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I have the Vixia RF52 which is used to record my religious services. Internal microphone (VERY sensitve!) picks up the cough, sqweaky chairs and everthing else. What I need to know is if I plug the camers our sound system, the internal microphone is disabled? If this is not the case, can it be turned off? I looked in the manual and that you don't find the answer to any of these questions.

I looked in the manual as well and saw nothing that made it clear that the internal MIC is turned off.  However, if it works like other Canon Camcorders with an external microphone port it should automatically turn off the internal mic.  I have a Canon VIXIA HF G20 and when I connect an external mic the internal microphone is automatically disabled.  The best way to know for sure is to try it and see what happens.  I think, based on previous experience with camcorders using external microphones, which will be automatically disabled the internal mic.

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  • Question micro SDHC card?

    My wife fills its Fuze 4 GB and I think to have him pick up a 8 GB micro SDHC for her... I just want to know how much the card sticks on the player. Dose anyone have a photo of the player with the card inside? I want to just make sure that she can use the player with the card installed on a full-time basis without fear of damaging the card or do it intercepts on everything.  George

    It does not stick. Essentially, it is flush with the player. To remove the card, push in, and then it comes out. Avoid getting a class 2 card, as filling it will be slow. Class 6 is the best, but class 4 is correct. A class 2 card will take twice as long to complete as a class 4 it. A class 2 card has 3 times as long to complete as a class 6 we.

  • question micro dv6-6156ea


    I have a problem with my new laptop dv6-6156ea, the microphone does not work.

    I followed the guide provided by hp, I reinstalled the driver IDT several times but it does not meet any sound!

    If I plug an external mic it works fine, but inside I have not found a way to make it work.

    Any ideas please?

    Thank you very much for your time!

    Fixed a problem. I took off the top of my screen by lifting a corner open with a stick of wood and saw that the little son who came up behind the screen had a record on what has separated from the tiny webcam little. I pushed it back in and my webcam and microphone reworked. I have broken everthing back together and started Skyping.

  • MIC not working not not on Windows 8.

    Original title: question micro

    I just bought my laptop dell 3542 and I try to use my headset but the MIC does not work... and it does not appear in the record, just the microphone of the device settings.

    PS. I tried the headphones on another pc and it does not work correctly

    Hello Marwan,

    Please contact Microsoft Community. I will surely you help to solve the problem with the Microphone.

    This problem might have occurred because of these reasons:
    1. bad Microphone settings.

    2. corrupt driver.

    I suggest you to try the steps suggested by Rajesh Govind on March 19, 2013 in the following link, and check, if it can help solve the problem.

    Link to Dell support to download the drivers:

    See the article for more information.

    No sound in Windows

    Hope this information helps. Reply to the post with an up-to-date report of the issue so that we can help you further.

  • So I have a question about Micro SD card storage

    I don't have this phone, however, I have a question or two that I would like answered before decide me if I have to pull the trigger and pick one up.

    Storage card SD pickups: with the micro sd card you are able to load music on the map, and then, when it is inserted in the phone, you are able to listen to music from the sd card?

    How is music managed overall with external storage? I have my CD collection torn from my computer and I really wish I could just move to a micro sd card and listen to it.

    Thank you

    You shouldn't have problems playing music from the SD card as long as there is no DRM. If you ripped your music from a CD, you should be OK.

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    I have an Acer 32-bit w3-810 iconia tablet.

    I inserted a 32 GB sd micro card to complete the storage capacity.


    1. when my C drive is full, all the following items are saved in my sd card?

    2. is there a setting that will make all the 3rd party programs that I installed automatically saved on my sd card, from now?

    Screenshot of my current C: and my sd card.

    When you go to install almost any desktop application will give you the option to install in another location. If you plan to have always the inserted SD card you can install the application to it instead of C:. Similarly, you can save your documents it so easily. Also if you put media files on your system you can place them on the SD card as well. It is just complex to do that all of the default...

  • Question USB and SD micro AT10-A-104


    My daughter has recently dropped our Tablet and we needed to have the fixed micro-USB port.

    The other day I noticed that once more it seems to be a problem: the device is not a cable when it is plugged in to charge and it does not appear on the PC when it is attached. In addition, it wouldn't connect to an external USB.

    Oddly enough, the machine MAKES when it is plugged left. But the charger is not recognized. "And there is no history of load under the battery).

    Earlier I also realized the card SD does not register. Honestly, I can't remember if we have never successfully used the SD card!
    I wonder if there is some mysterious setting I'm missing? I changed the USB connection mode, but it makes no difference. There is no option to Mount/unmount SD in storage.

    Maybe I should factory reset and see what happens before we go into the repair shop?

    I suspect that there could be a physical problem. The USB port and SD card port are fairly close together, there are so may damage the card?

    Bright ideas? After paying for a repair, it is not cost-effective to do it again. Repair is under warranty, but if they find that it is a new problem, I'm obviously not covered...


    I have a similar problem, but my AT10-A Tablet does not fall... in fact I have not test the SD port, but for sure the micro-USB port is having a problem: it does not recognize the Chargers and USB connections with my laptop. To the point where it says 5% battery. I'll try to keep it connected to the charger, even if the Tablet does not seem to see it.

    How can I test if the battery is really in charge?

    Have you received support from Toshiba?

    Thanks and best,

  • Question about micro and headphones on Satellite L750 Sockets

    I am wanting to use my headset but the connectors do not enter my Satellite L750 catches.

    They do not "click on" in. Any suggestions please.

    Jacks on your laptop satellite are taken standard Toshiba uses on all other models of laptops so question is: try you connection standard helmet or headphones?

  • Micro SD XC questions - can not read video files

    Please forgive me for being a noob here on this forum. I did a search and could not find any info on my problem, so I'm posting here now...

    I have bad to write video files (MKV, MP4, etc.) to the external mic card SD XC that I use with my SanDisk Media Player. The first few files that I am writing to transfer SD card and play well on the media player and my PC (I use VLC). After about 10 GB or more data has been transferred to the card, copy the files, but they will not play. VLC tells me that he does not support the video format "undf".

    I use a SanDisk 64 GB micro SD XC card spec'ed at 30 MB/s (in the format exFAT). I have two of these cards and they both have the same behavior. I also tried the HC cards (formatted NTFS) 128 GB at the same result. Nothing seems to work as expected. What I'm doing here wrong or missing? I faced this problem for weeks and its driving me crazy!

    where did you buy in origin? packaging for fake cards look pretty true these days. You can contact sandisk support and they can help authenticate cards.

  • Is there a difference between Micro fix installation Center and new fast PC Booster? I know it's a stupid question, but that's what I am when it comes to this.

    I have this program that tells me that I have all these problems with my laptop. The program is fast again PC Booster and then I have microphone attach the installation Center. I need these two programs? I really don't understand all the technical operation of a computer. Could you please answer my question if I need both or not? Sorry it is meaningless.

    Hi Grace,

    Solve computer problems can often be difficult, but Microsoft strives to make it as simple as a few clicks with.

    Microsoft Fix it Center offers easier than ever getting support because automated troubleshooting services address the issues you have now and prevent new ones.

    Microsoft Fix it Help you with problems in Windows, Internet Explorer and other Microsoft products.

    I would like the season allows you to use the microphone he difficulty Center Configuration as it is shipped by Microsoft, free of cost.

    If you wish, you can go ahead and use PC Booster. It is a 3rd party program.

    Warning: Using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

    I would also like to season you to post your questions; If you need help for Windows, we are here to help you.

    You can also refer to:

    I hope this helps.

  • K1 Micro SD card Question

    I just installed a micro SD card in my K1 and I don't know how to tell if it is recognized. I went to settings, then storage, then SD card and pushed "mount SD card" and nothing seems to happen. Can someone tell me what I need to do?

  • question about Micro chip

    Hi I'm new and appreciate your patience!

    I have Xperia Z2 tablet 32 GB to Verizon.

    What is expandable with a microchip?

    is there a certain type of microchip, I need, as a mark or? This is new for me to have a tablet. Thank you for the kindness!

    128 GB comes only in sdxc, so yes sdxc is fine.

  • Droid questions w / Micro-USB

    A couple of days my Droid began to experience problems. It was fine for a month or two, but randomly, he realizes the connected USB sound several times over and over, even sound like he was interrupted.

    Now it is having a few problems where when it is plugged, or USB, either in the wall charger, white light flashes several times, and if the screen isn't, she flashes the little lightning "charge" quickly with light. Sometimes when it's plugged in it is not even picking up a load now.

    I don't know what exactly could be the cause, or if Verizon will be much help, if I try to take over the phone. I opted out of insurance, because Asurion is a huge scam. I tried hard reset the phone, but I do not have factory reset. Fortunately, he is remained connected long enough today for me back up.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this? Either software or hardware, and if it is material, if Verizon will be back if I go back to the store? I have had it for about 5 weeks now. I was told that there is one year warranty on the phone, but I can't go without my phone for several weeks while he will send out ot Motorola and waiting to get he'll call back.

    Help please.

    That sucks.

    I live in Las Vegas. I go to the store on Sainte-Rose and Eastern VZW in Lowes shopping center. There is at least 3 representatives here who know their stuff inside and outside. I went in a VZW store near my work at the South end of the Strip to buy my Droid and waited for a long time... too long... so I left and went to the location of Sainte-Rose, where I bought my previous Motorola.

    BTW... where you're going to where the service sucks?

  • Formatting card Micro SDXC for Permanent storage

    I own a Macbook Pro retina 15 inch mid 2014 with a 256GB SSD internal 10.11.5 running.

    I recently bought a SanDisk Micro SDXC (class 10) 128 GB card with an adapter clever so that I can record it permanently inside the slot for SD card in my MBP.  I have about 80 GB of music in my iTunes library and would like to transfer more in this SDXC card, therefore, freeing up tons of space on my disk flash SSD internal.

    I do not always plan using SDXC with a PC card, my boyfriend suggested I have format as MAC OS (journaled) to take full advantage of his speed.

    My main question for the Apple community is:

    Should what plan I use?  Partition GUID, Master Boot Record or Partition Apple card?

    If I were you, I use partition GUID card.

  • writing to micro sd

    I have a 32g micro sd on my tab 7. Slate recoconizes it.  If I copy the files to it from my laptop, it access it fine.  I can see both the internal and external storage without problem.

    I can't get my photos from my camera to automatically record on the micro sd card and my internal storage fills up.  All my other android devices allow me to choose to record in the internal storage or on the micro sd card. I can't find any way to do it on the 7 slate.  All records in the internal memory.

    How do I actually use the "expanded" Storage automatically?  I really want to have to manually move the files from internal to external storage.

    Thank you!

    I think it may depend on the app.

    In order to answer your question, I started to play with my camera HP Slate 7 and could not find a way to specify the default path with the built-in camera and Gallery apps. HOWEVER, if you are willing to spend the price of a coffee of fantasy on an app, I just bought Camera Zoom FX (to check that it worked) and he does.

    Not only can you specify where you want your stored photos, you simply touch the screen - anywhere on the screen (not just the small blue button) and take the picture. It also has image stabilization and a ton of other features that I have not yet begun to deepen.  Obviously, it is not an official endorsement, but I'm pretty happy with the app, personally.

Maybe you are looking for