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Help! I can't find Microsoft Word as a program. In the system information section, it says "Microsoft Office Word 2003 is not available" is because the word is not enabled or if it is not loaded on my machine? I have Powerpoint and Onenote works well.
Thank you in anticipation of your help. Mike.



As far as I know OneNote is part of the software preloaded Toshiba but Office is no program not part of the package given by Toshiba.

If you do not, you must install the new Word.

Good bye

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    Windows 7 compatibility question

    Microsoft Office 2000 (small business edition) is compatible with Windows 7?  It is not on the compatibility list.

    Thank you.

    There are some reported problems running this version of Microsoft Office on Windows 7. Its also not certified for Windows 7, I suggest you move to a more recent version that works with Windows 7 as Office 2003 or later. Andre Da Costa

  • Microsoft Office Word 2016 and battery drain

    I have a macbook with OS X El Capitan air and recently installed microsoft office 2016, noticing a huge difference in my battery life.

    I use my macbook to 100% of load and have use of 2-3 days at the office until the next recharge... because the office installed 2016 that s is no longer possible, I have to recharge every night, and somedays carry my charger and keep once connected to continue working.

    It seems that the issue is Word 2016, because excel and powerpoint work as usual; but since the word is the program used mostly I noticed the issue and he has seen a few posts about this in the internet.

    Is it possible to get around this? Every walkthrough? Any bug fix any? Is anyone else noticing this same thing?

    Please answer.

    You might have more luck to post your question to the forum of MacBook Air space or a space Microsoft forum. This forum area is for the 12 '' MacBook of the retina.

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    Are these links in documents Microsoft Office or Outlook messages? I'm not sure of the connection with Microsoft Office.

  • I can't install Microsoft Office 2008

    Setup failed to install the software because there's no software to install.

    I'd appreciate the help if anyone can help me with this error.

    See you soon,.

    Ivan Gomez

    First, it could be useful that you posted your question to a Microsoft Office for Mac forum as opposed to this one, for the model 12 "retina MacBook early 2015.

    If you use the updated Office 2008 DVD, it may not install unless it detects the presence of an earlier version of Office, for example, Office 2004. It is difficult to remember how the installer works because I have not used in the last 7 years or so.

    But by all reports, Office 2008 works with El Capitan.

  • Re: How to get a key of Microsoft Office if already installed?

    Hello world

    Here me again. My open windows freezing, and after a few attempts to fix it I decided to reinstall. I have the original Windows disk and rivers, but I don't want to lose Microsoft Office does not have the product key. So my question how do I get it from the installed Os. Any ideas appreciated. Thank you


    If you do a search on Google, you will find a large number of programs to retrieve product key. Like windows and Office (shareware) product or ProduKey v1.42 key recovery

  • Satellite L300/BCI: How to get the Microsoft Office 2007, Google earth, etc.

    Today, I bought one of these laptops Satellite L300/BCI
    When I turned it on it took about 5 minutes, make an installation after a while I accidentally pressed ESC while piking he then restarted the computer
    as soon as switched on, it worked but it was missing:

    -Microsoft Office 2007
    -google earth
    -Google Toolbar
    -Google Desktop
    -Google Picasa

    Is their anyway for me to get these programs back?

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Hi mate

    Just a question; are you sure that this application must be installed on your laptop computer at 100%?
    It's really hard to imagine that you have removed or deleted from the disk only by pressing the ESC key

    But if these applications have been pre-installed, so you should be able to get back the system restore to factory settings.
    I mean by installing the image of Toshiba.

    It seems that it is an Australian model of laptop. Is this good?

    Well, I'm not quite sure how it works on Australian laptops, but I think the procedure should be explained in the manual of user m! Check it!

    But in a few discussions such procedure has been explained and some have said that you must press the 0 key immediately after switching on laptop.

    However, manual control of the user, then you would be 100% sure how it works!

  • Software problems - Microsoft Office - Toshiba Bluetooth Stack

    :_| Hi all

    I use a USB Bluetooth dongle to transfer data between my PC and my cell phone.

    Since the installation of the software Toshiba Bluetooth Stack (first of all, I used the 5.0 and later upgraded to the last 6.10.10) I have problems with Microsoft Office.

    When I try to double-click any document office (Word, Excel etc.) It takes about 30 seconds for Word to open software and then additional 30 seconds for the Office document to open it in the software-> almost 60 seconds!

    But when I open the desktop in the start menu software - programs - Microsoft Word, it is opened in about 2 seconds! However, while the office is _opened_:
    1. when opening a document threw the file menu - open there are still 30 seconds for the document to open.
    2. When you try to open any office document (while the office is open) threw the Windows Explorer, it takes 30 seconds.

    Now, I am writing in the Toshiba forum because when I cancel the Bluetooth manager of the _msconfig_ utility and reboot, the PC and the Office once again is working percfectly.

    Help, please

    I use Windows XP Home SP3

    Hallo Danny

    Maybe to stupid questions, but I want to know which laptop Toshiba model you have and who is the manufacturer of the Bluetooth USB dongle that you use to transfer data?

  • Satellite L350D: License parameters & plant Microsoft Office Ready PC

    I'm about to restore a Satellite L350D factory settings. I know all wil programs and deleted files. I already have a backup copy of vista to al my files, but I'm worried about the office.

    I have a license of Microsoft Office Professional 2007, but an espcially for a Microsoft Office Ready PC (so not installation diskettes included). I don't remember how I activated on this laptop. When I do a factory reset can I use this license on satellite? Will there be a version of preinstalled office that I can activate with this license?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Linda

    As far as I know recovery image contains the Microsoft Office trial version and you can use it, I think, 60 days without activation. It can be activated if you have the correct activation code and you can enable it when you want.

    If you have this key should not be a problem for you, but unfortunately I can't say for sure because I use my own full version. What you can do is to contact the hotline of Microsoft and ask.

    What do we do Toshiba is to include this trial version in the recovery image, but everything else is Microsoft s question then maybe you should contact them first and ask for advice.

  • How to install microsoft office on my HP Envy? There is no slot for a dvd/cd go in...

    How to install ms office on my HP Envy.  There is no slot for a dvd/cd go in...


    Welcome to the HP Forum.

    The easiest option if you have friends nearby (those living with tech), is to borrow a DVD USB drive and plug it into the laptop for a few minutes so that you can download your software.

    You can buy this kind of tech pretty cheap, too.

    If you have your key, it should be in the CD box, you can probably download Microsoft Office - according to the version - and just use the key you already activate it.

    Click on the Thumbs-Up Kudos to testify and say thank you.

    Although I strive to reflect best practices of HP, I do not work for HP.

    When the answer is a good patch or solution to your Question, click accept as Solution !

  • CD of Microsoft Office cannot be started and installed on series Equium

    Can Hi, please someone help?

    I have an edition of Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 that I use at work and charges on the other PCs ok, but Ive brought home to load on my satellite and when I insert the disc in the drive it does not even recognize!

    can someone tell me why this is?
    see you soon


    > I use at work and charges on the other pc ok
    Because of your first statement, it seems the Office CD is ok and the drive of the laptop cannot recognize and read the media.
    I think that it s a player lens problem. Maybe it s dirty or may not calibrate correctly

    Hmmm. One question; application of Sonic is installed on the laptop?
    Try to remove it and after restarting try to rerun the office CD

  • Microsoft Office Starter take-out Device Manager

    Greetings, Ya'll!

    I had a few problems with this computer & it's one of several questions.

    My Microsoft Office Starter has stopped working, & the Microsoft forums say it is a matter of HP. Huh?

    I went through the procedure to uninstall Office Starter, & now that I'm going to re - install, rather than see a window asking me to purchase the update, etc..  with the button 'use' for the starter, I literally have to open, which takes me to avantureux window where are listed in the Microsoft Office 2010 tools, & startup of Microsoft Excel. During the 'open' '2010' it extends to 4 topics with "Microsoft Office Starter To - Go Device Manager" being one of them. Others refer to the "media library", "Upload center", & "picture manager.

    I am wary of this first 'Microsoft Office Starter To - Go Device Manager"because of the many other problems that I have with HP Support Assistant.

    In order to reactivate "Office Starter" I am opening this 'Device Manager to take away"to reactivate"Office Starter? And if so,..., why the procedure from HP support does not include instructions of this 'law' in sound?

    Deeply, I'd appreciate any help Knowledgable Tya you could give me.


    I have used this method successfully reinstall Office Starter 2010.

    I zipped and attached the file to download Office Starter (under attachments below), you can unzip and run.

    You must be connected to the internet so that it works, that the contacts of the MS Office Starter 2010 download the server files.

    He reloaded everything for me very well (and several other members of the forum also).

  • Lenovo Microsoft Office

    You just bought all new Lenovo g780. After you resolve the problem after problem with this laptop, I ran on a question which is not only boring, it's vol. I bought Microsoft Office 2010 365 with the laptop and it came with a 25 character for the activation code. Office says starter code is not valid, the activator of demo says that he runs into a problem whenever I try to install, and when I go into the control panel where I should find uninstall/change, Microsoft Office is THE ONLY program that does not give me the option to uninstall, change, so I can not fix it. I paid $120 for this program and am beyond angry that Lenovo couldn't even get that right.

    In fact, I was able to find a solution to the problem. I bought Office home and student, however they installed home premium office on the laptop. I uninstalled office and installed family version and student. After debugging, I was able to use my key activation and installation.

  • Report Generation Toolkit compatibility with Microsoft Office 2013 and LabVIEW 2011


    I design the 2011 Version of LabView to test solid state device and need to create test data after this unit tested.

    When I save the test data in the configuration of Excel after you run the Laview program, it created an error like "error - 41007 is is produced in NI_report.lvclass:New Report.v->... OR reports; Musr you have the LabVIEW Report Generation Toolkit for Microsoft Office installed to create this type of report. The musr toolkit also have an activated license or be in trial mode. »

    Questions: Do I need to install LabView Report Generation Toolkit for Microsoft Office on my computer? If Yes, what is the LabView Report Generation Toolkit for Microsoft Office Version. Where can I find this software?. I use Labview 2011, Windows 7, MS 2013 in the computer.

    Thank you

    Jonathan Tran

    You can try this:

    From this link:

  • Microsoft Office 10 Bundle

    All of my Microsoft Word files have a "renewal" or rather, 'order' window now to pay a subscription for Microsoft Office 10. All my word on my desktop shortcuts have transformed a bright orange (the order page). I don't have a product key to enter, as my TouchSmart PC is come "bundled" with Office!

    I guess my question is this: how to find the key Code of the product which has been assigned to my product? (Or is/was a trial subscription?)

    Help! ~ Brian


    Lokks like the version on your machine is a trial version. If you wish to continue using the product, you will have to pay. Please check this:

    You can pay dearly with the Home & student or with a student card.

    Kind regards.

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