Question on display on the Satellite A100-709

Dear Sir.

I bought the Toshiba Satellite A100-709 15 wxga TruBrite TFT display. S. n: 86290992q. Purchase date 10 February 2007. But while I was working display couldn't all off a sudden. View life is only 2 or 3 years. Is Toshiba views are long term, life is not insured?

How to take the matter with TOSHIBA?



Hello Vincent

I have the Satellite M70 with the same screen. I use it extensively almost 4 years now and display still works perfectly.
Hardware failure is nothing exceptional for all electronic products. On some of them, some components are working longer. There is no general statement about it.

Please contact nearest Toshiba authorized maintainer and talk with them. Pick up information on the repair and costs.

Sorry, but everything what s that I can say on this issue of the display. :(

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  • CD-Rom and display on the Satellite A100-237 questions

    One of you using this model of satellite in the face of problems with their CD device in reading, because in many cases, he doesn t even read CDs, although they are all new and untouched sometimes.

    My second problem is with the screen. I had my settings of the screen switch power after 10 minutes of no use, what happens is that it turns off but can't not perceive actually new without go to stand by mode that is moving the mouse or pressing the buttons doesn t work. Please help me on this if you can.

    Regarding the post about the framing of the screen, I had the same problem when I got this laptop but I traded immediately after you run the msconfig utility and confirmed that something is wrong with the graphics card.

    Hello! I have too A100-237.

    I have no problem with DVD player (although I n t use it a lot), but it must depend on what model you have, I have Pioneer, but I know someone who has one * mast (list of readers as possible is in the manual, apparently depends on which model is available at the factory during Assembly).

    I have the wide screen of problem too. I had no such problems for awhile, I have normally moved the mouse or based on what that either and he immediately turned his back, but a few days ago the same thing happened to me (and since that always happens) - no response after pressing key or move the mouse, I am using Fn + F3 to suspend-to-ram and turn it on then...


    The dithering problem - do you mean that you got the phone replaced and a new is not the problem of dithering? If Yes, can you please check the version of the BIOS?

    What did you do in the msconfig?

  • Question about memory on the Satellite A100-599

    Nice day

    The reason for the question is that Rectron South Africa said that the A100-599 comes with the memory modules 2x512mb and not with 1x1Gb as indicated on the Toshiba site. Rectron advice for the purchase of 2 x 1 GB memory but not refund not 2x512mb memory, thus leaving pay you 2 x what you will actually use.

    Please just confirm the A100-599, sold in South Africa are indeed with 2x512mb or 1 GB as shown on the site.

    Thank you


    The A100-599 seems to be sold in European, Middle East and Africa.
    I think that the laptop came with 1 GB memory module in a slot.
    The second location of memory should be free.

  • Brightness of the display on the Satellite A100-749

    I use Notebook Hardware utility for power management.
    Unfortunately there is no screen brightness setting.
    Default settings in windows is maximum.
    Changing the value of the Fn key does not, after that reboot system screen brightness is maximum.

    I would like to set different default value.
    Is it possible for example in the Windows registry? I don't want to use Toshiba Power Saver.


    I think you just want your settings, but without the Toshiba Powersaver you won´t be able to do this since windows has no direct access to the hardware toshiba, a little more the powersaver.
    Maybe you should completely remove the HW tools & powersaver and reinstall it properly, this might help you.

    Welcome them

  • Long blue line of the axis on the display of the Satellite A100-207

    Hi guys

    During the few days a thin blue line appeared in the center of the screen-it disappears and reappears on the change of the angle of the screen of the laptop open. Anyone have any ideas as to the cause and possible solutions?

    See you soon


    There is a very simple method to find out what might be wrong.
    Connect the laptop to an external monitor and see if the same thin blue line appears on the second monitor.

    If the same line will be available on the external monitor, I assume that there is something wrong with the cell phones of the GPU (graphics chip).
    This could be a case value because the graphics card is attached to the motherboard and the entire motherboard must be replaced to solve this problem.

    But if the line does not appear on the second monitor or there is a problem with the LCD itself, or with a small part as FL-ups for example.

    In any case, it seems to be a hardware problem, and in this case he must contact the ASP!
    Try to contact the technician and ask for later handling.

    Good luck

  • Satellite A100-709 - Windows XP Pro lost key


    I formatted my machine today and re-installed the same operating system (Windows XP Pro), but did not notice that my key of windows on the back of my Satellite A100-709 has been torn. :(

    So now I have a machine with an inactive license.
    No idea how I can get it back, should I talk to Toshiba/Windows to do knowing that they might have in their books of b?

    Hello to omak

    Problem s that this key at the bottom isn't for the activation of the OS and this is the license for the original Windows Toshiba version offers with this laptop.

    If you are using clean install of Windows XP Home edition, you must use the key to legal license for this version.
    You have original Toshiba recovery DVD that you got with your laptop?

  • Blue screen with DVB - T USB TV tuner comes with the Satellite A100-165

    Hi all

    I have the Satellite A100-165 with PX1211E - 1TVD USB DVB - T TV tuner (TV savvy). I think the installation is OK because I can watch TV on my PC!

    But occasionally PC reboot with blue screen! :-((Je pense qu'il lorsque le niveau dele de signal TV est inférieur)
    I update the driver warned with the version I found on the Web from Toshiba site: savvytv-udvbtt -
    But it's always the same!
    You have an idea about this problem?
    I can agree to have a bad display when the signal quality is lower, but it is very annoying to often have a blue screen and PC reboot!

    Thank you in advance on your help
    Best regards


    I think that this can be corrected with the latest display driver. Please visit the Toshiba download page and install it.

    If the problem is fixed, please write again.

  • Is the Satellite A100-797 x64bit or 32-bit?


    I have a question on the Satellite A100-797.
    Is this laptop a x 64 computer?
    The installed operating system is Vista 32 bit...

    Thank you

    Well, the Satellite A100-797 is a unit of the PSAARE series and it has been bundled with an Intel Core 2 Duo (Merom) T7200 2.0 Ghz 667 FSB CPU.
    According to the Intel page this processor supports 64-bit architecture.

    But as you mentioned in your ad above the installed operating system is a 32-bit Vista.
    The laptop is able to manage the two BONES s. Vista 32-bit and 64-bit.

  • Toshiba site does not recognize the Satellite A100 - 208 PSAA2E?

    Hello I'm from Portugal and a habit to know why the company toshiba not to recognize the Satellite A100-208 (PSAA2E-03V031PT)

    When I go to the support section, my dose of series is not displayed, there is a problem in this series?

    I need to know the good reference out Batery and memory of my equipment


    You are right; Satellite A100-208 is not listed in the site Options & accessories
    Why? Who knows maybe the database needs to be updated.

    But not don t worry. As you have already said the Satellite A100-208 is a part of the series PSAA2E. I found the unit A100-204 on the site Options & accessories and it s the same series as A100-208!

    In order to choose the A100-204 of the list and you will get compatible parts and accessories for your A100-208

  • Crackling on Satellite A100-709

    I have PC notebook Toshiba Satellite A100-709.
    I just installed Windows XP Home Edition of original home Toshiba Recovery CD and all microsoft updates.
    I downloaded the latest Sound driver and update the bios of Toshiba Web site for this laptop.

    I updated the bios and installed its driver for "Realtek HD Sound Card Driver".
    During sound playback sound crackling is heard independently on source (.mp3, .vaw, sound diffusion).
    Sound crackling is light from the speakers and the headphones.

    It is interesting that when I started Live Linux (Knoppix version) on this machine, the sound was clear.
    Support cannot help me, they don't know what is happening.

    Please could you help me solve this problem?

    Much thanks

    Hi Jacek

    On this forum I read an interesting announcement on the sound on laptops A100. I put t know if this can help, but please check. Maybe it also will help you fix this sound on your device.

  • Impossible to get PRTSCR DEL + keys to work on the Satellite A100

    I have the Satellite A100 - 232 PSAA2E. Bought in Greece... If some of the keys have a second role - for Greek letters. Especially not a problem.

    However... I can't get led (top-right) to work and same (3buttons on the left led) the print. Is there a setting to change or is there another way to remove and print screen?

    Your ad is somewhat confusing. Satellite A100 is pretty old laptop so I do not understand how you have this problem now.

    Everything was ok in the past?

    As far as I know you can change the keyboard input language, but this has nothing to do with DEL or PRINT key features.

  • Need help with the installation of the drivers on the Satellite A100 - 215 PSAA9E

    Hey all

    I just reinstalled XP home on the satellite A100-215 (PSAA9E-02F00VPT) and I meet some real difficulties get the LAN, VGA and wireless drivers installed.
    Everything else works, but for some reason, these drivers are not what they are supposed to and I find myself in a bit of a tile?

    Someone at - he heard of these drivers being wrong before, if yes is there a solution out there?

    Really need help now as have been on it for a good few hours now and no not get anywhere fast?

    Thanks in advance


    Can you give an exact describtion of the problem with drivers?
    So first of all, you can try to download the drivers again from the download page of Toshiba here:

    And make sure that all windows updates are installed. SP2 is important to be installed for some devices.

  • What Watts value using the Satellite A100-771?


    I have a Satellite A100-771. Does anyone know how many watts the TI needs?
    In my car, I have a 200 Watt 12 volt DC to inverter, but his does not.
    Is it possible that the laptop needs more than 200 watts?

    Thanks for your help!


    As far as I know the satellite A100-771 uses an AC adapter reference number: E/PA2521U-2ACA 15V 6a 90W.
    In addition, you can use these adapters:
    AC adapter PA2521U-3ACA (2pin 90W/15V) and PA2521E-2AC3 (90W/15V 3-pin)

    I put t found any information on the car adapter, but I think you might be able to buy from any distributor of mobile or you can order from the Toshiba authorized service partner in your country.
    I think that guys will order the part directly from the warehouse of Toshiba.

  • Audio device of the Satellite A100-906 has stopped working

    Hi all..
    the sound on my Satellite A100-906 simply ceased to function in Windows XP.
    I don't have something like installing a program, etc.
    I checked that the drivers are installed correctly but after that I just got it so I installed a new copy of Windows XP and installed the audio driver, BUT it didn't work!
    I don't know what to do with it.
    Please someone help me...

    Why you n check t the European driver of Toshiba page (first link above)

    The Satellite A100 PSAA9 is in the list and you'll find all the XP drivers for this laptop series!
    There are 2 different Realtek audio drivers! Please check them both!

  • Upgrade memory on the Satellite A100-467


    I want to upgrade my laptop memory 1 GB to 4 GB. I got the Satellite A100-467.

    What is the best memory for me? I'll get the Win7 32-bit operating system

    Can I use this a: 0:115: a: a: a: 0: a: 1:30:r:1:1 & oper = 74198 (SO - DIMM DDR2 SDRAM SEC (PC6400, * 800MGz *, CL6) or only 533?)

    Thannks for the help

    On the motherboard FSB speed is 533 MHz and compatible modules are DDR2-533, but you can use RAMs DDR2-667. 2 GB of RAM has PA3513U-1M2G part number.

    More on Aries compatible, you can find on the page of KINGSTON .
    Check it out.

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