Question questions Apple ID management and security

Tponging, on my iPhone, a message appeared on the screen to say that my ID was used to connect to iMessages and FaceTime on my "ipad3. I don't have a device called 'ipad3', so I was naturally suspicious. First question - can you be spammed by screen pop up? It wasn't an email but a message on the screen that displayed randomly.

So I decided, to be on the safe side, I try and change my Apple ID. I managed to access the page "manage your Apple ID", but after several attempts to try to guess the answers to the questions of ID I do not even create, I was told I had used "too many attempts and now my account is blocked." I tried after contact with advice from Apple on another post on the forum, but the contact for the United Kingdom led to a page that says ' we are not available right now, please try again later ". So how can second question - I get my account now? It seems that if there has been a breach of security, spammers have done a better job than me to break the security of Apple! Help, please...


Yes, the fake pop ups are possible in Safari, but it is unlikely for this message. There is no advantage to any con man, unless he directed you to a Web site or dial a phone number.

You should directly contact the apple Support, starting with the link contact Apple at the bottom of this page.

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  • Question about Lab Manager and ESX Resource Pools

    Hello world

    I was wondering if I can get feedback from some of the members of the community.  We used Lab Manager very strongly in our support organizations and it has proved to be a valuable tool.  Recently, we collaborated with the Department of technical training and started hosting online seminars and classes for them using Lab Manager.  Last week we had a fairly large class of users (approx. 45), each duty deploy 2 rather Beefy VMs that were very intensive resources (Jboss, SQL, Mail to name a few).  My colleague and I went through a lot of trials and planning to ensure that our infrastructure can handle the load while allowing our users to date at the same speed and reliability, so that they are used.

    Our Lab Manager ESX server pools made up of the following:

    5 HP DL380 G5 servers with 2 x Quad Core 2.8 GHZ processors (8 cores each) with 32 GB of RAM each

    2 HP DL580 G5 servers with 4 x Quad Core 2.8 GHZ processors (16 cores each) with 128 GB of RAM each

    When the class is running and everyone has made their 2 machines, we noticed for some reason, he was all on ESX2 and 3 deployment (380 s).  Then came the ESX alarms, use of 90% of memory, then more than 100% bringing the disk page.  The CPU usage was at a all time high.

    I look at the 2 580 s and there are about 4 virtual machines deployed on them.

    So my question is...

    How does he know where to launch a Virtual Lab Manager machine?  There's no sense 2 servers have been brought to the red zone, and almost overloaded when the 2 most powerful servers in my farm are nearly dormant.  I noticed sometimes in the past, but not this bad.  Normally, we have about 45-50 computers deployed at some point and it seems to spread them out properly.

    This group of training has access to the same LUN and ESX server with Betclick as any other organization that we have.

    We have decided hosting several sessions of training may be greater than this one and would like to know that the virtual machines will be distributed properly.

    I would like to know your opinion on this

    First to answer your question, then make guess what happens.

    As indicated in response Ilya, LM distributed VMs differently with active DRS resource pools and pools of resources without active DRS.

    LM place VMs when the DRS is not used.

    When DRS is used, we use the DRS admission control to select the host to place virtual machines.

    DRS is turned off, LM uses its own placement routine:

    For each virtual machine, LM filter all managed servers that cannot run the virtual machine. A complete list of patterns are:

    • The managed server has not enough memory or quota for virtual machine to run the virtual machine.

    • The host is not connected to the data store that is the virtual machine.

    • The virtual machine has active state (suspended) and the CPU of the server managed by the waking state has been captured is not compatible with the managed server currently considered.

    • The virtual machine has been a guest on 64-bit and the managed server is not 64-bit capable.

    • The virtual machine has more processors than the managed server.

    • The managed server is not accessible or is set to "prohibit deployments." Not reachable may mean that the lm-agent or its not to ping queries is not answer (this is visible in the list of managed server page).

    Once we have the complete list of eligible servers, we place the virtual machines on the host including the smallest (MemoryReservation % + CPUReservation %). By default, we reserve not CPU on LM VMs, this internship will be largely due to the memory on the host computers if you have not changed the settings of reservation of CPU on your virtual machines.

    For closed deploy to the PF3, force us all virtual machines to go on the same host, so if any virtual machines have any special data store / CPU type specification, all virtual machines is forced to go on this host. If there are conflicting requirements between different virtual machines in the same configuration, deployment will fail. Closed VMs also have another condition to check that is rarely achieved in practice: number of closed networks available on the managed server. By default, this is 20 and you will need more than 20 different configurations closed running on a managed server before you who will strike.  (LM4 allows Cross fencing host, so this does not apply in LM4).

    To make a guess blind because of your distribution problem - if you use the saved state and fencing, it's probably the type of processor.  Processor type can be checked on the host properties page.

    If you not are not I would check that the images can deploy on the 580 s by disabling the 380s and trying to deploy them.

    If you use DRS (which you're not), it could be due to deployment of virtual machines too fast for the algorithm of control for the entrance of VC.  An easy solution for this is to extinguish the DRS on the cluster manager of laboratory.

    We tested load internal repeatedly, the product QA in different laboratories, we run (LM has been used in VMworld Labs for the past couple years and internal systems of training and demonstration for our Organization implemented SE), so no need to worry about this.  I assure you that the first 'real' performance problem you will encounter will be almost certainly due to an overload of your storage array (too many IOPS / s)... and for that you have to distribute content in data warehouses and use techniques of creating paths to balance the load.

    Kind regards


    Another thread on this:

  • Process management and security roles

    Hi guys,.

    I haven't worked with security too, and now I have to set the users who will be linked to the cycle of process management. Is there a specific role for each phase? All phases are necessary?

    Thank you!


    Hi Anna,.

    I think that the first and most important step in your task is to understand the information flows through your organization. Ask your customers/users how the flow of information would have been had they not HFM. Design a couple of cards and have your clients sign this process is very important in my experience.

    As soon as you understand what roles of company should deliver/review of information for the next role of business, then start designing HFM processes management.

    • The first level of process management is the road. At this level no user cannot import data except the administrator
    • The second level of process management is the first pass. At this level all users can enter data without restriction.
    • The third level of the management of the process is the levels of review. You have 10 levels of review by submission. However, a five-level review is enough for most organizations. Consider the most complex multilevel review process. My personal opinion is that the 4 levels of review are good enough for the majority of organizations. RL1, the inputer will enter data to the RL2, the Director of finance will review the data, RL3 hub/region Director will review the data and finally to RL4 users group will review the data.
    • Level 4 review I mentioned, can be the substitute of the next set of levels that is present, approve, and publish. The status "publish" will allow the entity to block which means that not even the administrator will not be able to change the data or calculate l‟entite.

    There are many combinations of how you can configure process management, so if you have any questions please let us know.

    Kind regards


  • vSphere 5, vCSA, View Manager and Secure Gateway

    Hello world

    I need some advice...

    A new vSphere infrastructure situation 5:

    3 HP Proliant server, each connected via iSCSI to external storage
    VMware vSphere Essentials Plus Kit 5 (used for the server VM) main virtualization infrastructure
    VMware View 5 first add-on for virtualizing a desktop machine
    approx. 20 VM server
    approx. 10 desktop VM
    My questions:
    for the vCenter, I thought to use vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA) which can be used up to 5 host and VM 50,
    but for the View Manager manage the office machine, what should I use?
    There is also a View Manager device?
    Or I need to install it on a separate Windows 2008 Server?
    Need to be a member of the Windows domain?
    And for the VMware Secure Gateway ?
    There is a device or must be installed on a separate Windows 2008 Server?
    When he used the vCSA, you must have a domain on the network controller?
    Thanks for your reply guys

    No.... the vCenter and view managed use 'ADAM' which is AD in user mode and is not compatible with an AD domain controller.

    You need at least 3 Server Wiindows (DC 1 AD + DNS + DHCP, 1 vCenter + music, 1 View Manager)

  • my apple ID is blocked.i have password and security question, but I have not my birthday for my friend build help me please this appleid


    < Email published by host >

    If your identifier Apple is locked - Apple supports

    Reset your Apple security questions - Apple Support

  • How to reset my security on my icloud question. I forgot and I can't make changes without it

    Hello. How to reset my security on my icloud question?. I forgot and I can't make changes without it

    You must ask security team account Apple to reset your security questions. To contact them, click here and choose a method; If this page does not list one for your country or if you are unable to call, complete and submit this form.


  • I have send security fotghotten... How to reset email and security questions

    How can I reset e-mail security? I forgot security question too

    Contact Apple security - Apple Support -  Contact security

    Reset your Apple security questions - Apple Support

  • Kindly unblock my account that I don't remember my email and Security Question.

    Kindly unblock my account that I don't remember my email and Security Question.

    I received important emails in the account. He has been blocked it for a month now.

    Kindly unblock as soon as POSSIBLE.

    I'll be very grateful.

    Thank you.


    If you are referring to a Hotmail account, read this

    I'm sorry, but we cannot help with hotmail problems in Microsoft answers Feedback Forum you send to

    Please repost your question in hotmail in the hotmail link below forums

  • I don't remember my direct question of password or the security of windows, and it's preeventing me to enter the xbox live!

    I don't remember my direct question of password or the security of windows, and it's preeventing me to enter the xbox live!

    Help me!

    If you don't remember your security question, you're probably out of luck. Now, you know the importance of keeping the records. In all cases,.

    Windows Live ID is supported in this forum

  • How can I change my HTTPS thing, so it isn't always pop up and ask questions about the sites Web secure when I play some games?

    Feel free to change the title

    How can I change my HTTPS thing, so it isn't always pop up and ask questions about the sites Web secure when I play some games?

    You're talking about Facebook?

    Try the gyration of the Secure Browsing

  • Question about Powerconnect M6220 and out-of-band/management 8024-K connection

    I'm sorry if this question belongs to another section, but with regard to the functionality of these switches I thought I would start here.

    My question is, the M6220 and 8024-K out-of-band connection are going through the connections on Board (for example port 18 for example) or through connection of the M1000e CMC?

    The reason for this question. We recently vlaned our network and CMC modules are VLAN 8 ( and management of our switches is supposed to be on the VLAN 1 ( I can't ping on the affected IPS (IE, but our CMC modules are fully accessible (IE10.100.9.120). Our blades are fully accessible and can access all the VLANS on them (they are the ESX host).

    Finally, I'm sorry if all necessary information has been provided, I'm not so much a networking guru.


    Thanks for your help

    The OOB interface is connected to the chassis management controller by the median plane of the chassis. Traffic on this

    port is separated from network traffic operating on the switch ports and cannot be lit or routed to the operational network.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Forget the question of password and security for Blackberry Id

    I try to use my Blackberry Id and I realize that I forgot my password question and security.

    I can't find a solution, I have to do?

    Read this to get instructions to reset your password BlackBerryID:

    KB26361 How to reset a BlackBerry ID password

    It must be remembered the BlackBerryID password or secret answer to the question. Without either, you're stuck.
    Your choice is:
    -Use a different e-mail account to create a new BlackBerryID (with which you will lose access to all apps purchased using the 'forgotten' first BlackBerryID, or)
    -Find the initial email you have been sent to confirm the initial BlackBerryID and there are a link to click to cancel and delete the account. Click on this, delete the account and then you can use that same e-mail to create a new account.
    Good luck.

  • I have a few questions about the internet and partition recovery

    I deleted completely OS X Yosemite and only left Windows. Now that I'm pretty sick of Windows and want to use my Macbook Air for real, I am using recovery of the internet (order and R) to reinstall OS X.

    I backed up all my data and that you haven't stored anything in my Macbook. My questions are: (I know they are long, but they are quick to respond)

    1. I want to erase everthing on my Mac. I have now 3 partitions. After starting and pressing command + R, I would use disk utility to erase everything, like this .

    After you click Delete, would be merged my 3 partitions in 1 and I could repartition my Mac?

    2. I want to create a partition for OS X Yosemite (and possibly upgrade to El Capitan). What is the minimum recommended size for partition OS X Yosemite? (Because my SSD is only 128 GB)

    3. Let's say I create 3 partitions, let's name A for OS X, B for my data and C for reinstalling Windows. If I boot into Windows, I'd be able to use (read and modify) data on B, or just OS X could do that?

    4 the amount of data I should download during the recuperation of the Internet? I guess that much since I'm downloading the OS X package, but my internet is quite slow, so I want to know how of SGB I have to download.

    5 If I asks me to enter the Apple ID to download OS X, would any book Apple ID?

    Thanks for reading. I would be extremely grateful if you answer my questions. See you soon

    • 0: have backups of everything that you care and disconnect external drives except those you use specifically.  While he isn't supposed to, repartitioning should always be supposed to cause a total loss of data.  Corruptions can and do happen sometimes, unfortunately.  Stray user commands can sometimes target bad drives for erasure or repartitioning, because errors can happen.  Do not connect anything unnecessarily.
    • 1: Yes.  You want to create a volume of GPT partitions.
    • 2: let Yosemite size and add his own scores.
    • 3: using Boot Camp to add the Windows partition.  With a small that disk, I might well Park out Windows on an external storage device, or use a virtual machine, and Windows as a guest.   In general, add additional user-defined partitions are not general, something I recommend.  Resizing and adding and removing partitions can meet with corruptions, provide for backups.
    • 4: depends on various factors, including least aren't servers from Apple how busy are, and how fast your network link is.  I have used to create a local installer and use it.   That fact also resumed and other operations more quickly, at the price of a few $ for a drive of sufficient size.  Recent versions of OS X are ~ 6 gigabytes in size, based on installers the.
    • 5: any Apple ID will work, but having more than one active Apple for OS and app ID buy usually leads to disputes to find out who bought what and who can update what.
  • Question about the vista and firewire

    Hello all, I am an editor with a camcorder Panasonic GS-120. I used to have a desktop computer running Windows 7 that I used to import my videos with. The way I used to do is simply plug my camera into the firewire port and wait for the capture/import to Windows Movie Maker window to appear. Now, I can use is more than desktop because the fried CPU. So I have to use my laptop which runs Windows Vista. My laptop also has a firewire port, but a 4 port pins and I had to buy a new cable. My cable came today, I plugged it all as I would with my office, and nothing came. I tried to go into Windows Movie Maker, then click Import, but it said that my camcorder is not recognizable or something along this line. So now I have no way to import my videos. I'm pretty sure that of not the cable because it's new I went into Device Manager and uninstalled then reinstalled the driver for the firewire port, so this isn't a problem with the port, and I'm sure that's not the problem with the port on the camcorder. So my question is, what happens? Why can't I import my videos as with Windows 7? Is it possible for me to import videos? In addition, I don't have a VCR or an S-video cable, so that the method is out of the question. Thank you all very much.

    Perhaps the following would offer a few ideas:

    Windows Vista - import video from a videotape

    Windows Vista - Troubleshoot importing video problems

    If the AutoPlay screen does not appear... What follows
    Articles may help:

    Windows Vista-
    How to change the auto run settings

    Windows Vista-
    Troubleshoot AutoPlay

    Windows Vista-
    AutoPlay: Frequently asked questions

    And... maybe the following will propose a few ideas:

    Import video in Windows Vista

    Download video from your camera to your computer

  • question on the EMI and CSM


    I installed IME to a server to manage the network IPS of 6500 package, and I would like to install on the same MCS server to manage the same Catalyst 6500 FWSM. I have several questions:

    -Can I have installed and running in the server IME and CSM sane?

    -CSM contain the same features EMI and much more?, I mean, that's enough with the CSM to manage FWSM and IDS-2 network of 6500 modules?

    -Do the MSC provides a better view of the FWSM newspapers than other applications? Which is the best tool to view the logs of the FWSM, I want to say is a tool like view newspaper checkpoint for FWSM?

    -My client has 2 Catalyst 6500 and 1 installed in each 6500 FWSM, two FWSM mode active/pasive redundancy, I consume 1 or 2 licenses of CSM?

    Thank you

    Kind regards

    Juan Luis.

    Hi Juan,

    - Can I have installed and running in the sane server IME and CSM?


    - Does CSM contain the same functionality of IME and more?, I mean, it is enough with CSM to manage FWSM and IDS-2 network modules of 6500?

    EMI offers various functions such as archiving and image management and implementation at level automatically and taking automatic backups, etc.

    - Does CSM provide a better view of FWSM logs than other applications?. Which is the better tool to view the logs of FWSM, I mean is there a tool like checkpoint log view for FWSM?

    CSM 4.0 is a tool that allows to display, filter, grep etc syslogs of all firewalls and IDSes.

    - My customer has 2 catalyst 6500 and 1 FWSM installed in each 6500, both FWSM running in redundancy active/pasive mode, do I consume 1 or 2 licences of CSM?

    CSM will be manage and watch one active unit only. The day before will just be a copy of the asset. So 1 license for CSM.

    I hope it answers your questions.


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