Question about Windows 8 drivers for Satellite L850 - 16 d

Hello world

I just know if the drivers available for the Satellite L850 - 16 d under the title "upgrade of windows 8" are also good for a new total installation of 64-bit windows 8, or if they are only good for an upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit.

Thank you


Win 8 Upgrade Wizard connects to a Server driver and download the Win 8 drivers for the laptop.
It should also work with the new installation of Win 8.

But don t forget to create a Toshiba drive recover before moving on to Win 8.
The restore disc to return to Win 7 If you do not use the Windows 7 in the future...

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  • Re: Question about the display driver for Satellite L850

    So, I bought a Satellite L850 as twe weeks and I am yet to know which driver do I need.
    I mean, it's better is one that comes with Windows Update or do I need to download it myself? I can watch videos and play games pretty decently while I don't mind so far.

    > I mean, it's better is one that comes with Windows Update or do I need to download it myself?

    The Toshiba driver page driver is usually the right one. Updated the and designed for the use of the laptop.
    But if don t have problems even while playing the game, don t change. You know: never change a system running ;)

  • Question about XP and drivers for Satellite A210 - 11 p

    Just bought this laptop and I am very happy with it except one thing, yes the dreaded word of Vista again.
    I was wondering if Toshiba offers all the required XP drivers and if someone has installed XP on this laptop and not had any problems.
    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestion.


    To my knowledge, the Satellite A210 - 11 p belongs to the PSAEL series.
    I found only some common XP drivers on the Europe of Toshiba page.
    For example Wireless Lan driver, display or Bluetooth Stack driver.
    Other drivers are not available and it seems it won't be freed in the future

    But I discovered that some devices are the same that on the A200 PSAEL try the drivers in this series and maybe they will work, but this is only a suggestion and I have really not 100% sure the drivers are compatible.
    Just try everything

  • Need drivers for Satellite L850-1UX Win7

    I have a problem, I need drivers for model L850-1UX for Windows 7 and cannot locate this model anywhere. Where can I find the drivers for this model.

    Thank you


    Readers of Win7 you can find on
    Choose your Satellite L850 with short PSKG8E part number.

    Can find you it?

  • A few questions about Toshiab reocvery disk for Satellite P300-133

    Hello guys,.
    I had a few questions about unpleasant surprises of recovery:

    (* 1) * I just make recovery DVD using Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator and he asked initially for 2 DVDs - but when one has been done it does not require a second blank DVD. Is it possible all the Windows Vista system files to write on 1 DVD?

    (* 2) * if I could reinstall Windows Vista using recovery of HARD drive option (by pressing F8) without using the recovery DVD?

    (* 3) * HARD drive partitions that will be formatted (just system C: or C: and E :) using HARD drive recovery?

    (* 4) * what is DVD - Image of the hard drives or the installation of Vista recovery files?

    Its pretty bad idea to not include BONES on DVD when I paid for it.
    Thanks for all the Toshiba problems :(

    1. I think the recovery disk creator means 2 CDs. I also have a Portege M700 with Windows Vista and a DVD. I got it and after that, I have a clean install of Vista with all the drivers and tools of Toshiba. Nothing is missing.

    2. Yes, you can reinstall Vista using recovery of HARD drive option when you press F8 at startup. You don't need the recovery DVDs, but you should create a when your HARD drive get some errors or something else. If you need a new recovery DVDs, you paid for one.

    3 HARD drive and complete partitions will be formatted, so backup your data first on a DVD disk external DRIVE, USB stick or something else.
    After the reinstallation, you have factory settings.

    4. the recovery DVDs is an image of the HARD disk on the factory settings. If you perform a recovery, there are all the drivers and tools are already installed. Of course, on the disk are files of installations of Vista, but you can use this DVD on your Satellite P300. The disc cannot be used on another Satellite or on a PC.

    If you have any other questions, take a look in the user manual. There are a number in the formations of the recovery. It s in Chapter 3.

  • Can't download drivers for Satellite L850 - 1 k 1

    I can't download a driver for my laptop Satellite L850 - 1 K 1

    1 screen
    2 wlesslan -

    PS - I tried x 32 and x 64

    The problem is that they download not only until the end of the server.
    I asked for the data files of my friends who download live in different countries, but they have been downloaded just before the half.

    I want an answer as soon as possible, because the absence of these factors, I'm not comfortable working on this laptop.

    If possible, please send me the letter to the ZIP archive in gmail
    E-mail: [[email protected]] or
    E-mail: [[email protected]]

    Here is a link for all the drivers for this laptop

    8.1 Windows (x 64)

    Link: [link to driver: G8E-03400SGR & USER_ACTION = Auto-detect]

    Probably the server runs at capacity or it s busy
    Would recommend trying to download the drivers, some time later, or you could download the same drivers of Australian driver Toshiba page:

    Choose any model of L850 for drivers.

  • Windows 7 drivers for Satellite A300-20v necessary


    I bought Windows 7 from Microsoft, but I faced the most difficult thing: that Toshiba did not support win 7 drivers for my computer laptop "Satellite A300-20v.
    I don't know what I can do now.
    Thanks for supporting me in this situation.

    Thank you.

    Satellite A300 is certainly supported and I can't believe that the Win7 drivers will be offered for this model of laptop.
    I am owner of Satellite A300-1LI, and I checked Toshiba support page first. At the time current stuff Win7 is not available for my PSAG8E model and I have to wait with the Win7 installation.

    I just hope that the drivers will be available soon.
    Did you have a Win7 DVD under Vista? Can you use it for upgrading too?

  • Windows 7 drivers for Satellite L550D


    are there drivers available for Windows7 - 64 bit laptop Satellite L550D?

    If this is not the case, there will be some available in the next few days?
    Can I try to install the drivers for Windows Vista - 64 bit on my Windows7 system?

    Thank you very much!


    Yes, there is.

    s & userOS = & action = search & SelCategorie = 2 & selFamily = 2 & selSeries = 178 & selProduct = 859 & selShortMod = 518 & selOS = 29 & selType = all & country = all & language = all & search =

    Just choose your model and the Web site will find everything that you need. You must install the 64-bit only version if you have more than 3 GB of RAM.

  • Re: It will make Windows 7 drivers for Satellite P200D?

    I noticed that the drivers for P100 are available. Since it is a model older P200 P200D, means that there will be 100% be drivers for P200D?

    I m afraid person here can give you the answer to your question. We can only speculate on this.

    I have checked the Toshiba Win7 download page and is surprised that the old Satellite P100 is supported.
    So I hope P200/P200D will be supported too. I have the model Satellite P200D - 111 (PSPBQE).

  • I need Windows XP drivers for Satellite M300 FM home edition


    I need the drivers for * windows xp for M300 Satellite * for * remote control and FM utility *. Please update me or send me the drivers for the mail or please give me the link for the drivers.

    I can find these drivers for VISTA only. But I need for Windows XP Home edition.


    If it is a model of cell US the best place to search for drivers is Toshiba U.S. support under page

    You can also ask for it on Toshiba U.S. forum under

    Good luck!

  • Re: Windows 7 drivers for Satellite L300


    Where can I find drivers for Windows 7 x 64 for my laptop?

    Hi mate,

    Normally, you can find all the drivers on the Toshiba site: > support & downloads > download drivers

    I have checked the site of Toshiba and for the moment there no Windows 7 64-bit drivers available, only some drivers for 32 bit Windows 7. Maybe drivers 64-bit will be available a few days or weeks later I put t know what will make the people of Toshiba.

    But you can try the 64 bit Vista drivers. Most of them are also work on Windows 7. Can you confirm it in this case?

  • Question about Vista driver pack for Satellite A100


    The Vista operating system has already released all over the world, such as Turkey, but still, I could not find drivers for Vista for my A100-192 in the download section.
    How can I find the drivers? If it is possible, I prefer a package driver for my laptop rather than searching for each driver by one of.

    Thanks in advance


    Hi Selcuk

    First good news-> you re has not only
    And now the bad news-> now I have found no Vista for 100 A driver package.

    On the Toshiba site we released some Vista drivers. Maybe you could use some unique drivers

  • Satellite M70-122: Question about the necessary drivers for Win XP Pro

    I formatted my Satellite M70-122 in order to install Win XP - Pro and so I lost all drivers and programs pre installed. It seems that the recovery CD is of no use in this case, and I was wondering if there was a driver CD, I could order.
    I found the drivers (62 so far) for my machine on the Toshiba site and I was as well, I was wondering if I should download and install all. What about programs like the CD/DVD burner?
    Where can I get them back?

    Thank you.



    The Tools & Utilities CD but that contains all the necessary drivers is not delivered with the unit, can be created by the user himself. If the unit is installed with recovery media you can find under Toshiba assist > protect & difficulty > create CD drivers & tools.

    All these drivers, tools & utilities that you can use for your own installation. Otherwise you need to download them from Toshiba download page, and please check the instructions facilities document and install all things in order. Order of the facilities is very important.

    Good luck!

  • Need the Windows XP drivers for satellite A210


    I just bought new Equium A210-17I. I want to change my OS Vista and want to install Windows XP, so everyone had drivers WXP then please post links so I can download it.

    Thanks in advance...

    Please check what A210 you exactly (PAxxx) and use the option search on this forum. There are several very interesting discussions about the drivers of Windows XP Home edition.

    Right now the WXP drivers are available for the PSAFG model only.
    Good luck!

  • Cannot get Windows 7 drivers for Satellite C50-A-1JQ

    I tried to install windows 7 on my C50-A-1JQ as several software packages that I use at work do not work with windows 8. After successfully installing windows 7 I have a list of connected UN-installed in my device manager. Include the Ethernet controller, network controller, PCI controller of encryption/decryption USB 2.0 - CRW. The Toshiba site has only windows 8.1 drivers listed for this model then does that mean that I will be unable to correctly install windows 7?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    > The Toshiba site has only windows 8.1 drivers listed for this model then does that mean that I will be unable to correctly install windows 7?
    I'm scared, you're right Mr. your laptop model is not supported for Win7, so I think it will be very problematic to find all the right drivers, tools and utilities.

    What should do? Try installing the drivers found by Win7. It would be possible to install the drivers provided for other similar models supported for Win7, but it's not easy to find all the drivers.

    Can you please provide an accurate list of missing drivers?

    For example you have installed driver chipset? If this isn't the case, install the Intel chipset driver.

    By the way: you have created a recovery media before you installed Win7?

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