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I have successfully created a repeatable subform that calculates total fields. But to make the repeatable subform more user-friendly and to mark the shape itself, I want to insert a drop-down list in the repeatable subform. But in order to do so and have the calculations will work well the selections in the drop-down list would have to have numerical values (which are not visible or course). For example if it's a shopping list which took point milk, I would a value assigned to milk. So I guess my question is, can I add items to a menu drop-down using only javascript and assign values to these items at the same time, or I have the list print the number of value to a hidden text field in order to to use in a calculation script. Or would I need to make a connection of data from excel? Thank you

You can have the display text and the value associated with the time using scripts.

DropDownList1.addItem ("milk," "2.90");

In the light of the foregoing, the addItem method accepts 2 parameters. First a display text and the second as value.

If the user selects milk in the drop-down menu, then the "DropDownList1.rawValue" property will give value as "2,90"...

I hope this helps.

Thank you


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    When you assign a code by clicking on the column, a window opens. At the top of the window, click on the view bar, and then choose filter by > all values.

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    I use Adobe Forms in SAP.

    My question is, is there a any restriction for additem keyword in JavaScript?

    I mean, even if I use the keyword additem to add the name and value of a drop-down list, it adds up to 10000 files only.

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    A drop-down list is the bad INTERFACE design where an element can contain more than 100 entries. It is very good in tests, but absolutely unacceptable if the form must be used by a person busy doing their work. The choice of Acrobat forms are limited, but consider a list box. Despite this, there may be limits imposed by the system or the implementation.

    Better would be

    (a) stop filling after awhile the list and add an entry saying several elements not shown, running report or use better filter

    (b) be available for all filtering of course lists

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    Y at - it another way to solve this problem

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    Thank you

    You could make a table of VALUES with 1 column and fill it with values such as 30,60, 90... then in sql, you would write SELECT *... that simple VALUES
    (of course, it must be in DR., and you would need to expose it in the presentation layer)

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    Also, you can try this: it works for me - but it might be slower and you can understand how to get around - also, it must be a number or the cast in digital format

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  • Fill in the cc field, based on the drop-down list values

    I know this question has been posted before, but I am very new to this, and the answers I found to date are over my head.

    I am trying to create a submit button that will not only send email to a specific address, but also the carbon copy someone when their name is selected from a drop-down list in the form.

    I don't know much about javascript - and this seems to be the way to achieve this - but I do not know where to enter the JS to get this functionality or syntax. The field I use is called "Supervisor1", and I attributed values (e-mail addresses) to each of the names in the menu dropdown.

    Can someone help me get there?

    Thanks in advance!


    If you are a beginner of script, you might think this useful macro.

    It can add a script to mail to a normal button.

  • Choose a value in the drop-down list and sumbit


    I am completely new to the forms and javascrpit so my question is very simple:

    I created a drop down list with names.

    I want to push a button and submit the pdf doc to the letters to the coresponding name from the drop-down list.

    My code


    var aa = DropDownList1.rawvalue;

    var bb;

    If (aa = 'George') {bb ="[email protected]" "}

    ElseIf (aa = "Nikos") {bb ="[email protected]" "} (true, bb, "", "", "PDF form is returned");


    The code has no bugs, but after pressing the button, the pdf is sent allways to [email protected] . He behaves as if I said a constant bb ="[email protected]"" "

    It does not take into account the value in the menu drop-down

    Could you please help me?


    There is a second bug in your script, I have identified no before.

    var aa is DropDownList1. rawvalue;

    should be

    var aa is DropDownList1. rawValue;

  • Slide to pause until that value is selected from a drop down list?

    Hi there everyone.

    I try to create a cover page of sorts for a simulation of system where the user is asked to enter his name and choose where they work in for a combo box (using the drop-down list box widget)

    I have the name entry part work and the drop-down list box is displayed, but I'm having some problems with it.

    First of all, as soon as a value is selected in the box is jumps to the next slide. I would have rather navigation controlled by a button that the user can make sure that they have chosen the correct value before continuing. Is there a way to do this?


    This is the craziest question, but think I found the reason: Although the widget looks a lot smaller in edit mode, when opening it (preview or published) it falls above the button. When I have it away, seems to work. Can you confirm?


  • Display a drop-down list value

    Easy question for someone. Difficult question for me. I tried to have a textField display the display value in a drop-down list that is filled with a script based on a selection of button radio. I have a problem with the text field to display something else then the value of the drop-down list selection. I tried the 'value' instead of rawValue but I'm having no luck. Can someone help me?


    When it comes to drop-down lists, there are two properties that are at stake. If you have specified the values in the object > linking the palette, then the .rawValue will have access to the bound value.

    What you are after is the display value of the drop-down list (for example, what the user sees).

    Here is an example: Siu des menus drop-down.

    Hope that helps,


  • How do you define a table of drop-down list to a specific value boxes?

    I have a table of drop-down list boxes that I want to put a specific value. When I say my program to put them to affect only the drop-down list box which just recently I changed and none of the others.

    I have attached a small vi presents the problem.

    Thank you


    It would be the value - property

  • List drop-down list of reading value


    I have a button and a drop-down list in the next row under drop downgrade, at the click of the button, I want to display value based on the drop-down list. Is there a way to read/extract value from list as and when the user click on it. I don't want to leave the screen, but offers more functionality for the user. It is not enough for me:

    This article suggests ObjectChoiceField for a drop-down list, which already has what you are looking for:

    getSelectedIndex() and getChoice (int index). To seize the moment of choice being made, use FieldChangeListener.

  • Dynamic region on the change from the drop-down list of values

    Hi Experts,

    Using the concept of dynamic region, I tried to use buttons as I have 4 buttons and clicking on each button, I am loading the particular taskflow. I used setPropertyListener and type = action to achieve this.

    I have a similar requirement, but I need to use the drop down list here...

    < af:selectOneChoice value = "#{mybean.value}" >

    < f: selectItem itemLabel = "First" Valeurelement = "FirstValue" / > "

    < f: selectItem itemLabel = "Second" Valeurelement = "SecondValue" / > "

    < f: selectItem itemLabel = "Third" Valeurelement = "ThirdValue" / > "

    < f: selectItem itemLabel = "fourth" Valeurelement = "FourthValue" / > "

    < / af:selectOneChoice >

    How can I dynamically load a region on the value selected by the user on top of the data. On the change of the value in the drop-down list, I need to load this particular dynamic region

    JDeveloper version 12.1.3

    Thanks in advance.

    You use a listener to change value of the duo down and detect the region according to the new value of the duo down.


  • JavaScript to set radio button choices using the drop-down list box value.

    I use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC version 2015.016.20039 on a MacBook Pro OS X El Capitan version 10.11.6.

    I have a set of named CitBox radio box choices. I'm defining what choice is selected from out of a drop-down list named AppCitizenship box.  Both of them have six choices with values of 1, 2, etc. (I thought having the same values would make easier the translation from one to the other). Thanks in advance.

    If you used the same values, then it is pretty easy. Just use this code as the validation script custom field drop-down list:

    this.getField("CitBox").value = event.value;

  • Add instance with the values of the previous instance drop-down list

    Hi all!

    Need help with javascript.   I have a form that contains a radio button B when you select it, shows a subform.  Inside the subform is a table that contains a drop-down list.  The drop-down list is populated based on a previous option box A, who has been chosen and is a subset of the possible values.

    The user can click a button to create an additional instance of the subform.  It's the new instance is in the original version of the subform, and the drop-down list is not the subset of values.

    How can I get the drop-down list in the added instance view only the subset dropdown values?

    Let me know if you need more information.

    Thank you!


    You need to access the instance of right holders...

    Because you create new instances, you must access them using the method resolveNode()

    You can access the instance by using the 0-based index, if you are in the event to initialize the combo you can simply use 'this' instead of 'Main.PreApproved.Awardees.Table1.Row1.AwardType '.

    When you add an instance to the click event of button:

    var newAwardees = Awardees.instanceManager.addInstance (1);

    newAwardees.presence = "visible";

    newAwardees.Table1.Row1.AwardType.clearItems ();

    newAwardees.Table1.Row1.AwardType.addItem ("prize for Excellence in mentoring Faculty");


    DropDownList initialize event:

    If (this.length == 0) {}

    this.clearItems ();

    this.addItem ("prize for Excellence in mentoring Faculty");



    If you change the value in the option button (which modifies the subset values):

    for (var i = 0, oLen is Main.PreApproved.Awardees.instanceManager.count; I< olen;="">

    var oneAwardees = Main.PreApproved.resolveNode ("Fellows [" + I.ToString + "]");

    oneAwardees.Table1.Row1.AwardType.clearItems ();

    oneAwardees.Table1 "Row1.AwardType.addItem ("prize for Excellence in mentoring Faculty");



    I hope this helps!

  • The floating field value based on the drop-down list selection (sex)

    Hi, I have created a form that will have different fields, dropdowns etc where the answers will fill a range of fields floating in a letter. I would like to have a list drop-down for sex (m/f) and if selected, either fill in the letter as 'he' or 'she. ' Is this possible?


    Here are some ways to do it in this sample

    Unrolling of male/female can have a bound value from it, which means we can do refers to the value directly, without however going any calculation.  Is there are a lot of places where it needs to be replaced, then you can simplify things by making reference to the field to form directly, although this requires to change the XML, but if you won't find yourself with a hidden for each instance field.  Or you could edit the XML Source and change the reference for the same id of a floating field.  There are examples of both in the sample linked above.



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