b) and
    PA3273U-2MPC (Atheros 802.11ab).

    According to the specification upgrade BT is not possible. Anyway can you please post exact description of model P20 (P20 - xxx).

    Bye and good luck!

  • Question about upgrading HDD on the Satellite M40X-184?


    I would like to ask if there is an option to insert a new hard drive in my toshiba. As much as I know that there is no official support for this?

    There is an access to the place where the disc is placed on the side of the laptop. S
    o that my question is
    1. is it possible to put a new drive (faster and longer)
    2. is it possible without losing the warranty
    3. what discs do you offer me

    Thanks Szczepaan

    It seems that the device must be capable of supporting hard drives 2.5 "up to 120 GB. Additional cell phone supports DMA synchronous Ultra100.
    You can use hard disks with a rotation of 4200 / 5400 RPM


  • Question about upgrading RAM for a Satellite A110-133

    The following ram would work on the laptop mentioned above?

    Kingston KVR533D2S4 / 2 G 2048 mb so-dimm, 200 pin

    Thank you.
    Any input would be appreciated


    This page might be useful for you:

    You need DDR2 533 MHz (PC2-4200) 200 - PIN SODIMM barrettes.

    But I doubt that the Kingston KVR533D2S4 / 2G 2048 mb would be fine because the A110 can be upgraded up to 2 GB, and in this case, you can only use 2 x 1 GB RAM modules

  • Question about registration of vista Toshiba - Satellite A200-1CR

    Hi all

    In my laptop Toshiba vista registration component config.exe program does not work.

    Please help me? How can I make this work?


    You received the Toshiba Recovery CD with your beautiful Sat A200.
    I would recommend setting the notebook back to factory and after the new OS installation check settings if the Toshiba vista registration tool is working properly.

    In other cases, you can visit Toshiba Europe site and register for your laptop on the Toshiba site!

    Good luck

  • Question about upgrading Ram on a Satellite Pro A200

    I want to buy an internal memory of my A200 Satellite Pro Mod no, PSAE1E, but I can't find my model in the drop-down lists, what memory do I need, I want to switch using two sticks of 1 GB memory, at the present time, I have two sticks of 512 MB installed.


    Compatible modules are: * DDR2 667 MHz (PC2-5300) 200 - PIN SODIMM *.

    As far as I know all the A200 series laptops can evolve until * 2 GB *.

    This means that a memory would support module of RAM 1 GB max.

    As the previous user have already said, the Kingston modules are not bad.

    I also use it in my book and so far, the modules are ok.

    See you soon

  • Question about upgrading memory on the Satellite L20-181


    The recommended minimum is memory for Windwows XP 256 MB and I don't understand how the company could get far notebook sale with integrated graphics with 256 MB shared system memory.

    In any case, I want to improve my Toshiba and my intention is to buy 512 MB more memory, such as

    Will it work properly with 768 MB or I will only buy the same pair: 256 + 256, 512 + 512?

    Thank you very much.


    First of all, you are not right. Windows XP also works with the low value of the memory.
    But of course it depends on memory so the OS applications will run more rapid or slower.

    However, the fact is that you can upgrade the memory on your laptop and it doesn't mater if the modules have the same value of memory or not.
    In this case, the laptop came with 256 MB and you can install detox the second module of 512 MB memory.

    PS: I recommend installing the 512 MB in the first slot and the 256 MB in the second Bank.

  • Question about upgrading memory on the Satellite A210-127

    I upgraded my memory form 2 GB (2 x 1 GB) 4 GB (2 x 2 GB) with two modules of memory Kingston KVR667D2S5 / 2G (PC2-5300 CL5).
    For two weeks, he had no problems, but then I got the blue screen every time when the system starts making reference to I guss memory error.
    I tried to replace the memory with original Toshiba but still blue screen modules. I conctacted service and they say that
    It may be the incompatibility of memory, virus or malfunction of the hard drive.
    After a few days of work on the solution I reinstal my laptop Toshiba DVD and replace the original brief. Now everything works fine.

    I wonder is Kingston memory cause of my problem or somethig else?
    Nobody knows is memory Kingston KVR667D2S5 / 2G 2 Gb compatibile with Toshiba?


    Honestly, the Kingston offers products of high quality and, I think, you are the first person who complains of Rams from Kingston.
    If you visit the page Web of Kingston you can find a list of compatible RAM. Your module is listed here?

  • Satellite A350D - 20K - Question about upgrade second HDD + Temperature

    I have a question about my laptop. I have notticed it is a second location of HARD disk on the bottom.
    Is it possible to use this to increase my storage?
    And if yes, how do I do that? I don't see all the connectors.
    What type of HARD drive to use in case it is possible to use this slot machine?

    My second question is on my laptop to be very hot after a short period of use.
    I installed speedfan to record the temperature. When I start the laptop, it already is between 45 and 50 degrees.
    He stayed there for half an hour and then it starts to get warmer. When I start to use the laptop for anything, it triggers to between 70 and 80 degrees.

    This does not seem normal to me. I tried to clean the vents with compressed air, but it has not made a difference.
    I searched on the internet how to take the laptop part for proparly cleaned TI.
    But I can't so I'm looking that destroy it.

    This could be the cause and more importantly, how can I solve this problem?


    The second HARD drive bay contains the HARD drive connectors?
    If Yes, then you can use a SATA 2.5 HARD.
    If there are no connectors, then you will not be able to use the second HARD drive

    > I have installed speedfan to record the temperature. When I start the laptop, it already is between 45 and 50 degrees. He stayed there for half an hour and then it starts to get warmer. When I start to use the laptop for anything, it triggers to between 70 and 80 degrees.

    CPU and GPU produce a lot of heat. The heat dissipation is always created then there s nothing unusual that the temperature rose to higher level.
    You can change the settings in Win 7 power management. You can set the CPU to lower performance and can increase the activity of fan, which will help lower the temperature.

  • A few questions about Toshiab reocvery disk for Satellite P300-133

    Hello guys,.
    I had a few questions about unpleasant surprises of recovery:

    (* 1) * I just make recovery DVD using Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator and he asked initially for 2 DVDs - but when one has been done it does not require a second blank DVD. Is it possible all the Windows Vista system files to write on 1 DVD?

    (* 2) * if I could reinstall Windows Vista using recovery of HARD drive option (by pressing F8) without using the recovery DVD?

    (* 3) * HARD drive partitions that will be formatted (just system C: or C: and E :) using HARD drive recovery?

    (* 4) * what is DVD - Image of the hard drives or the installation of Vista recovery files?

    Its pretty bad idea to not include BONES on DVD when I paid for it.
    Thanks for all the Toshiba problems :(

    1. I think the recovery disk creator means 2 CDs. I also have a Portege M700 with Windows Vista and a DVD. I got it and after that, I have a clean install of Vista with all the drivers and tools of Toshiba. Nothing is missing.

    2. Yes, you can reinstall Vista using recovery of HARD drive option when you press F8 at startup. You don't need the recovery DVDs, but you should create a when your HARD drive get some errors or something else. If you need a new recovery DVDs, you paid for one.

    3 HARD drive and complete partitions will be formatted, so backup your data first on a DVD disk external DRIVE, USB stick or something else.
    After the reinstallation, you have factory settings.

    4. the recovery DVDs is an image of the HARD disk on the factory settings. If you perform a recovery, there are all the drivers and tools are already installed. Of course, on the disk are files of installations of Vista, but you can use this DVD on your Satellite P300. The disc cannot be used on another Satellite or on a PC.

    If you have any other questions, take a look in the user manual. There are a number in the formations of the recovery. It s in Chapter 3.

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