Question list Popup DW8

I used DW8 behaviors to create a simple drop-down list by using the behavior of 'list '.  It works fine on my local site but not on my remote server.  Here is a link the menu item "Recent trips" should be a dropdown menu with a few links.  Can anyone see what I did wrong?

Thank you

The mm_menu.js file isn't on your server.

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  • Question about popup lov extracted first set of lines

    I use lov popup extractions first set of rows for a single field in my application, question is how to do it select only the choices in the list box and does not allow the user to enter in the text box, what they want. In other words
    only what they choose to the lov?


    You may need to search in the creation of a custom context menu page - take a look on: (it's an old document, but the principles are there)


  • Question list access


    I have a question on the application of an external interface access list (I know it sounds a bit silly, but since I use on a deadline, I thought that it was preferable to order my question on this forum). This is for a router on which users can dial-in.

    I have defined an access list that is extended with a permit number.

    In the documentation that I found on the net, I noticed that there seem to be two ways to apply the access list to the interface.

    One way seems to be using the Dialer group command on the interface (and later Dialer list to link the access list for the Dialer group).

    A second way (I think :-), the normal way is to use the ip to the interface group-access command.

    My problem is that I do not understand the difference in implementation. What is the difference? Is there a documentation available on the matter (of course I could just be implemented with the command "ip access-group name in", but I would like to know why this is the right way to do it (or not)).

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Kind regards



    The dialer list's composition by the Protocol or by a combination of a control protocol. It is used to grant or deny the composition of certain criteria.

    You probably ip group-access control to allow or deny traffic with certain criteria.

    Hope that helps


  • Probably a simple question about Popup LOV formatting in all areas

    I have a Popup LOV on my page and set the Input field property: entrable, show and return value of the store.  I want users to be able to enter this field on their own, but it shows grayed out, even if they can manually enter data to him.  It is not intuitive for the user.  I tried to find out how to change it, but I came empty.

    I tried to add to the item page under the Form element HTML attributes, style = "opacity: 100;  -It works but only for this element of the page in question.  I want to know how to change it in all areas for all applications in my case (but only when the LOV entrable - I want him to stay grayed if Enterable option is not selected).

    Thank you

    In fact, OP wants to set opacity for elements without disabilities also, if you use jQuery, it is also unnecessary to use this 'each' - construction because it is totally useless. You can simply connect the part "css" in the returned array, like this


    I don't think you should use jQuery here though. You can use css to replace the default style using this selector and adapt to your theme or major addition to the rule.


    In theme 24 opacity is set to 0.75 through this rule (Note: formlayout for the model of the region):

    table.formlayout td.lov input.popup_lov

    To override this style you need a selector that has more specificity ('weight') than this switch. For example

    table.formlayout td.lov input.popup_lov:not(:disabled)

    Or in this case, I would say that the use! important may be feasible as who will address the use of the lov popup everywhere.

    opacity: 1 !important;
  • How to use list Popup - OracleFormsDeveloper6i


    I'm new to this forum, I'm learning OracleFormsDeveloper6i, so I need OracleForums help to complete it.

    my front end tool is 'oracle forms 6i' and backend "oracle9i".

    My question, when I select the deptno by means of 'list', then this employee details will be displayed.

    My sample data is,

    create table dept (key primary number deptno);

    Insert in the dept values (10);

    Insert in the dept values (20);

    Insert in the dept values (30);

    create table emp (empno number, ename varchar2 (20), deptno number reference dept (deptno));

    Insert into emp values(7566,'suneel',10);

    Insert into emp values(7565,'mani',20);

    Insert into emp values(7567,'vijay',30);

    Insert into emp values(7569,'chandra',40);

    Please help me!

    Thank you!!

    Enter your code to a time-new-form-instance and resident of your code in the program of the form unit while awog is Blockname
    Create an element as list_item on your form, on his property, set item in the list to be , FFF list item value list_element
    set the style of list poplist and initial value to be the FFF. This code the list item is countries2

    Country of the PROCEDURE IS
    rg_country RECORDGROUP;
    vTemp NUMBER;
    rg_country: = CREATE_GROUP_FROM_QUERY ('rg_country', 'select' | ") ' ||' '||'''' || "country_name", | ''''||' FFF' | " ' || "country_code Union double
    SELECT country_name, country_code FROM country_codes by country_name ");"

    SET_RECORD_PROPERTY (:System.cursor_record, 'AWOG', Status, new_status);
    vTemp: = POPULATE_GROUP (rg_country);
    POPULATE_LIST ('awog.country2', rg_country);
    If not id_null (rg_country) then
    delete_group (rg_country);
    end if;

  • How question list of access room.


    What I try to do is:

    (1) Authenticate and connect to the account

    (2) the list of the room (as applicable)

    (3) validate if a certain margin exists against the room list

    So I connect successfully, but the list of the room is always null.

    I checked the documentation, it seems to be straight forward, but I can't get it to work.

    Someone at - it an example of code for this?

    Here is my code:

    public void authenticateSuccess(event:AccountManagerEvent):void
    trace ("ROOM:" + event.list);
    try {}
    {if (IsMaster)}
    acctMgr.createRoom (roomName);
    else {}
    } catch (error) {}
    e.message = "the room that you are trying to create already exists!"
    throw e;

    Thanks in advance.


    LordAlex Works Inc.

    That doesn't really meet Nigel question (you do this in the Flex client? You can't unless you are the owner of the developer account).

    In addition, it is faster for you to call createRoom and capture/ignore the error instead of check if the room is first (it's always 1 server call vs potentially two calls to the server if the room does not exist)

  • question list drop-down list values

    I have successfully created a repeatable subform that calculates total fields. But to make the repeatable subform more user-friendly and to mark the shape itself, I want to insert a drop-down list in the repeatable subform. But in order to do so and have the calculations will work well the selections in the drop-down list would have to have numerical values (which are not visible or course). For example if it's a shopping list which took point milk, I would a value assigned to milk. So I guess my question is, can I add items to a menu drop-down using only javascript and assign values to these items at the same time, or I have the list print the number of value to a hidden text field in order to to use in a calculation script. Or would I need to make a connection of data from excel? Thank you

    You can have the display text and the value associated with the time using scripts.

    DropDownList1.addItem ("milk," "2.90");

    In the light of the foregoing, the addItem method accepts 2 parameters. First a display text and the second as value.

    If the user selects milk in the drop-down menu, then the "DropDownList1.rawValue" property will give value as "2,90"...

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you


  • Report master-detail or list popup selection on LOV

    Master/detail report
    Using Popup LOV of a column in DETAIL. Why the RETURN_VAUE displays rather than the DISPLAY_VALUE? I need to display ITEMNO. It sounds like a problem with a tabular presentation?

    LOV is
    select ITEMNO display_value, ITEM_ID return_value
     from SH_ITEM
     ORDER BY 1
    Is actually long version that I really want
    select ITEMNO || ' - ' || ITEM_DESC display_value, ITEM_ID return_value
     from SH_ITEM
     ORDER BY 1
    Published by: userRRRYB on July 2, 2010 07:06

    Hi Alexandra,.

    In APEX 4.0, Popup LOV key support has been added to the built-in tabular feature (named for and based query LOVs), so now you can view the DISPLAY_VALUE according to needs. LOV Popup displays only the RETURN_VALUE, as you said, so it will not be your needs, but the new Popup LOV key should do the trick for you. If you change the attributes of a column in a table, update the column in question to the value of the point of his ' display as ' Popup LOV key (named LOV) or Popup LOV (query based LOV) key.

    Kind regards

  • Select items from list & Popup display number in PLAYBACK mode


    I have a form with a lot of select, list context.

    List of employees - P1_EMP_LIST (select list)
    List of the Dept - P1_DEPT_LIST (Popup)

    When I view these elements read-only (select & Popup list items) and they have the NULL value, the following is displayed in the empty place.
    Employee List []
    Dept List []
    I don't want [] to be displayed, I need just a blank..
    Thank you


    In this case, the solution is simple...

    Replace the jQuery selector:


    with a little:


    It is not as effective as the previous one, but

    Kind regards


  • Question list R32 parts

    All the spare parts for Thinkpad R32 called from the spare parts list - India is not found.

    Hi Mornsgrans,

    Very highly rated. At the same time, I'm looking for an update of the support team on the other driver links you have posted in other threads.

    Thank you dude!


  • Question list of QNX

    Hi all

    Not sure how many people use QNX stuff, but I'm having a problem with the component List of QNX. I made a custom list by using this tutorial as a guide (creating a custom cell renderer engine)

    Tutorial of QNX list

    But I'm getting strange behavior when scrolling of the list to the bottom, it turns out a duplicate of cells below my list, see this screen below (embed the picture doesn't seem to work so there is a direct link)

    Has anyone else had a similar problem? The list is only added once but I use img.cache = CacheImageCellRenderer.cacheObject which I think could be the cause of the problem.

    Any idea is appreciated.

    Solved the problem, the silly mistakes that I was adding two lists. I'm debugging via the command window I use FDT so that's my excuse to miss my mark.

    See you soon.

  • The question in PopUp data refresh

    Hi all

    I have a table of detail popup. I'm using this popup fill some fields and upload the photo.

    The photo is like upload the photo by using Browse button and the display of the image.

    whenever I try to add the second line of the secondary table to upload the photo, instead of display the Browse button it displays the name of the previous line of photo with the update button. So I'm not able to add the photo of the new line.

    Basically, it is not refreshing.

    Please help me solve this problem.

    Thanks in advance,


    This means that your Add button is outside the pop-up window?

    You have to bind the value property of inputFile to any variable?

    If yes then set its value property to null and set contentDelivery of popup for lazyUncached and ResetEditableValues to WhenCancelled


  • Newbie question: list the Configuration of virtual machines and data warehouses


    I'm new on using powercli how to list all virtual machines in a certain data center, their memory, Procs and what data warehouses they are on.

    I know you can use get - vm | Select-object name, NumCPU MemoryMB but if I add DatastoreIdList as well, it doesn't seem to work.  What Miss me

    Thank you very much


    That's right, you could do

    Get-VM MyVM | Select Name,@{N="DS";E={[string]::join(',',($_.datastoreidlist|%{(Get-View -Id $_).Name}))}},Description |
        Export-Csv "C:\test.csv" -NoTypeInformation -UseCulture

    Just look at whether the separator for CSV is be a comma in your culture, you probably need to adjust the separator in the Join method!

  • New owner questions: lists

    I got my new Droid two days, and I'm still on the slope of the learning curve. One immediate issue concerns the call lists. View calls that I have done is obvious, but the display of missed calls? Thank you.

    A missed call will not appear in the notification bar, but also in the call log list.  In the call log, there will be a red arrow in the shape of "V" showing it was a missed call.  There is not a list of missed calls just as far as I know.  I hope this helps.

  • Interactive questions to Popup when entering data


    I created an interactive document for a job where the processor must enter an amount in a text field.  Is there a way to create the shape so when the processor between the amount, a question opens to ask "are you sure that's the exact amount?  I'm trying to find a way to get the user to confirm the amount. I really apprecate your help if you have any suggestions.

    Thank you


    Sure. Add this as a custom field validation script:

    If (' event.value! = "") {}
    Event.RC = app.alert ("are you sure that's the exact amount?", 2, 2) == 4;

    If (! event.rc)


Maybe you are looking for