Question of battery cycle count

Hello everyone.

I just ran the support assistant HP battery check.

It indicates that the battery is in good health.

But when I click on advanced it showed me that the number of cycles is 220/300.

This mean exactly?

Someone told me that the 300 is the maximum load of cycles before the battery is not.

But if that's true, it would mean that my battery will fail within 2 years of use...

Don't know if it's worth mentioning, but it's an ENVY14 (first gen) model.

Could someone give me a brief explanation?

Thanks in advance



I see that you have a question about the battery. The number on a number of cycle for your battery now means, how many times battery was drained and then charged. Now, drained does not mean 0%, this means essentially any time the battery level has been reduced from 100% and then load was from there. If you're having a problem with the battery, I suggest that you call HP @09002020165 before the warranty does not cover the part on the laptop.

The reason behind you not finding the battery to purchase could be because the laptop only is not supported in the country or the Web site that you have visited is not in stock. Now seems to me the battery is not in stock on HP part surfer or part store.

You can call HP and have them check and see if they have the battery in stock.

If you have any other questions please let me know.


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    Have you checked the manual for more information? I downloaded it on the Toshiba site because I have another model and I can find the following information on the LED power:
    + In normal operating mode, the power light is blue (depending on the model you have purchased). If the system is in Standby Mode, the LED flashes orange, while the light is off when the computer is turned off or in Hibernation mode. +

    I put t know if this information is useful for you, but if the laptop is connected with the adapter AC/DC battery will not be used.

    Good bye

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    Looking forward to your reply,

    Thank you very much!

    Hey Buddy,

    Everything you need to know about battery you can find in your user manual. You will find some tips on extending the battery life and how to maximize the battery life. Everything is described very clearly in my opinion.

    In General, the battery is fully charged if the battery indicator displays the color to white.

  • Satellite L20-101: Question on battery & BIOS password

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I have a Toshiba laptop satellite L20-101, so can u please answer my questions below.

    Is it better for the battery life to always stay connected to an electrical outlet when possible, or charge the battery and then use it until it needs to be recharged again? I mean what is best for the life of the battery, and I need to know if stay connected to AC power affects the battery life.

    How can I set a password for the laptop not windows? Because when I enter BIOS setup and set a password for user and supervisor. He just ask me about this password when I try to login to Setup again, but it is still continuous to the windows boot without asking me about a password.

    What should I do?

    Kind regards


    The fact is that you can charge/discharge the battery about 500 times.
    After this period, the battery will lose performance.
    More recent laptops and batteries use the latest technology of load.
    But I recommend to remove the battery, if you work on the DC for a long time.
    In this case, you can extend the life of the battery and the performance

    Please also check other topics on this topic like this.

    If you want to set the BIOS password and it should appear at the beginning, you must activate the password at startup option in the BIOS.

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    2. speakers are a strange low frequency noise, when I'm listening to music or watching DVDs. It doen not to be little heavy or something. It was supposed to be a very good pair of speakes.
    What can I do?

    Thanks in advance


    Usually battery working time depends on the use of the laptop.
    If you use a high performance such as 3d graphics tools tools, games or watch DVDs battery working time goes down.
    But if you only use the explore IE the battery should work more than 1 hour. In this case I think that it s a battery failure. If you need to contact the ASP for the replacement of the battery.
    In addition you must always remove the battery from the unit if the power adapter is plugged.

    2.) as far as I know that the Toshiba Virtual sound utility is preinstalled on his unit. Here, you can change some sound settings. Maybe you can solve the problem with the speakers.

    Best regards

  • Satellite M70-192: two questions on battery

    I bought a satellite M70-192 and have two question about it;
    1. when the battery is fully charged, I can leave the Ac adapter connected and power the computer on the sector or remove the battery to avoid overloading?
    battery 2-How long should power the computer if it is fully charged? (Approximately)


    1. you must not remove the battery. Your device is the latest standard and batteries cannot be overloaded. It is recommended to occasionally work with battery power and pay.
    2. it depends on the use of the laptop. Usually, you should be able to use about 2 hours.

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    I just bought a HS SX50 and a camera case. I found that the case of the camera has enough room in his pockets to store the battery charger provided Cannon (CB - 2LC) or an extra battery, but not both at the same time unless I install the battery in the charger. So my question is; leave the battery in the charger, all the evils of the time or unloader battery?

    Hi Reddog99,

    While we don't suggest long-term storage in the battery charger, you shouldn't have problems storing the battery it for a short period of time.

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